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1 Stat. 1915, sec. 2089b, bank holiday; Maine, Rev. Stat. 1916, ch. 40, sec. 33, bank holiday; ch. 16, sec. 109, school holiday; Montana, 1 Rev. Codes 1907, sec. 10; Nebraska, Rev. Stat. 1913, sec. 5512; New York, Laws 1917, ch. 221; North Dakota, 1 Comp. Laws 1913, secs. 7297–98; Porto Rico, Rev. Stat. 1913, sec. 592; Utah, Comp. Laws 1907, secs. 1145, 2394.

251. Memorial Day.-June 3, to be known as Confederate Memorial Day, shall be considered a day of public rest and a legal holiday. If it fall on Sunday the succeeding day shall be a legal holiday.

Louisiana, 1 Marr's Ann. Rev. Stat. 1915, sec. 2383. 252. Memorial Day.-The 26th of April, Memorial Day, is declared to be a legal holiday.

Mississippi, 1 Hem. Ann. Code 1917, sec. 2045. 253. Decoration of graves.-It shall be the duty of clerks and recorders of all cities and villages and the town clerks of all towns to

rtain if within their cities, villages, and towns are any graves of soldiers of the United States which will probably not be decorated at the next Memorial Day, and if such be found it shall be the duty of such clerk or recorder to cause any and all such graves to be decorated annually upon Memorial Day with an American flag at public expense.

Minnesota, Laws 1915, ch. 280; Gen. Stat. Supp. 1917, secs. 1846-48. 254. Decoration of graves.—Counties shall provide for decorating the graves of veterans on May 30, annually.

New Jersey, 4 Comp. Stat. 1910, p. 4876, sec. 74. 255. Schools to observe Memorial Day.--No school shall be taught on a legal holiday, but on May 30, Memorial Day, all schools in session shall assemble for a portion of the day and devote the same to patriotic exercises consistent with the day, unless such holiday shall fall upon Saturday or Sunday.

North Dakota, 1 Comp. Laws 1913, sec. 1382. 256. Schools to observe Memorial Day.-The school board and

— principal may make provision for the celebration of Memorial Day if it fall on school day by special exercises in the schools of the afternoon session or during the last hour of the school session of the day next preceding said holiday.

Porto Rico, Rev. Stat. 1913, sec. 592. 257. Boxing exhibitions on Memorial Day prohibited.—Any person or persons holding or conducting or participating in, or present as speakers at any boxing exhibition held on Memorial Day, May 30, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

California, Penal Code 1915, sec. 413}; Stat. 1915, p. 1932.

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258. Sports prohibited.-It shall be unlawful to hold, give, or carry on any carnival, circus parade, ball games, horse racing, or other sporting entertainment in public on the 30th day of May, known as Memorial Day.

Kansas, Gen. Stat. 1915, sec. 3799. Similar provisions: Iowa, Supp. 1913 Code, sec. 5040a; Minnesota, Gen. Stat. 1913, sec. 9013, includes closing of saloons, etc.; Nebraska, Rev. Stat. 1913, sec. 8803; North Dakota, 2 Comp. Laws 1913, sec. 10236; Philippine Islands, 7 Pub. Laws, Act No. 1804.

259. Appreciation of Montana troops who served on Mexican border.--We extend to officers and enlisted men of the Second Regiment of Infantry and Troop A, Montana Cavalry a sincere vote of thanks in appreciation of their prompt and patriotic response to their country's call and their loyal and commendable service on the border in answer to the President's call in June, 1916, for troops in furtherance of the plan for the adjustment of troubles between the United States and Mexico.

Montana, Laws 1917, S. J. Res. No. 5, p. 549. MILITARY TRAINING.


260 261 262 263


Commission to report....
Boards to accept assistance.
Normal and high schools..
Schools are part of military organization..

Military training.

May be abolished.. Use of Camp Mabry.

Physical incapacity.
Military stores:

Issued to schools...
Uniforms furnished cadets..

Bonds as security for arms.
Rifle ranges to be furnished civilian clubs..
Unlawful discharge of firearms...

