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Abstracts 499 - 502


Where is the board of health? They should put an end to this excess of greeness.

We have the Asiatic cholera but once in a century • yet we give ourselves the green fruit cholera every year.


499 · DTD Aug. 6; ed:2/1 · "The reports of the progress of Cholera are exaggerated. It does not exist any where, we believe, as an epidemic, in the West or South, In particular spots it has been fatal:

but even there the causes of it are seen at a glance.... It is only necessary that any city should look well to its cleanliness, for if we have that, disease, even in epidemic form will always be light."


500 - DTD Aug. 18; ed:2/2 · The scientific convention has adjourned. "The adjournment of this Convention strikes us as a piece of folly wholly unworthy of those who 'got it up.' The cause assigned for this act, is the prevalence of Cholera. The disease does not prevail here, nor, any. where, in this section.... If scientific men are such cowards, as this conduct would indicate, they will make poor teachers."


501 - DTD Aug. 25:2/2,3 In a letter to the editor, "V" of Painesville says: Yesterday the schooner ROSCOE from Tonawanda, where cholera has been prevailing recently, came into Fairport. A ban on board by the name of Robert Chapman of Austinburg was attacked by the disease. He died last evening. Also, M. C. Hudson of Cincinnati arrived on board of the propeller GENESEE CHIEF in the last stages of the disease and died soon after the boat came into port. He had a drove of hogs bound for Buffalo.

"Yesterday we had a lay sermon from Judge Bissel delivered in the M. E. Church of this place. A goodly number of friends of Freedom of dif. ferent religious denominations of this town were present. The efforts of Bissel were directed mainly to present the pro-slavery position of the M. E. Church, of which he is a member."


See also Health & Sanitation: Medical Profession

DOGS 502 - DTD Oct. 25; ed:3/1 · It is a weekly practice of the city's loafers to stage fights between chickens and other animals. On Oct. 24, they staged a dog fight at McElrath's tavern.

"We can imagine nothing more shameful than this, and none but those who have the most depraved appetites could bear witness to such cruel sport.



See Prohibition & Enforcement - Dow Law


Abstracts 503 · 509

503 - DTD Jan. 12:1/2 - The Albany Seamstresses' society has just com-
pleted its first year's operations, which have been successful beyond
the expectations of its best friends. It has not only given employment
to over 250 persons during the year, but paid its heavy rents out of its
own earning, with the exception of $250. This was drawn from the fund
raised to enable the managers to commence operations.

It has done immense good and promises to become one of the most practically useful institutions ever gotten up in that city.

"If it were so in Cleveland, in regard to a kindred Society, would not the same result follow? Let good men ponder upon this."


504 · DTD July 1; adv:2/4 · Mrs. C. D. Swarthout, 6 Michigan st. is a dressmaker.


505 - DTD July 1; adv: 3/2 Mrs. H. H. Ballou returns her sincere thanks to the ladies of Cleveland for their liberal patronage during her short stay in the winter. Mrs. Ballou announces that she is in this city, and will teach her most excellent system for cutting ladies' dresses. She can be found at 76 Seneca st.


506 DTD July 1; adv: 4/7 - Mrs. E. P. Hubbard, 14 Seneca st., has a new system of dress cutting. The "Tentler's" system appears to be admirably adapted to the purpose. Instruction is given for cutting toth the outside and the lining, also sleeves, capes, cardinals, and yokes. She is prepared also to teach "Taylor's system," which has been so success. fully introduced of late, and which is valuable when taken with his report of fashions.


507 - DTD July 7; adv:3/1 - We feel more than authorized to say to our
fair readers that in Mrs. Johnson, recently of Boston and now intending
to make the "forest city" her home, they will find a dressmaker worthy
of themselves and of our beautiful city. They will find in her a lady
of obliging manners, as well as an accomplished dressmaker. She may be
found at 141 St. Clair st.


DRUGS & DRUGGISTS 508 - DTD Jan. 1; adv:3/4 - F. E. Churchill announces that he has opened a store in Delamater's building, opposite the court house, where he in: tends keeping for sale a general assortment of drugs, medicines, and chemicals. Physicians' and surgeons' prescriptions and family recipes compounded with neatness, accuracy, and dispatch at all hours, day or night.


509 - DTD May 27; adv: 4/2 - G. D. Hayward and Company, wholesale and retail druggists, 64 Superior st., are now receiving their winter supply of drugs, chemicals, and paints, to which they respectfully solicit the at. tention of dealers.


Abstracts 510 · 517

510 - DTD May 27; adv: 4/3 - Hutchin's dyspepsia bitters, an excellent
medicine, is for sale by F. E. Churchill, druggist, south of the court


511 - DTD May 27; adv: 4/7 - Moffat's life medicines are the great remedy of the day! Heads of families possess in Moffat's vegetable life medicines a preventative as well as a cure always ready at hand without the loss of time or the expense of medical attendance in all the first stages, at least, of every ordinary complaint. For sale wholesale and retail by C. Cropper and Son, sole agents for this city, Plain Dealer building. (4)

512 - DTD May 27; adv: 4/7 - Dr. Storm's cough candy is used for colds, coughs, asthma, bronchitis, hoarseness, sore throat, croup, influenza, and for iiver complaint and dyspepsia. This article is truly an invaluable compound.

Price one dime per roll, three rolls for 25 cents, or one dollar per dozen.

