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ELLIOTT, — Bishop, of Georgia, ad FINNEGAN, CESAR, Gen. See Olustee, Georgia, his appeal to the wo-
vocates“ victory or annihilation,"

D. 46 men,

P. 48
order of,

Doc. 41 FOSTER, J. G., Gen., relieved of the
P. 70 First Army Corps, Gen. Hooker as.

command of Va, and N. C., D. 5
Ellis Cliff, Miss., rebel battery at, D. 19 1 signed to the command of, D. assumes command of the army of
fight near,
Doc. 466 | FITZGIBBON, T. C., Col. Fourteenth

the Ohio,

D. 20
ELLMAKER, P. C., Col., One Hundred

Mich. Infantry,


order in reference to the enlistment
and Nineteenth, Penn.. Doc. 162 Fitzhugh's Woods, Arkansas, reports

of negroes in his department, D. 81
ELY, WILLIAM S., Surgeon, testimony

of the battle of, Doc. 510; D. 58 correspondence with Gen. Long-
in the case of the Richmond pris-
St. Paul “Pioneer "account of the

street on the Amnesty Proclama-

Doc. 93
Doc. 511 tion,

Doc. 296
ELZEY, ARNOLD, Major-Gen., congrat FITZPATRICK, THOMAS. See Mobile, forbids the making of whiskey, D. 36
ulatory order on Kilpatrick's raid,

Doc. 109, 134 noticed,

D. 18
Doc. 590 Five-Twenty Bonds, sale of,

| Fourth Army Corps, Gen, Howard as-
Emancipation Proclamation, circum * Flank Movement," by

signed to,

D. 59
stances under which it was issued,


FRANKLIN, ABRAHAM, killed at the riot
D. Flint Hill, Va., fight at

35 in New York,

P. 5
" Emma," the steamer, attacked, D. Florence, Alabama, fight near, D. 38 FRANKLIN, W, B. Gen., at the battle

Lieut.-Col. Twenty Florence, Tenn., fight near, Doc. 805 of Pleasant Hill, "Doc, 587, 545, 512
ninth Maine,
Doc. 531 Florida, Gen. Seymour's campaign in,

See Red River campaign,
England. See Chesapeake. D. 47

Doc, 39 Franklin Co., N.O., farmers of, refuse
and the rebels, correspondence be-

Reports of naval operations in, Doc. 280 to be taxed by the rebel govern-
tween Lord Lyons and Jefferson “Florida,” report of the escape of the


D. 7
Doc. 513 privateer,

Doc. | Franklin, Va., saltpetre works at, d
neutrality of,
D. 66 “Florida,” capture of the blockade-


D. 49
Enlisted, by W. A, Kendall,
39 running steamer,

D. 65 Frederick County, Md., excitement in,
Enterprise, Miss., Sherman's expedi FLOYD, Jonx B., an epitaph for, P. 6
tion to,

Doc. 473,

P. 87

Frederick's Hall, Va., destruction of
Estelle Springs, Tenn., fight near, D. 53 FLUSSER, C. W., Lieut. Com., death of, railroad at,

Doc. 574
Evangelical Tract Society of Peters-

D. 68, Freedmen's Aid Societies, noticed, D. 22
burgh, Va., a curious publication * Fly," capture of the,

32 FREEMAN, MARTIN, Pilot, noticed, Doc. 105

P. 26 FLYNN, Capt., release of, D. 53 "Freeman's Band," report of the at-
EWING. Hugu. Gen., noticed, Doc. 195, 198 Foore, H. S., of 'Tenn., criticises Jeffer tack on,

Doc. 380
at Pleasant Hill, La.

Doc. 8
son Davis,

D. 18 Fremont's Orchard, fight at, D. 63
Exchange of prisoners, Mr. Whiting's remarks on the Amnesty Proclama "Freestone," attack on the steamer, D.
letter on the,
D. 11

D. 21 |

FRENCH, AUGUSTUS E., Ensign, 'D. 58
correspondence on the,

D. 20 FORREST, N. B., Gen., captures Union FRENCH, W. H., Major-Gen., detached

City and Paducah, Ky., D. 56;

from the army of the Potomac, D. 56
correspondence concerning, D. 33

Doc. 499,

D. 4; Doc. 163
despatch relative to the capture of Front Royal, Va., Col. Taylor's recon-
Union City,
Doc. 509 noissance to,

D. 31
at Fort Pillow, D. 63; Doc. 1, 24 FRY, JAMES B., Gen., denies assertion
at Wolf River, Tenn.,

of Dean Richmond,

D. 1
Fair Gardens, Tenn., National victory his account of Fort Pillow,

D. 37 official report of the massacre at Fort FOLBRIGHT, WILLIAM,

D. 56
FALLS, ELIAS. See Fort Pillow, Doc. 10 Pillow,

Doc. 598 FULKS, Natuan S. 'See Fort Pillow,
“ Fannie and Jennie," capture of the, raid in Tennessee,

Doc. 334


Doc. 491 ; D. 26 FULLER, - , Lieut.-Col., Third Ar-
"Fanny," capture of the,

D. 68
Fort Caswell, N. C., blockade-runner

kansas Cavalry,

FARRAGOT, D, G., Rear-Admiral, sailed

“A. D, Vance" beached near, D. FULLER, -, Major, Sixth Maine, Doc. 103
from Brooklyn, N. Y.,

Fort De Russey, La., capture of, D. FULTON, SAXUEL. Ses" Black Hawk,"
arrives at New Orleans,

D. 86
accounts of the capture of, Doc.

Doc. 12
Report of the capture of the "M.P. list of officers captured at, Doc. 4 FURAY, WILLIAM S., account of the
Fort Donelson, Tenn., a reminiscence

battles of Chattanooga,

Doc. 228
Report of the capture of Mobile,

of the surrender of,

P. 37
Doc. 98 Fort Esperanza, Texas, destroyed, D. 16
letter of Secretary Welles to, Doc. 99 Reports of the reduction of, Doc. 245
Report on the surrender of Fort Fort Gibson, Ark., fight at,

D. 23
Powell, Ala.,
Doc. 100 | Fort Gray, N. C., attack on,

D. 67 | Gaines's Landing, Red River, reports
General Orders on the operations Fort Morgan, Reports of the capture

of the engagements at,

Doc. 529
near Mobile,
Doc, 130 of,

Doc. 13 Gainesville, Florida, captured by the
letter on the survey of the ram" Ten Fort Pillow, Tenn., massacre at, Re-


