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the “Study of the · Last Things,'" of which of description of David moved from its interthe reckoning of 3,996 years from the creation ruption of the Moses story back to its own of Adam to the birth of Christ is a specimen. place. Friendly Year (The): Chosen and Arranged History of Political Parties in the United States

from the Works of Heary van Dyke. By George (A). By, J. P. Gordy, Ph.D. (Second Edition, Sidney Webster. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York. 417x7 in. 185 pages. $1.25.

Thoroughly Revised.). "In 4, vols. Vol. I. Henry

Holt & Co., New York. 5x74, in. 598 pages. $1.75. This volume is very felicitous, not only in its In this, the second edition of his work, Pro. contents, but in its arrangement. The selec- fessor Gordy abundantly justifies the view tions from Dr. van Dyke's prose and verse expressed in his preface, that the political have been made with sympathetic intelligence; philosophy of Hamilton was held by only a they are printed in broad column, but on a small minority of the Federalist party, and that much broader page, and with side-titles the great body of Federalists differed but which are keys to the contents of the para- little with the democratic views championed graphs. The author of “ The Foot-Path to by Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin. The Peace" is singularly happy in his gift of putting complete collapse of Federalism, so soon after wise thoughts into brief and telling sentences. its first defeat, can be explained only on this The range of his interests, the ripeness of his basis, and only on this basis can we account wisdom, and the poetic quality of his insight for the Federalism of New England, which are disclosed in this volume, which is very was so strongly democratic prior to and durtastefully made.

ing the Revolutionary War. The Federalist Gay Lord Quex (The): A Comedy in Four Acts. leaders, by reason of their ability, scholarship,

By Arthur W. Pinero. R. H. Russell, New York. and social prestige, were able to direct the 512x89% in. 186 pages. $1.25.

policy of their party, but Hamilton probably Indisputably clever, and put together for the- mistook the temper of the common people of ater use with deft skill. Equally indisputably, all parties and all sections when he claimed Mr. Pinero's view of society is dishearteningly that public opinion was steadily progressing pessimistic, and his treatment of the vice of away from the democratic ideals of the Revosensuality Aippant and dangerous.

lution. In his own influential circle there was Glimpses of Three Nations. By G. W. Stee. doubtless progress" of this sort, but the

vens. Edited by Vernon Blackburn. Dodd, Mead rank and file of the Federalists remained fun

& Co., New York. 5x712 in. 295 pages. $1.50. damentally democratic in faith and feeling. Mr. Steevens had long intended to write a book about London. The chapters on Lon

How to Succeed. By Austin Bierbower. R. F. don in this book, originally printed in the

Fenno & Co., New York. 415x7 in. 225 pages. $1. London “Daily Mail,” were really thumb-nail In and Around the Grand Canyon. By George sketches preparatory to such a book. To Wharton James. Illustrated. Little, Brown & Co., them are added light, sharply impressionistic

Boston. 31,*834 in. 341 pages. $3. pictures of phases of life in France and Ger

Ten years' repeated visits to the superb scenmany. In peace as in war, Mr. Steevens was ery of the Grand Canyon have provided Mr. an alert observer and a brilliant word-painter. James with most intimate knowledge of local These sketches, slight as they are, merit pres

history, with the most complete appreciation ervation in book form. Mrs. Steevens writes

of the natural wonders of the country, and a brief preface.

with varied and extensive pictorial material.

The subject has never been so fully and richly God, the King, My Brother. By Mary F. treated as in this volume.

Nixon. L. C. Page & Co., Boston.. 57x!, in, 296 pages. $1.25.

Intermediate Arithmetic. By William J. Milne, Heath's Home and School Classics.

Ph.D., LL.D. The American Book Co., New York.

5x7 in. 219 pages. 30c. Nursery Classics ;" “ The Wonderful Chair ;" Ruskin's "King of the Golden River;") · Eyes and No International Law. By F. E. Smith, B.C.L. Eyes ;" Lamb's · Adventures of Ulysses ;" * The

(The Temple Primers.) The Macmillan Co., New Story of a Short Life ;" * A Midsunimer-Night's Dream ;" *Gulliver's Travels," Part I. and II. P.C.

