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Q. R. Nolan.
W.F. Vanduzer.
Aug. S. Wingfield....

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J. J. Scarborough



R. K. Hines, Jr.
T. Hudson...
Stephen F. Miller,

. Albany Lanier.





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Davis vs. Irwin...

Adams 08. Lamar..

83 Dawson, Ex'r, &c. Beers et al. vs..556 Adcock et al. Harrison os... 68 Dean vs. Traylor....

169 Alison et al. Settle rs...:

201 Deavors, Doe, er dem. Gledney v8..479
Allison vs. Chaffin,...

330 Demere et al. os. Scranton, Trus-
Arnold, Dorster vs...
209 tee, et al...

Attaway vs. Dyer et al..

181 Dennis and another vs. Green,
· B.

Baldwiu rs. Lessner....
71 Dodge, Phillips va..

Barefield et al. vs. Bryan.. 463 Doe, ex dem. Worthy vs. Hames....234
Beall, Adlm'x, vs. Beall and Beall.210 Doe, ex dem. Gledney vs. Dearors. 479

152 Beall and Beall, Beall, Adın'x, v8.210 Dorster vs. Arnold....

Beavers, McWhorter, Adm'r, vs..300 Dow, Wilson and another vs. Smith
Beers et al. 08. Dawson, Ex'r.....556 & Co..
Benton vs. Patterson and another. 146 Dyer et al. Attaway vs.... 184
Bethune vs. McCrary.


Bethune vs. Wilkins and another.. 118 Edwards, Elkins 08.

Birdsong & Sledge vs. McLaren..521 Elkins vs. Edwards...

325 Bond and another vs. Connelly..,302 Evans, Montgomery, Adın'r, vs..178 Bothwell et al. vs. Sheffield et al...569 Evans, Rogers vs

143 Bower ve. Smithi...


F. Boyd, Adm'r, v8. Clements, Guard.522 Ferguson et al. vs. Carter et al ....524 jo. Brandon & Shannon, Wilson vs...136 Flournoy vs. Newton...

306 Brannon vs. Noble....

..519 Foley, Adm’r, Pendergrast et al. vs. 1 Broughton, Adm'r, v 8. West. 248 Ford vs. Lane..

322 Bryan, Barefield et al. vs... 463 Ford vs. Tyson, Adm'r, &c... ... 466 Buckner vs. Lee ct al.



Gilmore, Adm'r, Oglesby vs...... 95
Caldwell vs. Montgomery et ut...106 Grant and another vs. McLester..553
Cameron et al. vs. Ward..... .245 Gray, Ex'r, &c. Chapman vs....337
Carey, Assignee, vs. Jones....... 516 Green, Crabtree us...

8 Carey, Assignee, Robison et al. vs.527 Green, Adm'r, &c. Dennis vs. 197

97 lberto Carter et al. Ferguson et al. vs....524 Greenwood, Keaton vs.... Carter et ux. vs. Coleby.... 351 Griffin rs. Witherspoon.

113 49

Carter and Kenan, Executors, Hall Hall et al. Carter and Kenan, Ex’rs,

et al. vs....
Chaffin, Allison vs....

330 Hall et al. vs. Carter and Kenan,

.388 Cleghorn vs. Robison.

559 Hames, Doe, ex dem. Worthy vs.
Clements, Guard. Boyd, Adm'r, vs.522 Hardwick vs. Hook..
Coffee et al. vs. Newsom, Ex'r. ...444 Harris, Lamb vs..

546 Coleby, Carter et ur. vs... 351 Harrison, Maxwell vs.

61. Coleman, Neal.... 560 Harrison vs. Adcock et al.

68 Collins, Turner vs..... ..252, 436 Hartridge, The Mayor, &c. vs.... 23 Colquitt vs. Thomas et al. .258 Heard vs. Heard..

..380 · Connelly, Bond and another va...,302 Higgs vs. Huson.

..317 Cox, Tomlinson os..

111 Hightower vs. Thornton.. Crabtree vs. Green..

8 Hightower et al. vs. Mustian......506 Crary vs. Rawlins....

450 Hogg et al. vs. Mobley and another.256 Curry vs. Piles....

32 Holiday et ux. Riordon, Guard. vs. 79 D. Daniel, Kemp, Adm'r, &c. vs....385

Hollingshead,Adm'r, vs. McKenzie,457



adison! Carter vs. Stanfield....




234 354

Carion. Chapman vs. Gray, Ex'r..

lbany: anier,


. 486

al. vs..



other vs.....


.... 74

Holmes, Adm'r, &c. vs. Liptrot,

P. Adm'r... 279 Parham, Rogers vs.,

190 Holt, The M. & W. R. R. Co. 08..157 Parker and another, Snellings vs.. 121 Hook, Hardwick vs...... 354 Patterson and another, Benton vs.. 146 Huson, Higgs vs...

