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Spare me then, Thou woe is me! for the days of that art my Saviour, pity my life which I have lost my sinful soul : loose its by offending Thee, my chains, heal its sores. Lord Glory, by falling away from Jesu, I desire Thee, I seek Thee, my Chief Good; and Thee, I yearn for Thee : by leading others also to shew the light of Thy coun- fall with me. tenance, and I shall be Now therefore, O Lord, whole. May I live in Thee, accept, I pray Thee, what die in Thee, and abide may yet remain to me of eternally in Thee. May I my wretched life, and for be wholly Thine, and Thou the years which I have mine, O Jesus, for ever, already lost by losing sight through Thine own merits. of Thee, my broken and Amen.

contrite heart, O God, do

not Thou despise. My VI.

days have departed, and LORD Jesu Christ, withered away without fruit.

I, Thy unworthy ser- I cannot recall them. O vant, calling to mind the grant me to rememberthem bitter grief which Thou in the bitterness of mysoul. didst endure to save me O Lord, the deep of my from my sins, do grieve for wretchedness crieth out to having so grieved Thee : the deep of Thy mercy. and with true sorrow of O Thou Who hast mercy heart, I confess to Thee all on all, Who hatest nothing my sins, the evil deeds that Thou hast made, and which I have done, the Who dost hide away the good deeds I have left un- sins of those who truly done, even as Thou know-repent, grant that the founest them all, their number, tain of Thy mercy may measure, and weight. Woe! never be dried up against


me by reason of my sins. to condemn the world, but

It is Thine, O Lord, to that we through Thee might forgive sins: pity me now have life; 0 Thou, Who in the time of pity and of hast paid that which we grace, and grant me, while owed, and for the sins which there is yet time, so to we have committed hast amend my life that I may made atonement: I pray obtain Thy blessing, that in Thee, for Thymercy's sake, the day of account the word to grant unto me that Thy of cursing smite me not. Cross and Passion may

Make me, O Lord, to abound to my salvation; forsake those sins which and by the mystery of Thy most easily beset me, and most precious Body and to do works well pleasing Blood, which is daily offered unto Thee: and grant me, to Thee in the Church for by Thy help, to turn from the salvation of the faithful, the evil of my ways, and wherein Thou art in a with all my heart to turn wonderful way both Sacrito Thee, and to do Thy fice and Priest-grant me, holy will.

unworthy though I am of I pray Thee, by Thyself

, the least mercy, Thy pargrant unto me the pardon don and grace here, and of all my sins, negligences, eternal rest and glory hereand ignorances. destroy after. me not in mine iniquities, Thine

eyes nor be Thou angry with substance, yet being imperme for ever.

fect; but in Thy love Thou O Lord Jesu Christ, art merciful and ever ready Whose property is always to be intreated for sin: imto have mercy and to for- pute not, I pray Thee, my

I give, Who camest not to sins unto me for punishdestroy, but to save,—not ment. O let me not be

did see my

blotted out of the Book of Thou, Who dostcleanse Life, but by virtue of Thy from sin, grant that, cleansprecious passion, grant me ed from the defilement of a portion in Thine ever- my sins, and enlightened lasting kingdom.

in soul, I may know Thee O Lord, I pray Thee, by the eye of faith: and let the thought of my weak- knowing Thee, may my ness move Thee to have soul long after Thee, till at mercy.

Thou knowest last, by a happy death, I whereof I am made, yet may come to Thee, Christ preserve me, the work of Jesu, Who livest and reignThy love: let not Thy est with God the Father, labour nor Thy precious in the unity of the Holy Blood-shedding have been Ghost, for ever and ever. in vain for me.

For the Clergy.

they may use their talents O Thy

Priest, Whose Priest- need; so that, when at hood never passeth away, length they pass from these let Thy power come to the Thy altars, they may joyaid of Thy servants our fully present us their flock, priests, and clothe them and hear that voice full of with glory and beauty, that hope, “Enter into the joy they may carefully and wor- of thy Lord.” May they thily discharge the holy go on, O Lord, from strength offices of their priesthood: to strength: lift them up and that, through the guid- while they worship Thee: ance of Thy Holy Spirit, perfect Thy gifts in them,

crown them with Thy glory, ness. Confirm all their and fill their hearts with thoughts, words, and works. Thy grace : grant them Have mercy upon all men, Thine overflowing help,and O Lord, and strengthen in abundantly bless all their Thy service those who are labours for us Thy people. dedicated to Thee. SusAmen.

tain all those who labour :

raise up all those who are General Intercession.

oppressed with grief: heal O

us the increase of faith, of all that are in need: hope, and charity. Root grant unto all travellers a out from among us all sin safe return to their home: and wickedness, all discord bring to the haven all those and infidelity, all error and in peril at sea: give joy to delusion. Rebuke the er- all women labouring of ring, convert the unbeliev- child, and deliverance to ing. Bring back into the all that are in captivity. unity of Thy Church all Forgive all who have those that are in schism, sinned with me, or whom and shew unto them the I have led into sin. Relight of Thy grace. De- compense one hundredfold fend from all adversity, those whom I have injured, both of body and soul, the offended, or deceived. Dipastors and governors of rect in the way of life all Thy Church, and all other united to me by kindred rulers, emperors, kings, or friendship: all whose princes, and bishops, and labour or help I make use all who are in authority. of: all who pray for me,

Convert sinners to true or desire my prayers for repentance. Preserve the them: and all who think righteous in ways of holi- kindly of me. Hear them Have mercy,

in what trouble soever they beloved Son and the Holy call upon Thee. Vouch- Spirit, now and for ever. safe to our enemies and Amen. ourselves unbroken charity. May we all have patience; O HOLY Father, have ,

mercy upon all the may envy, wrath, and bitter- souls of men, upon thy ness, be far from us.

Church throughout the

() most world; have mercy upon merciful Father, on all the Church in these lands; souls. I commend to Thee have

mercy upon this all poor sinners, that Thou parish ; revive Thy work mayest convert and heal amongst us; rouse thesouls them: I commend to Thee of all to a true love of Thy all troubled souls who are Will, and an earnest prachindered from seeking Thee tice of Thy Will. Pour in Thy appointed means down upon all the gifts of of grace, that Thou mayest Thy Spirit, the dew of Thy give them the things they continual blessing, that need, and accept in them Thy Name may be more the will for the deed: I hallowed, and that all the commend to Thee the souls of this people may prayers of all who long for be brought to the light of unity in Thy Church, and Thy Truth; for Jesus beseech Thee to accom- Christ's sake. Amen. plish them in Thy good time. Oh Holy Father, look O LORD Jesu Christ,

the Thy by Thy Christ, and grant us all the Passion have mercy on grace to know Thee, to this parish; convert the love Thee, and to praise sinful, rouse the careless, Thee, together with Thy recover the fallen, restore


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