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MEAD & HAYWARD, Manager's Northwestern Department, St Paul, Minn,
LARRABEE BROS., Managers Western Department Chicago, Il.
R. H. ADAMS, State Agent, Indianapolis, Ind.
C. W. NOORE, State Agent, Detroit, Mich.

TY. H. MEAD, Manager Southwestern Department, St. Louis, Mo. This Company is devoted exclusively to Accident Insurance Business, and makes a SPECIALTY of Accident Insurance among Railroad Employes, on the Installment Plan. The Company has paid 10,000 claims and has never contested a valid claim at law The losses are paid on reception of satisfactory proofs. No restrictions on residence or travel. In case two oyes or limbs are lost, one-half the policy is written for is allowed. Policies non-forfeiting in case of change of occupation. This feature was introduced by “The North America.".

Rates are as low as experience will justify.



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It has been found from experience that the time-keeping qualities of a watch are destroyed by coming in contact with magnets, dynamo machines, or electric generators, and can only be restored by being DEMAGNETIZED; also the regulation of a watch is very seriously interfered with by "magnetic belts," "electric pads," and similar personal appliances, and many persons are so magnetic that it is impossible to regulate a watch in their pockets.

The adjustmentof any watch is valueless in the presence of magnetism. Electric and magnetic influence have a much greater effect on the "rate" of a watch than either "temperature," "position,

. The application of Anti-Magnetic Shields to pocket time pieces promises to be of very great importance to borologists and watch makers; it will render operative the fine adjustments and mechanisms which hitherto have been made almost nil and inoperative on account of their susceptibility to the all pervading magnetic influence. Send forIllustrated Catalogue.


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nything that is the best of its kind is sure to be imitated, and A the fact that an article is counterfeited, is the best possible evidence of its value. There are scores of imitations of the Ivory Soap, which grocers are persuaded to buy because they pay more profit than the "Ivory" will. On account of this extra profit, the grocer represent them to be “just as good as the ‘Ivory’;" they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ask for “Ivory” Soap and insist upon getting it.

Copyright 1886, by Procter & Gamble.

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Hoxsie's Pocket Companion

Locomotive Engineers and Firemen.



Carolina Mills, Washington Co. R. I. COMMON SENSE CATARRHCURE,


See advertisement in Journal 1877.

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The best time to treat Catarrh is when the BRAIN IS COOLED OFF, and CIRCULATION 18 EQUALIZED. This is the condition of the system during the hours of sleep,

when Nature is doing the greater part of ber repairs.

OUR COMMON SENSE REMEDY Can be worn DAY or NIGHT with perfect convenience. Our Inhaler not only cures CATARRH in every form but has no rival

for ASTAMA, BRONCHITIS, IRRITATION OF THE THROAT, IMPAIRED VOICE SENSE OF SMELL, HEARING and SIGHT, and conditions of the Respiratory Organs. Read the following from First Grand Engineer Ingraham: OFFICE G. I. B. L. E., Cleveland, O., Dec. 14, 1885.

GENTS: I have used the Common Sense Catarrh Cure for my family and myself, and belleve it to be the best remedy in use. Have found most beneficial regults in my own case. T. S. INGRAHAM, F. G. E.

NO CASE INCURABLE Wben questions are properly answered and Dr. Leslie's directions are followed strictly. Our C. C. C. Inbaler has stood the test for years, and its cures are only less than mi. raculous. We refer to the publishers of this LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEÉRS' JOURNAL as to our reliability.

Write for treatise and testimonials, with questions blank; they will convince you. Address (Mention this Journal.) COMMON SENSE CATARRH CURE CO.,


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GENTLEMEN: On the 2d of January, 1886, I signed a contract with your Grand Officers to pay into your treasury for five years a ROYALTY of one dollar on every thousand cigars of the above brands that I sell. If EVERY MEMBER will assist by smoking these cigars, asking for them continually in stores that do not keep them, and asking his friends to try them, the royalty paid into your treasury will

, one year hence, undoubtedly amount to two or three thousand dollars PER MONTH!

