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from 1899 until his death, January 30, 1902, this great industrial center a profitable and an President Emeritus and Professor of Philosophy. exceedingly delightful one. Deep down in our Mainly through his influence and persistent hearts there shall ever remain the memory of and self-sacrificing energy, this institution was the royal and unsurpassed hospitality so greatly enabled to live and gain

ever firmer footing in enjoyed by the Association. its early years of struggle. He guided it Resolved, That to that distinguished and hon. through the crisis of the Civil War and the ored trio, Supt. Andrews, Supt. Morrow and years of financial stress which followed. His upt. Hamilton; to the various Committees; rare executive and scholarly ability, his uncom- to the teachers of Pittsburg, Allegheny and mon aptness and power as a teacher, his grow- Allegheny county; to the children of the pubing fame as a thinker, writer and educational lic schools, who entertained us in song, we are leader, gave prestige and standing to the insti- especially indebted for the comfort, enjoyment tution over which he presided, and attracted and delight that have been given us through students from far and near. In spite of meager

their efforts. endowment and a constant need of money, he Resolved, That we express our sincere and was able to associate with himself a body of profound gratitude for the munificent contributeachers imbued with his own spirit of self- tions of the Board of Education and of the gensacrifice, and thus Waynesburg College has erous-hearted citizens of Pittsburg toward our grown to a footing of equality with many older entertainment. and better endowed institutions. The new col- Resolved, That as an Association we apprelege building of noble proportions was first ciate the courtesy, dignity and ability of our thought of and planned for by Dr. Miller more presiding officer, Dr. J. R. Flickinger. To his than twenty-five years ago. At his instance the great interest and persistent effort, and to the work was undertaken; through his untiring excellent judgment displayed by the Executive efforts it was carried to completion. His in- Committee, in planning the program of this fluence still lives not only within the walls of session, much of the success and profit of this this monument of his, but in the meeting has been due. hearts and lives of hundreds of his pupils scat- Resolved, That we express our appreciation tered throughout our own country and in many of the solo work of Miss Frank Huntly during foreign lands. Dr. Miller had been honored the sessions of this meeting, and to the Templar with the degrees of D. D. and LL. D: He was Quintette for the charming melodious selections a great, good man, beloved and blessed by all rendered by them. who knew him.

Resolved, that the remarkably fine educaThe report was adopted by a rising deserves especial notice. Such excellent work

tional exhibit given by the schools of this city vote, and the Committee were authorized

will have a far-reaching influence upon other to make any proper additions to the same schools of this State. before publication, which has been done On motion of Dr. E. O. Lyte the resoas above.

lutions were unanimously adopted as THE RESOLUTIONS.

read. Supt. Fleisher, of Columbia, made the

TREASURER'S REPORT. following report from the Committee on Treasurer Keck presents the following Resolutions:

partial report of this year's attendance, Resolved, That we approve the action of the receipts and expenditures, for the inlast Legislature in providing a sufficient appro- formation of members, the final balance priation to provide free tuition in the State Normal Schools, thus putting Pennsylvania in

not yet known, as all bills have not yet line with the other leading States of the Union.

been paid : Resolved, That a sum sufficient to conduct at In my Philadelphia report I said: “Last year least two summer schools for the benefit of Williamsport gave us an enrollment of 1,017; teachers be placed by the Legislature at the Philadelphia almost doubled that by giving us disposal of the State Superintendent of Public 2,017: Can Pittsburg keep up the rate of inInstruction.

crease?” Pittsburg did not double the PhilaResolved, That the members of the Pennsyl. delphia enrollment, but she did so well that the vania State Educational Association reaffirm enrollment from Allegheny county alone extheir confidence in the administration of the ceeds the total enrollment of the Philadelphia Department of Public Instruction under the meeting by nearly two hundred, and the total distinguished leadership of the Hon. Nathan enrollment for this meeting is 2,738 names in. C. Schaeffer and his able assistants.

cluding 20 life members, classified by counties Resolved, That it is the sense of this Associa- as follows: tion that the provisional certificate should not Allegheny, 2,203; Armstrong, 14; Beaver, 53; be granted to any teacher for more than three Bedford, 1; Berks, 9; Blair, 6; Bucks, 1; Butsuccessive terms.

ler, 72; Cambria, 8; Cameron, 2; Chester, 5; Resolved, That we are under obligations to Clarion, 6; Clearfield, 1; Clinton, 12; Columbia, Dr. Chas. É. Thwing for his polished, eloquent 1; Crawford, 6; Cumberland, 1; Dauphin, 10; and masterly address.

Delaware, 8; Elk, 3; Erie, 3; Fayette, 6; FulResolved, "That it is impossible for us ade- ton, 1; Greene, 3; Huntingdon, 2; Indiana, 14; quately to express our appreciation of the suc. Jefferson, 3; Juniata, 1; Lackawanna, 1; Lancessful efforts of the local committees, and all caster, 7; Lawrence, 7; Lebanon, 3; Lehigh, others actively interested, to make our visit to 3; Luzerne, 2; Mercer, 10; Montgomery, 6;


