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THE following Essay was awarded a Prize offered by the St. Andrew's Society of Glasgow. By the terms of competition the copyright of the essay remained with the author; and as it was written with a view to publication, it is now given to the world with such alterations and additions as have been suggested on revision. The essay represents the fruit of studies in which the author has been accustomed to find relief from severer professional work ; and his object in its publication will be attained, if it afford to his readers any of the recreation which its studies have brought to himself, while it may not be without service even to the student of the literature which it reviews. All other necessary information with regard to the general object and plan of the work will be found in the Introduction.

MONTREAL, March 1874.

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§ 1. The War of Independence

§ 2. The Border Feuds .

§ 3. The Reformation Period .

$ 4. The Jacobite Struggle .





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