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ceeds of these lands as they have here asked, the public will be better satisfied than with any other that could be made, and that time would but serve to demonstrate the wisdom and justice of the measure. And your

memorialists will ever pray.
W. T. Howell,

Thomas McGee,
A. Townley,

L. P. Gregg
William Wyckoff,

W. B. Sherman,
Jas, C. Wood,

H. L. Gregg,
Joseph B. Pierce,

J. P. Lord,
L. J. Burr,

A. B. Gibson,
F. W. Anthony,

A. G. Bell,
J. T. Willson,

Charles W. Penny,
H. N. Blackman,

D. G. Seaton,
Loman Wilcox,

C. V. DeLand,
H. S. Ismon,

R. Lawrence,
M. J. Morrill,

R. S. Cheney,
S. 8. Vaughn,

J. L. Mitchell,
E. H. Rice,

Wm. Mitchell,
T. S. Thurber,

H. F. Knapp
J. H. Treadwell,

E. Knapp,
S. & L. Whiton,

C. J. Warren,
C. L. Williams,

R. J. Crego,
F. Livermore,

Melville McGee,
I. M. Harwood,

A. H. DeLamater,
Abner Livermore,

H. T. Chapman,
N. Huntington,

James Brewer,
N. Jackson,

Henry J. Crego,
O. F. Pool,

W. M. Choate,
John Gould,

A. W. Green,
W. R. Williams,

B. F. Eggleston,
L. H. Rugg,

Norman Allen,
Geo. A. White,

J. E. Johnson,
Alonzo Bennett,

Webb & Butler,
Elder Jennison,

G. L. Smalley,
J. M. Morrisee,

C. Loud,
M. Collamer,

J. B. Eaton.

At a meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the county of Jackson, continued and held at the Clerk's office, in the village of Jackson, on Wednesdey, the seventh day of January, A. D. 1857,

The fol'owing resolution was unanimously adopted by the Board:

Resolved, By the Board of Supervisors of the County of Jackson, that our Senator and Representatives in the State Legislature, be requested to use their influence to procure the passage of an act, whereby the land donated to this State by the General Government, known as

Swamp Lands,” or the proceeds of the sale of which, shall be exclusively appropriated to the support of common schools; and that the Clerk be instructed to cause a copy of this resolution to be furnished toeach of our members in the Legislature.




Jackson County, I, Alexander G. Bell, Clerk of said county, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of an original resolution of record in this office.




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