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pecial reference to the second advent of our Lord; and to the prevalence of a class of doctrines which, under the notion of promoting the advancement of the Gospel, and the conscious happiness of the Christian, would banish the very idea of “duty” as a restriction upon the believer's “privileges," making faith its own evidence, and “assurance of salvation" the test of being saved. We will not add to what our correspondents have said upon these subjects, except briefly to remark, that, in reference to the first of them, we believe that no hypothesis which human - ingenuity can frame has yet been able, in its applications of unfulfilled

Prophecy, to go much beyond those simple outlines of faith and hope which are common to the wise and pious of all ages and nations, in regard to the glorious events of that day when “the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ;" and with respect to the second, that Christianity has made duty itself privilege, and obedience reward, so that the freest exhibition of mercy, the most clear exposition of the doctrine of justification by faith, and the most glowing statement of the blessings which result from the adoption of the believer into the family of God, are quite compatible with reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may grow by the spiritual nutriment of the sacred word, thoroughly furnished to every good work.

There is another subject which, from its momentous character and the various aspects under which it may be viewed-whether religiously, morally, politically, charitably, or economically-has found access into every department of our miscellany: need we say, that we mean the unchristian and inhuman institution of Slavery? To readers of a right heart and a sound mind, none of our pages, we feel assured, have been more welcome than those which have been designed to diffuse information and promote the public zeal on this most affecting subject. We trust that upon the whole the prospects of the unhappy slaves in our colonies are beginning, however slowly, to brighten : but much, we might say all, remains to be effectively carried into practice; and our readers may therefore expect that we shall still have occasion to devote many a page to the elucidation of this great moral and religious question.

The arena of Public Affairs, which, at the close of our last volume, was more than usually tranquil, has been since a scene of almost unprecedented violence and party warfare. We shall not here recapitulate the calamitous events which have given rise to this new aspect of our domestic and foreign politics ; but we most deeply lament the effects. Oh that He who is the author of peace and the lover of concord, who alone maketh men to be “of one mind in a house," may allay the contentions which have broken out among us; and unite all ranks and degrees of our countrymen in one common desire to promote the welfare, temporal and spiritual, of all mankind.



Portugal and Spain-- United States
-Domestic: Death of the Duke of
York; King's letter .

.63, 64

Eur. Pref. .......


*****78 to Correspondents



R,. Com.-Memoir of Rev. William

L'avy-Malan's Conventicle of Rolle

-Fam. Serm. on Psalm iv. 6,7-

Our Lord's Anticipation of the



fiscell.–Speech to the deaf-Unita-

rian Epistle to Mohammedans-

Consumption of slave produce

On Sunday-morning payments-

Poetry: House of Prayer ; Resto-

ration of Israel ; Dirge ; Sonnet ;

Hymn of the Archangels; Cap-

tives' Song......


Rev. of-Scott's Church of Christ

(concluded) ..


Lit. and Phil. Intell.--Great Britain :

New works; Oxford; Cambridge ;

Handel ; St. David's College; Cri-

dal code; Duke of York's li.

Roof-ry; Bruce's MSS; Duke of

Sussex's library; Greek lexicons;

Suspension bridge; Public chari-

ties; Boyd's Gregory's Epitaphs ;

Evans's Letters; Spanish Refugees;

Horne and Carpenter - Italy :

Egyptian antiquities-India: Hin-

du chronology ; Monopolies—Bur-

mah: Females United States :

Scientific Societies; Indian youths;

Instruction of slaves Mexico :

MS. of the Gospel-List of new



Relig. Intell. --Society for Propagu-

tion of the Gospel - United States
Episcopal Church-Sunday schools
in Wyoming - Protestantism in
Ireland-Poor pious Clergy Soci-


Pub. 4j. - Foreign : France; the

press ; Slave law-Portugal-Do-

mestic : Corn laws ; Catholic

Emancipation; Emigration ; Burn-

'ing of Widows ; Impressment;

Deaths of Bishops ; Wellesley ;



Answers to Correspondents



Relig. Con. - Ancient Waldensian

confessions--Translation of Scrip-

ture figures-Bib.Crit.:1Cor.ii. 12;

Gal. i. 6,7-Fam.Serm.on Acts viji.

8-Justification and salvation. 129-143

Miscell.-Abjuration of Popery in

French Church-Rose's Cambridge

sermon - Charitable bequests

Correspondence between Cranmer

and Calvin--Revision of Christian-

Knowledge Tracts Publicity in

ordinations ....