790 08

Northumberland, 3; Perry, 2; Philadelphia, 11; ber of the Association who had assisted Potter, 1; Schuylkill, 22; Somerset, 1; Tioga,

in preparing and carrying out the 1; Venango, 3; Warren, 2; Washington, 33; Wayne, 1; Westmoreland, 148; Other States,

programme; all had worked harmoni. 16-total, 2,738. Last year fifteen counties were ously throughout. He once more ex. not represented; this year nineteen are blank. pressed his appreciation of the great The total receipts of this session are:

honor done him, and the great pleasure Harvey B. Twitmyer, Official Bulletin, $100 00

he had enjoyed in his work, supported Enrollment, 2738 (20 life members) 2,718 00

as he had been by his co laborers. He $2,818 00

hoped in a humbler way to assist in Total amount of bills presented and

making the future meetings as pleasant paid thus far..

and profitable as this one. It was matter Balance in favor of the Association . $2,027 92

of regret that his successor was not able

to remain, but he needed no introduction, An active committee should be appointed to

and the best way to get better acquainted get the County Superintendents to our annual meetings. I am sorry to say that thirty-eight

with him was to come to the next meet. of the present incumbents are not enrolled this ing. On his behalf he invited every one year.

here to be present next year. PERMANENT FUND.

The Association then adjourned sine Supt. J. M. Berkey called attention to die, Supt. Andrews repeating the invitathe provision of the Constitution (Art. tion to all the members and their friends VIII) for a Permanent Fund, to be in- to attend the reception at the Mononvested under direction of the Executive gabela House. This grand reception to Committee. After conference with the the officers and members of the AssociaTreasurer, he was satisfied that the large

tion was greatly enjoyed by everybody. enrollments of the last two years had

There were greetings of old friends and improved our financial condition to such new, music and dancing and refreshments an extent that we are justified in laying galore, and the happy company did not a foundation for such a Fund by setting disperse until after midnight had ushered aside $1000 for that purpose. He there in the Fourth of July, 1902. fore moved that the Executive Committee

LIST OF MEMBERS ENROLLED, be authorized and instructed to take such action.

In the following list of members enPresident Flickinger suggested that rolled, which occupies more than ten the fact that the Association is not in- pages of closely-printed nonpareil type, it corporated might raise some legal ques

was necessary, in economizing space, to tions when we come to investing money.

give but one line to each address. The As he was a member of the next year's post-office address "Allegheny City” is Executive Committee he thought it well sometimes given. "Allegheny." The to mention this now, so that the matter

word “City” is always understood, and might be put into proper form.

it should be so written. The entire en Dr. Buehrle moved to amend by author

rollment is 2,738 members. izing the Executive Committee to take


) measures for incorporating the Asso

Samuel Hamilton, Braddock. ciation.

Samuel Andrews, Pittsburg.

John Morrow, Allegheny City. The amendment was added, and the

George H. Lamb, Braddock. motion as amended was agreed to.

> J. C. Kendall, Homestead.
E. J. Shields, Wilkinsburg.

>J. M. Reed, Dravosburg.

Eleanor J. Whiting, Allegheny.

Mary E. Cooper, Allegheny City. The President said that before adjourn

John T. Hawthorne, Allegheny.

Lucy H. Gillett, Allegheny City. ment he wished to give due credit to the

J. E. Huchting, Allegheny City. working committees for their efforts to

George A. Spindler, Allegheny.

Mary C. Harbison, Allegheny. make a great success of this meeting at

E. C. Evans, Alegheny City. Pittsburg, and he was sure the other

M. M. Dorrington, Allegheny.

Willa E. Carter, Allegheny City. members of the Executive Committee

Jennie E. Maxwell, Allegheny.

Agnes Steubgen, Allegheny City. would agree with him in giving the

Alice E. Rose, Allegheny City. largest share of the credit to the local

Kate L. Adair, Allegheny City.

Pearl M. Ole, Allegheny City. workers. He wished to add his voice to

Grace E. Crawford, Allegheny.

Olive those already heard in tribute to Supt.

Rhein, Allegheny City.

Gertrude Goldstein, Allegheny. Andrews and his colleagues. He wished

Minnie E. Distler, Allegbeny. also to thank personally every mem

• Life Members.

Ada A. Harper, Allegheny City. James E. Morrow, Allegheny City. , Luanaious Parsons, Allegheny.
Martha A. Oliver, Allegheny. Mary P. Lang, Allegheny City. Kate C. Robinson, Allegheny City.
Velma B. Smith, Allegheny City. William Bignell, Allegheny City. Mary Maxwell, Allegheny City.
Jennie A. Morrison, Allegheny.. William Breit Wieser, Allegheny. Jane Herriott, Allegheny City.
Mary R. Williams, Allegheny City. S. G. Nolin, Allegheny City. Minnie McMunn, Allegheny Čity.
Abigail S. Gerwig, Allegheny City. Elizabeth McCrury, Allegheny. Jean B. Crawford, Allegheny.
Julia M. Stevenson, Allegheny. William L. Smith, Allegheny City, ! Kate M. Marion, Allegheny City.
Clara M. Perkins, Allegheny City. Hugh L. Porter, Allegheny City. Xina Lang, Allegheny City.
Lucie H. Goodwin, Allegheny City. H. J. Fincke, Allegheny City. Laura M. Logan, Allegheny City.
Elizabeth Beigbel, Allegheny City. F. J. Larva, Allegheny City: J. S. Sholes, Allegheny City.
E. A. Morrow, Allegheny City. Leola Vancil, Allegheny City. A. M. Noah, Allegheny City.
R. M. Sherrard, Allegheny City. Mary A. Swan, Allegheny City. M. R. Walker, Allegheny City.
Mary Schwarberg, Allegheny City. Etta Gilmor, Allegheny City. E. F. McDermott, Allegheny City.
Nettie Merrill, Allegheny City. Alice Dice, Allegheny City.

