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DEATH, no object of fear to good. FRANCE, present. King of, some people, 235

anecdotes relating to, 64. DEGLUTITION, total obstruction

country of, encomium of, how cured, 259.

on, 65. DENMARK, remarks on the con

people of, their manftitution of its government, 31.

ners, &c. ib. Its capital described, 32. FRIENDSHIP with God, its nature DISSENTERS, tracts relating to explained, on scripture princi

their late application to parlia- ples, 478.

ment, 75, 101, 163, 347, 402. DOLLAND's micrometer, improve.

G. ment in the use of, 414.

ARDEN, Dr. his account of DROPSY, extra cures of, 261.

she virives of the Indian DU HAMEL, Mons. his experiment, pink rovi, 97•

to ascertain the sexual system of GARDENS, European, severely ani. plants, 272.

madverted on, 137

Vindia DUMB-WAITERS, how used in the cated, 138. Those of the Chi.

palace of the French King, 64. nese praised, 140. Described, Dutch, their wonderful induttry,

ib. 62.

GARDINER, Dr. his method of

giving the solution of mercury E.

in small doses, as an anthel. ARTHQUAKES, method of mincic, 184. His obr. on the

determining the strength and abule of cauftics, in venereal dire&tion of, 97.

excreffences, ib. ELPRIDA, Mason's dramatic poem Genesis, chap. iv, and v. new of, adapted to the stage, 486. translation of, i.

Critical ilELM, bark of. See Lysons.

luftrations of, 2-7. ENGLISH, characterised as a me. Grants, of the Old Testament, lancholy people, 173. The wo

critical remarks on, 5. men of England described, by GILCHRIST. Dr. his account of a Frenchman, 177. Their cler.,

an infectious distemper, 97. gy, 178. Their literati, &c. His obs, on the catarrhal epi.

180. Their King, 181. demi', 185. Of the urinary EWING, Mr. his improvement in

bladder thickened, ib. the construction of Hadley's qua- God, the existence of, a truth too drant, 337

obvious for rational investiga-,

tion, 50. His particular provif.

dential dispensations alerted, ABLE, critical observations on, 52. His moral government of 220.

ihe world, 53. His friendihip FABLES-he Dove and the Ant, with man explained, 477:

58. The Pelican and Spider, GRAMMAR, natural principles of, 282.

391. FALKENER, Mr. his account of a Greeks, modern, their national case of che hydrophobia, 256. character, 223


Their manFever, puerperal, important re- and cultoms, compare.I marks on, 213,

with those of the ancient hectic. See Heberden. Greeks, ib. et seg. FLORIDA, ft, an extension of was boundaries there recom

mended, 206. APP, Rev. Vol. xlvii.


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JORTIN, Dr. his aversion to me

pery and fanaticism, 24", His

severe censure of Zinzendorf and
the nature and cure of the his followers, 248.
hectic fever, 253. His account.
of a disorder of the breast, 257.

Of the diseases of the liver, 260,

of the nettle-rash, ib. for the K Apora: Lord, his obl. on ea-

people, ib.

noxious effects of some fungi, KENNICOTT, Dr. his collzioa of

ib. His medical queries, 265 the scripture-manuscripts at-
Hedges, remarks on the planting

tacked, 245
and management of, 24. KILLARNEY, lake of, poetically
Henry, Mr. his improved me- celebrated, 216.

The flage
thod of preparing magnesia, hunting there described, ib.

KINGS, of England, their power
HERESY, in the Christian church, greatly limited in the feudal

Sketch of the history of, 328. times, 39. Their gradual en-
HOLLAND, obs. on, 62.

croachments on the rights of the

thod of destroying wild garlic,

HORNSBY, Mr. his deduction of

of some new
vations of the transit of Venus orems in fluxions, 415.
in 1769, 415:

LANDLORDS, of eítates in the
Horses, the excesive number de- country, advised to relide there,
trimental to a couptry, 83, 37. Great improvements to be

made by that means, 16.
HUSBANDRY, observations on, and, Law, feudal, account of, 39.
hints for imp'ovement in, 94,

LINNÆUS, 'bis botanic svitem ]-
Hypatios. See Collet.

luftrated, 270. Order observed

several cases of, in the establiment of, 273.