Rev. of—Llorente's Inquisition

Gallois's Abridgment Jerram's

sermon on Dr. Good ......152--170

Lit. and Phil. Intell.-Great Britain :

New works; Jews; North Pole;

Italian marble ; Anti-slavery pub-

lications ; Walter Scott; Vaccina-

tion; Thames Tunnel ; Savings

banks; Edicts on education ; Au-

tographs-St. Helena : Soldiers'

library, observatory, &c.—India :

Serampore college - United States:


Advertisements ;

People of colour ; Morals of work-

-New publications ....179—182

Relig. Intell.--Edinburgh Itinerating

libraries-Irish Education Society

Sunday-school Society for Ire-

land - Religious Tract Society,
for Ireland — American Episco-

Church Newfoundland

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Relig. Com.-Memoir of Dr. Good-

Basil Woodd on M.Malan's Tract-
Rubrical directions- Fam. Serm.

on 2 Chron. xxxiii. 13 ......193—210

Miscell.-Barking district clergy-

Minor morals: Legibility — Ex-

penses of charitable agents--Sla-

very at the Cape


Rev. of-Close on Genesis-Buddi-

com's Christian Exodus


Lit. and Phil. Intell.-Great Britain :

New works ; Cambridge; Bloom-

field; St. David's college; Armo-

rican Language ; Zoological society;

Game laws; Kent East Indiaman;

Society for useful Knowledge

Scriptural geology-India: School

for Deaf and Dumb-Ceylon : Bp.

Heber-Sandwich Islands : Kapi.

olani - New South Wales : Sci.

entific expedition -- New publica-



Relig. Intell.- Society for Propaga-

tion of the Gospel-Jews at Con-

stantinople ...


Pub. Aff:- Foreign : France; Parties

--Domestic: Administration .255, 256

Answers to Correspondents



Relig. Com.- Malan's Conventicle of

Rolle-Fam. Serm. on 1 Cor. xv.

53, 54—Texts by rote: 1 Cor. ij.

9— Number of the beast, Rev. xiii.

18– Thirty-nine Articles and Wal-

densian Confession Apocryphal

Lessons on Sundays........257—274

Miscell.—Slander against Calvin

Charitable bequests -- Cranmer's

correspondence with Calvin.. 274–280

Rev. of-Confessions of a Gamester

-Mitford's early sacred Poetry282-296

Lit, and Phil. Intell.-Great Britain :

New works ; Cambridge ; Trinity

college, Dublin ; Literary fund;

Bristol Bazaar ; Compression of

water ; Bp. Heber; valuable

books - France : Ancient Stadia ;

Egyptian mummy -- Fgypt: Red

sea- New publications .....302, 303

Relig. Intell. - Bp. Heber on India

Society for Christian Knowledge-

Protestant church in the United

States — Society for building

Churches-Sunday-school Society

for Ireland-Tract Society for Ire-

land - Chinese mission - Mission

in Madagascar-Society for Pro-

pagation of the Gospel - Mission to

Oneida Indians-Serampore col-

lege-Society for female Servants

Anniversaries of societies-- New

Scotch Church


Pub. Aff:-Domestic: Administra-



Eccles. Pref.


Answers to Correspondents.



Relig. Com.-M. Malan's Conventicle

of Rolle--Fam. Serm. on 1 Kings

xviii. 21-Our Lord's anticipation

of the passover-Bib. Crit. Gal.

i. 7.


Aliscell.--Transactions in slave colo-

nies-African slavery not foretold

by Scripture-Sacrament to con-

demned criminals ....339-315

Rev. of–Bp. Kaye's ecclesiastical

history_Dealtry's sermons..317–362

Lit, and Phil. Inteil.-Great Britain :

New publications; Bruce manu-
scripts ; Cambridge ; Zoological
society; MS. Herbal ; Mendip ca-
vern ; Partis's college — France :
Absorption- United States : Slaves

- Indía : Slavery; Bishop's col-

lege ; Bauddha system ; Native fe-

male education ; Neelgherr moun-

tains--Ceylon : Trial by Jury--St.

Helena : Emancipation of slaves-

New publications


Relig. Intell.–Society for Propaga-

tion of the Gospel-Bath Commit-

tee for Christian Knowledge-Hi-

bernian Bible Society-French and

Spanish Translation Society, Chris-

tian missions in India-American

mission in Ceylon - Prayer-book

and Homily Society-Reformation

Society - Continental Bible soci-



Pub. 41. — Foreign : Portugal

Greece Domestic: Corn laws;

Criminal laws, &c. ; Ireland; Free



Answers to Correspondents.