D. 44

Doc. 181 port of Committee on the Conduct GALLAGHER, CHA ES. See Returned
Report on the loss of the “ Philippi,"

of the War,
Doc. 1; D. 63 Prisoners

Doc. 89
Doc. 143 General Forrest's official report of GALLAGHER, - , Capt., Second Ohio
FARRAR, B. G., Col., Second Miss, ar

the affair at,

Doc. 598 Regiment, account of his escape
Doc. 377 General Forrest's unofficial account

from Libby Prison,

Doc. 872
Fasts, Jefferson Davis's proclamation

of the massacre at,

P. 55 GALLEHUE, WARREN C., Eighty-fourth
of March 12, 1864,
Doc. 45 President Lincoln's remarks on the


Doc. 221
Fat Volunteers, encouragement to, P.

massacre at,

D. 67 GALLUP, -, Col., account of his ex-
FAULKNER, ---, rebel, his guerrillas fight near,

pedition into Western Virginia,
D. 101 Fort Pillow, a poem,

P. 40

Doc. 567
FAULKNER, - , Col., rebel, at Padu Fort Powell, Ala., bombardment of, D. 47 at Paintsville, Ky.,

D. 63

Doc. 499 surrender of, official reports of Ad GAMBLE, R. H., Gov., died at St. Louis,
FAULKNER, WM. B., Gen. See Red

miral Farragut and others, Doc.
River campaign,

Doc. 545 Fort Sanders, Tenn., assault on, D. 16; GANSEPOORT, GUERT, Capt., report of
Fayette, Miss., fight at,
D 24

Doc. 316 the James River expedition, Doc, 489
Fentis, Aaron. See Fort Pillow, Doc. 15 Fort Smith, Ark., reconnoissance from, GAXTT, E. W., Gen., pardoped,
FERRERO, EDWARD, Gen., at Bean Sta-

D. 24 GARDE, FRANCISCO, death of, D. 45
D. 21 Fort Sumner, N. M., fight near, D. 31

at Campbell's Station, Tenn., Doc. 189 Fort Sumter, S. C., bombardment and

drummer-boy of the Eighth Michi.
FERGUSON, CHAMP, his band surprised,

accident at,
D. 1, 42

P. 23
D. 38.
See Charleston, S. O.

GARFIELD, J. A., Brig.-Gen., at Chickn
Doc. 2 Fort Wagner, S.C., Report of Major


Doc. 864
Ferguson, J., Col., captures Gen.

T. B. Brooks, on the operations of GARRARD, J., Col., at Cheek's Cross-

Doc. 4
the negro troops at,
Doc. 279 Roads, Tenn.,

D. 53
Doc. 24 “Forward March," by Mrs. 0. J. noticed,

D, 37; Doc. 339
Fifteenth Army Corps U. S. A., oper-


P. 71 GATE, -, Lieut., Third Arkansas
ations of the, in Alabama, Doc. 356 | FOSTER, Col., noticed,


Ca valry,
Finances. See Jay Cooke,

D. 1 FOSTER, EVERETT W., Major, Report of GBARY, JOAN W., Brig.-Gen., order on
a chaos in the rebel,
D. 29 the battle of Fitzhugh's Woods,

the battle of Lookout Mountain,
Financial. See Confederate Notes, D. 61 Ark.,

Doc. 510

Doc. 248, 211
FINLEY, J. A., Capt,
Doc. 501 Foster, ÍRA R., Quar.-Master Gen, of 1 at Chattanooga,

Doc. 106

ERAS Cal Majora



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D. 10



pecore Di 24

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the armie, ".


of Chattanood: 191

report of the




GRARY, JOHN W., Brig.-Gen. See, Mis GRANGER, G., Maj.-Gen. See Fort Gwynne's Island, rebel "marine bri-
sion Ridge,
Doc. 604 Powell, Ala.,

Doc. 100 gade" captured at,
expedition down the Tenn. River, D. 64 reenforces Burnside at Knoxville, D. 17
Doc. 2051 notices of,

D. 2; Doc. 208
GEARY, -, Col., rebel, capture of, at Dandridge, Tenn.,

Doc. 338

Doc. 4 relieved,

D. 59
Gelsertown, Miss. See Wirt Adams. GRANT, PETER, killed,

D. 7 HALE. C... Maior Fifty-ninth uul Doe eos
"General líunter," destruction of the, GRANT, ULYS3E8 S., Major-Gen., opera HALL, BENJAMIN H., poem by, P. 21

D. 62 tions of, in Tennessee, Doc. 175 HALL, WILLIAM P., Major Sixth New
GENTIS, DANIEL. See Returned Prison his treatment of rebel paroled pris-

York Cavalry,

Doc. 5T3

Doc, 90 oners from Vicksburgh, D. HALLECK, Fitz-GREEXE, a song by, P. 15
George, Z. G., Gen., rebel, Doc. 462 medal voted to him by Congress, D. 19 HALLECK, H. W., Major-Gen., report
Georgetown, S. C., destruction of, D. 17 thanked by President Lincoln, D. 19 of operations in 1863, Doc. 168
Georgia, disaffection in,

D. 13 congratulatory order of Dec. 10, D. 19 on the battle of Gettysburgh, Doc. 343
"the future of, involved in the suc order in reference to county records, relieved from duty as General-in-
cess of the rebels,"
D. 34

occupation of, considered, D. armies at Nashville, Tenn., D. 24 Gen. Rósecrans's letter to, P. 5
Gov, Brown's Message to the Legis. report on the capture of Gen, Vance,


D. 83, 57
lature of,

D. 33 HALLOCK, ISAAC, Acting Ensign, D. 69
Legislature of, adopts Linton Ste-

appointed Lieut.-Gen.,

D. 48 HAIN, MICHAEL, installed as Gov. of
phens's peace resolutions, D.
receives his commission as Lieut.-


D. 49
Supreme Court of, affirms the con-


D. 50 President Lincoln's letter to, D. 52
stitutionality of the rebel anti-

his speech,

D. 50 | HAMILTON, ANDREW J., Gov. of Texas,
substitute law,

assumes command of the armies of

address of, Jan. second, 1864, D. 81
Georgia volunteers, rebel, noticed, D. 1 the United States,

