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Report of the chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry

Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau

of Animal Industry, United States



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Lines of work...
The meat inspection..
Progress in suppressing diseases of live stock.
Hog cholera vaccine....
The tuberculosis problem..
Inadequacy of State laws for dealing with contagious diseases of animals.
Range conditions in the West.
Additional authority needed for dealing with contagious diseases.
More land needed for Experiment Station.
The Inspection Division.
The meat inspection.

New regulations.
Establishments and cities.
Market inspection
Exemption from inspection.
Ante-mortem inspection
Post-mortem inspection..
Supervising preparation of meats and products..
Interchange of meats between official establishments.

Meats and products certified for export.
Control of contagious diseases...

Texas fever
The eradication of cattle ticks.
Scabies in sheep.
Scabies in cattle.

Scabies in horses.
The Quarantine Division..

Inspection of vessels and export animals..
Inspection and quarantine of imported animals.

Tuberculin test in Great Britain....
Control and treatment of animal diseases
Tuberculin testing of cattle in the District of Columbia and vicinity.
Venereal disease of horses.
Experiment in effect of sanitary conditions on tuberculosis

Live-stock diseases and conditions in Porto Rico..
The Pathological Division

Swamp fever in horses.
Epizootic lymphangitis
Chronic bacterial dysentery of cattle..
Exhibit at the International Tuberculosis Congress
Typhoid bacilli
Distribution of blackleg vaccine
Autopsies of wild animals.
Rat virus investigations.
Poultry and bird diseases
Sarcomatosis in chickens.
Work of pathological laboratory in Chicago..



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