Relig. Com.---Life of Ludolf--First

reception of communion-Applica-

tion of I Cor. ij. 9- Personal ad-

vent of Christ - Number of the

beast-Fam. Serm. on Psalm cxix.



Miscell.-Canonization of felovs

Fulpit remonstrance against slavery

-Charitable bequests - Quarterly

Review on the Astrachan mission


Rev. of -Soames on the Reformation

of the Church of England-Riland's

Memoirs of a West India Planter

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New works; Oxford and Cambridge Arminius-Jones's Life and Times

prizes; Boughton hall; Devonport of Bp. Hall-Sermons by Noel544-559

column – France ; Embalming- Lit. and Phil. Intell.-Great Britain:

lonian Islands; Literature-India; New works ; Criminal commit-

Education fund; llorticultural So- ments ; Dates of papal supersti-

ciety-Burmah ; Plants and mine. tions; Burial in Westminster Ab-

rals -China ; Moral naxims-Su- bey; Portsinouth ship canal-Ger-

matia ; Suppression of schools, many--Greece -- Turkey_United

New South Wales; Petitioning- States--North America--New pub-

New publications

..435- 437 lications


Relig. Intell.—British and Foreign Relig. Intell.-Christian Knowledge
Bible Society - Bible-society com-

Society-New-Zealand missions-

mittee-National-school Society,

Church Tract Society--Paris Tract

Caran Reformation Society, United Society-American Tract Society,
States church-New York theolo- Wesleyan Methodists-Language
gical seminary-Society for Chris-

Institution--Newfoundland School
tian Knowledge............435—416 Society-Infant schools -- North-
Pub. difp-Foreign : France Por-

American Indian schools--Religi-

tugal and Spain-Domestic: Par- ous necessities of United States

liament; Lord Lansdowne; Peel's South-Sea missions-Siberian mis-


447 sion ...


Eccies. Pref.

448 Pub. Aff:--Foreign: l'rance; Spain

Answers to Correspondents....

415 and Portugal - Germany-Greece

and Turkey -- Domestic : Legal


language --- Mr. Ilarte of Barba-

Relig. Intell.- Aspect of the world in


....576, 577

reference to missions - Remarks Answers to Correspondents


on Isaiah vii.-M. Malan's tract-

Fam. Serm. on Prov. ix. 6-Pro-


phecies relative to the Mohamme- Relig. Com.-Repose in death-Ad-

...4494462 vent of our Lord--Millenarianism
Mixell. - West-Indian statistics

--Fam. Serm. on I Cor. viii. 3.-

Hymns by Bp. Heber-Ecclesias- Doddridge on assurance ....581-601

tical discipline

..465–471 Miscell. Apology for Pharaoh--On

Rer.of-M'Crie'sReformation in Italy 475 reading the Liturgy--Act for build-

. and Phil. Intell.--Great Britain : ing churches-Bequests to chari-

New works; Grain ; Coronation



oath of Henry VIII. -Stationers' Rev.of-Nichols’s Works of Arminius

hall; Society of literature ; London (continued) — Jones's Life and

university-France -- Spain-Uni- Times of Bp. Hall (continued) .. 610

ted States-India-New publica- Lit. and Phil. Intell. Great Britain :


....495_498 New works; New London Bridge ;

Relig. Intell.-Continental Bible so- Hammersmith Bridge ; London

cieties, British and Foreign Bible Asiatic Society; Warwick county
Society--Society for Propagation asylum-United States : Mastodon
of the Gospel-Christianity in In- -India : Suttees; Restorations to
dia United States Missionary So- sight; Widows of officers—Bur-
ciety - Kenyon college, Ohio- mal: Fossil remains-New publi-
United States religious societies499-511 cations


Ecdes. Pref.

... 512 Relig. Intell.—St. David's college-

Pub. aff.-Foreigu : France; Spain Prayer-book and Homily Society-

and Portugal; Greece and Turkey;

Sandwich Islands mission 636-638

United States -- Mexico - Great Puh. Aff:--Foreign: Portugal --Spain
Britain : Death of Mr. Canning, &c. -Greece and Turkey-Domestic:
&c.; Charges by Judge Best 513515 West Indies


Arsbers to Correspondents.... .... 516 Answers to Correspondents...