Hannah M. Foley, Allegheny City.
Mary Sanders, Allegheny City. Mary F. Zook, Allegheny City. A. M. Callen, Allegheny City.
Mrs. R. R. B. Wood, Allegheny. Sadie C. Core, Allegheny City. A. M. Herdman, Allegheny City.
Belle Hanna, Allegheny City. Ray Batchelor, Allegheny City. Ivy Cluley, Allegheny City.
Mary Omslaer, Allegheny City. Clara J. Welsh, Allegheny City. Lillian Gault, Allegheny City.
Etta M. Sharpless, Allegheny City. Laura E. Campbell, Allegheny. K. E. Sheedy, Allegheny City.
Mary S. Garretson, Allegheny. Rachael M. Black, Allegheny. Martha R. Leggate, Allegheny.
M. E. Collins, Allegheny City. Cora M. Mackey, Allegheny City. Emily Weitzel, Allegheny City.
R. S. Orr, Allegheny City.

E. T. Evans, Allegheny City. Nellie H. More, Allegheny City. Mary Boggs, Allegheny City. John A. Johnston, Allegheny City. Florence McCullough, Allegheny. Ottillie Illenberger, Allegheny. Hilda Rieck, Allegheny City. Mary E. K Allen, Allegheny City. Lillian McKee, Allegheny City. Margaret Williamson, Allegheny. Bessie S. Weber, Allegheny City. Elizabeth Mawhinney, Allegheny. Mary Beatty, Allegheny City. Eleanor Graham, Allegheny City. Grace K. Cameron, Alegheny. Alice Miller, Allegheny City. Olive S. Graebing, Allegheny City. Winnetta Huss, Allegheny City. Tillie Booth, Allegheny City. Elizabeth Nelson, Allegheny City. Christine Lauman, Allegheny. Alice Roeth, Allegheny City. Lizzie A. Lyon, Allegheny City. Margaret A. Born, Allegheny. Emma Hazlett, Allegheny Čity. Grace M. Deer, Allegheny City. Ada R. Galaber, Allegheny City. Elizabeth Lyle, Allegheny City. Anna R. Funora, Allegheny City. Martha F. Matthews, Allegheny. Anna Krebs, Allegheny City. Sylvester Stotler, Allegheny City. Nellie E. Jefreys, Allegheny city. Ora Smyers, Allegheny City. Eugenie Mayhard, Allegheny City. Henrietta Y. Kredel, Allegheny. Edna McCallister, Allegheny. Martha Ehlers, Allegheny City., Sara E. Gollmar, Allegheny City. Olive Otterson, Allegheny City. Lillian Saints, Allegheny City Mary Olive Duncan, Allegheny. Ida Hamilton, Allegheny City. Ella McKenna, Allegheny City. Rose K. Case, Allegheny City. Jeremiah Tingley, Allegheny City. Mary G. Crown, Allegheny City. Anna D. McClelland, Allegheny. Helen McMillan, Allegheny City. Carrie Meess, Allegheny City. Nora B. Osborn, Allegheny City. Effie McMillan, Allegheny City. Annie Jenkinson, Allegheny City. Lillie J. White, Allegheny City. Mary S. Patterson, Allegheny. Martha M. Boehmig, Allegheny. Harriet M. Henderson, Allegheny. James A. Dougan, Allegheny City. Ada M. Eggers, Allegheny City. Margaret P. Given, Allegheny. W. N. Paulson, Allegheny City. Margaret Manning, Allegheny. Mary P. Knox, Allegheny City. W. S. Paulson, Allegheny ity. Gertrude C. Levy, Allegheny. Emma P. Wieland, Allegheny City. Edith M. Morgan, Allegheny City. Nora B. Levy, Allegheny City. Maude M. Mayer, Allegheny City. Isabel Cunningham, Allegheny. Idella Walker, Allegheny City. A. B. Ferguson, Allegheny City. E. D. Hoyt, Allegheny City. Mary Robinson, Allegheny City. S. C. Farrar, Allegheny City. Bessie N. McFarland, Allegheny. Florence H. Campbell, Allegheny. H. W. Golden, Allegheny City. Florence C. Enwer, Allegheny. Sopha C. Reineke, Allegheny City. H. T. Hoopes, Allegheny City. Calista B. McFeathers, Allegheny. Nettie J. Crawford, Allegheny, A. E. Dodà, Allegheny City. Emma G. Roberts, Allegheny City. Cora B. Duncan, Allegheny City. James R. Glenn, Allegheny City. Minnie E. Donahey, Allegheny. Mary C. Greves, Allegheny City. Edna M. McDermott, Allegheny. Ellen Black, Allegheny City. Susanna Mainwaring, Allegheny. Fannie J. Noble, Allegheny City. Lizzie B. Hall, Allegheny City. Edna M. Trimble, Allegheny City. Jane E. Walker, Allegheny City. Mary Black, Allegheny City. Frances Partington, Allegheny. Margaret B. Hayden, Allegheny. Anna C. Lecky, Allegheny City. Mazie E. Graham, Allegheny City. Mary C. Taggart,

