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eight hundred and forty-four, Com ther Security and Protection of Her positions for Assessed Taxes; and Majesty's Person. to amend the Laws relating to the LII. An Act to indemnify Witnesses Land and Assessed Taxes.

who may give Evidence before the XXXVIII. An Act to define the Ju Lords Spiritual and Temporal on a

risdiction of Justices in General and Bill to exclude the Borough of Sud

Quarter Sessions of the Peace. bury from sending Burgesses to XXXIX. An Act to amend the Law serve in Parliament.

relating to Advances bona fide made LIII. An Act to encourage the Esto Agents intrusted with Goods. tablishment of District Courts and XL. An Act for carrying into effect Prisons.

the Treaty between Her Majesty LIV. An Act to amend the Acts for and the Argentine Confederation the Commutation of Tithes in Eng

for the Abolition of the Slave Trade. land and Wales, and to continue the XLI. An Act for carrying into effect Officers appointed under the said

a Convention between Her Majesty Acts for a Time to be limited. and the Republic of Hayti for the LV. An Act for the better Regulamore effectual Suppression of the tion of Railways, and for the ConSlave Trade.

veyance of Troops. XLII. An Act for better and more LVI. An Act for further amending

effectually carrying into effect the Laws relating to the Customs. Treaties and Conventions with Fo LVII. An Act to continue until the reign States for suppressing the Thirty-first Day of July One thouSlave Trade.

sand eight hundred and forty-seven, XLIII. An Act to confirm certain and to the End of the then next

Proceedings which may have been Session of Parliament, the Poor Law had after the passing of the Act in Commission; and for the further tituled An Act to define the Jurisdic Amendment of the Laws relating tion of Justices in General and Quarter to the Poor in England. Sessions of the Peacc.

LVIII. An Act for further suspend. XLIV. An Act for the Transfer of ing, until the First Day of October

Licences and Regulations of Public One thousand eight hundred and Houses.

forty-three, the Operation of the XLV. An Act to amend the Law of new Arrangement of Dioceses, so Copyright.

far as it affects the existing Eccle. XLVI. An Act to amend an Act of siastical Jurisdictions.

the Third and Fourth Years of Her LIX. An Act to continue until the present Majesty, for the Regulation First Day of August One thousand of Municipal Corporations in Ire eight hundred and forty-three, an land.

Act for authorising Her Majesty to XLVII. An Act to amend the Laws carry into immediate Execution, by relating to the Customs.

Orders in Council, any Treaties for XLVIII. An Act to provide for the the Suppression of the Slave Trade.

Relief of the Poor in the Forest of LX. An Act to continue until the
Dean and other Extra parochial First Day of October One thousand
Places in and near the Hundred of eight hundred and forty-three, cer-
Saint Briavel's in the County of taiu Turnpike Acts.

LXI. An Act to provide for the XLIX. An Act to amend the Laws better Government of South Aus

for the Regulation of the Trade of tralia.

the British Possessions abroad. LXII. An Act to extend the Provi. L. An Act to continue, until the sions of an Act of the Fourth Year

First Day of October One thousand of Her present Majesty, for enabeight hundred and forty-three, the ling the Commissioners of Wide Exemption of Inhabitants of Pa. Streets to sell, and Her Majesty to rishes, Townships, and Villages from purchase certain Hereditaments in Liability to be rated as such, in re the City of Dublin, on the North spect of Stock in Trade or other Bank of the River Anna Liffey. Property, to the Relief of the LXIII. An Act to continue until the Poor.

First Day of August One thousand LL. An Act for providing for the fur. eight hundred and forty-three, an

Act for carrying into effect a Con. LXXV. An Act to remove Doubts vention between Her Majesty and touching the Law relating to Chathe King of the French relative to ritable Pawn or Deposit Offices in the Fisheries on the Coasts of the Ireland.

British Islands and of France. LXXVI. An Act for the Government LXIV. An Act for regulating the of Nero South Wales and Van Die

Priorities of Monies authorized to men's Land. be charged on a Fund called “ The LXXVII, An Act to enable Grand London Bridge Approaches Fund.” Juries at the ensuing Summer and LXV. An Act to divide the Forest Spring Assizes to make certain Pre.

of Dean in the County of Gloucester sentments in Counties of Cities and into Ecclesiastical Districts.