D. 54 HAMILTON, ---, Col, rebel, D. 39
GERE, E, B., Capt, noticed, P. 61 report of the battles of Chattanooga, HAMILTON, WILLIAM, Lieut., noticed,
Germania Ford, Va., operation of the

Doc. 106
Army of the Potomac at, Doc. public confidence in,

Doc. 203 HAMPTON, WADE, Gen., rebel account
Gettysburgh, Pa., consecration of a
orders in reference to rebel desert-

of his expedition into Culpeper,
national cemetery at,


Doc. 231 Va.,
Gen. Pettigrew's brigade at, D. 54 order in reference to pilots, etc., on HAXCOCK, WIRFIELD SCOTT, Gen., as.
battle of. See Halleck's report, Doc.

the Mississippi River and its trib-

signed to the command of the
account of the battles at, Doc. 345 utaries,

Doc. 376 Second Corps,

another account,
Doc. 350 a Scotch anecdote of,

P. 84 | " Hancock," capture of the rebel
incidents of,
anecdote of "uncovering Washing-


D. 96
"G. Garibaldi,” capture of the, D. 49 ton,"

HANKS, J. M. See Arkansas, Doc. 893

an incident of Vicksburgh,

HaxxA, J., Marshall,

P. 25
port of operations near Mobile, Doc. 125 noticed,

D. 36, 43, 47, 58, 59 "Hannah," sloop, captured. D. 51
See Mobile,

Doc. 1 Grant, a poem by George H. Boker, P. Hannibal, Mo., guerrilla attack Dear,
GHOLSON, - , Gen., rebel, Doc. 493, 495 Grant's Pass, Ala., gunboats attack

GILLIS, JAMES H., Lieut. Com., report

the fort at,

D. HARDEE, WILLIAM J., Lieut.-Gen., as
of the James River expedition, Doc. GRAVES, JENNIE, 8., sent to t

sumes cominand of the rebel
GILLINGHAM, NED., Capt., adventure


D. 17
P. 4 GRATES, MARY S., Gen. Butler's

at Lookout Mountain,

Doc. 913
GILLMORE, Q. A., Gen., noticed,

ter to,


D. 27
D. 19, 34; Doc. 3 7 GRAVES, NELLY, noticed,

HARDING, DUNCAX. See Fort Pillow,
despatch concerning Gen. Seymour's Greek Fire thrown into Charles

Doc. 10
campaign in Florida,

Doc. 894
S. C.,

D. 81 Hardy County, Va., Fitz-Hugh Lee's
report on the battle of Olustee, Doc. 401 used by guerrillas,

1 raid in,

Doc. 325
GILTSEN, - , Col., rebel, at Cheek's

of the South,

Harper's Ferry, Va., railroad train
D. GREELEY, HORACE, noticed,

I attacked and robbed near, D. 44
GIRARD, CHARLES, the condition of the GREEN, C. II., Lieut, Com., Doc. 1 “Harriet Lane," capture of the, Doc. 178
confe lerate States, by,

P. 2 report of operations near Mobile, HARRIS, B. F., Lieut.-Col. Sixth Maine,
Grrald, P., Lt., noticed,
Doc. 106
Doc. 125

Doc. 108
GLASSELL, WM. T., Lieut., rebel, P. 9 GREEN, Tuomas, Gen., death of, Doc. 525 HARRIS, B. G., of Md.,

D. 61
GLODDEN, GEORGE B., Ensign, report


HARRIS, H., Miss,

D. 94
of operations near Mobile, Doc. 110 Green County, Mo., rebel depreda HARRIS, THOMAS M., Lieut.-Col., Doc. 61
Gopwis, A. C., Col, rebel, Doc. 163 tions in,

D. 56 | HARRIS, Gen., rebel, at Pada
Golden Gate, steamer, seized by guer Greenville, N. C., fight near, D. 13, 28 cah,

Doc. 1

D. 63 Greenwood, Miss., account of a fight HARRISON, BENTON N. See Jefferson
GOOCH, D. W. See Fort Pillow, Doc. 1 near,

Doc. 496 Davis,

Doc. 514
See Returned Prisoners.

GREER, J. A., Lieut. Com., his account Harrison, — Col., his guerrilla
"Good Hope," capture of the, D.

of the attack on Waterproof, La.,


D. 95
GOODING, - Col., Sixth Massachu-

D. 45 HARRISON, D. W. See Fort Pillow,
setts Cavalry. See Campti, La. GREGG, D. McM., Gen., expedition of

Doc. 22
Goose Creek, Fla., salt works destroy-

to Aldie and Middleburgh, Va., HARRISON, T. J., Col. Thirty-ninth In-
ed on,
D. 49 !

D. 46 diana

Doc. 433
“Gopher," capture of the, D. 21 See Kilpatrick's raid,

Doc. 584 | HARRISON, W. A., Rev., banished, D. $S
GORDOX, Brig.-Gen., rebel, Doc. 165 See Rapidan,

Doc. 241 HART, - , his battery,

D. 59
P. 6 notice 1,
D. 31 HARTE, F. B.,

P. 31

Doc, 456 GRENEWALD, LEONARD, anecdote of, P. 17 HASKINS, Joun. See Fort Pillow, Doc 19

Doc. 33 GRESHAM, Col., rebel, D. 19 | Hatch, Col, at Colliersville,
GORRINGE, H. 11., Acting Master, no * Gray Jacket," steamer, captured, D. 80 Tenn.,

D. 2

Doc. Greysville, Tenn., fight near, Doc. 209 HATCH, EDWARD, Col. Second Iowa
Goss, WILLIAM, Thirty-fourth Ken GRICE, - Mr. See Rebel Retalia-


Doc. 461
tuy Infantry, gallantry of, D. 46 tion,

Doc. 455 noticed

D. 2, 17
GOURDIN, ROBERT X. See "The 1860 GRIERSON, BENJAMIN H., Gen., ac HATCH, J, P., Gen.,

D. 58
Doc. 593 counts of his expedition into HATHAWAY, B.,

P. 59
Govorument Bonds. See Jay Cooke.


D. 48, Doc. 487, 489 “ Hattie Brock," capture of the, D. 55
GRAHIM, - Colonel, noticed, D. 21 at Wolf River, Tenn.,

D. 60 HAWKINS, WILLIAN S., Col., rebel,
GRAM, CIRLES K., Brig -Gew., re- GROSE, W., Col., report of the battle

Hawkins Scouts, capture of, D. 90
port of combined expedition up

of Mission Rilge,
Doc. 603 at Piney Factory, Tenn.,

the James River, Doc. 433; D. 63 report of operations around Dalton, HAWKINS, - Col. Seventh Tenn,
account of his expedition into Vir-