Relig. Com.--Memoir of Martin Bos Relig. Com.-Repose in death (con-
--Fam. Serm. on Heb. xi. 24-26– cluded)-Importance of pronouns
Injudicious Crit. --Confessing our- - Fam. Serm. on I Cor. xv. 32-
selves the chief of sinners ..517--535 Public worship with singing

HistAct for building churches-

Prayer after sermon - Faith and

Claims of the Society for Chris- works-Millenarianism ....619-667
tian Knowledge — Bible Society Miscell.--Anti-Christian spirit of sla-
against the Quarterly Review

very - Scripture geology - Last
Criminality of the WestIndia sys- hours of felons-Poetry: Ilymns

..536-512 by Bp. Heber (continued) ..668—673
Rp - Nichols's Life and Works of Rev. of Nichols's Works of Armi-

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... 789--792




nius (concluded)--Jones's Life and Pub. Aff.-The ministry; Slavery ;

Times of Bp. Hall (concluded).. 675 Mr. Harte


Lit. and Phil. Intell.-Great Britain : Obit.-Abdool Messeeh


New works; Oxford; Edinburgh Answers to Correspondents


museum; Chatterton; Apotheca-

ries' regulations; Works of refor-


mers ; Newspaper ; Mr. Montgo-



mery–United States : Falls of


Niagara; Intemperance-Russia : Contents

Jews; the Vine- India; Education Relig. Intell.-Church Missionary So-

-New publications ....698—700

ciety: Mr. Budd's sermon; West-

Relig. Intell.

National Society, Africa missions ; Mediterranean

Church Missionary Society-Irish


Calcutta and North-India

Society of Dublin-Newfoundland


Madras and South-India

School Society-Gypsies—Infant mission; Bombay and Western-

School Society - Auxiliary, Bible India mission; Ceylon mission;

Society-Basle missionary institu- Australasia mission; West-Indies


....701-706 mission; North-West America

Pub. Aff-Foreign : France ; Elec-



tionsGreece and Turkey: Nava- Society for promoting Religious Know-

rino - Domestic : Slavery; Bp. ledge : Issues of books; Receipts ;


707 Revision of books; New commit-

Obit.-S. M. Waring


tees; Bp. Heber; New South

Eccles. Pref.

711 Wales ; Nova Scotia ; Quebec ;

Answers to Correspondents.


Canada ; Jamaica, &c. ......783—788

Paris Missionary Society: Ladies'



Relig. Com. Advent of our Lord- South-Sea Islands missions : .. 792-796

Millenium-Second advent-Jew Society for the Conversion of the Jews:

and Gentile conversion-Confess- Auxiliaries and contributions ; Fo-

ing ourselves the chief of sinners

reign operations..... ,.,796–800

Fam. Serm. on Heb. xi. 14-16 Irish Society : Progress of schools

Collect after sermon ...

.713-728 and distribution of books ....800, 801

Miscell.--Dibdin andWay-Economy African Institution : France; Nether-

of a retired life-Welsh inscription lands; Spain; Portugal; Brazil ;

respecting St. Paul - Lying-in United States; African coast 801-809

hospitals-Study of geology-Ge- London Hibernian Society: Schools;

ology not opposed to Revelation-

Scripture readers ; Demand for

Poetry, by Hannah More: Time;


...809, 810

A Midnight Hymn;

The Widow's British and Foreign Bible Society :


...729-740 Home intelligence; Foreign .810-815

Rev. of-Warton's Death-bed Scenes Scottish Caffre mission: Improve.

-Bp. Sumner's Charge ....741-756 ment in civilization. ......815, 816

Lit. and Phil. Intell.-Great Britain : Progress of education in Europe :

New works; Oxford ; Junius; France ; Switzerland; Nether

United States : De- lands; Germany and Prussia; Den-

hon's sermons; Mrs. More's works; mark; Sweden; Russia ; Italy816—818

Chaplain; Religious journal; Com- Kenyon college, Gambier town, Ohio 818

plutensian polyglott ; Testimony Dusselthal Jewish Proselyte Society. 820

Slavery Hayti : Emancipated Missions among the Cherokees


slaves--Peru : Popery declining Receipts of religious and charitable

India : Indigenous fruits – New




.759–761 Eccles. Pref.


Relig. Intell.-Discussions on the Pro- Inder to Essays, &c.




phecies-Lectures on Popery-Na-



tional Society-Washington college,

Connecticut-Massachusetts Mis-




sionary Society – United States

Episcopal Sunday-school Union-

Religious wants of Buenos Ayres-

Missions in India


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