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There being no salvation but in on for fin, cat. 194. Christ alone Christ alone, ib. · Who hath pur- hath made a proper, real, and full chased it by his perfect obedience satisfaction to the justice of his and facrifice of bimself, con. viii. Father by his obedience and suf5. cat. 83. For all the elect, and ferings, con. viii. 5. xi. 5. cat. 38. them only, con. iii. 6. To whom 71.

Which satisfaction is imputthe outward means are made effec- ed to believers, they receiving and tual for their salvation by the Spi- resting on Christ and his righterit, con. vii. 5, 6. xxv. 3. cat. ousness by faith, con.xi.1. cat. 70. 154, 155, 161, 182. Who work- Scandalous, not to be admitted to the eth in their hearts faith in Jesus Lord's table, con. xxix. 8. cat.173. Christ, con. xiv. I. cat. 72. Which Scoffing and scorting, Anful, cat. is necessarily required of them for

113: 145 their justification and salvation, The Scripture, why necessary, coa, con. vii. 3. xi. 1. cat. 32, 71. i. 1: What books to be owned The Spirit also worketh repen- for scripture, con. i. 2, 3. cat. 3. tance, and infuseth all other saving How proved to be the word of graces, con. xiii. 1. cat. 32, 753 God, con. i. 5. cat. 4. Upon 76, 77. Which necessarily accom- what authority the scripture ought pany faith, con. xi. 2. cat 73. to be believed and obeyed, con. i: The Spirit likewise enables them 4. The sufficiency and perfection unto all obedience and the practice of the scripture, con. i. 6. cat. 2, of holiness, which is the


that 5. Its perfpicuity, con. xvii. The God hath appointed them to fal- infallible rule of interpreting scripvation, con. xii. 1. cat. 32. Elect ture, is the scripture itself, con. infants dying in infancy are re- i. 9. The scripture is the only generated and saved by Christ rule of faith and practice, con. i.

through the Spirit, &c. con. X.-3. 2. cat. 3.5.; and of worship, con. Sanctification, what, con. xii. 1. cat. xxi. 1. cat. 108, 109. The Spi

75. Inseparably joined with justi- rit speaking in the scriptures, is the fication, cat. 77. Wherein they

supreme judge of all controversies differ, ib. It is throughout in the in religion, con. i. !0. The ori. whole man, con, xiii. 2. cat. 78. ginal text of the scriptures, is that But in this life it is not perfect in to which the church is finally to any, con. xiii. 2. cat. 77. Whence appeal, con. i. 8. But they are this imperfection proceeds, con. xiii. to be tranflated into vulgar lan2. cat. 78. Through the continual

guages, con. i. 8. cat. 1;6 Befupply of strength from the fanctify- caute all sorts of people have an ing Spirit of Christ, the saints grow interest in them, and are commandin. grace, perfecting holiness in the ed to read them, ib. How they fear of God, con. xiii. 3. At death are to be read, cat. 157. The ilthey are made perfect in holiness, lumination of the Spirit of God is con. xxxiii. cat. 86. And at neceflary for the saving underthe day of judgment they shall be ftanding of the scriptures, con. i. fully and for ever freed from all 6. cat. 157. How the reading of

the word is made effectual to falvaSatisfaction. Repentance is no satis- tion, cat. 155. Misinterpreting, faction for lin, con. xv.

misapplying, or any way perverting good works, and why, con. xvi, the word, or any part of it, to pro5. Neither we, nor any other crea

fane jelts, is sinful, cat. 113; \ture can make the least fatisfacti. Sin, what, cat. 24. Original fin,


sin, cat. 90.

3. nor

cat. !?9

what, cat. 25. The fin of our superiors, cat. 130. Sins of equals, first parents, con. vi. 1. Cat. 21. cat. 132. Sids against the fixth By it they fell from their original commandment, cat. 136. Againk

righteousness, and communion with the seventh, cat. 139. Against the . God, and had their natures whol. eighth, cat. 142. Againft the ly corrupted, con. vi. 2. cat. 25. ninth, cat. 145. Against the tenth, 27. The guilt of this fin is in

