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to us and to all Thy servants a merciful judgment at the last day. Through JESUS CHRIST Our LORD. Amen.

Save us, O LORD, when we are awake, guard us when we are asleep, that we may wake with CHRIST, and may rest in peace. Amen.1

The Almighty and Merciful LORD, the FATHER, the SON, and the HOLY GHOST, bless and preserve us this night and everAmen.



Remember not, LORD, &c.
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O Almighty and Eternal GOD, Who hast appointed us six days to labour and do all our work, and hast consecrated the seventh to Thyself, we give Thee humble thanks for this Thy sacred day of rest. Grant, we beseech Thee, that we may keep it holy, as Thou hast commanded, by devoting it entirely to Thy love and service, and as our LORD JESUS CHRIST ON

You may say or sing a Hymn, "Sun of my soul," page 62.

this day rose from the dead, so may we rise up also unto newness of life. Mercifully forgive us all our past neglect, pardon the sins we have been guilty of in the course of the week, and give us grace to avoid them for the future. May we joyfully and thankfully embrace the opportunity of assembling ourselves together to worship Thee in Thine own House. Give us Thy HOLY SPIRIT, to make us reverent and devout, that our service may be acceptable in Thy sight, through the intercession of our LORD and SAVIOUR. Remember, O LORD, all who are hindered from coming to Thy House, and all who are deprived of the means of grace and instruction. Awaken the indifferent, and bring them this day to a better mind. Send down Thy Heavenly Blessing upon all Bishops and Pastors, especially our own. Grant that they may diligently preach Thy Holy Word, and rightly and duly administer Thy Holy Sacraments, and that being clothed with righteousness, in the Great Day, they may receive from Thee, the Righteous Judge, the crown of everlasting glory. May we esteem them very highly in love for their works' sake, and since they give an account of our souls,

may we take heed so to live that they may do it with joy, and not with grief. Give unto us and to all Christian people a humble, teachable, and obedient spirit when hearing Thy Holy Word spoken by their lips. May we ever hold fast to the guidance and Communion of Thy Holy Church, and steadfastly walk in the way that leadeth to eternal life; through JESUS CHRIST our LORD. Amen.

Almighty and Merciful GOD, of Whose only gift it cometh that Thy faithful people do unto Thee true and laudable service; grant, we beseech Thee, that we may so faithfully serve Thee in this life, that we fail not finally to attain Thy heavenly promises; through the merits of JESUS CHRIST our LORD. Amen. Our FATHER, &c.1

The grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, and the love of GOD, and the fellowship of the HOLY GHOST, be with us all evermore. Amen.

1 You may say or sing a Hymn if you have time.



For Parents.

Almighty and most Merciful FATHER, give me, I beseech Thee, grace and wisdom for the bringing up of my children in Thy faith and fear. Make me gentle and forbearing with them according to their several dispositions, but let me not through idleness or weak fondness indulge their self-will and wrong tempers. May I reprove and check their faults with firmness, and carefully provide them with opportunities of learning to know and serve Thee. Grant that I [or we] may show piety at home, and both by word and example teach them to seek first Thy kingdom and righteousness.

Give unto them, O LORD, the spirit of dutiful obedience according to Thy holy Commandment, and strengthen them by Thy grace to resist the enticements of evil from within and without. Bless them, O LORD: let Thy Fatherly hand ever be over them, Thy Holy Spirit ever be with them; and grant that faithfully serving Thee here, in the end they may obtain everlasting life; through JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD and SAVIOUR. Amen.

For Children.

Almighty GoD our Heavenly FATHER, give me grace, I beseech Thee, that I may always observe my parents with all kind of duty, according to Thy holy Commandment. Make me to honour and

obey them, to succour and comfort them, and never to grieve them by sinful or thoughtless conduct. Good LORD, forgive all the offences I have committed against them, increase the number of their days, support them in sickness, infirmity and affliction, and refresh their declining years with Thy comfort. [Bless my brothers, sisters.] Help us as Thou knowest to be needful for us in body and soul, and grant that we may all so faithfully serve Thee in this life that we fail not finally to attain Thy heavenly promises; through JESUS CHRIST our LORD. Amen.

For Masters and Mistresses.

Almighty and gracious God, give me grace so to order my family that we may be a household serving Thee. Make me to know and do my duty to the servants Thou hast committed to my charge, to use their services with mercy and moderation, and to reprove their faults with wisdom and kind. ness, remembering that I have a Master in Heaven.

O LORD, bless my servants and make them Thine. Give them grace to serve Thee first, and then to serve me with faithfulness and diligence, not to please me, but as the servants of CHRIST doing Thy will from the heart, and looking for their recompense in Heaven.

Make me ever ready to repay them the time and strength they spend to do me service, [and to have a care for them in sickness and old age.] Above all may I provide for their religion, and the interest of their souls, and never through selfishness or idleness deprive them of opportunities of attending on the means of grace. Grant this, O LORD, for the sake of JESUS CHRIST our LORD. Amen.

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