Doc. 600 Union troops,

Doe 1
Doc. 340 notice of,

Doc. 2

D. 51
his expedition to Brandon Farms, Guerrillas. See" Citizen Guerrillas," HAY, Jonx, Major, poems by, P. 15, 21
D. 37

D. 51 See Olustee, Fla.,

Doc, 405
GRAHAM, GEORGE W., Capt., his expe Gov. Bramlette's proclamation on, HAYES, ALEXANDER, Gen., at the Rapi-
dition to Greenville, N. C., D. 13

Doc. 3

Doc. 449
Grand Coteau, La., reports of the GUITAR, Brig.-Gen., relinquished his HAYES, H1, H., Gen., rebel, Doc. 165
battle of

Doc. 149 command in North Mo., D. 59 HAYES, Gen., noticed, P. 55
Grand Ecore, La., occupation of, by GUION, GEORGE M., Col. See" Marine HAZEN, W. B., Brig.-Gen., report of
the Nationals,
Doc. 520 Brigade,"

D. 10 the battle of Chattanooga, Doc w

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linguished his 69 HAYES,

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Henders, 11. Ci the returned

Doc: 401 HUNTER, R. WHARLES Lier Mobile: 127 JACK kiment,

Rev., Chanta


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HAZEN, W. B., Brig.-Gen., bis brigade HULMAN, WILLIAM H., Lieut. Fourth Is this the Land of Washington ? by
D. 3 Artillery, noticed,
Doc.. 603 J. Q. A. Wood,

P 51
Hazel River, Va., fight near, D. HUMPHREYS, A. A., Gen., at Bean Sta Island No. 10, Union soldiers frozen
HENDERSON, T. A.. Provost Marshal

D. 21 to death at,

D, 30
of Fla.,

D. 52 Island No. 16, Mississippi River,
Henderson's Hill,, La., fight at, D. 55 Hunt, ELIJAH, killed by rebel guer.

guerrilla attack at,

D. 50
HENRIES, II. C., Rev., testimony in


D. 56

Ivy Hill, Miss., fight at, Doc. 490
the case of the returned prison HUNT, William H. See Mobile, Doc. 129


Doc. 455
HENRY, GUY V., Col., noticed, Doc. 401 HUNTER, NATHAN. See Fort Pillow
HENRY, - , Lieut., killed at Saline

Doc. 455
River, Ark.,

Doc. HUNTINGTON, CHARLES L., Lieut., re JACKSON, ALFRED, Gen., rebel, at Mill
“Henry Colthurst,” schooner, cap-

port of operations near Mobile,

Point, Va.

Doc. 155
D. 46

JACKSON, ---, Col, Eleventh Pa. Re-
HERBERT, T, C., noticed, Doc. 108 Huntsville, Ala., Union meeting at, D. 52

D. 44
HESSER, Lieut.-Col., death of, explosion at,

D. 62 Jackson, Rev., Chaplain Fifty *
Doc. 240 HURD, O. A., Assist. Adjt.-Gen., Doc. 167 fourth Mass. Regiment,
HETI, HENRY, Gen., rebel. See Rac HURD, 0. D., Lieut.-Col. Thirtieth JACKSON, STONEWALL, Life of, sup-
coon Ford,
Doc. 243 Indiana,

Doc, 602 pressed in Mo.,
HICKS, CHARLES. See Fort Pillow, HURLBUT, S. A., Major-Gen., order of

Doc. 58 November fifteenth, 1863, D. 8 JACKSON, 'Wm. L., Gen., account of
Hicks, S. G., Col. Fortieth Illinois order in reference to discipline of

his operations against Gen. Ave-

negro troops,

D. 22

Doc. 280
account of his bravery at Paducah, See Fort Pillow,

Doc. 40 Jackson County, N. C., rebel Indian
Doc. 501, 505 reasons for his failure at Jackson,

legion surprised in,

D. 41
“ Highlander," ship, captured by the


Doc 334 Jackson, Miss., occupied by Gen.
D. 27 noticed,"
D. 40, 42 Sherman's troops,

D. 42
HIGINBOTHAM, W. H., Acting Ensign, HUSE, S., Lieut. Com.,

D. 61

Doc. 475, 481
Doc. 105 HUTCHESON, Mr., of Va. See

fight near,

Doc. 470
Hill, Acting Master, D. 72 Amnesty Proclamation,

Jackson, Tenn., reasons for General
" Hillman," steamer, attacked by

I Hurlbut's failure at,

Doc. 834

Jacksonville, Fla., National pickets
HILLS, WILLIAM, See Nickajack Trace, .

captured near,

D. 72

occupation of, by National troops,
HINES, ---, Capt., rebel. See John Idaho, people of, try to escape the

Doc. 894
Morgan's escape,
Doc. 81 draft,

D. 44 JACOBS GEORGE, noticed,

D. 26
Hilton Head, s. C., reconnoissance Illinois, the quota of, filled, D. 41, 57 James River, Va., reports of opera.
D. 61 Sixth Regiment of,

tions on the

Doc. 438
HITCHCOCK, E. A., Major-Gen.

Twenty-third Regiment of, D. 89 National account of the operation
Exchange of Prisoners, D. 27 Fortieth Regiment of,

Doc. 1

Doc. 443
HITCHCOCK, 0. H., Capt., noticed, D. 6 Fifty-second Regiment of, reënlist | JARVIS JAMES, report of the James

Doc. 455
ed for the war,
34 River expedition,

Doc. 441
HOFFMAN, W., Col. Third Infantry.