cat. 148. puted, and the corruption of na- Sincerity. Believers love Christ in ture conveyed to all their pofterity, fincerity, con, xviii. i. . They are con. vi. 3. cat. 22, 26. Who are never ytterly destitute of fiocerity thereby bound over to the wrath of heart, con. xviii. 4. Miniters of God and curfe of the law, con. ought to preach sincerely, cat. vi. 6. cat. 27, 194.. From the 159. We are to pray with finoriginal corruption of nature, all cerity, cat. 185. God is pleafed actual fins proceed, con. vi. 4. to accept and reward the good cat. 25. Which are not all equally works of believers, which are finheinous, cat 150. The aggrava- cere, con. xvi. 6. tions of sin, cat. 151. The de. Singing of pfalms, a part of religious merit of every sin, con. vi. 6. cat. worship, con. xxi. 5. 152. Punishments of fin in this Slandering, finful, cat. 145. world, con. v. 5, 6. xvii. 3. xviii. Songs that are lascivious, forbidden, 4. cat.'28, 83. In the world to * come, con. xxxii. 1. xxxiii. 2. The foul of man is immortal, con. cat. 29, 86, 89. Sin is pardoned iv. 2. cat. 17. The state of fouis, for Christ's fake alone, con. xi, 1. when feparate from their bodies, xv. 3. cat. 70. See justification,

cat. 86. satisfaction.' Every man bound Sovereits jod hath most fa · to pray for pardon of fin, con. vere:

? Ninion over bis creaxv.6. God continues to pardon ture, 10, 8 by them, for them, or the fins of those that are justified, upon them whatsoever he pleafeth, con. xi. 5. How pardoo of fin is con. ii. 2. The light of nature to be prayed for, čat. 194. The Mheweth that God hath lordship fin unto death, con. xxi. 4. cat. and sovereignty over all, cop. xxi 183. Believers have the dominion Eternal forereignty to be! • of the whole body of fin destroyed, fcribed to God alone, cat. 196. and the Jufts' thereof more and We are to pray with due appremore weakened and mortified, con. henfions of his sovereign power yi. 5. xiii. 1. cat. 75. See morti- cat. 175, 189. fication, fančtification. How pro. Spirit. See Holy Ghost. vidence is exercised about fin, con. Stage-plays, forbidden, cat, 139. v. 4. Why God permitted the Stews not to be tolerated, car. 139. fin of our first parents, con. vi. 1. Supererogation impoffible, con. xvi. 4. Why he leaves his children to fall Superiors, why stiled fathers and mointo sin, con. v. 5. Why and how thers, cat. 125

How to be honfinners are hardened, con. v. 6. oured, con. xxiii. 4. cat. 127 cat. 68.

Their duty, con. xxiii. 1, 2, 3.
Sins against the first commandment, cat. 129. Their firs, cat. 130.

cat. 105. Against the second, cat, See magiftracy.
109. Agaiolt the third, cat. 113. Sup-rstition. God may not be wor-
Against the fourth, cat. 119. Sins Thipped according to the imagina-
of inferiors, cat. 128. "Sirs of


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tions and devices of men, con. xxi. Toleration. A false religion tot t 1. Religious worship not institut

be tolerated, cat. 109. ed by God himself, is not to be Tradition, no pretence for using fuused or approved, cat. 109. All perstitious devices in the worlaip superstitious devices, &c. finful, of God, cat. 109. No traditions cat. 109: 113

of men to be added to the scripSupper. See Lord's supper.

ture, con. i. 6. Surety, Christ the surety for belie- Transubstantiation is repagoant not

vers, cat. 71: He was throughly only to scripture, but to common furnished to execute that office, sense and reason, con. xxix. 6. con. viii. 3.- And God accepteth And is the cause of manifold supersatisfaction from him as their sure- ftitions, yea of grofs idolatries, ib. ty, cật. 1.

The tree of life was a pledge of the Suretyship, that is not necessary, is covenant of works, cat, 20, to be avoided, .cat. 141.

The Trinity. See God, persons. Suspension from the Lord's table, Truth between man and man, how con. XXX. 4•

preserved and promoted, cat. 144. Swearing. See oaths. Vain or rash What contrary to it, cat. 145. swearing by the

U to swear at

Nion of the elect with Christ, is to be abhorred, con. xxii. 2.

con. xxv. I. xxvi. 1. cat. 66. Synods. See councils.

It is inseparable, cat. 79. BelieT.,

vers are united to one another in love, con. xxvi. I.

few rawan ay all by any other thing, Union sxv.9. xxvi. 1. cat. 66.