..317 Pendergrast et al. vs Foley, Adm'r, I. &c.....

1 Irwin, Davis vs.... 153 Phillips vs. Dodge.

51 J. Piles, Curry vs.

32 Johnson et al. Worthy et al. vs.... 236 Pressley et al. Lynch, Adm'r, vs. .327 Johuson vs. The State.

453 Pyron vs. The State ex rel, Lowe. 230 Johnson, Adn'r, vs. Lewis. 460

R. Joyner et al. Jones vs... 562 Rawlins, Crary 08..

450 Jones vs. Joyner et al.

562 Riddle ci al. Kellum et al, vs......374 Jones, Carey, Assignee, vs.. 516 Riordon vs. Holiday et al.....

79 Judge, (a slave,) vs. The State....173 Robison, Cleghorn v8a...

559 K.

Robison et al. Carey, Assignee, vs.527 Keaton vs. Greenwood.. 97 Rogers vs. Evans....

143 Kellum et al. Riddle et al. vs. 374 Rogers vs. Parham...

190 Kemp, Adm'r, vs. Daniel.

385 Ruse, The Mut. Ben. Ius. Co. vs..534 Kenan and Carter, Ex'rs, vs. Hall

S. et al....

. 417 Scranton, Trustee, et al. Demere et Kinsey, Thomas, Adm'r, vs. 421

43 L.

Settle vs. Alison et al. Lamar, Adams vs..

83 Shefield et al. Bothwell et al. vs..569 Lamb vs. Harris... -546 Sledge, Wiley & Co. v8......

.532 Lane vs. Morris...

468 Smith & Co. Dow, Wilson and anLane, Ford vs.... Lee et al. Buckner vs...

285 Smith, Bower vs. Leonard et al. Stocks vs. .511 Snelling rs Parker and another. ,121 Lessuer, Baldwin vs..... 71 Stanfield, Carter vs......

49 Lewis, Johnson vs..... 460 Stocks vs. Leonard et al.

.511 Liptrot, Adm'r, Holmes, Adm'r, vs.279

T. Lowe et al. vs. Moore and another. 194 The Ga. R. R. & Bk. Co. vs. MilLynch, Adm'r, vș. Pressley et al..327 nor & Co.

....313 M.

The M. & W. R. R. Co. vs. Holt..157 Malone alias Hall v8. The State..408 The Mayor, &c. vs. Hartridge.... 23 Maxwell us. Harrison,

61 The Mut. Ben. Ins. Co. vs. Ruse..534 McCrary, Bethune vs............114 The State, Judge, (a slave,) vs....173 McGee vs. McGee..

...295 The State cx rel. Lowe, Pyron vs..230 McIntyre, Adm'r, Williams v8.... 34 The State ex rel. Lowe rs. Towns, McKenzie, Hollingshead, Adm'r, v s.457

Governor...... McLaren, Birdsong & Sledge vs..521 The State, Malone alias Hall v8.... 408 McLester, Grant and another vs..553 The State, Johnson vs..... 453 McWhorter, Adm'r, vs. Beavers..300 Thomas et al. Colquitt vs........258 Milnor & Co. The Ga. R. R. & Bk. Thomas, Adm'r, vs. Kinzey... 421 Co.vs.. 313 Thornton, Hightower vs..........

486 Mobley and another, Hogg et al.v8.256 Tomlinson vs. Cox..

111 Montgomery, Adm'r, vs. Evans.. 178 Towns, Governor, The State ex rel. Montgomery and Wife,Caldwell v8.106 Lowe, vs....

360 Moore and another, Lowe et al. vs. 194 Traylor, Dean vs...

169 Morris, Lane vse....

468 Turuer vs. Collins.

252, 436 Mustian, Hightower et al. vs......506 Tyson, Adm'r, Ford vs.

466 N.

W. Neal, Coleman vs......

1.560 Ward, Cameron et al. vs. 245 Newsom, Ex'r, Coffee et al. 08.... . 444 West, Broughton, Adm'r, vs.. .248 Newton, Flournoy vs..... 306 Wiley & Co. vs. Sledge... 532 Noble, Brannon vs....... ......549 Wilkins and another, Bethune vs.. 118 O.

Williams vs. McIntyre, Adm'r.... 34 Oglesby vs. Gilmore, Adın'r...... 95 Wilson vs. Brandon & Shannon., 136 O'Neal' vs. O'Neal..

....439 Witherspoon, Griffin vs...... 113

Worthy et al. vs. Johnson et al....236


In the order in which they are reported, with a note of the point or

question of Law considered.