Allegheny city. Jeannette H. Leckey, Allegheny. Minnie B. Gerst, Allegeheny City. Lettie B. Cullers, Allegheny City. Mary E. Aughney, Allegheny City. Katherine Marshall, Allegheny. Madge Gilmore, Allegheny City. Margaret J. McDonald, Allegheny. Mrs. Jennie Nesbit, Allegheny. Lona B. McCrea, Allegheny City. M. H. Young, Allegheny City. Lillian M. Meyers, Allegheny. Bessie Graham, Allegheny City. Helen Cooper, Allegheny City. Mary M. Leukard, Allegheny City. Elizabeth Smith, Allegheny City. Margaret E. Babst, Allegheny. Joseph Speer, Allegheny City. Daisy P. Bash, Allegheny City. Margaret_J. Cubbage, Allegheny. S. W. B. McDonald, Allegheny. Caroline Hill, Allegheny City. M. Alice Bartley, Allegheny City. R. C. Barris, Allegheny City. Myrtle E. King, Allegheny City. Ella M. Sample, Allegheny City. Elizabeth Seaton, Allegheny City. Nannie J. Cowan, Allegheny City. Alice E. Morgan, Allegheny Čity. Margaret Thompson, Allegheny. Anna M. Duvall, Allegheny City. Lulu G. McConnell, Allegheny. Ida A. Thompson, Allegheny City. Lottie Moon, Allegheny City. Mary L. Rose, Allegheny City. Mary H. Walton, Allegheny City. Grace N. Leacock, Allegheny City. Frances Hazlett, Allegheny City. Edna Diem, Allegheny City. Hettie Kaufman, Allegheny City. Mary R. Knox, Allegheny City. 0. Pearle Armstrong, Allegheny. Anna G. Kohen, Allegheny City. Emma M. Lietman, Allegheny. Lida Mayhard, Allegheny City. Mary E. Brown, McKees Rocks. Alberta Hay, Allegheny City. M. E. Dillon, Allegheny City. Elizabeth J. Brose, McKees Rocks. Ella L. Pfordt, Allegheny City. Katie Beyer, Allegheny City. Katharine Powers, McKees Rocks. Josephine W. White, Allegheny. C. G. Miller, Allegheny City. Vinnie Maconbray, McKees Rocks. Eliza B. Crea, Allegheny City, N. K. Marquis, Allegheny City. Sara W. Wellings, McKees Rocks. Mary McCrum, Allegheny City. D. M. Tyler, Allegheny City. Beulah V. Ferree, Coraopolis. Margaret Lonkert, Allegheny. E. A. McCune, Allegheny City. Virginia H. Elliott, Pittsburg. Roberta L. Jones, Allegheny City. L. A. Cooper, Allegheny City, Filizabeth R. Schmidt, Pittsburg. Jennie D. Dalzell, Allegheny City. James M. Norris, Allegheny City. Elizabeth Fairley, Allegheny. Margaret P. Jamison, Allegheny. J. W. Swan, Allegheny City. Annie Morrison, Allegheny City.

Pauline H. Wachob, Allegheny. G. C. Haworth, Allegheny City. Emily Galbraith, Allegheny City. Irene E. McDermott, Allegheny. M. A. Yeager, Allegheny City. Sara Carney, Allegheny City.

William A. Meloney, Allegheny. Almy F. King, Allegheny City. Mrs. Harriet Kemp, Allegheny. Clara Rieger, Allegheny City. M. M. Campbell, Allegheny City. S. A. Espey, Allegheny City. Mamie Brown, Allegheny City. G. M. Lacock, Allegheny City. Kate S. McCambley, Allegheny. John H. Chatham, Allegheny City. M. L. Hay, Allegheny City. Stella Agnew, Allegheny City. Rhoda Bell, Allegheny City. A. M. Mitchell, Allegheny City. Rose Frazier, Allegheny City. Nannie J. Jamison, Allegheny. I. C. Rotzler, Allegheny City. Blanche McNall, Allegheny City. Kathryn E. Lang, Allegheny City. I. M. McDonough, Allegheny City. Minnie Holt, Allegheny City. M. Adeline Aiken, Allegeheny. S. H. Williams, Allegheny City. Anna Marshall, Allegheny City. Margaret Gapen, Allegheny City. L. C. Scott, Allegheny City. Ellen S. Marshall, Allegheny Čity. Luella Crawford, Allegheny City. M. T. Hara, Allegheny City, Nannie M. Weaver, Allegheny. Arabella MacClure, Allegheny. E. A. Halloway, Allegheny City.


M. J. Hutchinson, Allegheny City. W. W. Fell, Coraopolis.

John W. Orr, Allegheny City. H. A. Graham, Allegheny City. Anna Aukrom, Coraopolis.

Ella M. Brockmyer, Noblestown. Ella Linton, Allegheny City. Agnes Wilson, Coraopolis.

Anna Provost, Fairhaven. Emma Meals, Allegheny City. Anna Schwind, Coraopolis.

Marget Douglass, Castle Shannon. Mary E. Cunningham, Allegheny. Henrietta Mundorff, Coraopolis. Minnie Appel, Fairhaven. Martha Brooks, Allegheny City. Carrie E. Stoever, Ingram.

Mrs. Mae Hodel, Dehaven. Anna Reiser, Allegheny City. C. Augusta McBride, Cliff Mine. Eleanor E. Rex, Ingram. Edna M. Rolshouse, Allegheny. Anna H. Moore, Beacom.

