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North America, who had won the esteem not only of his own country, but of
the whole world, has filled the hearts of the people of this canton with the
deepest grief. We feel ourselves compelled to join in the general lamentation
now expressed everywhere, and therefore request you to convey these our true
sentiments to our brethren of the United States of North America.
With highest respect, &c.,

J. A. STEINEGGER, President.
A. EBERLE, Secretary.




ST. MAURICE, May 12, 1865. Mr. PRESIDENT: The eminent man who fell by the murderous hand of the infamous villain Booth, at the moment his soul winged its flight to the celestial regions, left regrets and profound grief in our hearts. The atrocious crime of which Mr. ABRAHAM LINCOLN was the victim has filled us with indignation and horror.

We regret the great loss to the North-the loss of a great, generous, and noble heart, who did so much for the abolition of slavery, for all his aims were to do good to his fellow-men Yet we hope that the Americans of the North will finish the great work of the noble martyr, whose motto was, “Liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Such is the sincere wish of the undersigned citizens of St. Maurice.











SARNEN, May 4, 1865. Council of Unterwalden to the Bundesrath, in Berne :

GENTLEMEN: Following in the worthy footsteps of many of our cantons, we feel ourselves obliged to express our deepest sympathy for the American Union on account of the recent horrid murder of its excellent President, Sir ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Though the consequences of this atrocious deed cannot

be foreseen, we sincerely hope it may have no sinister effect either on the prosperity and peace of that country or of the foreign world.

You will please communicate this to the United States legation in Berne, and accept the assurance of our distinguished consideration.

.. AL. MICHEL, President. . W. S. GASSER, Secretary.

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[Translation.] The state chancery of the canton of Unterwalden to the committee for the address of sympathy and condolence to the American Union.

SARNEN, May 7, 1865. In answer to your note of the 1st instant to our government, we respectfully say that our council most cordially joins the federal union in the address of sympathy, and condolence to the American Union. Accept the assurance of our high esteem.

W. L. HASSER, . Chief Justice for the State Chancery.

[Translation. ] Council of Unterwalden to his Excellency Andrew Johnson, Vice-President of

the United States.

STANZ, May 4, 1865. The terrible news of the sudden death of ABRAHAM LINCOLN, President of the North American Union, who was the noble champion of human rights to all with loyalty to the Union, has caused a feeling of the greatest indignation in the bosoms of the people of Nidwall, denizens of the mountains of old Switzerland, and hate for the perpetrators of the horrid deed.

And we, the authorities, in the name of our people, congratulate you, Mr. Vice-President, on the glorious victories of the holy cause, and pray the Almighty to have you in His holy keeping.

LWYRSOH, President... A. WAGNER, Secretary.

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STANZ, May 4, 1865. Council of Lower Unterwalden to the honorable Bundesrath, in Berne :

GENTLEMEN : Following the example of the union council and the gov. ernments of several cantons, allow us to express our deepest sympathy for the - American Union. It is a great honor for the Swiss people, at a time when great grief has overwhelmed the sister republic of America, not to remain dumb, but to speak out their sympathy for the cause of social freedom.

We therefore enclose our address of sympathy, and beg you will send it, with the others, to its proper destination. We recommend you to protecting Providence.

LWYSROH, President.
A. WAGNER, Secretary.

[Translation.] The president and council of the canton of Schaffhausen to Mr. G. G. Fogg,

United States minister resident in Berne.

SCHAFFHAUSEN, May 3, 1865. HONORED SIR : The shocking news of the murder of ABRAHAM LINCOLN, President of the United States, makes it our duty to send you the expression of our sincere grief and profound sympathy for the loss of that great man. We turn with horror from the deed of blood perpetrated upon the person of a man who fought indefatigably, with wonderful wisdom, moderation and patience, to restore unity and peace to our great sister republic beyond the ocean. . Accept the assurance of our esteem.

H. AMMAN, Vice-President.
STOKAR, Second Secretary.
F. G. GASSER, Counsellor.
DR. WANNER, Clerk.


SCHAFFHAUSEN, May 3, 1865. President and Council of Schaffhausen to the Bundesrath, in Berne :

We have the honor to enclose you a letter of condolence, which we respectfully request you to forward to Mr. G. G. Fogg, minister resident of the United States of North America, as an expression of our sorrow for the terrible and sanguinary deed perpetrated upon Mr. LINCOLN, President of the United States. We accept the occasion to commend you to the protection of the Almighty

DR. WANNER, Clerk.

The magistrate and state committee of the canton of Appenzell, outer Rhodes, to Dr. John Wittenbach, grand counsellor, in Berne.

TEUFFEN, May 5, 1865. SIR: In answer to the circular enclosed to us by the central committee on the address of sympathy and condolence to the American Union, on account of the dreadful catastrophe that has just overtaken that once happy republic, by the loss of its worthy President, we say we are ready to approve it most heartily, with the rest of the cantons of this confederation. As the manifest contains the most sincere expression of our real sentiments, we cannot refrain from giving it our most cordial approval.

Be pleased to accept, honored sir, the expressions of our most distinguished consideration... In the name of the union committee:

ROTH, Chief Magistrate.
Kohl, Secretary of the Council.

[Translation.] Declaration of adhesion to the addresses of sympathy and condolence to the

United States.

Representatives and delegates from all the districts of the Bernese Jura, namely: Porrentrui, Bienne, Courtelari, Delemont, Franches-Montagnes, Lauffen, Moutier, and Neuveville, to the number of two hundred and fifty, (250,) held a public meeting at Tavannes, on the 14th of May, 1865, and adopted the following resolutions unanimously and by acclamation :

1st. We cordially join in the addresses of congratulation to the United States, on account of their recent victories over secession.

2d. We sincerely sympathize with them in their sorrows for the loss of their worthy President, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, the victim of a most atrocious crime.

We cherish the ardent hope that the universal tokens of sympathy now shown in both hemispheres for the great republic of the United States may tend to assuage the profound grief for the tragic and lamentable death of their most illustrious citizen..

In the name of the representatives of the districts of the Bernese Jura, assembled at Tavannes, May 14, 1865 :

S. JOLISSAINT, Lawyer, President. S. VOISIN, Mayor, Secretary...


THUN, May, 1865.
The undersigned authorities, societies, and private individuals in the district
of Thun, rejoicing over the final victory of human rights and the end of the
civil war in the American Union, on the one part, and lamenting the murder
of the greatest man in the nation, on the other hand, feel it their duty to join
cordially in the address to the Amercan people and their leader in the cause of
freedom and humanity in our sister republic beyond the ocean.

A. KREBSER, Notary.



TRAVERS, May 15, 1865. GENTLEMEN: The Neuenburg, Boudry, Travers, Couvet, Fleurier, and .. Chaux-de-Fond sections of the Swiss Grutli Union, in their meetings of yesterday, unanimously resolved to approve of the address of sympathy and condolence to the American Union.

The undersigned, as secretary, has the honor to enclose you the resolution, and subscribe himself your obedient servant,

J. STEFFEN, Secretary.
The BUNDESRATH, in Berne.

[Translation, ]


May 30, 1865. Being prevented by absence from attending the meeting for the adoption of the address of sympathy to your supreme government, I now have the honor to ask you to add my name and the following words:

I hail the Union victories with joy, and deplore the loss of its President,
LINCOLN. May God protect it from similar disasters in future, and preserve
the government of North America forever.
With great respect,



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