Retail dealers should order from the wholesale dealers, and if they refuse to get toe cigars, I will ship direct to the retailer. No cigars genuine unless each box Lid has a fac simile of my signature, as below. Any further information will be cheerfully given.



F D. Thompson

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The above statement is correct. Ask your dealers to keep the cigars.

P. M. ARTHUR, G. C. E.
H. C. HAYS, F. G. A. E.

QUERY. If EACH MEMBER of the B. of L. E. should smoke Two of these cigars DAILY how much would the royalty amount to in ONE MONTH?

Boston Agents: F. A. Dodge & Co., 74 Port- Dubuque, Ia.: Schroeder & Klein, land street

Collinwood, O.: C. W. Smith, Philadelphia Agts.: Gumpert Bros., 1341 Chest. Logansport, Ind.: P. W. Moore.

nut st., Jas. Trimble & Co., 505 Darket st. Bloomington, Ill.: Harlan Bros. St. Louis, Mo.: Peter Hauptman & Co.

Des Moines, Iowa, Warfield, Howell & Co. Rock Island, Ill.: Henry Dart's Sons.

Lincoln, Neb.: Brown & Patrick.

United States Metallic Packing Company,

. Office, 267 S. Fourth St. PHILADELPHIA, PA. Works, 435 N. Broad St. ANDREW GRAY, Prest. W. H. HOLLIS, Sec. & Treas. E. P. MONROE, Gen. Mngr.

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A BALL JOINT on one side and follower with spring on the other, give the packing free play, and keep it steamtight WITHOUT REGARD TO VIBRATION OF THE ROD. It works equally well whether the rod vibrates or not, and causing no friction it does not wear the rod, but gives it a high polish. It usually wears without repairs of any kind from the time the engine leaves the shop until its return for general repairs. The rings may then be replaced by a new set, at slight expense, if required.

We have testiinonials of locomotives that have made upward of

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100,000 MILES

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without renewing or adjusting the packing.

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Upwards of 15,000 Packings now in Use

On Piston Rods and Valve Stems of Locomotive Engines.



Makers of Rich Jewelry, 255 SUPERIOR STREET,


We take this method of calling your attention to our ELEGANT LINE OF WATCHES JUST RECEIVED. The movements are particularly desirable when accurate time is desired. Every watch guaranteed,

Our movements are constructed upon the best mechanical principle, and represent the result of many years intelligent practical experience, and we guarantee them the best and simplest and most accurate to be obtained.

Our great facilities in our repair department enable us to recommend the placing of watohes in our hands for repair. It is highly important that fine watches and jewelry should be repaired by skilled workmen who are thoroughly trained; for when watches are badly repaired by poor workmen, it frequently happens that they are left in such condition that even good workmen cannot put them in proper order for good time-keeping.

We make a specialty of repairing fine Fans, etc. Monograms and Bangles designed and made to order, at

BRUNNER BROS., 255 Superior St. N. B.-Fine Badges made on short notice. We shall endeavor to maintain the standard reputation that our goods have attained for quality, design and workmanship. Our prices will be always as low as possible.



1554 WABASH AVE., CHICAGO, ILL., I sell more Railway Watches than any firm in Chicago. Write for new price list. You can savo 25 per cent Any of the following articles will

be sent C. 0. D., selection with guarantee, and at nett wholesale prices : Fine Diamonds, Reliable Gold and Silver Watches, Solid Gold and Filled Chains, Rings, Lockets, and Charms, Buttons, Studs, Bracelets, Ladies' Sets, Opera Glasses, Gold Pens, Pencils, Solid and Silver-plated Goods, Clocks, Bronzes; and, in fact, anything and everything kept by a first-class jeweler,

B. of L. E. Charms and Pins now ready.
Reference, First National Bank, Chicago.

Our design of Pin and Charm of S. M. À. A., adopted as the official badge by the Grand Officers of the Switchmen's Society in convention at Chicago. Wholesale and Retail Agent for E. Howard & Co. Boston Watches. Special rates to R. R. men,

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