Mary M. Thompson,

Springdale. Emma Ebert, Allegheny City. Lena McGinley, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Lackey, Shousetown. Hermie Neely, Allegheny City. Charlotte Graham, Elizabeth. Lyda Porter, Shousetown. Bertha Garroway, Allegheny City. Mary J. Easton, Elizabeth. Ella S. Gray, Harmarville. Amelia J. Hill, Allegheny City. Kathryn Negley, Elizabeth. Clara M. Vates, Pittsburg. Ivul C. Smith, Allegheny City. Sarah Collins, Elizabeth.

Benjamin Evans, Edgeworth. Caroline D. Krane, Allegheny City. Lilian Wiegel, Elizabeth.

Emily Craighead, Pittsburg. Rose M. Laager, Allegheny City. Hannah Stephens, Elizabeth. Mamie Graham, Elizabeth. Margaret E. Drum, Allegheny. 0. 0. Coon, Elizabeth.

C. E. Dickey, Avalon. Gertrude B. Scott, Allegheny City. R. G. Miller, Elizabeth.

Mary Dickson, Avalon. Nannie Stinson, Allegheny City. Sarah Little, Sheridanville. Lillie Terry, Avalon. Josephine C. Marshall, Allegheny. Lizzie Moffitt, Sheridan ville. Amelia Duif, Avalon. Laura Merker, Allegheny City. Mary V. Holt, Sheridanville. Lucy Herring, Avalon. Carrie Johnson, Allegheny City. Olive Ferrel, Sheridanville.

Helen Dickson, Bellevue. Jane R. Till, Allegheny City. Martha Little, Sheridanville. Emma M. Lang, Allegheny City. Grace Gibson Swan, Allegheny. Elizabeth Baird, Sheridanyille. Anna McKudy, Allegheny City. E. P. Johnson, Allegheny City. Harriet Smith, Sheridanville. Clara Miller, Bellevue. Adda Martin, Allegheny City. Kate Whitlow, Sheridanville. Emma Hurst, Avalon. Jane S. Matthews, Allegheny. Agnes Douglass, Sheridanville. M. Elinor Smith, Allegheny City. Lillian Boschert, Allegheny City. Maggie Thomas, Sheridanyille. Flora J. Jameson, Avalon. Bessie Dunseath, Allegheny City. Anna Moore, Sheridanville.

Margaret L. Stein, Pittsburg. Mary Hughes, Allegheny City. Jean Jackson, Sheridanville. Bertha Singer, Avalon. Lida Campbell, Allegheny City. Effie Whitlov, Sheridanville. Sadie V. Rogers, Carnegie. Elizabeth Fairly, Allegheny City. Lizzie Thomas, Sheridanville. Edna Richards, Oakdale. Gertrude Cooper, Allegheny City. F. L. Hannum, Sheridanville. Anna M. Poellot, Carnegie. Margaret Hamilton, Allegheny. Sara N. Kelly, Pittsburg.

Bertha V. Law, McKeesport. Jessie Hutchison, Allegheny City. Asenath Tucker, Tarentum. Tillie Johnson, Castle Shannon. Naomi Donahey, Allegheny City. Mayme Baxter, Tarentum.

Anna M. Stucke, Port Perry. Eva Fielding, Allegheny Čity. Irene Tucker, Tarentum.

Pearl J. Kipp, Tarentum. Matilda Gordon, Allegheny City. Jennie Sefton, Tarentum.

Ella M. McKnight, Buena Vista. Mabel Cox, Allegheny City. Bertha Beatty, Tarentum.

William P. Neely, Bayne. Louise Aldinger, Allegheny City. Margaret Aten, Tarentum.

C. C. Kelso, Sharpsburg. Mary Glemser, Allegheny City. Emma Breck, Tarentum.

Alice Ramsay, New Kensington. Minnie Link, Allegheny City. Carrie W. Ready, Tarentum. Sara Coyle, Sharpsburg. Ada Stanford, Allegheny City. Almeda Coss, Tarentum.

Minnie M. Theobold, Bennett. Pauline Mohn, Allegheny City. Ruth Donnell, Tarentum.

J. Olive Jones, Sharpsburg. Mary Hawk, Allegheny City. Margaret Dickson, Tarentum. M. L. Ramsey, New Kensington. Anna Evans, Allegheny City. Katherine Uhlinger, Tarentum. Margaret Rolshouse, Sharpsburg Enna Wilson, Allegheny City. Mary E. Boyd, Tarontum.

Lucetta T. Parker, Sharpsburg. Alice Hasely, Allegheny City. Laura C. Venable, Tarentum. Martha E. Weible, Sharpsburg. Mamie Von Ohlen, Allegheny. Josephine K. Stewart, Tarentum. Blanche K. Wakefield, Sharpsburg. Elizabeth Hamilton, Allegheny. Kizzie Kennedy, Tarentum.

Josephine Slaigh, Sharpsburg. Margaret King, Allegheny City. Emily M. Haslett, Tarentum. M. Slaigh, Sharpsburg. Frances Johnston, Allegheny city. Elizabeth Mahaffey, Tarentum. Mabel F. Wakefield, Sharpsburg. Mary Hahn, Allegheny City. Cornelia R. Karns, Tarentum. Martha T. Hervey, Sharpsburg. Blanch Waebob, Allegheny City. Caroline S. Galbraith, Tarentum. Jessie Anderson, Sharpsburg. Anna Bivers, Allegheny City. Clara B. Kennedy, Tarentum. Maude M. Smith, Sharpsburg. Anna Moran, Allegheny City. S. M. Hazlett, Tarentum.