Fifty-eighth Regiment of,

D. JENKINS, M., rebel Ger at Droop
See Returned Prisoners, Doc. 88 Seventy-first Regiment of,


D. 8
HOGAN, FRANK. See Fort Pillow, Doc. 59

Ninety-second Regiment of,

JENKINS, THORNTON A., Capt., report on
HOGAN, JOHN A., Col. Dahlgren's
One Hundred and Seventh Regi-

operations near Mobile, Doc. 113
Doc. 58 ment of,

D. 38 additional report on the operations
HOKE, R. F., Brig.-Gen., rebel, cap-
One Hundred and Eighteenth

near Mobile,

Doc. 131, 134
ture of his brigade,
Doc. 165 Mounted Infantry, of,

Jenkins Island, S. C., rebel attack on,
at Plymouth, N. C.,
D. 69 Second Regiment Cavalry, of,

D. 55

D. 40
Fourteenth Cavalry of,

41 JOHNSON, ANDREW, Gov. of Tennessee,
Holston River, Tenn., fight on the, D. 36 Creswell's Battery,

D. 62
HOLT, JOHN, Capt., noticed, Doc. 465 Impressments. See Rebel Impress. noticed and ordered,

Doc. 3
Honey Springs, Ark., battle of, Doc. 176 ments,

Doc. 392

proclamation of January twenty-
Honeyville, Mo., guerrilla fight at, D. 6 Indians. See Cherokee Indians, D. 14 sixth, 1864,

Doc. 340
Hood, J. B., Lieut.-Gen., address to

See Cheyennes,

decision relative to Jane Woodall, D.
bis division in the rebel army, D.

See Navajo Indians,

D. 81, 48 Johnson, ANNE, the rebel spy, D. 24
HOOK, A, H. See Fort Pillow, Doc.

See Sioux Indians,

JOHNSON, BRADLEY T., Col., Doc. 590
Hook, FRANCES, anecdotes of her sery-

See Indian Legion,

D. 41

Johnson, - , Captain of the "Forest
ice in the army.
See Quallatown, N. 0.,

Rose," at Waterproof, La., D. 45
HOOKER, JOSEPH, Major-Gen., his Indian Brigade, the,

D. 23 JOHNSON, EDWARD Gen., at the fight
troops complimented,
D. 8 Indian Legion, the rebel,

D. 41 at Raccoon Ford,

Doc. 244
See Halleck's report,

Doc. 168 Indian Territory, rebels expelled JOHNSON, HI ERSCHEL V., speech at Mil-
assigned to First Army Corps, D. 5) from,

D. 45

ledgeville, Ga., Nov. 2 th, D. 12
at Lookout Mountain,

Doc. 208 | Indiana, volunteering meetings held JOHNSON, ROSA, Mrs. See Fort Pillow.
at the battle of Chattanooga, Doc. 210


D. 18 JOHNSON, WILLIAM E. See Fort Pillow.

D. 29, Doc. 194, P. 23 Indiana volunteers. See Grand Co Johnson County, N. C., farmers of, re-
HOOKER, E., Act. Vol. Lieut., D. 7

Doc. 151 fuse to be taxed,

D. 7
" Housatonic," destruction of the, D.

gallantry of the Seventh Regiment JOHNSTON, JOSEPH E., Gen., the defeat
account of the loss of the, Doc.


of, considered,

order of Admiral Dahlgren on the
Seventh Regiment of

deserters from the army of D, 40
destruction of the,
Doc. 892 Twenty-first Regiment of,

46 relinquished his command, D.

Forty-third Regiment of


D. 17, 62, 47; Doc. 429
HOWARD, 0. O., Major-Gen., bravery

Forty-sixth Regiment of,

60 "John J. Roe," burning of the steam-
of his troops near Lookout, D.
Forty-seventh Regiment of,

er, by the rebels,

D. 71
at Chattanooga,
Doc. 20 Eightieth Regiment of,

“John Douglass,” schooner, captur-
HOWE, ABBIE J., testimony in the case One Hundred and Eighteenth Regi-


D. 48
of the returned prisoners, Doc. 94 ment of,

"John Scott," schooner, captured, D. 32
Howe, ALBION P., Brig.-Gen, at Rap-

First Battery of,

Doc. Joxes, J. M., Gen., rebel, Doc. 243
pahannock Station,

Doc. 163 "In Libby Prison-New-Year's Eve, JONES, J. B., Rev. See Cherokees, D. 14
Howe, Orion P., the drummer-boy, P. 53 1863-4."

63 JONES, SAMUEL, hanged by the rebels,
Howell, —, Col. Eighty-fifth Penn., “In the Hospital," a poem, P.

D. 83
D. 61 Iowa volunteers. See Grand Coteau, JONES, SAMUEL, Gen., rebel. See Hal-
HOWELL, CITARLES BOYNTON, P. 69 Second Regiment of,

leck's Report,

Doc. 171
HOWELL, J. A., Lieut. See Mobile, Doc. 120

Twenty-fourth Regiment of,

60 Jones County, N. C., Palmer's expe-
“Howqua," gunboat, captures the Twenty-sixth Regiment of

dition into,

D. 37
“ Ella,"
D. 4 Irish, the condition of the, in Rich-

cavalry expedition to
HUBBARD,' - Lieut.-Col. Thirtieth

mond, Va.,

Jonesville, Va., Union troops surren-
Doc. 58 a "sponge "on the Confederacy, D. 34 dered near,

D. 81
Hughes, John M., Col. Twenty-fifth "Iron Age," loss of the,

D. | “ Josephine," capture of the sloop, D.

D. 57 Ironclads, the effect of in Europe, D. "Joseph L. Gerity," seizure of the, D.
HOLINGS, T. M., Lieut.-Col. Forty Ironsides, rebel account of the attack JOUETT, J, E., Lieut. Com. See Mobile.
ninth Penn.,
Doc. 162 on,

P. 91 bravery of,

Doc. 102

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of her sef P. 37 Indian Legion

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JOHNSON ccoon Ford. n., at the tip :

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JOUETT, J. E., Lieut. Com., report of Kinsey, W. B., Lieut.-Col., noticed, LEE, S. P., Rear-Admiral, destroys the
operations near Mobile, Doc. 124

Doc. 531 * Bendigo,"
JOURDAN, J. Col., expedition to Bogue Kirk, — rebel,

report of the destruction of the
and Bear Inlets, N. C., D. 61 Knoxville, Tenn., fight near,

steamer * Dare,"

Doc. 834
report of the expeditionsto Bear In-

siege of,

Doc. 306, 816

report of cooperation with Gen.
Doc. 464

account of the siege of, Doc. 248 Graham on the James River, Doc. 489
D. 89, 41 Col. Wm. S. Montgomery's report

report of the expedition to Bear In-
"Juanita," capture of the Mexican

of the siege of,
Doc, 258 let, N. O.,

Doc. 464
D. 62 the relief of

Doc. 198 report of the destruction of the
" Judson," capture of the schooner,

the siege of raised, D. 17, Doc. 260 blockade-runners "Ranger" and
President Lincoln orders thanks-