York 4x6 in. 184 pages. 40c. Heath & Co., Boston. 5x7, in. Paper bound. In the Days of Jefferson. By Hezekiah But10c, and 15c. each.

terworth. Illustrated. D. Appleton & Co., New Heroines of the Bible in Art. By Clara Er- York. 59, X8 in. 284 pages. $1.50. skine Clement. Illustrated. L. C. Page & Co., Bos

In this, one of the Liberty Series of historic ton. 5x7", in. $61 pages. $2.

fiction, Mr. Butterworth deals with the ideal From the desirable books of reference on side of Thomas Jefferson. The picture he painting and sculpture already compiled by draws is a lovable one, revealing the eclectic Mrs. Clement, we have a right to expect the many-sidedness and breadth of sympathies of same excellence in her latest work, nor are we the hero. In his early days in the Virginia disappointed. Eve, beginning the Bible hero- forests we see Jefferson fraternizing with the ines, is followed by Sarah, Hagar, Rebecca, Indian Ontasette and with the unknown Rachel, etc. Each subject has received varied stranger and Moslem Selim, on the one side, portrayal in painting: For instance, Rachel's and with the idealist Dabney Carr on the life has been pictured in the works of Raphael

, other. Patrick Henry and many other men Palma Vecchio, Giordano, Rubens, Appiani, of note figure in this delightful story of the and Cignaroli. These representations are Father of American Democracy. described and compared. The illustration of Italian Cities. By Edwin Howland Blashfield the present volume is good as far as it goes. and Evangeline Wilbour Blashfield. Charles Scrib but is deplorably inadequate. In the second ner's Sons, New York. 2 vois. 5x7 in. $4. edition this should be remedied, and the page Reserved for later notice.

* Six

Jacinta, and Other Verses. By Howard V. Literary Friends and Acquaintance: A Per

Sutherland. Doxey's, At the sign of the Lark, New sonal Retrospect of American Authorship. By York. 4x6 in. 70 pages.

W.D. Howells. Illustrated. Harper & Bros., New

York. 512X81, in. D8 pages. $2.50. Kentucky Cardinal (A) and Aftermath. By

A delightful book of literary reminiscences James Lane Allen. Illustrated. (New and Revised Edition.) The Macmillan Co., New York. 514.8

which will receive fuller attention. in. 216 pages. $2.50. These two charming stories, in which Mr.

Little Folks' Illustrated Annual. Dana Estes Allen is at his best, and which are permanent

& Co. Boston. 673x919 in. 84 pages. $1.25. additions to our literature, are issued in a Love Among the Artists. By George Bernard single handsome volume, well printed, with Shaw. Herbert S. Stone & Co., Chicago. 4*.*734 sympathetic illustrations by Hugh Thomson,

in. 443 pages. and a highly decorated border. The value of

We find in this story that peculiar mingling of this form of these two works lies in an intro

man-of-the-world cleverness and the goodduction which Mr. Allen has prepared, and

humored cynicism of a detached looker-on which has a delightful note of autobiography

which gives its note of distinction to the work running through it. Without a touch of ego

of this author. The characters are all out of tism, and in a style worthy of " The Kentucky

the common trend. They affect us as the Cardinal,” Mr. Allen sketches the birth of

possessors of highly stimulated brains rather observation and the unfolding of imagination

than of healthy blood and good digestions. in his childhood. The introduction is a bit of

Some of them are obviously cold-blooded, and charming literature.

some have been too long in training as poseurs

to risk saying what they are. The author's Kentucky Frontier (The). By James Otis. cleverness' is subtle, suggestive, never open.

Illustrated. (The Young Patriot Series.) A. L.
Burt, New York. 5x71, in216 pages. $1.

He plays with his puppets, and leaves the This volume in the “ Young Patriot” series

reader to do his own guessing. There is no tells of the experiences of " Poor Simon Ken

definite plot, and, so far as the story reveals ton,” the old hero who suffered so much injus artistic temperament, and especially that elu

motive, it is to show that people possessed of tice and neglect in the early days of pioneer life. The story is full of that sort of interest

sive quality we call genius, would do better to

remain unmarried, and so have no rival between which quickens the sympathies while giving a

them and art. good deal of information as to the practical conditions of early national life.