Carrie K. Dunlap, Sharpsburg. Anna Benner, Allegheny City. Rose Irwin, Tarentum.

Mayme L. Swindell, Sharpsburg. Janette Wishart, Allegheny City. S. H. Garner, Tarentum.

Florence 1. Gettner, Etna.
Bella Class, Allegheny City.
Julla E. Krech, Tarentum.

Mary Herron, Thorn Hill.
Alice Richardson, Allegheny City. Nan M. Latimer, Tarentum.

F. 8. Powers, McKees Rocks. A. C. Gordon, Allagheny City. Lena Ubinger, Mt. Oliver.

Lida V. Hahn, Coraopolis. James N. Smith, Allegheny City. Emma J. Frank, Pittsburg.

Anna P. Portman, Pittsburg. Rebecca E. Welsh, Allegheny. Phoebe M. Latimer, Woodville. Florence M. Long, McKee's Rock. Elizabeth McElwain, Allegheny. Bessle McNulty, Carnegle. Martha G. Davis, Sewickley. Clara M. Mueller, Allegheny City. Myrtle Jones, Braddock.

Anna M. Graham, Sewickley. Carrie L. Bragdon, Allegheny. Rae A. Finley, Rodi.

Elizabeth Wakeham, Sewickley. Jane Hammond, Allegheny Čity. Ina McKinney, Lock No. 3. H. J. Rose, Sevickley. Annie E. McMunn, Allegheny. Sarah L. Bunting, Cheswick. Ava Karstorp. Pittsburg. Lide J. Wallace, Allegheny City. Mrs. Jennie Ireland. Nadine. Martha Boyd, Allegheny City. Anna E. Carter, Allegheny City. Arminta F. Bower, Oakdale. Florence Roehrig, Bennett. Mary W. Cannon, Allegheny City. 0. 0. Anderson, Coulters.

N. E. Waddell, Etna. Emma M. Scott, Allegheny City. A. L. G. Eaton, Clinton.

Anna Wermer, Blair Station. Lida Boyd, Allegheny City. Sadle J. McNall, Imperial.

Bertha Klein, Carrick. Leanna M. Eddie, Allegheny City. E. E. Hart, Beaver Falls

Margaret S. Lee, Oakmont. Maggie C. Benner, Allegheny City. Gertrude Davis, Oakdale

H. W. Goodwin, Turtle Creek. Sadle A. Searight, Allegheny. Lyda F. Magill, Sharpsburg. Mary E. Curry, Pittsburg. Sadie M. Boyd, Allegheny City. B. Blanche Otterman, Natrona. M. Maud. Parke, Tarentum. Carrie Harper, Allegheny City. Hanna M. Thompson, Buena Vista. Mabel Fife, West Elizabeth. Mary Murry, Allegheny City. John C. Chambers, Lang.

Ada L. Newton, West Elizabeth. Mary McQuigg, Allegheny City. Adda McCorkle, Castle Shannon. Jay Turner, West Elizabeth. Margaret M. Adair, Allegheny. Laura B. Swisshelm, Pittsburg. Emma R. Potts, Natrona. Alice Morrow, Allegheny City Anna M. Jenkner, Turtle Creek. Rose Butler, Crafton. Sara C. Sample, Allegheny City. W. M. Young, Natrona.

Alice G. Anderson, Carnegle. Sara S. Alkin, Allegheny City. May Hultz, Castle Shannon. Ella Norris, Culmerville. Mary J. Adair, Allegheny City. Jennie P. Lynch, McKeesport. Mary Evans, Banksville. Mrs. Etta R. Robie, Allegheny. A. B. McBride, Sewickley.

Jeane Milholland, Pittsburg. Emma M. Hood, Allegheny City. Ella M. Wicks, Gill Hall.

Mary B. McBryar, Blizabeth. Mary L. Chisholm, Allegheny. Julla F. Mack, Carnegie.

Margaret A. Black, Coulters. » Margaret J. Pregley, Tarentum. Mabel F. Mahaffey, Rural Ridge. Maud Marks, Daquesne.

Nettle M. Harper, Tarentum. Agnes B. Slaymaker. Pittsburg. Bertha M. Abel, Duquesne.
Anna L. Duncan, Aspinwall. WIII H. Fogal, Wexford.

Hope Lewis, Duquesne.
G. Louise Taylor, Aspinwall. Carrfe Alston. Enslow.

Julia Kisinger, Duquesne. Margaret A. Patton, Aspinwall. Charlotte K. Johnston, Springdale. H. E. Winner, Duquesne.

Margaret L. Hester, Elizabeth. Roberta Morgan, Homestead. Eleanor Ralston, Wilkinsburg. Arthur V. McKee, Duquesne. Ella C. Jacobs, Homestead. Ina M. Stewart, Wilkinsburg. Mrs. Nora W. Yolton, Carnot. Eleanor Louis, Homestead.

Clara Smith, Wilkinsburg. W. S. Bingham, Glenshaw.

Belle P. Patton, Homestead. Ellen Vierheller, Wilkinsburg. W. E. Borger, Sewickley.

Mrs. Lyde P. Williams, Homestead. Elizabeth Van Kirk, Wilkinsburg. Emma Snowden, Duquesne.