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his children to mai. iempta- See personal union. tions, con. v. . 5. 1 ed given Unregenerate, the use of the moral up to the teniptatio * world, law to them, cat. 96. Their best con. v. 6. Temptatiu s to lin are to works cannot please God, and be avoided and refilteu, cat. 66, why, con. xvi 2. But their ne99, 135, 138. How temptation glect to do what God commaods,

is to be prayed against, cat. 195. is more linful, ib. Testament. The books of the Old Vocation. See calling.

and New Testament are the word Vow, a part of religious worship, of God, con. i. 2. cat. 3. And con. xxi. 5. What it is, and how the only rule of faith and obedi- to be made, con. xxii. 5, 6. To ence, ib. See Scriptures.

be made to God alone, con. XXV. Testament, why the covenant of grace

6. cat. 103. What yows are unis called a testament, con. vii.


lawful, con. xxii. 7. Violating of As it was administred under the lawful vows, and fulfilling of unlaw, it is called the Old Testament, Jawful, is finful, cat. 113. con. vii. 5. And as administred Usury unlawful, cat. 142. under the gospel, it is called the

W New Testament,.con, vii., 6.

7 AR may be traged by ChrifThanksgiving, to be joined with rians under the New Tettaprayer, con., xxi. 3. car. 108, ment, con, xxiu, 2.

It is to be made in the The Wicked. Their condition in Dame of Christ, coa: xxi. 3. So- this life, cat. 83 ; immediately aflemn thanksgiving, a part of reli- ter death, con. xxxii. s. cat. 86; gious worship, con. xxi.s.

in and after judgmeat, con. xxxiii. 2. cat. 89.



Will. The counsel of God's will is

the good works of believers are molt wise and holyfon, iii. 1. cat. accepted by God in Christ, and re12. It is unfearchable, con ili. warded, con. xvi. 6. The works 7. cat. 13. It is free and immu- of unregenerate men cannot pleale table, con. v. 1. cat. 14: and moit God, and why, cun xvi.7. But righteous, con. ii. 1. How the to neglect to do what God comwill of God is to be done and sub- mands, is more finful, ib. All mitted to, Cat. 192. The will of persons shall, in the day of judg. God, revealed in the scriptures, is ment, receive according to what ribe only rule of faith, worship, and they have done in the body, whepractice. See fcripture. Christ ther good or evil, con. xxxiii: 1. revealeth to his church by his Worship. To God is due from bis Spirit and word the whole will of creatures, whatever worship he is God, in all things concerning their pleased to require, con. q. 2.

edification and salvation, cat. 48. The light of nature sheweth that Free-will. The will of man is nei- God is to be worshipped, con. xxi.

ther forced, nor by any absolute 1. But the acceptable way of neceffity of nature determined to worshipping God, is instituted by do good or evil, con. iii. 1. ix. 1. himself in the scriptures, ib. He Man in his state of innocency had may not be worshipped according freedom and power to will and do to the imaginations and devices of good, con. iv. 2. ix. 2. cat. 17. men, con. xxi. 1. cat. 109. Falle By his fall be lost all ability of worship is to be opposed, cat. 108. will to any spiritual good accom- As also any worship not inftitured panying falvation, con. vi. 2. 4. ix. by God himself, cat. 109. But 3. cit. 25. 192. The will is re- there are some circumstances connewed in conversion, con. ix. 4: cerning the worship of God which x. 1. cat. 67. It is made perfect- are to be ordered by the light of ly and immutably free to do good nature and Christian prudence, ac

alone in the state of glory, c. ix. 5. cording ro the general rules of the Word, See scripture, reading, preach- word, con. i: 6 ng hearing.

ship is to be given to God the FaWorldly mindedness, sinful, cat. 105.

ther, Son, and Holy Ghost, and 142.

to him alone; and that only in the Works. What are good works and

mediation of Christ, con. xxi. 2. what not, con. xvi. Good cat. 179, 181. The parts works are the fruits and eviderices ligious worship, con. xxi. 3, 5, of a true and lively faith; con.

Religious worship not tied to any xvi. 2.

The uses and ends of place, but God is to be worshipgood works, ib.

Ability to do ped every where in spirit and truth, good works is wholly from the as in private families daily, and in Spirit of Chrift, con. xvi. 3.

secret, each one by himself; fo The actual influence of the Spirit more folemnly in the public affemis required for the performance of

blies, which are not to be neglecthem, ib. This no plea for ne- ted, con. xxi. 9. gligence, ib. Supererogation, im. Wrath. See curse.

Z poslible, con. xvi. 4. We cannot by our belt works merit pardon of

EAL for God, a duty, cat. 104. Gin or eternal life at the hand of Corrupt, blind, and indiscreet God, and why, con. xvi. 5. Yet

zeal, sinful, cat. 105.

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