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Persecution, spiritual, its origin, xi. from 508 to 533. its

effects, xii. 533

Plagues of Egypt, xii. 137

Planets, their aspects, &c. an effect of the fall, x. 656
Pleasure, carnal, censured, xi. 603

Prayer, efficacy of its spirit, xi. 5 14 146

Predestination, what, iii. 111

Priests cause the first dissention amongst the Jews, xii. 353
Rainbow, its first appearance and sign, xi. 865 895
Raphael, the arch-angel, described, v. 276. his prowess,
speeches, &c. see various parts of books v. vi. vii.
and viii.

Reason, the chief faculty of the soul, v. 100

Redemption of man, proposed by the Father and under-
taken by the Son, iii. 227

Repentance, its efficacy, xi. 22

Reprobation, state of it, iii. 198

Rimmon, a fallen angel, i. 476

Sabbath, its institution and solemnity, vii. 581 594
Salvation, its extent, xii. 449

Satan, his fall from Heaven, i. 34. his stature, looks, &c.
i. 193 284 292. his speeches, i. 84 242 315. ii. 11. iii. 681
968. iv. 358. v. 673 772. vi. 418 608. ix. 532. x. 459
Saturn, a fallen angel, i. 512

Scriptures, how to be understood, xii. 511
Serpent described, ix. 182

Similies. (These are so
(These are so numerous as to form an index
of themselves, and are therefore incompatible with our

Sin described, ii. 650. her birth, ii. 752. speeches, x. 235

354 591

Sin, original, the first effect of it, ix. 1011

Slavery, its origin, xii. 86

Soul, its faculties, v. 100. its immortality discussed, X.

Spirits, their invisible existence on earth, iv. 677. their
existence in life, intellect, &c. vi. 344

Spring would have been perpetual within the tropics but
for Adam's fall, x. 678

Stars, their places, appearance, &c. iii. 565. their in-
fluence, iv. 661

Storms, an effect of the fall, xi. 695

Sun, its appearance, power, &c. iii. 571. its annual course,
&c. an effect of the fall, x. 651

Teachers, false, of religion, described, xii. 508
Temperance, its effect, xi. 530

Thammuz, or Adonis, a fallen angel, i. 446
Thunder, an effect of the fall, x. 666
Time defined, respecting eternity, v. 580
Titan, a fallen angel, i. 510
Tradition censured, xii. 511

Tree of life described, ix. 218. ix. 69
Tree of knowledge, iv. 220. ix. 575
Truth, suffering for it, &c. xii. 569
Tyranny, its origin, xii, 86

Tyrants, their plea for conquest compared with Satan's
first attempt on man, iv. 390

Twilight described, iv. 598

Vacuity, the idea of, refuted by God's omnipresence, vii. 168
Valour, the common notion of it reprehended, xi. 688
Virtue degenerates in slavery, xi. 707

Uriel, his adventures, iii. 622 694 724. vi. 363

Uzziel, guardian of Paradise, iv. 782

War, its common origin, xi. €38 783

Waters, their separation from the earth, vii. 282
Wife, her duty on trying occasions, ix. 267 290
Wind, tempestuous, an effect of the fall, x. 664
Wisdom, the sum of it, xii. 575

Wolves, or false teachers, defined, xii. 507

Woman, her loveliest qualities, ix. 232. advantage of her
social over her artificial accomplishments, xi. 614. in
every respect the cause of man's misery, xi. 632
Works, with faith in Christ, eternal life, xii. 420
World, by whom possessed, iii. 444 463. described, vii. 218.
its situation respecting heaven and hell, x. 320

Zephon, a guardian of Paradise, iv. 788 8a3 834
Zophiel, a cherub, vi. 535 537



Corrall, Frinter, Charing Cross.



The following Editions, in the same size, and on the same type as Milton's Works, with Engravings by the best Artists, are published by


Stationers Court, Ludgate Street.

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Alfred, an Epic Poem, by H. J. Pye, Esq. P. L. 2 6

Ariosto's Orlando, by Hoole

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Fellowes's History of the Bible, in Verse, 2 vols. 10 0



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Hammond's Elegies, and Lord Hervey's Poems 1 0

Herbert's Temple, and Priest to the Temple

Homer's Iliad, by Pope

5 0

5 0

Odyssey, by Pope

4 6

Horace, translated by Francis, revised, with

Notes, by H. J. Pye, P. L..

4 0

Horne's, Bp. commentary on the Psalms, 2 vols. 9 0

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Laurel, The-Containing Collins, Johnson,
Pomfret, Hammond, and Lord Hervey
Lusiad, by Camoens, translated by Mickle
Milton's Poetical Works, 2 vols.

Paradise Lost

Ossian's Poems; with Blair's Dissertations,
Parnell's Poems.

Paul and Virginia, and Elizabeth

Pliny's Letters, translated by Melmoth.
Pomfret's Poems .

4 0



3 6



2 6

5 0


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Selector, The-containing Gray, Goldsmith, the

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Specimens of the Works of British Poets, from

Hen. VIII. to the present Time, 2 vols. . 9 0 Spenser's Faery Queene, 2 vols.

10 0

Spectator, with Biographical Notices, in 8 vols. 30 0 Thomson's Seasons

Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, translated by


Vicar of Wakefield

Virgil, by Dryden

Watts's Lyric Poems

Wesley's (Samuel) Tales

Wesley's Life of Christ, 2 vols.


4 0

2 6

5 0

3 6.

0 8

8 0

4 0


3 0

World, a Selection of Papers from The .

Wreath, The-containing the Minstrel, with other Poems, and a Life of Beattie

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