Magic Moments. By Clifton Bingham. IllusLife of Edward Fitz-Gerald. By John Glyde.

tration by Florence Hardy. E. P. Dutton & Co

New York. 10xll in. 18 pages. $2. Introduction by Edward Clodd. Herbert S. Stone & Co., Chicago. 5/8 in. 359 pages. $2.

Making of a Missionary (The): A Story of A compact biography of the translator of Mission Work in China. By Charlotte M. Yonge. Omar Khayyam, notable neither for insight

Illustrated. Thomas Whittaker, New York. 5x71

in, 228 pages. $i. nor charm of style, somewhat slight in its texture, but interesting in spite of its defects, Merry Folk: A Book for the Children's Playbecause it deals with a man of pronounced

time. Illustrated by C. Stuart Hardy. 11x91. in.

64 pages. $1.50. individuality of mind and character. The biographer had very little material to draw More Fables. By George Ade. Illustrated. upon, for Fitz-Gerald was a recluse who hid

Herbert S. Stone & Co., Chicago. 412x7 in. 219 himself from the world and left as few traces

pages. $1. of his personality as possible-these traces

Mr. Howells, speaking from his Easy Chair in mainly in the memory of his friends. The

“ Harper's Magazine,” brackets Mr. Ade with biographer has succeeded, however, in getting

Miss Jewett, Miss Wilkins, and other worthy enough material to sketch a clear and deeply

realists. At least he is jolly and amusing, and

is a scientific user of Chicago slang. interesting portrait; and his book will be valued, not so much for itself as for that which it Mother Goose Cooked. By John H. Myrtle reveals concerning one of the most interesting and Reginald Rigby. Hlustrated. John Lane, Sew

York. 612X91, in. 52 pages. 75c. of modern men. Life of Mrs. Booth. By W. T. Stead. The

Nature Studies from Ruskin. Chosen and Fleming H. Revell Co., Vew York. 5x734 in. 256

Arranged by Rose Porter. Dana Estes & Co., Bos

ton. 5x8 in. 374 pages. $1.50. pages. $1.25. This is not a biography, but a sketch of life

In brief preface the author disclaims her oband character. Many who would never read ject in making these selections to have been Mr. Booth Tucker's voluminous work will

the popular one of giving readers a superficial learn from this to admire one of the grandest knowledge of an author, and claims her purwomen of our time, a woman whose limita

pose to have been quite the contrary-namely, tions in some lines augmented her force in her

to select such as would “serve as guide to the chosen line, and gained for her the blessing

rich harvests about the universe of visible invoked upon Rebekah as “the mother of

things which have no faculty of speech, but millions." No one can read this sketch, which

which are ripe for gleaning in John Ruskin's Mr. Stead has done con amore, without the complete works.” The quotation is given bethrill that comes of seeing what one devoted

cause the author has so admirably worked out and heroic soul can do.

her plan. Let the average reader take up for

the first time any one volume of Ruskin's Life of St. John (A): For the Young. By complete works, and he is as likely as not to

George Ludington Weed. Illustrated. George W.
Jacobs & Co., Philadelphia. 484x7 in. 259 pages.

drop it ere he is led on to investigate further. 75c.

The things that seize upon and hold average


attention are in Ruskin to be come upon in Della Fox, Marie Tempest, and several other spots.

equally well known singers and soubrettes are New Education Readers. Book One. By

here sketched. The author pictures their perA. J. Demarest and William M. Van Sickle. Illus- sonality, and seeks to explain why their talents trated. The American Book Co., New York. 53X734 take the turn that give them a distinctive niche in. 144 pages. 35c.

in their calling. Their personal lives are Notes of an Itinerant Policeman. By Josiah touched on lightly, and the tone of criticism

Flynt. L. C. Page & Co., Boston. 49x7 in. 252 is mild. It is of a quality similar to, but strikes pages. $1.25.

a rather higher note than, that of the Sunday In this volume the author supplements the

newspapers concerning these popular stage observations of tramps' life he made from

favorites. within when “tramping with tramps,” by those which he made from without when employed Problem of Asia (The) and Its Effects upon on the special police force of a railway com

International Policies. By A. T. Mahan, D.C.L..