264 265 266 267

268 269 270 271 272 273


260. Commission to report on practicability of military education.A commission is appointed to inquire into and report on the practicability of providing military education for boys between fourteen and twenty-one years, for the purpose of securing proper military training and discipline for the youths of this State, improving their physical, moral, and mental qualities, and for providing for the State an adequate basis for a citizen soldiery; and as to the practicability of providing military training for youths in the public schools.

Maryland, Laws 1916, ch. 23, p. Similar provisions: Massachusetts, Acts & Res. 1915. ch. 81, p. 431; New Jersey, Laws 1917, ch, 107.

261.--Boards to accept assistance from War Department.--Boards are authorized to provide for military training, athletic training, and physical examination of pupils, and to accept assistance from the War Department of the United States and the National Guard of the State for the purpose of military drill and training. They may divide the State into districts and provide for contests.

Oklahoma, Laws 1917, ch. 246. 262. Military training in normal and high schools.--Male students of any State normal or high school having thirty or more such students fourteen


of. age or over shall be organized into cadet companies of not less than thirty members each. Their composition and officer




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ing, commissioning, and drilling, equipping, uniforming, and instructions and regulations are generally provided for. The normal and high school cadet commission is created to administer the provisions.

Arizona, Laws 1917, ch. 59, secs. 1-20. Similar provisions: California, Stat. 1911, ch. 361, p. 635; Louisiana, Acts 1910, No. 131, p. 318, pupils above the eighth grade; Michigan, Pub. Acts 1917, No. 185, sec. 1, training optional with students; New Hampshire, Laws 1917, ch. 100, sec. 2; New Jersey, Laws 1916, ch. 211; New York, Laws 1917, ch. 49, sec. 27, boys from 16 to 19 years; Laws 1918, ch. 470; Oregon, Laws 1917, ch. 383; Wyoming, Laws 1917, ch. 125, sec. 67.

263. Schools are part of military organization. The military organizations of the University of Arizona, State normal schools and other educational institutions supported by the State are made part of the military organizations of the State.

Arizona, Rev. Stat. 1913, sec. 4002. Similar provisions: California, Gen. Laws 1915, Act 2200, p. 895; Pol. Code 1915, secs. 1473–77; Colorado, Rev. Stat. 1908, secs. 4454–56; Idaho, Rev. Codes 1908, sec. 696; Illinois, 6 Ann. Stat. 1913, pars. 11454–57, 11076–77; Indiana, 4 Burns' Ann. Stat. 1914, sec. 8553a; Maryland, Laws 1916, ch. 660, p. 1345; Nevada, 1 Rev. Laws 1912, secs. 4664–65; New Mexico, Stat. 1915, sec. 3923; Philippine Islands, Laws 3d Legis. 1915, sec. 1044; Tennessee, Laws 1917, ch. 481; Code 1918, p. 314, secs. 643a-146, 643a-148; Wisconsin, Stat. 1917, sec. 21.45, p. 203.

264. Military training in universities.-Military training and instruction in military science and tactics are prescribed in the courses to be taught at the university.

