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P. M.

GOD, Who madest earth and heaven,
Darkness and light,

Who the day for toil hast given,
For rest the night!

May Thine angel-guards defend us,
Slumber sweet Thy mercy send us,
Holy dreams and hopes attend us,
This livelong night!

Guard us waking, guard us sleeping:
And, when we die,

May we in Thy mighty keeping

All peaceful lie:

When the last dread call shall wake us,
Do not Thou our God forsake us,

But to reign in glory take us

With Thee on high.

P. M.

THROUGH the day Thy love hath spared us,
Wearied, we lie down to rest:
Through the silent watches guard us;
Let no foe our peace molest:
Jesus, Thou our guardian be;
Sweet it is to trust in Thee.

Pilgrims here on earth, and strangers,
Dwelling in the midst of foes,
Us and ours preserve from dangers,
In Thy love may we repose;

And, when life's sad day is past.
Rest with Thee in heaven at last.



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FATHER! who the light this day
Out of darkness did'st create,
Shine upon us now, we pray,
While within Thy courts we wait,
Cast we off the works of night--
Walk as children of the light.
Saviour! who this day didst break
The dark prison of the tomb.
Bid our slumbering souls awake,
Shine through all their sin and gloom;
Let us, from our bonds set free,
Rise from sin, and live to Thee!
Blessed Spirit! Comforter!
Sent this day with power from high,
Lord, on us Thy gifts confer,
Cleanse, illumine, sanctify;

Be Thine influence shed abroad,
Lead us to the truth of God.

L. M.

THIS day the Light, of heavenly birth,
First streamed upon the new-born earth-
O Lord, this day upon us shine,

And fill our souls with Light divine.
This day the Saviour left the grave,
And rose, omnipotent to save ;—
O Jesu, may we raised be

From death of sin to Life in Thee.

This day the Holy Spirit came
With fiery tongues of cloven flame,—
O Spirit, fill our hearts this day
With Grace to hear, and Grace to pray.

O Day of Light, and Life, and Grace!
From earthly toils sweet resting-place!
Thy hallowed hours, best gift of Love,
Give we again to God above!

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BEHOLD, we come, dear Lord, to Thee, And bow before Thy throne:

We come to pay, tongue, heart, and knee, Our vows to Thee alone.

Whate'er we have, whate'er we are,

Thy bounty freely gave;
Thou dost us here in mercy spare,
And wilt hereafter save.

But O can all our store afford
No better gifts for Thee?
Who can express Thy riches, Lord,
Or our deep poverty?

Nor heart, nor tongue, nor knee can pay
The mighty debt we owe;

The words are more than we can say,
The thoughts, than we can know.

Come then, and bring we all our powers,

And grieve we have no more;

Bring every day our choicest hours,
And our great God adore.

Glory to Thee, Eternal Lord,
Thrice blessed Three in One;
Thy Name at all times be adored,
Till time itself be done.

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HARK! the glad sound! the Saviour comes,
The Saviour promised long!
Let every heart prepare a throne,

And every voice a song.

He comes, the prisoners to release,
In Satan's bondage held;

The gates of brass before Him burst,
The iron fetters yield.

He comes, the broken heart to bind,
The bleeding soul to cure :
And with the riches of His grace
To bless the humble poor.

Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace,
Thine advent shall proclaim;
And heaven's eternal arches ring
With Thy most holy Name.

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ON Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry,
Announces that the Lord is nigh:
Come then and hearken, for he brings
Glad tidings from the King of Kings.

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Then cleans'd be every breast from sin;
Make straight the way for God within;
Prepare we in our hearts a home,
Where such a mighty Guest may come.
For Thou art our salvation, Lord,
Our refuge, and our great reward;
Without Thy grace, we waste away,
Like flowers that wither and decay.
Stretch forth Thine hand to heal our sore,
And make us rise to fall no more;
Upon Thy pardoned people shine,
And fill the world with grace divine.


HARK! a thrilling voice is sounding,
"Christ is nigh!" it seems to say,
"Cast away the dreams of darkness,
O ye children of the day!"
Wakened by the solemn warning,
Let the earth-bound soul arise;
Christ, her Sun, all ill dispelling,
Dawns upon the morning skies.
Lo! the Lamb, so long expected,
Comes with pardon down from heaven;
Let us haste with tears of sorrow,
One and all to be forgiven.

So when next He comes with glory,
Wrapping all the earth in fear,
May he with His mercy shield us!
May He to forgive draw near!

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