Doc. 43, 464
"Julia A. Hodges," schooner, cap-
giving for the safety of, D. 18 noticed,

D. 82, 40


Longstreet's retreat from Doc. 465 LEE, W. F., Gen., rebel, released, D. 58
JULIAN, —, M. C. See Returned Pri " indications of a battle" at, D. | LEEDOM, HOWARD. See Returned Pri.
Doc, 89 Union soldiers captured near D. 87


Doc. S
JUMEL, -, Capt., his depredations Southern sympathizers banished LEEPER, - , Capt.,

D. 23
at Bayou Plaquemine, La., D. 68 from,

D. 40 Leeper's Ferry, Tenn., fight near, Doc.
Union meeting at,
D. 68 Legareville, S. C., fight at,

D. 96
See Scott's Mill Road, Tenn.,


Doc. 475
mony in the case of the returned LEMERT, Col., noticed, D.
Kansas Infantry, noticed,

D. 65

Doc. 95 LEMING, McJ. See Fort Pillow, Doc.
KELLEY, JAMES, Twenty-second Ky. KOEHLER, J. G., Ensign,

Doc. 419 LENGERCHE, Lieut., wounded at
Kurz, G. T. See Mobile, Doc. 120 | Pensacola,

D. 58
KELLEY, B, F., Gen., report of opera KUNTZ, - , murder of,

D. 63 Lenoir, Tenn., evacuated by Gen.
tions in West-Virginia, Doc. 1 155


D. 9
report of the fight at Lewisburgh,

Lenoir Road, Tenn., fight on the, Doc. 25
D. 4

LE Roy, WM. E., Com., report of oper
See New-Creek, Va.,
Doc. 862 | “ La Crosse." capture of the steamer

ations near Mobile,

Doc. 120
D. 20, 26, 41

D. 56

Doc. 101
KELLEY, R. B., Sergt., account of a La Fayette, Tenn., attack on,

"Letter from three good little boys ”
fight near Waynesville, Mo., Doc. 145 reconnoissance to,

D. 21 to Jefferson Davis,

P. 49
KELLOGG, A. H., Surgeon. See Fort

fight near,

Doc. 835 LEWIS, G. W. See Conscripts, Doc. 460

LAIBOLD, BERNARD, Col., report of the | LEWIS, Isaac H. See Returned Prison-
KELLOGG, E. W., Lt. See Mobile.
fight at Charlestown, Tenn., Doc. 292 ers,

KELLY, - Capt., account of the letter on the same,

Doc. 294 | Lewisburgh, Va., occupation of
capture of,
Doc. 499 noticed,

D. 27 fight at,

D. 90
KELLY, Joux, killed,

D. 24 Lake City, Fla., fight near, Doc. 899 Libby Prison, Va., National prisoners
Kelly's Ford, Va., fight at
Lake Ocala, Fla., destruction of salt.

D. 31
reports of the fight at,

works at,

Doc. 280 Col.' Streight and others escape

P. 89
Lake Station, Miss., destruction of


D. 13
KENNICOTT, J. Asa. See “Strong

property at, by Gen. Sherman, account of an escape from, Doc. 873
Doc. 883
Doc. 476 some account of,

Doc. 451
KENT, L., Col. Twenty-ninth Illinois, LAMEN, JAMES. See Mobile, Doc. 124 LIEBER, —, Capt. See Pleasant Hill,
at the fight at Vidalia, Doc. 37 LAMON, JAMES,

Doc, 809

Doc. 540
Kentucky, anecdote of negro recruit Lancaster Court-House, Va., expedi Lieutenant-General of the Army of the

dition to,

Doc. 333 United States, office of, created, D. 48
enlistment of negroes in, D. 53 LANDRAM, W. J., Col. Soe Pleasant LIGHTBURN, J. A. D., Gen., Doc. 198
Gov. Bramlette's proclamation in


Doc. 540 “Lily," capture of the English
reference to guerrillas, Doc. 3 LANGLEY, C. F. See Mobile, Doc. 144 schooner,

D. 67
rebel guerrillas in,

LARMER, — Major, Fifth Pa., D. 44 | LINCOLN, ABRAHAM, letter to Governor
restrictions on trade in, removed, " Laura," capture of the steamer, D. 85 Bradford on the Maryland elec-
| " Laura," capture of the English


D. 2
Thirteenth Regiment of,
D. 88 schooner,

D. 69

recommends thanksgiving and pray-
Fourteenth Regiment of,

D. 59 “Lauretta," capture of the, D. 48 er for the safety of Knoxville, D. 18
Twenty-seventh Regiment of, diary LAWRENCE, WILLIAM H., Col., in com-

sends his proclamation of amnesty
of its operations in East-Tenn.,
mand at Columbus, Ky., Doc. 2 to Congress,

D. 19
See Fort Pillow,

Doc. 53, thanks Gen. Grant and his army, D. 19
Twenty-eight Regiment of, D, 37 Lawrenceburgh, Tenn., account of pardons E, W. Gantt,

D. 19
Thirty-fourth Infantry of

fight at,

D. 2; Doc. 20 message in relation to the Freed-
Forty-fifth Mounted Infantry of, D. 68 LEADRETTER, ISAAC J. See Fort Pil-

man's aid societies,

D. 09
Kentucky, 0 Kentucky, a poem, P.


Doc. 21 approves instructions to tax com-
" Keokuk," destruction of the Moni LEAGUE, THOMAS M., noticed, Doc. 420 missioners in South Carolina, D.