Arizona, Rev. Stat. 1913, secs. 4002–7. Similar provisions applying to agricultural and mechanical colleges, also private institutions: Arkansas, Kirby's Dig. Stat. 1904, sec. 4308; California, Pol. Code 1915, secs. 1385, 1473–7; Colorado, Rey. Stat. 1908, secs. 4454–6; Connecticut, Gen. Stat. 1902, sec. 4393; Delaware, Rev. Code 1915, sec. 2328; Florida, 1 Comp. Laws 1914, sec. 416tt, p. 164; Hawaii, Rev. Laws 1915, secs. 300–3; Illinois, 6 Ann. Stat. 1913, pars. 11454–55; Indiana, 4 Burns’ Ann. Stat. 1914, sec. 8553a; Kansas, Gen. Stat. 1915, secs. 10611-16; Kentucky, Stat. 1915, sec. 4636a, p. 2356; Louisiana, 1 Marr’s Ann. Rev. Code, sec. 2727; Maryland, Laws 1916, ch. 660, p. 1345; Michigan, 4 Howell's Stat. 1912, sec 9770; Minnesota, Gen. Stat. 1913, sec. 2020; Missouri, 3 Rev. Stat. 1909, sec. 11150–2; Montana, 1 Rev. Codes 1907, sec. 676; Nebraska, Rev. Stat. 1913, secs. 7124–29; New Hampshire, Pub. Stat. 1901, p. 92; New Mexico, Stat. 1915, sec. 3923; New York, Laws 1916, ch. 566; North Dakota, 1 Comp. Laws, 1913, secs. 1549(5), 1550, 1733; Ohio, 4 Ann. Gen. Code 1910, sec 9960; Oklahoma, Laws 1917, ch. 246; 2 Rev. Laws 1910, secs. 7964, 7972; Philippine Islands, Laws 3d Legis. 1915, sec. 1044, academy for officers; Porto Rico, Laws 1916, p. 68; Rhode Island, Gen. Laws 1909, ch. 76, sec. 1; Tennessee, Laws 1917, ch. 481; Code 1918, sec. 643a146, p. 314; Vermont, Gen. Laws 1917, secs. 1446–50; Virginia, 1 de 1904, secs. 1563–85; Washington, Pierce's Code 1912, tit. 413, sec. 65; West Virginia, 1 Hogg's Code 1913, sec. 871; Acts 1915, ch. 65; Acts 1917, ch. 69; Wisconsin, Stat. 1917, s cs. 21.68, 37.17; Wyoming, Comp. Stat. 1910, sec. 412.

265. Military system at university may be abolished.—The military system at the university may be abolished by the legislature.

Alabama, Const. sec. 265.

266. Use of Camp Mabry.--The use of Camp Mabry is extended to the University of Texas for the school of military aeronautics, and if the war shall close before the earnings of the school shall reimburse the university for expenditures, the balance shall be assumed by the State.

Texas, Laws 1918, p. 209. 267. Physical incapacity and conscientious objectors.—No pupil shall be required to take part in any military exercise if his parent or guardian is of the religious denomination of Quakers or Shakers, or any other conscientiously opposed to bearing arms, or if said parent or guardian has conscientious scruples against bearing arms and so notifies the school committee in writing; or if a physician of good standing shall certify in writing that in his opinion such exercise would be injurious to the pupil's health.

Massachusetts, Acts & Res. 1910, ch. 201; Rev. Laws 1902, ch. 42,

sec. 34.

Similar provision: New Jersey, Laws 1917, ch. 107.

268. Military stores to be issued to schools.-The governor may issue to any college or university having a military department under charge of an officer of the United States Army any ordnance stores, camp, or garrison equipage belonging to the State and not otherwise employed, and to call for the return of such.

Indiana, 2 Burns' Ann. Stat. 1914, sec. 4219. Similar provisions: Alabama, 1 Pol. Code 1907, sec. 968; North Carolina, 3 Revisal 1913, sec. 4891; North Dakota, 1 Comp. Laws 1913, secs. 1560–1; Oklahoma, 2 Rev. Laws 1910, sec. 7964; Pennsylvania, 3 Purdon's Dig. Stat. 1915, sec. 98, p. 3214; Vermont, Gen. Laws 1917, sec. 6039.

269. Uniforms furnished cadets.-Appropriation is made to purchase uniforms for members of all public school cadet organizations in the State which adopt military training and conduct same according to rules and regulations made by the adjutant general.

Wyoming, Laws 1917, ch. 125, sec. 67. 270. Security for arms.--The board of trustees of the University of Arkansas or the president may cause bonds to be executed to the United States or to any person designated by the War Department, for the purpose of securing the use of their arms and accoutrements for the military department of the university and for the return of the same.

Arkansas, Kirby's Dig. Stat. 1904, sec. 4280. Similar provision: Washington, Pierce's Code 1912, p. 1758, tit. 413, sec. 999, agricultural college.

271. Hazing.--Any person being a student or in attendance at any military school who shall knowingly and wilfully commit any act that injures, frightens, degrades, or disgraces, or tends to injure, frighten, degrade, or disgrace any fellow student or person attending

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