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The pathology of rheumatism considered so as to account for each

symptom of the malady—The phenomena of metastasis, &c.

pp. 40–56


Subject continued-Cause of pain-Greater liability to cardiac com

plications in young subjects--Subacute rheumatism, less tendency to metastasis, greater tendency to permanent malformation of joints—Chronic rheumatism

pp. 57-64


Discrepancy of opinions as to the best mode of treating rheumatism

accounted for-First object to diminish vascular excitementSecond, to diminish pain and neutralize morbific matter, and prevent metastasis—Third, to promote convalescence-Bleeding, purgatives, combined with opiates, on the late Dr. Chambers's plan - Lemon-juice, colchicum, opium, nitrate of potass, vegetable salt of potass, decoct. cinchone-Warm clothingGeneral summary of treatment: leeches, fomentations, &c.Dry warmth-Counter-irritants-Diet-Attention to secretions during convalescence-Hot-air bath-Cold .



pp. 65–90 CHAPTER II.



Obscurity of the disease--The fidelity of Sydenham's description

of the disease unsurpassed ; his theory of a morbific matter, &c. -Opinions of Cullen, Dr. Prout, Dr. Watson, Sir Henry Holland, Dr. Garrod, Dr. Gairdner-Blood, its function; impure conditions of blood, and of the vascular system in general, which lead to the formation of gout-Influence of various causes in inducing gouty diathesis-Excesses and errors in diet.

pp. 91–103

Subject continued-Class of persons who are exempt from gout

Reasons why-Persons most liable to gout-High development of the nervous system ill adapted to excesses in diet-How excess of stimulating ingesta induces condition of circulation favourable to gout :

pp. 104–117

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Function of respiration, how impaired by excess of food and defi.

ciency of air and exercise; its influence in generating the gouty diathesis-Intellectual pursuits, mental anxiety, high living, and little exercise combined, generate the gouty diathesis without any hereditary taint

pp. 118-130


Cutaneous action, its influence in preventing gout and lithic acid

calculi-Hereditary tendency considered-Inverse ratio of development of the lungs and liver throughout the animal kingdom -Hereditary tendency to gout aggravated by mismanagement in early life-Recapitulation of arguments, showing how the various exciting causes generate that condition of vascular system favourable to gout

pp. 131-148



Different kinds of gout-Premonitory symptoms-An attack of gout

described and explained-Pain salutary, as shown by the late Dr. Marshall Hall's theory of reflex action-Atonic form of the disease-Fatty degeneration of the muscular system, especially of the heart—The gouty do not die of gout, but from diseases resulting from organic changes from constant circulation of impure blood-Case of retrocedent gout

pp. 149–180 pp. 200—238

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