It is for sale in Cleveland by H. E. Gaylor], and Fiske and Hall.


513 - DTD May 27; adv:4/7 · F. E. Churchill at the uptown cash drug store begs leave to announce that he has opened a store in Dalamater's building, opposite the court house, where he intends keeping for sale a general assortment of drugs, medicines, and chemicals.


514 - DTD May 27; adv:4/7 · Dr. Houghton's great dyspepsia cure is the true digestive fluid or gastric juice.

Dr. Houghton's pepsin has produced the most marvelous effect in curing cases of debility, emaciation, nervous decline, and dyspepsic consumption.

There is no form of old stomach complaints which it does not seem to reach and remove at once. It is sold by Il. and E. Gaylord, and Fiske and Hall, Cleveland.


515 - DTD May 28; adv:1/2 - Drs. Streator & Thrall, druggists and grocers, are located at 105 Superior st.


516 - DTD May 28:3/3 - Pure cod liver oil is received by the subscriber direct from the house which procures it, and can be warranted as perfectly pure.

It is sold by F. E. Churchill, apotliecary, opposite the court house.


517 - DTD May 28:3/3 · Water's Extra tooth soap, a new and beautiful article for preserving and and cleaning the teeth, is recom nended by some of the first dentists of the day. One cake costing 2¢ will last a year. It is sold by F. E. Churchill, apothecary, opposite the court house. (1) CLEVELAND NEWSPAPER DIGEST JAN. 1 TO DEC. 31, 1852

Abstracts 518 - 525

DRUGS & DRUGGISTS (Cont'd) 518 - DTD June 3:3/5 - Toothache can be cured in five minutes by the application of the clove anodyne drops. They cost one dime per vial and are for sale by F. E. Churchill, apothecary, opposite the court house.

(1) 519 - DTD June 4:2/4 - Dr. Trask's magnetic ointment is a sovereign remedy for burns. It heals without leaving a scar, and may be had at H. & E. Gaylord's, at wholesale or retail. Price 25¢ and 38¢ per bottle. (1)

520 - DTD June 4:2/6 - Goodyear's breast pump, the most perfect and admirable article for the purpose intended ever invented, and at a moderate price, has just been received and is for sale by F. E. Churchill, apothecary, Delamater's block, Public Square.


521 - DTD June 11; adv: 2/4 Sloan's ointment and condition powders, Ayers' Cherry Pectoral, and all the other popular patent medicines of the day are on sale by Hayward & Company, 64 Superior st.


522 - DTD June 11; adv:4/1 - Sand's sarsaparilla, probably the best preparation of its kind in use, is on sale by F. E. Churchill, druggist. (1)

523 DTD June 15:2/4 G. D. Hayward & Company are wholesale dealers in drugs, chemicals, paints, dyes, and varnishes. They are located at 64 Superior st., opposite the Weddell House.


524 - DTD June 15; adv:2/5 - Rufton & Clarke's cod liver oil is on sale by G. D. Hayward & Company, 64 Superior st.


525 - DTD Aug. 26; adv: 2/5 - The Deutsche Apotheke - to the Hungarian Arms is located under Forest City House, Cleveland, Ohio.


Abstracts 526 - 530

EDUCATION 526 - DTD Jan. 7:3/1 The annual meeting of the Board of National Popular Education will take place Jan. 8 at the stone church. The general agent will make his annual report, and interesting addresses may be expected. Friends of education are invited to attend.


527 - DTD Jan. 8:3/1 - The venerable former governor and senator, Morrow of Ohio, is now at the Dunham House. He is the president of the National Education convention, which holds its annual session this evening at the stone church.


528 - DTD Jan. 17; adv:1/2 - "It is asserted by an eminent educational -
ist that learning to read is the most difficult of human attainments,
and every school teacher in the land knows it to be true. The cause of
this difficulty is that while there are about forty sounds in the Eng.
lish language which have to be represented, there are but twenty-six
letters to do it with.

"To remedy this serious hindrance to elementary education, the old alphabet has been revised, and enlarged, so as to give each sound a single letter; which letter, and never any other, always stands for the same sound, so that the art of reading consists simply of being able to speak in rapid succesion, the sounds of several letters in one word.

"Whether this alphabet, and mode of spelling will ever supplant those now in use, is a question for those who speak the English language to determine; it will at least require the work of many years to bring it about. But it seems great use may be made of it in acquiring the ability to read, and spell the old orthography."


529 - DTD Jan. 17; ed:2/3 The annual meeting of the Board of National Popular Education was held in the First Presbyterian church. Reports were read of the work of the Christian women who had gone as missionary teacthers to the west. Attention was called to the great need for increased educational facilities in the west due to increased immigra• tion.

"The financial condition of the Board, is highly encouraging and its past success, and promise of great future usefulness conspire to invite the cordial sympathy and support of all."


530 - DTD Jan. 17:2/3 · At the meeting of the Board of National Popular Education on Jan. 8, in the First Presbyterian church, the general agent, former governor Slade, presented his fifth annual report. This board has been in operation for five years. During the past year it has taken through the preparatory course of instruction and has sent out 49 teachers. Of these teachers, five have been sent to Oregon.

Two hundred and forty-eight teachers have been sent out by the board since its organization. The marriage of a teacher does not detract from the value of the enterprise. Such teachers become the centers of

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