Bessie Howard, Homestead. Dora M. Wylie, Wilkinsburg. Geo. M. Hamilton, Unity Station. Charles Elrick, Homestead. Mary Newell, Wilkinsburg. Mary L. Weibel, Sharpsburg. Margaret Gallager, Homestead. Edith Crombie, Wilkinsburg. Mildred Kennedy, Allegheny City. May Stark, Homestead.

Jean Donaldson, Wilkinsburg. Sadie L. Miller, Glenshaw.

Hannab Martin, Homestead. Enid Woolsley, Wilkinsburg. Clara Kuehn, Allegheny City. Russell Purman, Homestead. W. P. Spargrove, Pittsburg. Elizabeth Bevan, Pittsburg: Anna C. Hill, Homestead.

Augusta Coursin, McKeesport. Maud Anghinsbaugh, Pittsburg. Rose Skirboll, Homestead.

Ida M. Wilson, Pittsburg. Elizabeth J. Blackwood, Pittsburg. Laura B. Gilmore, Homestead. Agnes McGregor, Verona. Pearl J. Ketzner, Pittsburg. Sadie Morton, Homestead.

Rose Duffy, Redman's Mills. Maud Fellabaum, Hope Church. Bessie Atkinson, Homestead. Hanna McCann, Redman's Mills. Gertrude Guffey, Wilkingsburg. Florence Smith, Homestead.

Thomas Addenbrook, Braddock. Sara E. Hurd, Wilkinsburg. Edith Elliott, Homestead.

E. Jane Williams, Pittsburg. Alice McFarland, Wilkinsburg. C. Branigan, Homestead.

Elizabeth K. F. Black, McKeesport. Alyda Maxwell, Wilkinsburg. Elizabeth Gilliland, Homestead. Flossie V. Wills, Allegheny City. Maze O'Rourke, Wilkinsburg. Kate Blackburn, Mendelssohn. Valladolid Watt, Elliott. Clara Ryan, Wilkinsburg.

Margaret Allan, Coal Valley. Jeneva Cunningham, Dorseyville. Arabelle Siebert, Wilkinsburg. Agnes E. Lawton, Wilkinsburg. J. Edith McKown, Coraopolis. Elizabeth J. Sloane, Wilkinsburg. Alice Johnson, Carrick.

Julia Palmer, McKees Rocks. Edna M. Wright, Wilkinsburg. Nancy Walker, Elizabeth.

Ida Evans, Pittsburg. Ellen Whitten, Wilkinsburg. Nellie Nimon, Port Perry.

Martha J. Holmes, Esplen. Julia Bowersox, Wilkinsburg. Jene Lambert, Elizabeth.

Martha Crawford, Pittsburg. Elsie Cummins, Wilkinsburg. Emma B. Blair, Blair Station. Sophia Ahrend, McKees Rocks. Mary Donaldson, Wilkinsburg. Elizabeth M. Best, Dravosburg. Stella M. McCoy, McKees Rocks. May Foley, Wilkinsburgo

Ida M. A. Riley, Duquesne. C. M. C. Campbell, Oakmont.
Lillian Long, Wilkinsburg.
Anna Davis, Duquesne.

G. W. Williams, Pittsburg.
Tillie A. Price, Wilkinsburg.
Carrie Storer, Elizabeth.

C. B. Connelley, Allegheny City.
Emma Springer, Wilkinsburg. Margaret J. Gilmore, Homestead. Stella N. Marks, Braduock.
Ella v. Storer, Wilkinsburg. Sadie Conlin, Duquesne.

Anna P. Baxter, Pittsburg.
Sadie A. Walker, Wilkinsburg. Mrs. Ida Cornish, Elizabeth. G. R. Speer, McKees Rocks.
Margaret Miller, Pittsburg. Elizabeth Morris, Pittsburg. C. B. McCabe, Braddock.
Cynthia Manon, Pittsburg.

Mildred Edwards, Duquesne. Inez McDonald, Braddock.
Sadie A. Wilson, Verona.
Mary Steffy, Duquesne.

Gertrude Price, Pittsburg.
Isabel MacClurg, Oakdale.
Agnes Ferguson, Duquesne.

Sarah A. Marshall, Pittsburg. Minerva MacGeorge, Pittsburg. Laura Shallenberger, Braddock. Mrs. Anna Wharton, Braddock. Edna F. Chester, Wilkinsburg. Viola Milslagle, Duquesne. Minnie F. Jones, Duquesne. Charlotte E. Roy, Pittsburg. Marie C. Johnson, Duquesne. Blanche McBride, Braddock. Edith Patterson, Pittsburg. Faye Galloway, Duquesne.

Mary A. Purdy, Braddock.
Minnie St. C. Coursin, Edgewood Lizzie Fleck, Wilmerding.

Isabel White, McKeesport.
Grace Beall, Pittsburg.

Ella 0. Maxwell, Braddock.
Frances S. Hazlett, Wilkinsburg. Mary J. Tussey, Wilmerding. Mrs. Jennie S. Lapsly, Braddock.
Indla Stephenson, Edgewood Park. Lotta Stedeford, Allegheny City. Ella M. Rankin, Braddock.
G. L. Blackford, Edgewood Park. Jane V. Touhill, Wilmerding. Minerva L. Swift, Wilkinsburg.
Charlotte H. Hartley, Banksville. Ella B. Nowry, Wilmerding. Carolyn Johnston, Braddock.
Mary E. Miller, Elliott.
Nan L. Hunter, Pittsburg.