LL.D. Little, Brown & Co. Boston. 51/8 in. 233 pany. The exoteric view is less interesting

pages. $2. than the esoteric, but nevertheless contains

Reserved for later notice. many glimpses revealing in a vivid way the modern characteristics of the ancient brother- Quicksand. By Hervey White. Small, Mayhood of " sturdy beggars."

nard & Co., Boston. 5x73. in. 328 pages. $1.50.

As a literary craftsman the author of this novel Path of Life (The). By George Hodges. betrays marked ability, also an intimacy with

Thomas Whittaker, New York. 5x7, in. 248 pages. $1.

the weakness of the human heart which is, to Most of the twenty discourses in this volume

say the least, unusual. It is evidently intended follow the order of the Christian Year from

to be a novel with a purpose; many readers Christmas to Whitsuntide. They exhibit “ the

will dub it a problem novel. It presents an Path of Life" along the highway of common

unmerciful study of the life-history of a whole things and experiences, and exhibit the clear

family of the farming class of New Englandinsight, the plain speaking, the pointed appli- presumably of a date somewhat remote from cation of Christian principle to the improve

the present-brought up in commonplace en. ment of Christian practice, that are character

vironment and stultified by a pitiful religious istic of the other publications of their author.

outlook. The mother dominates the whole Speaking upon " the Social Epiphany," for

family, husband included. In order to hide instance, Dean Hodges puts it thus: “ The

the result of an erring, ignorant young daughChristian manifests Christ to the Gentiles

ter's act, and baffle her neighbors, the woman when he is a democrat, not an aristocrat. An

sacrifices the rest of her family and crushes aristocrat is one who confines his interest to a

their natural affections; and, while dragooning very few people; a democrat is one who cares

them into her own conceptions of religion, a great deal for a great many people--for the

lives a lie which maims them all and ends in people.”

ruin. In picturing the blind self-will of the

mother, the interrelations of the whole family, Philip Winwood. Presented anew by Robert

and the reactions upon one another of their Neilson Stephens. Hustrated. st.soc. Page & Co., unnaturally repressed lives, the author works

404 . $1.50 A new edition of a wholesome and deservedly

out a psychological study as powerful as it is popular novel of the Revolution.

repellent. The situations are handled without

gloves. A story of unquestioned power, it is Plain Instructions in Hypnotism and Mesmer

not a pleasant one to read. ism. By A. E.Carpenter. Lee & Shepard, Boston. 4X68, in 112 pages. 75c.

Reformation (The). By Williston Walker. Present-Day Problems of Christian Thought. (Ten Epochs of Church History, Edited by John

Fulton, D.D., LL.D.) Charles Scribner's Sons, New By Randolph Harrison McKim, D.D. Whittaker, New York. 5x73. in. 317 pages. $1.51).

York. Vol. IX. 573. in. +87 pages. $2. Three-fourths of the chapters in this book are

This is one of the best volumes in its series. fairly classed under its title. As problems

Judicious discrimination guides the selection they touch theological interest only; the socio

made from the storehouse of material; and logical is not considered. Their treatment is, on

the stages and turning-points of the move. the whole, conservative, with some advances.

ment, together with its leaders and men of It seems to us that the alternative which Jesus

mark, are clearly and appreciatingly treated. proposes in John xiv., 11, thoroughly disposes Reuben James: A Hero of the Forecastle. By of the old claim, here repeated, that Chris- Cyrus Townsend Brady. Illustrated. D. Appleton tianity stands or falls with its miracles. The & Co., New York. 31, x8 in. His pages. $1. supernatural character of Christianity is not No story, perhaps, in the Young Hero Series to be confounded with the miraculous. It will prove more pleasing to boy readers than seems to us, also, that if we are to be con- this, which pictures the bravery of a common demned as “rationalists" for accepting Chris

sailor and his devotion to the great naval tian truth simply on account of its reasonable

hero, Commodore Stephen Decatur. It is a ness, theologians are harder masters than him story of high-hearted courage, and heartily who said, " If I speak the truth, why do ye

told. Mr. Brady's knowledge of sea tactics not believe?"