LIVER, account of a dreadfui dira

order incident , in hoc cli-

mates, 13+

Caule and cure
, , of, 135. See, 'allo, HEBER-

scribed, 452. His fingular cha- LIVINGSTONE, Dr. his histors
racier, 453. His rigid admi- two cases, of stones lodget
nistration of justice, 455.

partly in the blader, and pari
Ixdia, kait, ine climate favour- in the urethra, 137.

able to despotic government, LOCKED-JAW, a case of, 2;5.
352. That form less grievous London, various remarks 0:7, by M:
than elsewhere, 354.

Grolley, 166. bumanity of its
Splendour of the Mogul's inbabicants commended, 164.
camps, 452.

LORIMER, 'Dr. his letter or its
Job, critical remarks on various fimilarity between the east fide

passages in the book of, 121. of the old continent, and the
JONES, lace William, Efq; çu- east side of the new, in veget-

rious paper of his, on loga. able productions, &c. 346.
ribms, 4150

Jiplendour of him camp die


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in, 197

Lisons, Dr. his paper on the MillentU2, Atate of the earlier

medicinal efficacy of the bark of controverfies relating to, 329. elm, 260.

Rational hypothesis of, ib. Lörd

Barrington's opinion of, 413. M.

MILMAN, Mr. his account of the ACHINES, used in manufac. cories, new improvement MINERAL waters, enquiry into

che reality of their supposed fulMADNESS, canine, several cases phureous principle, 453 of, 2.6.

“MINERALOGIST, his travelling MAGNA CHARTA, &c. Great apparatus described, 460. lu

question, with respect to the structions for, 461.

origination of, discussed, 44. MISISSIPPI, the proposals for a MAGNESTA, aiba, improved me- new settlement on the banks of, thod of preparing, 261.

considered, and approved, 205. Magnol, his botanical system MONGLAS, Maro. 'de, his intercensured, 270.

elting history, 8. MANIFESTO of the courts of Rufa MONRO, Dr. his experiments on

fia, Vienna, and Berlin, examined the effects of opium, &c. on the and exploded, -447.

nerves of animals, g3. His acMANKIND, the bulk of, incapa- count of the Lisbon diet-drink,

ble of reasoning on religious in venereal cases, 18;. On the subjects, 438,

ftate of the intestines in old dye MANUFACTORIES, proper fitua- fenteries, 186. On the use of

tions for, investigated, 198. The mercury in convulfive disorders, country recommended in pre- 187. His account of some un

ference to great cities, 199. common cases, 264. MARRIAGE-ACT; Royal, incons Morel, Mr. his account of benie sistent with the Thirty nine Ar

Jeed oil, 345 ticles of the church of England, Moscow, city of, described, 36. 300.

MUNCKLEY, the late Dr. N. his MARSHÅLL, Mr. author of the account of a case of the hydro.

Travels through Holland, &c. phobia, 256.
fome account of him, and the
authenticity of his work aflerted,

N. 252.

ECRO-SLAVE trade, rise and MASKELYNE, Mr. his account of progress , 425

a method of measuring differ- NEWTON, Sir Isaac, anecdotes ences of right ascension and de- relating to his family, &c. 117. clination, with Dolland's micro- Farther anecdotes of, 332. meter, 414.

NICOLA, Mr. his method of preMATTER, curious theory of the serving subjects in spitics, 345.

nature and properties of, 315. MEN-MIDwives, vulgar preju. dices againit exploded, 321.

0. MERCURY, enquiry into its ope

ration in the venereal ditcase; Ars and odimeal

, condemn


Ohio, scheme for new settlements MESSIER, his obf, on the comet on the banks of, examined and of January 1771, 413.

recommended, 210, Particu. R9 2




&c. 309.

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ion of, 337:

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lars, relming to, where to be met Power, Mr. his account of areswith, 239.

traordinary ptyalism, 256 Optics, ignorance of the ancients . PRODIGAL Son, reflections on the

in relation to, 366. Progress parable of, 234. of the science of, 307. Won- PRUSSIA, King of, his violent derful discoveries in by Newton, seizure of the Polish territories

exposed, 447. His vaosting ORRERY, new-invented one de. exclamation, with respect to the fcribed, 336.

British government, 451. ORTHODOXY, humourous defoi

cion of, 294. Oxen, in what respects preferalle VADRANT, Hadley's, new

to horses for p'ough and draught, improvement in the conftruc23. Remarks on the feeding of with oil cakes, 27. Bounty on QUICKSET hedges, renarks on the use of oxen recommended, the raising and management of, 84.