D. 66 Lebanon, Ala., fight near, Doc. 306 letter to the " North American Re-
KEY, CHARLES. See Fort Pillow, Doc. 1 skirmish near,

Doc. 857 view" on the "President's Poli-
KILGORE, W.M., Lieut.-Col, Eightieth Lebanon, Ky., guerrillas attack a

D. 84
Illinois, noticed,
Doc. 602 train of cars near,

D. 57 mitigates the sentences of deserters,
KILPATRICK, JUDSON, Brig.-Gen., P LEE, ALBERT L., Gen., D. 60 ; Doc. B4

at Stevensburgh, Va.,
D. 4 | LEE, Fitz-Hucu, Gen., his raid in Har-

signs the bill creating a Lieutenant-
expedition of, against Richmond

dy County, Va.,

Doc. 326 General of the army, and nomin-
D. 48 See Negro troops,

D. 33

ates Gen. Grant for the place, D.
account of his raid toward Rich-

Soe Averill's expedition, Doc. 28 presents Lieut.-Gen. Grant with his
Doc. 571, 577, 680, 582 LEE, G. W. C., Gen., noticed, Doc. 590 commission,

rebel accounts of his raid, 588, 584, 585 LEE, ROBERT E., Gen., City of Rich-

wife of, noticed,


mond vote him a house,

war order, reässigning commanders
spirit of the rebel press on the, Doc. 590 address to his army on the crossing

of the army,

D. 51
E. A. Paul's review of,

Doc. 593 of the Rapidan by Gen. Meade, D. address to Governor Hahn, D. 63
at the crossing of the Rapidan, Doc. 449 at Mine Run, Va.,


speech at the Maryland State Fair, D.
scouts Gloucester County, Va., D. 52 Chaplains of his army hold a meet-

ampesty proclamation of, Doc. 295
D. 8, 48 ing,

D. 28 calls for two hundred thousand men,
KIMBALL, 'NATHAN, Brig.-Gen., order thanked by the confederate Con-

on assuming command in Arkan-


D. 81,

See Grant,
D. 56 at Kelly's Ford,

Doc. 1 makes changes in the commands of
KIMBERLY, L. A., Lieut. Com., Doc. 107, 108 order of January 22,

Doc. 8
the army,

D. 58
KIMBERLY, R. L., Lieut.-Col., report of urges the establishment of the par-

instructs Gen. Steele on the ques.
the battle of Chattanooga, Doc. 225 tisan rangers,

Doc. 422 tion of reorganization in Arkan-
See John Brown,


Doc. 889
Doc. 120 noticed,

D. 4, 36, 47, 62, 65 proclamation relieving the blockade
King and Queen Court-House, Va., LEE, STEPHEN D., Gen., report of oper

of Brownsville, Texas Doc. 421
expedition to


ations on Wolf River, Tenn., . D. 17 order for a draft, March 10, 1864.
KING, - , Lieut. See Bogue and

Doc. 475

Doc. STO
Bear Inlets, N. O..

D. 61 LEE, S. P., Rear-Admiral, report on defines the amnesty proclamation,
Kingston Road, Tenn., fight on the, D. 9 the efficiency of the blockade, Doc, 289

Doc 460

Kening inent ettes Prillas

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Thirteenth Regiment en una

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Year, 1864

. Col. One Hundred on Madition into Virginia, he ship. D.

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LINCOLN, ABRAHAM, proclamation for Louisville, Tenn., fight at, D. 16 MARSHALL, HUMPHREY, General. See
a draft, March 15, 1864, Doc. 459 | " Louisville Journal Addre , New

"Fat Volunteers,"

P. 85
order of July 30, 1863, Doc. 419

his artillery stolen,

D. 59
letter to Mrs, Esther Stockton, P. 65 LOVE, GEORGE M., Col. One Hundred MARSTON, GILMAN, Brig.-Gen., Expe-
Doc. 453;

and Sixteenth N. Y., Doc. 631
poem to,

Love, -, Col., rebel. See Waynes “Martaban," capture of the ship, D.
* Linda," capture of the,

ville, Mo.,

Doc. 145 | 4 Martha," capture of the,
LIXERS, O. T., Surgeon,
LOVELL, MANSFIELD, Gen., court of in MARTIN, Joux,

D. 19
LISENBY, J. W., Col., noticed, Doc. 497 quiry on his operations at New MARTIN, WILLIAM E., Gen., rebel. See
Literature of the South,
P. 27 Orleans in 1862,


Black Flag,

LOVEJOY, OWEN, funeral of,

D. 58 | Maryland, President Lincoln's letter
“ Little Leila," capture of the, Doc. LUDLOW, J. M., his answer to Carlyle's

on the election in,

D. 2
Little River, Tenn., fight at,


P. 19

convention for the amendment of
Little Rock, Ark., rebels defeated at, D. 6 LULL, EDWARD P., Lieut. Com. Ses

the Constitution of,

D. 59
Union meeting at,
D. 11 Mobile,

Second Regiment of,

D. 89
Little Tennessee River, Tenn., skir “Luminary,"unsnccessful attempt to Maryland State Fair, opened, P. 67
mish at,
Doc. 815 capture the steamer,

“Mary Ann," capture of the
Little Waltham, Va., expedition to, LUNT, GEORGE, a poem by,

"Mary Sorley," capture of the rebel
Doc. 8 Luray, Va., National raid on,

I schooner,
Little Washington, a., Mosby sur.

rebel raid on,

D. 27 Mason, CAROLINE A.,
prised at,

Doc. 29 LYNCH, W. F., Col., noticed, Doc. Massachusetts, Second infantry of, D. 47
Liverpool Heights, Miss., fight at, anecdote of, at the battle of Pleasant

Twenty-third Regiment of, D
Doc, 417, 496 Hill, La.,

Doc. 537 Twenty-fifth Regiment of, D.' 63
LIVINGSTON, R. R., Col., assumes com-

report of battle of Pleasant Hill, Doc. 588 Fifty-fourth Colored Regiment
mand in Arkansas,
D. S Lynnville, Tenn., bridges destroyed

First Cavalry, Colored, of,
LOCHRANE, O, A., judge. See Rebel

D. 61 Second Cavalry of,

D. 47
Doc. 393 LYONS, JAMES, noticed,
Doc. 585 Tenth Battery of,

Doc. 161
LOCKWOOD, H. H., Brig.-Gen., D. 17 LYONS, Lord, corresponds with Jeffer Matagorda Bay, Texas, skirmish and
Logan, Joux A., Major-Gen., relin-

son Davis,

Doc. 513 destruction of a steamer at, D. 28
quishes his command,

MATTHEWSON, ARTHUR, report of the
assumes command of the Fifteenth

destruction of the " Smith
Army Corps,

D. 18

Doc. 443
Doc. 856

MAURICE, É. D., Rev., his reply to
LONAN, JASON, statement in the Fort MACBETH, CHARLES, Mayor of Charles-

Carlyle's “Iliad,"