and sea vernacular leaves nothing to be desired Prima Donnas and Soubrettes of Light Opera

in its graphic picturing. The story is thor.

oughly sound and manly. and Musical Comedy in America. By Lewis C. Strang. Ilustrated. (Stage Lover's series)

LO. Rita. By Laura E. Richards. Illustrated. Page & Co., Boston. 4.*7 in. Du pages. $1.50). Dina Estes & co., Buston. 45.7 in. 2* pages. Lillian Russell, Alice Neilson, Madge Lossing, $1.4),




Roger Ludlow : The Colonial Lawmaker. By cial utterances which might serve as texts.

John M. Taylor. G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York. In previous generations, says Count Tolstoï, 6x842 in. 166 pages. $1.50.

the public conscience has been awakened to Roggie and Reggie Stories (The). By Ger- the wrongfulness of conditions which still

trude Smith. Illustrated. Harper & Bros., New earlier generations had accepted as a matter

York. 7x842 in. 95 pages. $1.50.
Two little boys two years old cannot have

of course, and a similar awakening is now very exciting adventures, but this book about lauded divisions of labor involve, he thinks,

essential for our own generation. The overRoggie and Reggie tells how they took the guinea-pigs to ride, and how they hunted for workers and establishing class relationships

divisions of intelligence stupefying to the the lamb in the woods, and how they danced which are often as pitiless on the one side and in the goldfish fountain.

as servile on the other as the old relationships Rubaiyát of Omar Khayyam. Rendered into under systems of serfdom and slavery. No

English Verse by Edward Fitzgerald. Hlustrated. recent essay is so well constituted to disturb Doxey's, At the Sign of the Lark, New York. 6x822

the smug optimism which is to-day in the name Still another edition of Fitzgerald's immortal of science doing so much to chill the hearts rendering of Omar's thoughts. Miss Lund

and benumb the consciences of well-intenborg's drawings and decorations seem to us

tioned people. too gloomy; Omar may have been a pessimist, Slaves of Chance. By Ferrier Langworthy. but he was not melancholy, certainly not Ilustrated. L. C. Page & Co., Boston. 5x714 in. funereal.

346 pages. $1.50. Salammbo. Retold from the French of Gus- Slaves of Society (The). By The Man Who tave Flaubert. By Zenaïde A. Ragozin. Illustrated.

Heard Something. Harper & Bros., New York. G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York. 5x8 in. 381 pages.

5x712 in. 253 pages. $1.25. $1.50.

Songs and Song Writers. By Henry T. Finck. Cleverly put together and free from the objec- With Portraits. (The Music Lover's Library tions to all literal rendering of Flaubert's Charles Scribner's Sons, New York. 5x71. in. 254 brilliant story.

pages. $1.25.

Mr. Finck is the well-known critic of the New Second Manual of Composition (A). By Edwin Herbert Lewis, Ph.D. The Macmillan Co.,

York “Evening Post,” and those who read New York. 5x744 in.' 579 pages. 90c.

the excellent musical criticisms of that jour

nal know that he possesses not only a thorSelections from the Poetry of Lord Byron.

ough knowledge of music, but an unhackneyed Edited by Frederic Ives Carpenter, Ph.D. Henry Holt & Co., New York. 472x634 in. 412 pages. $1.

and readable style. All his good qualities as Shakespeare in Art. By Sadakichi Hartman.

a newspaper crític appear in this volume, and Illustrated. L. C. Page & Co., Boston. 5x774 in.

some others as well, which will be refreshing 371 pages. $2.

to those who know him only through the colThis volume belongs in the “ Art Lover's umns of the “ Evening Post”-the ability, for Series,” and presents the portraits of Shake- instance, to express a dispassionate and parspeare, together with a generous selection from tially appreciative opinion concerning Brahms. the illustrative studies of Shakespeare's char

Mr. Finck's persistent and unvarying antipaacters, the illustrations of the histories, come. thy to Brahms has always seemed to us as dies, and tragedies, the studies of Shake- narrow as the extravagant enthusiasm of the spearean themes in sculpture, portraits of so-called Brahmsites, against whom he wages actors who have identified themselves with a not altogether unjust war. Mr. Finck's Shakespearean characters, a bibliography, and choice of Schubert, Franz, Grieg, and Macan index. The text bears evidence of sympa

Dowell as his favorite song-composers is one thetic and even enthusiastic study; the illus- that will interest singers and song-writers. trations are very uneven in quality.