QUIER, Dr. his account of inoce-

lation in Jamaica, 264.
ARIS, description of, 63.
PEMERTON, late Dr, his fo.

R. lution of an abstruse problem in ELIGION, advantages of to astronomy, 414,

society, and to individuals, PERCIVAL., Dr. his biflory and

236, cure of a difficulty in degluti

not to be rationally in

vestigated by the bulk of manPERSECUTION never attended with kind, 438. Any religion beter

good effects, 456. Instanced than Atheism, 439. Not subin a remarkable story of Shaw ject to the absolute cognizance Jehân, 456.

of government, 491. Physic, theory and practice of, Rickets, a fatal difemper among systematically arranged and claff

sheep, 27. Brief investigation ed, 376.

of, 28. Pixk, Indian, medicinal virtues RITTENHOUSE, Mr, his new in

vented orrery, 336. His obi, PLEASURE, the inordinate love of, on the comet of 1770, 340.

in what respects inconsistent with His method of deducing the religion, 233

true time of the sun's palling the PLOUCHING, Jhallori. See CLARK. meridian per clock, 341. PLURALITIES, ecclefiafticals fe. Rivinus, his botanical researches,

verely censured, 287. POLAND, miserable present fate Romans, their magnificence in

of that country, 36, 444: their baths, 366, State of the POPULATION, as affected by the arts among them in the age of

division of property, difcufted, Auguftus, 371: 81.

Russia, Empress of, her conduet POTATOES, Gerard's account of with respect to Poland, 447.

them at their first introduction RUSSIANS, fome account of their into England, 130.

manners, &c. 35

cion, 259.

of, 97•

2' 7.

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Sweden, some account of, 33:
AINFOIN, cultivation of warmly Manners and character of the
recommended, 86.

people there commended, 34.
SATAN, scripture meaning of that SYNOD, Curious story of the fquab-
word, 191

bles at one, about the Trinity,
Saxons, Anglo, account of their 90.
regulations with refpect to the
militia, 43

SCHEELE, Mr. his curious expe- 'ARANTULA, bite of, vulgar

riments on the flour Spatosus, notions relative to, refuted,

SHAKESPEARE, poetic encomium Tea, obs. on the natural history
on, 410,

of, 136. ' Medicinal effects of,
SHAMROCK, meaning of, in the 132.
Irish, 484

TOLERATION, principles of assert.
SHARPE, the late Dr. Gregory, ed, 347. Farther indsted on in

his great learning, 231. His. _, favour of the Diffenters, 402.
posthumous fermons commend. TOURNEFORT, his botanical fyf
ed, ib.

iem, 267..
Shaw Jehân, his fruitless attempt TRITHEISM, orthodox doctrine of,

to root out the superstition of the ftated and exploded, 295.
Hindoos, 456. Story of his un- TURNBULL, Mr. his account of
fortunate son Dara, 457.

the tarantula, 95.
Sheep, remarks on the keeping
of, 23. 24. Account of a re-


INE, culture of.
SILESIA, Aourishing state of that

recommended, 343.
country, 37

Vision. See OPTICs.
SLAVERY, origin of, 423. Law.
fulness and unlawfulness of ar.

gued, 424.

ALLACE, Mr. his sentiments
SMITH, Dr. his account of the

of , 82.
transit of Mercury over the Sun, WARREN, Dr. his account of the
Nov. 9, 1769, as observed in Colica Pictonum, 258.
Pennsylvania, 342.

WARSAW, Magnificence of the

royal palace there, 37-
Solar system, relative and abso- WASTE LANDS; advantages of

lute distances of the planets in, comerting into farms, 87. Pro-
table of, 415.

per time for adopting fuch mea.
STIRLING, Earl of, his account of sures, 88.
che comet of 1770, 341.

WATER, discoveries relating to its
STOMACH, the conscience of the impregnation with fixed air, 227.

body, 68. Its 'admonitions and Wensler Dale, described, 115,

funétions, how fuperfeded, ib. WHEELS, new invention of, for
Stone, in the bladder. See spinning cotton, 197.

WHITEFIELD, Rev. Mr. his re-
SUBSCRIPTION, to the Tbirty- tractacions of his errors, 249–

nine Articles of the church, re- 250.
flections on, 297, 402, 437, WhiteLocke, Commissioner, his

conversation with the Archb.


markábleditemper among them, V for ture of wine, in America,


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