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Carolina and degenerate Georgia, deprecated and shuddered at this cvil in the land. Through the pernicious influence of these States the system was recognized as a Stato Right, in permitting the importation of human beings for enslavement for twenty years, when tho importation was branded and punished as piracy.

“Soon after the adoption of the Constitution, all the Northern States abolished and repudiated slavery, as a violation of human rights. The blighting influence of this curse caused the great flow of immigration to settle in the Northern States, hence followed the preponderance of population, wealth and power, and the vast advantages in all the avenues of happiness they now enjoy. Listen to facts to prove the earth is made to shrink in barrenness' from the malign influences of slavery.

“See the poverty, ignorance and desolation of the slave lands in contrast to great Freedom's onward and upward course. In 1790, the population of Virginia was double that of the State of New York. In 1850, that of New York was twice as great as that of Virginia. In 1791, the exports of New York amounted to about equal those of Virginia. Sixty years after, New York surpasses Virginia in lier exports more than eighty millions. In 1790, the imports of New York and Virginia were about equal. Sixty years after New York surpasses Virginia more than one hundred million dollars. In 1850, the products, manufactures, mechanics and arts in New York amounted to more than one billion dollars more than those of Virginia. In the same year, the value of rcal and personal property in Virginia (including the negroes) is nearly one billion dollars less than

that of New York. In 1856, the real and personal estate assessed in the city of New York was worth more than the whole State of Virginia. The value of the farms, farming utensils, mechanical and agricultural products in New York exceed those in Virginia in the same ratio. In 1850, the hay crop in the free States amounted to more than four times the value of the cotton, tobacco and sugar crops of the fifteen slave States. The total value of the property of the free States is more than three times that of the slave States. The bushel products, the pound-measure products, the gallon and the mining products of the Northern States are similarly ahead of the same products of the South, notwithstanding the superior advantages of the South in soil, climate, rivers, harbors, minerals, forests, and 245,000 more square miles of territory. In 1850 there were only eighteen hundred adult persons in Massachusetts who could not read and write. In the same year eighty thousand of the white adult inhabitants of North Carolina could neither read or write. The comparative intelligence in these States is presented to illustrate the ignorance, poverty and imbecility pervading the land of slavery in contrast with the land of freedom, where intelligence, wealth, prosperity, progress and happiness are everywhere visible.

“These statistical facts prove that when this nation commenced its existence, the South had the advantage of the North. Why has the South degenerated, and why is she to-day so far behind the North in all that relates to intelligent, civilized nations ? In her commercial and business relations, why is she so far surpassed by the Northern States! Because the Goddess, Freedom, is working, speaking and running against the Demon, SlaThis infamous monster is doomed to work out its own destruction. In aiming its deadly fangs at the nation's vitals, it has inflicted its own death wounds. Thanks to liberty, to republicanism, and the beneficent institutions transmitted to us by illustrious sires, it will thus ignominiously die, and pass from the face of the earth forever. We can but see that the 'institution' of slavery and the principles upon which our goverment is founded are antagonistic. Its constitution and laws are in direct violation of the spirit which our noble, self-sacrificing forefathers inculcated, which breathed only the aspiration of liberty and happiness to all men. We, as a State in this republican government, have departed from the principles and teachings of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, in declaring, by our constitution and laws, that all men are not created equal, and are not entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This atrocious crime of slavery assails the life of our State and nation--sows the seeds of discord and disunion, by destroying the principles of humanity, justice and good will toward men, by establishing this infamous curse, which is built upon the narrow grounds of pecuniary interest and sordid gain, embracing, in its constitution and code of laws, fraud, rapine, cruelty and bloodshed. Slavery is inconsistent with our dearest rights as a State. The Black Code of this State is a damning disgrace to our State records, and an outrago and robbery upon her citizens, and merits the contempt and detestation of all men. We ask and demand that this dead weight of human wrong be wiped from the escutcheon of our State, and that these laws and the aristocratic State constitution be destroyed, to give place to a free and truly democratic constitution and laws, based upon the inherent and fundamental principles of freedom and justice to all men.


“To show to you, friends of freedom, how the South has degenerated and relapsed to Egyptian barbarism, I will present a synoptical view of the pertinently named Black Code of Louisiana, and I am confident you will acknowledge it only worthy a Slaveocracy, for there is no other class on God's earth so brutalized and stupid in depravity and wickedness as to defend the diabolical rules and principles it inculcates. Well, thus saith the law that Mr. Davis and his compeers would restore and establish to Louisiana and the world, if they could command the power to do so. But, thank God, they will not be permitted to build a nation upon any such iniquitous corner-stone.' Any slave killing or attempting to kill, whether maliciously, or in defence of his family or self, shall be hung. If a slave strikes his master, or mistress, or their children, or any white overseer, he shall be hung, or be imprisoned at hard labor for ten years. If a slave shoot or stab any person with intent to kill, he shall be hung. If any slave or free person of color shall attempt to poison any person he shall be hung. Any slave guilty of encouraging an insurrection shall be hung. Any slave or free person of color who shall attempt to burn any building or outhouse shall be hung. Any slave who shall be guilty for the third offence of striking a white person shall be hung, unless the blow was given in defence of his master, some member of his family, or person having charge of him, when the slave shall be excused. Any slave forcibly taking goods or money from any person shall be hung, or as the court shall adjudge. Any slave who shall break into a place and attempt to steal, or commit any other crime, shall be hung. Any person cruelly treating a slave shall not be fined to exceed two hundred dollars. Any person who shall remove any iron chain or collar fastened to a slave may be imprisoned for six months. If any person shall, by words or action, advise any slave to insurrection, he shall suffer death or imprisonment. Whosoever shall attempt to produce discontent among the free colored or slave population, shall be imprisoned at hard labor, or suffer death. Any person from the bar, the bench, the stage, the pulpit, or any other place, who shall be guilty of discourses or signs tending to produce discontent among the free colored or slave population, or who shall bring into this State any paper, pamphlet or book having such tendency, may be imprisoned twenty-one years, or suffer death. Slaves accused of capital crimes shall be tried by two Justices of the Peace and ten owners of slaves. Any crime not capital shall be tried by a Justice of the Peace and four owners of slaves. One Justice and nine jurors shall constitute a quorum for the trial of slaves accused of capital offences. If a slave is convicted, the said Justice of the Peace shall sign the sentence.

If the court disagree and do not convict, it shall have the power to inflict corporal punishment according to its pleasure. All slaves sentenced to death or perpetual imprisonment, shall be paid for out of the public treasury. A slave may be forced to testify against his fellow-slave, but he is not permitted to testify against a white man. Any slave accused of a capital crime in this parish shall be tried by the Judge of the First District Court and

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