Souls in Pawn: A Story of New York Life. Sister's Vocation and Other Girls' Stories. By Margaret Blake Robinson. The Fleming H. By Josephine Dodge Daskam. Charles Scribner's

Revell Co., New York, 5x7 in. 308 pages. $1.25. Sons, New York. 43x7 in. 273 pages. $1.25. Spanish Highways and Byways. By KathaThere is a charming quality about these stories.

rine Lee Bates. Illustrated. The Macmillan Co. Rarely has the discomfort of the tiny studio New York. 59,X7'2 in. 448 pages. $2.25. apartments in which some New Yorkers try Not at all of the ordinary run of books of to live been more entertainingly and realisti- travel. These chapters of observation and cally portrayed than in “ A Taste of Bohemia,” picturesque description touch a hundred points and all the stories are bright and wholesome. which no conventional tourist would notice. Slavery of Our Times (The). By Leo Tolstoy.

The richness and variety of topic may be Dodd, Mead & Co., New York. 424X714 in. 186 judged by contrasting such chapter-titles as pages. $1.25.

* The Funeral of Castelar” and “ Choral This little book will do positive good if the Games of Spanish Children;" “ The Yolk of reading public is sufficiently satiated with the the Spanish Egg” and “Passion Week in preaching it likes to be ready to listen to the Seville ;” “The Lazy Spaniard” and “The preaching it needs. It would be easy in this Route of the Silver Fleets.” In freshness and notice to condemn the literalism with which directness the book is immeasurably superior Count Tolstoï applies Christ's command not to nine out of ten books of travel. One can to resist wrong by wrong, and easy to defend best compare it with the charming travel some of the economic teachings which the articles “ H. H.” (Helen Hunt Jackson) wrote author arraigns, but such a review, however years ago. The photographs illustrating the judicial, would not contain a tithe as much book are not of conventional Spanish scenes, truth that men need to hear as do the injudi. but of matters closely connected with the text.

Speedwell. By Anna J. Grannis. Darling & but surely not discreet. The remarkable dis

Co., Keene, N. H. 414x6 in. 64 pages. 50c. course on · What Would Jesus Do?" raises Story of Nineteenth-Century Science (The). the equally serious question whether Dr.

By Henry Smith Williams, M.D. Ilustrated. Har- Burrell fairly presents the fundamental dis

per & Bros., New York, 512X89/4 in. 475 pages. $2.50. tinction between Mosaism and Christianity. A thoroughly scientific and expert account of If the Parable of the Good Samaritan, and the advances made in the century just closed Jesus' answer to the question, " Which is the in medicine, astronomy, geology, biology, great commandment?'' teach anything clearly, chemistry, meteorology, psychology, physics, it is this: that Christianity goes beyond and etc. One could wish more about invention, above the Mosaic standard of law, and substimechanics, electricity, and kindred subjects, tutes for imperfect precepts a perfect prinand we may advise that the reader supplement ciple of action. It is impossible for the spirit this volume with " Flame, Electricity, and the of Christ to express itself perfectly in any Camera,” of which we have heretofore spoken. code, so that the Moral Law, as written in the Within its own field Dr. Williams's book is Decalogue and the Sermon on the Mount, can comprehensive and interpretative. The lay- never be that ultimate standard which Dr. man can understand it if he apply himself Burrell asserts it to be. There is also in his with reasonable diligence, and the specialist conception of the imitableness of Christ and will find it suggestive of thought as well as an ability to keep the moral law a note of doubt admirable review of ground gained.

which is hardly conducive to the highest Studies of the Man Paul. By Robert E. endeavors. All this is theologically orthodox

Speer. The Fleming. H. Revell Co., New York. according to the Westminster Confession, but

4X7 in. 303 pages. 75c. This is both an instructive and a stimulating Unto the Heights of Simplicity. By Johannes

ethically it is quite heretical. little book. It limits itself to an inductive study of the facts in the life, development,

Reimers. L. C. Page & Co., Boston. 5x7', in. 288

pages. $1.25. and character of Paul, with terse and pointed comments thereon. It is a handy companion Vanity! The Confessions of a Court Modiste.