Towns in Ireland; and to remove LXVI. An Act for further regulating Doubts as to the Jurisdiction of

the Preparation and issue of Ex Justices of the Peace in Places rechequer Bills.

cently annexed to Counties at large LXVII. An Act for the better regue

in Ireland. lating the Number of Prisoners LXXVIII. An Act for effecting an admitted to the General Prison at Exchange_between Her Majesty Perth.

and the Provost and College of LXVIII. An Act to amend, and Eton.

continue to the Twenty-seventh LXXIX. An Act to repeal the Du. Day of July One thousand eight ties payable on Stage Carriages and hundred and forty-three, and to on Passengers conveyed upon Railthe End of the next Session of ways, and certain other Stamp Du. Parliament, an Act of the Third ties in Great Britain, and to grant and Fourth Years of Her present other Duties in lieu thereof; and Majesty, for the more effectual Pre. also to amend the Laws relating to vention of Frauds and Abuses com the Stamp Duties. mitted by Weavers, Sewers, and LXXX. An Act to grant Relief from other Persons employed in the

the Duties of Assessed Taxes in Linen, Hempen, Union, Cotton, certain Cases, and to provide for the Silk, and Woollen Manufactures in assessing and charging the ProIreland, and for the better Payment perty Tax on Dividends

payable out of their Wages.

of the Revenue of Foreign States. LXIX. An Act for perpetuating Tes. LXXXI. An Act to transfer the timony in certain Cases.

Collection and Management of the LXX. An Act to amend the Laws Duties on Certificates to kill Game

relating to the Payment of Out in Ireland to the Commissioners of Pensioners of Chelsea Hospital.

Excise. LXXI. An Act to establish Mili. LXXXII. An Act to assimilate the tary Savings Banks.

Stamp Duties in Great Britain and LXXII. An Act_to suspend until Ireland, and to make Regulations

the Thirty-first Day of August One for collecting and managing the thousand eight hundred and forty same, until the Tenth Day of Octothree, the making of Lists and the ber One thousand eight hundred and Ballots and Enrolments for the forty-five. Militia of the United Kingdom.

LXXXIII. An Act to abolish the LXXIII. An Act to continue until Court of Saint Briavel's, and for the

the Thirty-first Day of July One more easy and speedy Recovery of thousand eight hundred and forty Small Debts within the Hundred of three, and to the End of the then Saint Briavel's, in the County of Session of Parliament, an Act for Gloucester. amending the Law for the Trial of LXXXIV. An Act to alter and controverted Elections.

amend the Practice and Course of LXXIV. An Act to amend an Act of Proceeding under Commissions in

the Second and Third Years of His the Nature of Writs De Lunatico late Majesty, “ to amend the Re inquirendo. presentation of the People of Ire LXXXV. An Act to amend the Law land,” in respect of the Right of relative to legal Proceedings by cer« Voting in the University of Dube tain Joint Stock Banking Compa.

nies against their own Members,

and by such Members against the Majesty, to discontinue the Excise Companies.

Survey on Tobacco, and to provide LXXXVI. An Act for abolishing cer: other Regulations in lieu thereof.

tain Offices on the Revenue Side of XCIV. An Act to consolidate and the Court of Exchequer in England, amend the Laws relating to the Ser. and for Regulating the Office of vices of the Ordnance Department, Her Majesty's Remembrancer in and the vesting and Purchase of that Court.

Lands and Hereditaments for those LXXXVII. An Act to amend and Services, and for the Defence and

continue for Three Years, and from Security of the Realm. thence to the End of the next Ses. XCV. An Act for consolidating the sion of Parliament, the Laws relat. Four Courts Marshalsea, Dublin, ing to Houses licensed by the Me. Sheriffs Prison, Dublin, and City tropolitan Commissioners and Jus. Marshalsea, Dublin, and for regu. tices of the

Peace for the Reception lating the Four Courts Marshalsea of Insane Persons, and for the In. in Ireland. spection of County Asylums and XCVI. An Act to alter the Number Public Hospitals for the Reception and define the Boundaries of the of Insane Persons.

several Baronies of the County of LXXXVIII. An Act to continue Dublin.

until the Thirty first Day of De. XCVII. An Act to amend the Law cember One thousand eight hundred relating to Double Costs, Notices of and forty-four, and to the End of Action, Limitations of Actions, and the then next Session of Parlia. Pleas of the General Issue, under ment, an Act of the Tenth Year of certain Acts of Parliament. King George the l'ourth for pro- XCVIII. An Act to amend the Laws viding for the Government of His concerning Prisons. Majesty's Settlements in Western XCIX. An Act to prohibit the EmAustralia on the Western Coast of

ployment of Women and Girls in New Holland.

