Motorboat Bills: Hearings Before the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, House of Representatives, Seventy-sixth Congress, First Session, on H.R. 6039, a Bill to Amend Laws for Preventing Collision of Vessels, to Regulate Equipment of Certain Motorboats on Navigable Waters of the United States, and for Other Purposes; and H.R. 6273, a Bill with Respect to Boats Equipped with Detachable Motors and for Other Motorboats. June 6, 1939


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Página 43 - A combined lantern in the fore part of the vessel and lower than the white light aft, showing green to starboard and red to port, so fixed as to throw the light from right ahead to two points abaft the beam on their respective sides.
Página 19 - ... the board of supervising inspectors with the approval of the Secretary of Commerce...
Página 2 - ... of the compass, so fixed as to throw the light from right ahead to two points abaft the beam on the starboard side, and of such a character as to be visible at a distance of at least two miles. (c) On the...
Página 1 - ... uniform and unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of twenty points of the compass, so fixed as to throw the light ten points on each side of the ship, viz. from right ahead to two points abaft the beam on either side...
Página 7 - Clerk of the United States District Court in and for the Southern District of New York...
Página 2 - ... shall be operated or navigated except in charge of a person duly licensed for such service by the local board of inspectors.
Página 1 - The rules concerning lights shall be complied with in all weathers from sunset, to sunrise, and during such time no other lights which may be mistaken for the prescribed lights shall be exhibited.
Página 9 - Act or of any regulations pertaining thereto. For any penalty incurred under this section the motorboat or vessel shall be held liable and may be proceeded against by way of libel in the district court of any district in which...
Página 2 - Rowing boats, whether under oars or sail, shall have ready at hand a lantern showing a white light which shall be temporarily exhibited in sufficient time to prevent collision. The vessels referred to in this article shall not be obliged to carry the lights prescribed by article four (a) and article eleven, last paragraph.
Página 1 - Class 1. Sixteen feet or over and less than twenty-six feet in length. Class 2. Twenty-six feet or over and less than forty feet in length. Class 3.

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