SAVANNAH-January Term, 1850.
1. E. M. Pendergrast et al. vs. O. Foley, Adm'r, &c. Lim-
itation of Actions. Interest of Infants..

1 2. Wm. Crabtree vs. Thomas Green, Arbitration and Award....

8 3. The Mayor, &c. Savannah, rs. C. Hartridge.

Income. Construction of Statutes. Powers of Corporation. 23 4. M. Curry vs. R. S. Piles. Decrees in Equity. Dormant Judgment Act..

32 5. M. Williams vs. R. McIntyre. Construction of Wills. Power of Chancellor...

34 6. L. Demere et al. vs. A. Scranton, Trustee, et al. Equity Practice. Contribution among Legatees ...,

43 7. J. Carter vs. J. Stanfield. Evidence. Claims in Justicer' Courts...

49 8. A. Phillips vs. D. R. Dodge. Pleading. Amendment.. 51

TALBOTTON-January Term, 1850.
9. W. A. Maxwell vs. Charles T. Harrison. Amendment.
Admissions. Conversion...

61 10. G. W. Harrison vs. J. Adcock et al. Stat. 32 Henry VIII. Adrerse Possession...

68 11. M. H. Baldwin vs. D. M. Lessuer. Pleading. Special Contract....

71 12. J. E. Bower vs. J. B. Smith. Books, how admissible and for what purpose.

74 13. J. Riordon, Guardian, &c. vs. W. Holiday, et ux, et al. Construction of Will...

79 14. B. Adams vs. G. B. Lamar, Jurisdiction over non-residents...

83 15. G. S. Oglesby vs. W. W. Gilmore, Adm'r. Practice.. 95 16. B. 0. Keaton vs. E. M. M. Greenwood. Trusts. Statute of Limitations...

97 17. J. Caldwell vs. S. Montgomery and Wife. Statute of Limitations. Sealed Bond..

106 18. J. Tomlinson vs. J. R. Cox. Practice Superior Court. Brief of Evidence.

111 19. L. Griffin vs. J. M. B. Witherspoon. Practice Superior Court. - New Trial....

113 20. Jas. N. Bethune vs. John T. McCrary. Evidence. Principal and Indorser...


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21. James N. Bethune rs. F. G. Wilkins and another. In-
junction to stay Trespass.


22. John J. Snelling vs. S. Parker and another. Lien of



23. Jos. Wilson vs. Brandon & Shannon. New Trials. Mie-

take of JVitness..


MACON-February Term, 1850.

24. Benj. Rogers rs. John P. Evans. Affidarit of Illegality. - 143

25. A. Benton vs. J. W. Patterson and another. Construc-

tion of Will..


26. David J. Davis vs. Jane Irwin. Rulc against Sherif by

Defendant in fi. fa.


27. The Macon & W. R. R. Co. es. P. S. Holt. Liability

of Rail Road Companies..


28. James Dean vs. Wm. Traylor. Warranty of Slaves.. 169

29. Judge, (a slave,) vs. The State of Georgia. Trial of



30. James Montgomery, Adi'r, &c. vs. Jno. Evans. De-

mand on Depositor. Pleading. Competency of Agent... 178

31. Jos. Attaway, Guardian, &c. vs. N. Dyer and others.

Withdrawal of Claim....


32. A. C: Rogers vs. J. S. Parham. Remedies of Dismissed

Agent or Overscer..


33. Jacob Lowe et al. vs. Jno. Moore and another. Distri-

bution of fund among Judgments..


34. J. Dennis and another vs. G. J. Green, Adm'r. Dissolu-

tion of Injunction...

:. 197

35. John M. Settle vs. H. L. Alison and others. Evidence. --

Verdict. New Trial.....


36. G. B. Dorster vs. George W. Arnold. Amendment.... 209

37. M. C. Beall, Adm'x, &c, vs. W. H. Beall and another.

Legitimating Statute. Constitutional Law.....


38. James Pyron'rs. The State ex rel. John H. Lowe. Con-



39. Doe, ex dem. Worthy vs. Roe and John Hames. Sale

of land under judgment de bonis testatoris....


40. Jos. S. Worthy et al. vs. S. T. Johnson et al.

Sales by

Exccutors, Administrators, Sc.


41. B. H. Cameron et al. vs. S. Ward. Statute of Frauds.

Sale of Land....


42. E. Broughton, Adm'r, &c. vs. C. West. Alteration of

Note. Remainder in Promissory Note..


43. A. Turner vs. W. Collins, Adm'r, &c. Practice Supreme



44. James V. Hogg and others vs. E. Mobley and another.

Appeal from Court of Ordinary...


45. W. T. Colquitt vs. N. S. Thomas et al. Vendor's Lien.

Evidence. Charge of the Court...


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