Mines and Collieries, to regulate LXXXIX. An Act to promote the the Employment of Boys, and to

Drainage of Lands, and Improve. make other Provisions relating to
ment of Navigation and Water Persons, working therein.
Power in connexion with such C. An Act to consolidate and amend
Drainage in Ireland.

the Laws relating to the Copyright XC. An Act to defray the Charge of of Designs for ornamenting Articles

the Pay, Clothing, and contingent of Manufacture. and other Expences of the Disem. CI. An Act for extending to the Gobodied Militia in Great Britain and vernors and Officers of the East Ireland ; and to grant Allowances in India Company the Powers given by certain Cases to Subaltern Officers, an Act of the Fifth Year of King Adjutants, Paymasters, Quarter. George the Fourth to Her Majesmasters, Surgeons, Assistant Sur ty's Governors and Officers for the geons, Surgeons Mates, and Serjeant more effectual Suppression of the Majors of the Militia, until the Importation of Slaves into India by First Day of July One thousand Sea. eight hundred and forty-three. CII. An Act for the better Discovery Xci. An Act to amend an Act of the and Prevention of Bribery and Second and Third Years of Her

Treating at the Election of Meme Majesty, for the Suppression of the bers of Parliament. Slave I'rade.

CIII. An Act for abolishing certain XCII. An Act to permit, until the Offices of the High Court of Chan

Thirty-first Day of August One cery in England. thousand eight hundred and forty. CIV. An Act to explain and amend five, Wheat to be delivered from certain Enactments contained rethe Warehouse or the Vessel Duty. spectively in the Acts for the Regufree, upon the previous Substitution lation of 'Municipal Corporations in of an equivalent Quantity of Flour England and Wales and 'in Ireland.

or Biscuit in the Warehouse. CV. An Act to amend an Act of the XCIII. An Act to amend an Act of First and Second Years of His late

the Fourth Year of Her present Majesty King William the Fourth,

to empower Landed Proprietors in residing in India a sufficient Time Ireland to sink, embank, and remove to entitle them to the highest Scale Obstructions in Rivers.

of Pension. CVI. An Act to regulate the Irish CXX. An Act for amending the ConFisheries.

stitution of the Government of NewCVII. An Act for regulating the foundland.

Carriage of Passengers in Merchant CXXI. An Act to apply a Sum out Vessels.

of the Consolidated Fund, and cerCVIII. An Act for enabling Eccle tain other Sums, to the Service of

siastical Corporations, aggregate and the Year One thousand eight hun. sole, to grant Leases for long Terms dred and forty-two, and to approof Years.

priate the Supplies granted in this CIX. An Act for the Appointment Session of Parliament.

and Payment of Parish Constables. CXXII. An Act for the Amendment CX. An Act to annex the County of of the Law of Bankruptcy,

the City of Coventry to Warwick CXXIII. An Act for amending until shire, and to define the Boundary the First Day of August One thou. of the City of Coventry.

sand eight hundred and forty-five, CXI. An Act to confirm the Incor and until the End of the then next

poration of certain Boroughs, and to Session of Parliament, the Law reindemnify such Persons as have sus

lating to private Lunatic Asylums tained Loss thereby.

in Ireland. CXII. An Act for suspending, until

the First Day of October One thousand eight hundred and forty-three,

LOCAL AND PERSONAL Appointments to certain Ecclesiastical Preferments in the Dioceses

ACTS, of Saint Asaph and Bangor, and for securing certain Property to the said Declared Public, and to be

Sees. CXIII. An Act for Confirmation of judicially noticed. certo." An Act to repeal so much of i. A "of an ta et of the Forty-eighth

an Act of the Second and Third Years of Her present Majesty, for of King George the Third,' relative the Suppression of the Slave Trade, to the Manchester Royal Infirmary;

as relates to Portuguese Vessels. Dispensary, and Lunatic Hospital CXV. An Act for raising the Sum of or Asylum ; and to incorporate the

Nine millions one hundred and Trustees thereof. ninety-three thousand Pounds by. ii. An Act for altering and enlarging Exchequer Bills, for the Service of the Powers of the Acts relating to the Year One thousand eight hun. the Midland Counties Railway. dred and forty-two,

iii. An Act to enable the South-eastern CXVI. An Act for the Relief of

Railway Company to raise a further Insolvent Debtors.

