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Wherein is shewn,

The NATURE and END of that 2

The OBLIGATION to frequent it; -
The proper Dispositions for Receiving it;

The ADVANTAGES of a worthy Reception,

To which are added,
Prayers, Thanksgivings, and Meditatious,

fuitable to the Subject.

To the End that we should always remember the exceeding great

Love of our Master and only Saviour JESUS CHRIST tbus
dying for us, and the innumerable Benefits which by his pre-
cious Blood-nedding be bath obtained for us, he hath inftiiuted
and ordained Holy Mysteries as Pledges of his Love, and
for a continual Remembrance of bis Death, to our great and
endless Comfort,

Communion Service.

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Printed and sold by J. Mechell, at his Printing-

Office, the King's- Arms, in Fleet-street.
Sold also by Meffrs Longman and Shewell, C. Hitcb, T. Afley,

R.Ware, s. Birt, B. Dod, 7. Baker, 7. and y. Rivington,
7. Brotberton, W. Meadows, 7. Davidson, J. Hodges,
P. Vaillant, and M. Cbafel.



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Of Ramridge, Esqi. Dear Sir, ITHE grateful Sense I have of your

I long and uninterrupted Friendňhip, might alone have inclined me to offer you the following Sheets; especially as your great Candour, and thorough Knowledge of my Engagements in another Way, would prompt you the more readily to. make a favourable Allowance for the Uncorrectness of the Performance.

But give me Leave to say, it would not be doing You Justice, to insist on these Mocives for making this Address, when fo many better may be urged : Such as your unfeigned Piety, your true Affection for the Church of England, your universal Benevolence, your well-regulated Charity, and hearty Zeal for your Country's Welfare, evidenced by very liberal Contributions in our lace Dangers and Troubles.. .

You, Sir, have attained to that happy State, which moft Men'are Strangers to, That of knowing when you have enough. After acquiring a Competency with the most unsullied Reputation, you have retired

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from the Noise and Hurry of the World, to have the more Leisure to 'think upon God, and to prepare for that Eternity towards which we are all hastening. '

And happy, Sir, shall I think myself, 'could this fhort Manual in any Degree allist your Devotion. · This I can venture to fay without incurring the Imputation of Vanity, that the Materials I have made use of are generally good, since for the most Part they are not my own. My only Concern is left they should have lost a Part of their Force and Energy, by the unikilful Manner in which they may have been put together.

This Tract, such as it is, waits upon you as a Pledge of my heartiest Esteem and most sincere Affection. Be pleased to ac-, cept of it as such, with my unfeigned Prayers to the Giver of all good Gifts, that You and your worthy Lady may continue to enjoy the choicest of his Bleffings, and be as happy with each other, as an easy Fortune, a good Name, and what crowns all, a good Conscience can make you."

I heartily beg the Continuance of your Friendship, which is highly valued by, '. ...S IR, Your most affe&tionate,

bumble Servant,

The Author.


SYYS HIS Book is the Substance

of an Effay I published in W T French fome Time ago on the O

Eucharift *. The Reason of A its present Appearance in Eriglish is not out of any Distrust that the | Books we have are insufficient; neither

is it out of any Design to fit up for an Author; but only to comply with an 11wary Promise I made to the Bookseller, to give him the Copy, at a Time where I could do it without much Inconvenience. Afterwards indeed, reflecting 01 the many

* I received very considerable Helps in the French Edin : hon from the Rev. Mr Majendie fone of the Preachers of the

Savoy, and Chaplain to the Earl of Grantham) who agaira kindiy offered me his Affittance in the English Part : But the Distance we live afunder, made it to inconvenient for me to consult him often, that he read only two of the Sheets, before they were printed off.

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