By Rita." F. M. Buckles & Co., New York. 5x7% book for any serious reading of the Acts and

in. 282 pages. $1.25. the Pauline Epistles, especially for younger Very Young Man and the Angel Child (The). readers.

By Elisa Armstrong. The Dodge Publishing Co., Tale of the Little Twin Dragons (The). By

New York. 412 71, in. 239 pages. S. Rosamond Praeger., Hlustrated. The Macmillan Vesty of the Basins. By Sarah P. McLean Co., New York. 11 x 83. in. 58 pages. $1.50.

Greene. Illustrated. Harper & Bros., New York. Their Own Wedding. By Louise S. Hotch- 512X8?, in. 271 pages. $2.

kiss. George H. Ellis, Boston. 434x7 in. 115 pages. A new edition, handsomely illustrated, of a 75c.

book replete with genuine fun and human Thinking and Learning to Think. By Nathan sympathy, but often astonishingly crude from

C. Schaeffer, Ph.D. LL.D. (Lippincott's Educa- the literary standpoint.
tional Series:) J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia.
5x744 in. 351 pages. $1.25.

War and Policy. By Spenser Wilkinson. This thoroughly practical volume does not Dodd, Mead & Co., New York. 543X8in. 443 undertake the scientific treatment of logic or

pages. $3.50. psychology, but it appropriates the accepted. Although Mr. Spenser Wilkinson has long results of these sciences in wise suggestions been a critic of English army methods, no one for the discipline of the power of thought.

need think that his new book has to do only Dr. Schaeffer brings to his readers the experi. with that army. The scope of the present ence of a director of public education for work ranges from Gustavus Adolphus to Von many years. His pages, portions of which Moltke, from the Polish to the Boer wars. In have been frequently used in educational

the centuries intervening picturesque figures meetings, North and South, are enriched by step across Mr. Wilkinson's stage-Goethe illustrations drawn from reading in many

and Scharnhorst, the archdukes Charles and fields, and observations in many schools of Albrecht, Nelson, and Osman Pasha. Both higher and lower grade. They abound in ju- evolutions and revolutions in warfare are dicious criticisms and counsels for teachers, accomplished. To an American, however, of and carry an interest for all thoughtful readers.

all Mr. Wilkinson's chapters those on our

Civil War and its comparison with the Boer Unaccountable Man (The). By David James

war are the most interesting. Burrell. D.D. The Fleming H. Revell Co., New York. 5x78. in. 310 pages.° $1.50.

Who Goes There? The Story of a Spy in the The title of this collection of twenty-nine ser- Civil War. By B. K. Benson. The Macmillan Co., mons is that of the first of the series, which New York. 5x78, in. 485 pages. $1.50. presents the thought that Jesus, if simply a A novel (or, perhaps better, tictitious narrative, man, is unaccountable. Dr. Burrell's preach for the book lacks some of the qualifcations ing is not only strongly doctrinal, it is strongly of a novel) thoroughly worth reading, because practical also, clear, straightforward, and it is a study of the Civil War as it appeared to forceful. The sermon on “ The Privilege of a typically intelligent American soldier. The the Strong" is a noble specimen of it. It is narrator brings close to the eye both hand-toquestionable wisdom, however, to stake so hand fighting and the large strategy. Like much on so precarious foundations as to as- many thousands of our private soldiers, he sert that “the Story of the Cross is on the was something more than a military machine ; same credible level as the story of the Serpent he thought, observed, and knew the meaning in the Wilderness.” A valiant word, indeed, of all that was done. The simple realism of

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