Lizzie A. Kelly, Braddock.
Margaret Taylor, Elliott.
Grant Norris, Wilmerding.

Anna Jones, Braddock.
Anna L. Baker, Elliott.

Emma A. Williams, Wilmerding. Margaret McMinn, Braddock. Annie E. Henderson, Elliott. Anna M. Wilson, Wilmerding. Mrs. Jessie B. Coventry, Allegheny. Annie L. Henderson, Elliott. Annabe. Cowan, Apollo.

Minerva Marshall, Pittsburg. Myrtle B. Salisbury, Elliott. Harriet Richards, Wilmerding. Lillian W. McCoy, Pittsburg. Lyda M. Simcox, Elliott. Lida M. Torley, Pittsburg.

Mattie Scott, McKeesport. T. T. Taylor, Elliott.

Minnie Pfaff, Castle Shannon. Eva Johnston, Wilmerding. Clara Henderson, Pittsburg. Clara M. Bryerley, Etna.

Jennie F. Musser, Pittsburg. Barbara Salisbury, Elliott.

Elizabeth McAllister, Pittsburg. Millie DuVall, Sta. C, Pittsburg. Ella Davis, Crafton. Lottie Graham, Imperial.

Alice Albertson, Sta.C, Pittsburg. Anna B. Smith, Pittsburg. Otilla C. Lode, Mt. Oliver.

Anna H. Priebe, Sta. C, Pittsburg. J. Q. A. Irvine, Etna. Bessie Campbell, Hoboken.

Susie H. Flinn, Sta. C, Pittsburg. Blanche Buch, Pittsburg. Agnes L. Scott, Camden.

Jean McClester, Sta. C, Pittsburg. Della Williams, Bennett.

Maggie Parsons, Jones Station. Kathryn Flinn, Sta. C, Pittsburg. Nettie B. Nickel, Braddock. Margaret R. Winters, Sewickley. Nellie Shaw, Sta. C, Pittsburg. Myrtle McCready. Allegheny City. Anna Hardgrove, Oakdale. Evelyn McDowell, Sta.C, Pittsburg. Verne Bell, Braddock.

Margaret M. Hardgrove, Oakdale. Linnie Isler, Sta. C, Pittsburg. Edith Day, Braddock.

Margaret M. Miller, Pittsburg. H. B. Twitnyer, Sta. C, Pittsburs. Lyda Stewart, East Pittsburg. Maud Seaman, Leetsdale.

C. P Critchfield, Sta. C, Pittsburk. E. F. Loucks, Braddock. Della Whited, Sharpsburg.

Milo 17. Miller, Sta. C, Pittsburt Cecil H. Dean, Edgewood Park. Elizab'h I. Atkinson, Wilkinsburg. Ella Fisher, Sta. C, Pittsburg Ella Lytle, Wilkinsburg.

Ariana R. Murray, DeHaven. Teresa McCann, Redman's Mills. Mattie M. Kendall, Homestead. Ella L. Neemes, Avenue.

Mabel Knowlton, Oakdale. Beatrice M. Taylor, Pittsburg. Rachel Jenkins, Carnegie.

Mary Little, Sheridanville. Kate A. Burdette, Homestead. Eva Jones, Sturgeon.

Edith Pancoast, Elizabeth. Sarah J. Whitten, Wilkinsburg. Jessie L. Londen, E. McKeesport. Ida L. Hunt, Elizabeth. Hattie Klein, Homestead.

Arkar Burkholder, McKeesport. Flora M. Kelley, Sewickley. Blanche M. Lynn, Pittsburg. Margaret Thomas, Mt. Oliver. Mary Wallace, Oakdale. Mary A. Murray, Homestead. Lizzie Baille, Hites.

George W. Scott, Allegheny City. Kate C. Kessler, Homestead. Nannie R. Boyle, Aspinwall.

John Scott, Allegheny City, Mrs. Mary Sullivan, Homestead. Hattie_M. Hatch, Sewickley. Mary Cunningham, Dorseyville. Sue E. Bullock, Homestead. Anna Pearl Miller, Wall.

Elodie G. Carlin, Pittsburg. Sarah E. Irwin, Homestead. Maria Geary, McDonald.

G. Milldollar, Greentree. D. W. McKenney, Homestead. Helen H. Faris, Wilkinsburg. Bessie R. Mechling, Munhall. Leonora Bassert, Homestead. W. T. Slater, Wilkinsburg.

Edith Thomas, Homestead. Violet C. Hirth, Homestead. Norah McNary, Wilkinsburg. Stella P. Young, Homestead. Sarah A. Noble, Pittsburg. Sara Ferguson, Wilkinsburg. Rose E. Philson, Pittsburg. Carrie E. Coulter. Homestead. Katharine Giering, Wilkinsburg. Annie McCrum, Aspinwall. Kate B. Beazell, Munhall.

Lottie Harrison, Wilkinsburg. Harry S. Smith, Elizabeth. Sarah 11. Ross, Pittsburg.

Burd M. Hissem, wilkinsburg. Sarah B. McClure, Homestead. (teorge L. Smink, Pittsburg. Frances Marter, Wilkinsburg. Ida J. Simpson, Dravosburg. Jennie Davis, Homestead.

Florence Porter, Wilkinsburg. Carolyn Schreiner,Mount Lebanon.

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