P. 18
Pillow case,
Doc. 70 ton, S. C.,

D. MAURY, DABNEY H., Gen., noticed, D.
LONG, ALEXANDER, of Ohio, attempted Madison Court-House, Va., reconnois despatch relative to the affair at
expulsion of,

sance to,

D. 17 Bayou Sara,
Lona, — , Col. Fourth Ohio Cavalry,

Gen, Devens captures rebels at, D. 72 MAURY, HARRY, Col.,
Doc. 207, 2 skirmish near,


D. 62
LONG, Eu, Col., report of the opera Madison ville, La,, occupied by Na Mayfield, Ky., guerrilla operations
tions of the army of the Cumber-

tional troops,

D. 32

D. 2
Doc. 808 | MAFFIT, J. N., Capt., rebel, anecdote rebel attack on,

D. 51
Long View, Ark., expedition to, D. 57

P. 7 account of a skirmish near. Doc. 46
LONGNECKER, J. H., Surgeon, 'testi- MAGRUDER, B. H. See Conscripts, May River, S. C., reconnoissance of
mony in the case of the returned


D. 61

Doc. 92 MAGRUDER, J. B., Major-Gen., address MAYS, WILLIAM F., statement in the
LONGSTREET, A. B., LL.D., valuable
to the planters of Texas, Doc. 244 ) Fort Pillow case,

Doc. 71
suggestions addressed to the sol. Orders of February 2 and 15, 1864, Maysville, Tenn., fight at, Doc. 2
diers of the confederate States,

Doc. 42 MCALISTER, BRYAN, his account of
Doc. 433 See Red River Expedition, Doc. 60 Gen. Forrest's remarks on the
LONGSTREET, JAMES, Lieut.-Gen., his MAGRUDER, WILLIAM M., Capt., Doc. 589 Fort Pillow affair,

attack on Fort Sanders, D. 16 Maine Volunteers, Fifth Regiment of, McCann, W. P., Lieut. Com., Doc. 101
at Campbell's Station, Tenn., Doc. 18 first to land in Texas, Doc. 147 report of operations near Mobile,
condition of his army in December, Fifth and Sixth Regiments of. See

Doc. 125

Gen. Meade,

MCCHESNEY, Col. See Green-
D. 36 Thirteenth Regiment of,

ville, N. o.,

D. 28
correspondence on the amnesty pro " Mandoline," capture of the schoon MCCLELLAN, GEORGE B., Major-Gen.,

Doc. 296

D. 63
wax figure of,

P. 24
account of the retreat of, from Knox MANNING, Capt., capture of, D. 47 McCook, A. McD., Gen., statement in
Doc. 465; D. 18 Mansfield, La. See Pleasant Hill, La.

reference to the battle of Chick-
at Bean Station, Tenn.,
MANSON, M, D., Gen., at the siege of


Doc. 863
occupies Newmarket, Tenn.,

Doc. 255 at Fair Gardens, Tenn.,

D. 37
at Morristown, Tenn.,

D. 25 MANTELL, GEORGE. See Fort Pillow | McCook, D. M., Col., at Dandridge,
" Longstreet's Visit to Knoxville


D. 85
by J. W. Miller,


“Maple Leaf," loss of the steamer, MoCown, JOHN P., Gen., captured, D. 82
Lookout Mountain, cannonading at, D. 6

D. 58 McCoy, J. A. C., 'surgeon. See Fort
battle of,
Doc. 211 "Marblehead," attack on the gun.


the capture of,

Doc. 208

Doc. 291

McCoy, WILLIAM N., surgeon, Doc.
Gen. Geary's congratulatory order MARCHAND, J. B., Capt., report of MOCURDY, - See Unionism in
on the battle of,
Doc. 248 operations near Mobile, Doc. 118 Alabama,

Doc. 857
the storming of,


Doc. 101 ; D, 58 MCDONALD, JOHN A. See Mobile, Doc. 127
“Lookout Mountain," by Alfred B. "Margaret and Jessie," steamer, cap McFerran, John O., Major, D. 48
P. 66 tured,

“Lookout. General Hooker to hi " Maria Alberta," capture of the, D.

Grand Coteau,

Doc. 150
Men," by C. D. Meigs, M.D., P. “Maria Alford," capture of the, D. 63 | McGuire, EDWARD, Acting Master,
LOOMIS, JOHN M., Col. Twenty-sixth “ Maria Louise, capture of the, D.


D 22
Illinois Regiment,
Doe. 10 Marine Brigade, the,

D. 19, 24 | McINTIRE, Lieut. Ninth Illinois caval-
LORD, GEORGE P., Lieut., report of the “Marine Brigade," the rebel, capture

ry, anecdote of,

Doc. 336
capture of the steamers" Coving-

of the,

MCKEEL, GARNER. See Nickajack
ton" and " Signal,"
Doc. Marine Battery, at Pilatka, Fla.,


D. 71
Doc. 082 " Marion," capture of the,

MCKEEL, JOSIAH. See Arkansas, Doc. 825
LORD, HIRAX B., Corp. Twenty third Marion, Miss., Sherman's Expedition McKINLEY, - , Secretary to Admiral
Mass. Regiment,
D. 65
Doc. 473 1 Farragut,

Doc. 105
Loudon Heights, Va., fight at,

destruction of buildings at, Doc. 482 MCLAWS, LAFAYETTE, Gen., D. 16

Doc. 329; D. 82 MARLE, GEORGE. See Nickajack Trace, McLAGAN, W. R, See Fort Pillow.
Louisiana, Constitutional Convention

D. 71 McMICHAEL, WILLIAM L., Doc. 21

D. 57 MARMADUKE, JOHN S., Gen., encoun McNIEL, Joux, Gen., Cherokees have
Gen. Banks's order ordering an elec-

ters Gen. Steele,

Doc. 515 bave an interview with, D. 14
tion in,
Doc. 3 MARSHALI., A. J.,

Doc. 455 MCPHERSON, JAMES B., assigned to the
Gen. Banks's order in reference to MARSHALL, GEORGE E., Capt. Fortieth

command of Tennessee, D.
labor in,
Doc, 370 Massachusetts, D. 44 ; Doc.

banishes women from Vicksburgh,
Michael Hahn installed as Governor MARSHALL, Capt. gunboat "New

D. 49 Era," at Fort Pillow, Doc. 2, 64 noticed, D. 40, 42; Doe. 476,

Doc. 589 MCCANN


indexGen Doe



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