Sum of Money ; and to amend the CXVII. An Act to amend and con. Acts relating to the said Railway.

tinue until the First Day of October iv. An Act to authorize the Brandling One thousand eight hundred and Junction Railway Company to raise forty-two the Acts regulating the a further Sum of Money. Police of Manchester, Birmingham, v. An Act to authorize the Purchase and Bollon.

of a certain Ferry called “Woodside CXVIII. An Act for guaranteeing Ferry" by the Commissioners for

the Payment of the Interest on a the Improvement of the Township Loan of One million five hundred

or Chapelry of Birkenhead in the thousand Pounds to be raised by the County Palatine of Chester; and Province of Canada.

for amending the Improvement CXIX. An Act to enable Her Ma. Acts for the said Township:

jesty to grant Furlough Allowances vi. An Act for better supplying with to the Bishops of Calcutta, Madras, Water the Town and Neighbourand Bambay, who shall return to hood of Bradford in the West RidEurope for a limited Period, after ing of the County of York,

vii. An Act for lighting with Gas the of an Act of the Seventh Year of

Town of Stalybridge, and the Neigh the Reign of King William the bourhood thereof, in the Counties of Fourth, relative to the Pier of Gran. Chester and Lancaster.

ton in the County of Edinburgh. viii. An Act to continue and amend XX. An Act for paving, lighting,

“An Act to rebuild Windsor Bridge watching, cleansing, and otherwise in the Borough of New Windsor in improving the Town of Westonthe County of Berks, and to improve Super-Mare in the County of Somer. the Avenues thereto."

sei, and for establishing a Market ix. An Act for restoring to the City therein.

and County of Bristol a Portion of xxi. An Act for regulating legal Pro.

the ancient Boundary of the same. ceedings by or against the Northern x. An Act for prohibiting Burying and Coal Mining Company, for enabling

Funeral Service in a Church or the Company to appoint One Board Chapel in the Parish of Saint Pan. of Directors in lieu of Two inde. cras in the County of Midillesex pendent Boards, and for removing erected on the Estate of the Duke Restrictions in the Choice of Direcof Bedford.

tors. xi. An Act to explain and amend an xxii. An Act for erecting a Market

Act, intituled An Act to make, aller, House and for regulating the Marimprove, and maintain certain Rouds kets within the Borough and Town in the Counties of Stirling, Dumbar of Greut Torrington in the County ton, Lanark, and Perth; and for of Devon. making and maintaining certain xxiii. An Act for draining certain

new Roads in connexion iherewith. Fen Lands and Low Grounds in the xii. An Act to amend the Acts relat Parishes of Cottenham, Rampton, and

ing to the Edinburgh and Glasgow Willingham, in the County of CamRailway, and to grant further Pow bridge. ers to the Company of Proprietors xxiv. An Act for improving the Na. thereof,

vigation of the Severn from the Enxiii. An Act for granting more effec. trance Lock of the Gloucester and

tual Powers for lighting with Gas Berkeley Canal, and from the Enthe Town of Nottingham, and several trance Lock of the Herefordshire

Parishes and Places adjacent thereto. and Gloucestershire Canal, in the xiv. An Act for taking down the Mar County of Gloucester, to Gladder or

ket House in the Town of Saint Whitehouse Brook in the County of Austell in the County of Cornwall, Worcester. and for erecting a more convenient xxv. An Act for maintaining and ReMarket House instead thereof; for pairing the Road from Glasgow to providing a new Market Place; and Redburn Bridge, and a Branch Road for increasing and regulating the leading therefrom. Markets and Fairs within the same xxvi. An Act for amending an Act Town.

relating to the Paving and Sewerxv. An Act to facilitate the raising of age of the Town of Liverpool in the

Capital for the Completion of the County Palatine of Lancaster.
Bolton and Preston Railway.

xxvii. An Act to facilitate Arrangexvi. An Act to enable the Birming ments consequent upon the Disso

ham and Derby Junction Railway lution of the Stanhope and Tyne Company to raise a further Sum of Railroad Company, and to incorpoMoney.

rate some of the Proprietors, for the xvii. An Act to alter, amend, extend, Purpose of continuing the working

and enlarge the Powers and Pro of a Part of the Railway belonging visions of an Act relating to the to the said Company. Great North of England, Clarence, xxviii. An Act to amend Two Acts and Hartlepool Junction Railway in relating to the Cheltenham and Great the County of Durham.

Western Union Railway. xviii. An Act to alter and amend xxix. An Act to amend the Acts re.

some of the Provisions of the Act lating to the Glasgow, Paisley, Kilrelating to the Sheffielil, Ashton-un marnock, and Ayr Railway, and to der-Lyme, and Manchester Railway. grant further Powers to the Com. xix, An Act to extend the Provisions pany of Proprietors thereof,

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