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rangements for delegates, viz: half regu- | Bean, Esq., Master Mechanic, officials of lar rates for full capacity of cars charter- the N. P. R. R., for courtesies extended ed between common points, or $25 per to the Brothers in the dedication of their day per car when used for several days, a new hall. week or more in New York City.

At a regular meeting held in Detroit Passes will be granted delegates and Division No. 1 Aug. 29th, a vote of wives in Man's Sleeping Cars over the N. thanks was tendered to W. J. Spicer, Y., 0. & W. R. R. by making applica- Esq., Gen. Manager, A. B. Atwater, tion to Mr. Purdy, Gen. Manager, No. Supt., H. Roberts, Esq., Mechanical 15, Broadway, New York City, with let. Supt., and J. A. Slack, Esq., Asst. Meter endorsed by Superintendent of the chanical Supt., for courtesies extended Road by which the delegate is employed to the Brothers, families and friends at

We would call the attention of the del- the Union Meeting at Jackson, egates to the fact that the Convention

Arrangements have been made for the will be called to order at 9 A. M. sharp, Wednesday, Oct. 20th, at Lyric Hall, 6th accommodation of delegates at the Ross

more Hotel, Broadway and 42d street, avenue, near 42d street. Every delegate is requested to be prompt and be at the easy of access by all railroads in the city. hall at the appointed time. The public R. take cars at ferry on New York side

Delegates arriving by the West Shore R. exercises will be held at the Metropolitan to door of hotel; New York Central and Opera House at 2:00 P. M.

N. Y. & N. H. take cars at Grand Central
Depot to door of hotel; Delaware, Lack-

awanna & Western, Erie, Penn., Central, At a regular meeting held in Div. 65 a

New Jersey Central, walk two blocks vote of thanks was tendered to F. h. from ferry and take 9th Avenue Elevated Hopkins & Co. for the present of a beau- Railway to 42d street, take horse cars at tiful eight-day clock; to the Revs. Wal 42d street to door of hotel. lace and Galbraith, who kindly conduct- At a regular meeting in Div. 58, at ed the divine service; to his Honor Oneonta, N. Y., Aug. 15th, a vote of Mayor Smart, Grand Chief P. M. Arthur, thanks was tendered DIrs. A. Disbrow for Albert Douglass, Jr., and Willis H. Wig- the gift of a beautiful oil painting, repgins, for their interesting and instructive resenting one of the many beautiful speeches; John E. Rose, Master Trans- scenes along the A. & S. R. R. The Broportation, Edward Evans, Esq., Supt. thers of 58 feel justly proud of the beauMotive Power C,, W. & B. R. R., for tiful gift. courtesies extended at the dedication of We are in receipt of a letter from the new hall, and to all others who con. Atchison, Kas., informing us of the good tributed to make it so great a success, fortune of Bio. J. S. Bassett, C. E. of they tender their heartfelt thanks.

Division 164, who has been appointed to Charters have been granted to organize the position of foreman at Downs on the Divisions 319, 320, 321, and 322. Still C. B. U. P. It is very pleasing to us to the good work goes on.

note the many promotions in the past At a regular meeting held in Yellow- year of our members to positions of stone Div. 195 on the evening of August Sth, a vote of thanks was tendered to F. A vote of thanks was tendered by Div. W. D. Holbrook, Esq, Supt., F. H. 186 to L. McLean, Esq., photographic Marsh, Esq., Train Master, and S. L. artist of Idaho Springs, Col., for the gift of two large and two small photographs the B. of L. E., and has procured a very of locomotive engineers assembled at the agreeable assistant. Were it a little later, Union Meeting at Denver, Aug. 8th, and would be pleased to meet Bro. and Mrs. also taken on High Bridge in Loop, and Zane at New York. Nevertheless, we at Big Hill side track, Colorado Central tender our congratulations, and with the R. R.


good old wish long life and happiness. Photographs taken at the Union Meet

The Parsons & Pacific Road is under ing and at the High Bridge in Loop, also construction from Parsons, Kan., southat Colorado Central side track, are for east to Coffeyville, and it is proposed to sale by the artist, $1.00 for large size, 25 extend it north to Paola and thence to cents for small. Address Albert Nelson, Kansas City, and south through the In800 Arapaho street, Denver, Col.

dian territory into Texas. Our office was invaded a short time

The completion of the Denver, Memsince by a little merry party, consisting of Bro. J. J. Stroh, of Div. 74, wife and phis & Atlantic Road from Chetopa, son, Bro. J. Lowry and wife, Bro. Trego ready reported, was celebrated at Coffey

Kan., west to Coffeyville, thirty miles aland wife, and Mr. W. Hoffmaster. A couple of hours passed very pleasantly, Work is in progress along some 300 miles

ville, September 1, with great rejoicings. when they left on the noon train for

of this line. home. At a regular meeting in Newark Divi

It is stated that a large force of men sion 36, a vote of thanks was tendered to has been set at work between Memphis, Mrs. N. C. Criswell for the gift of a very Tenn., and Birmingham, Ala., on the nice picture of her late husband, and Kansas City, Mempbis & Birmingham Chief of 36. The gift is a very appro- Road, which is an extension of the Kanpriate one, and will be cherished by mem- sas City, Fort Scott & Gulf system, and bers of No. 36. They also tendered a is to parallel the Memphis, Birmingham vote of thanks to Supt. Thos. Fitzgerald & Atlantic. for courtesies extended to the Brothers at

On the Manhattan & Blue Valley the funeral of their late Brother, Joseph Branch of the Kansas Division of the Beatty.

Union Pacific track is laid from Garrison, At a regular meeting of Div. 95 a vote Kan., on the Kansas Central, northward of thanks was tendered to the officers of to Randolph, twenty-two miles. the C. S. R’y for favors shown the Brothers at the funeral of their late Brother, A. L. Van Cleve.

At a regular meeting held by Division No life and property saving improve 193 at New Orleans, La., a vote of thanks ment is coming into general use faster was tendered by the Division to Bros. than the driver and tender brakes for loTankersly, Betencourt and Pendegrass, comotives, and in this connection it is inretiring officers, for their punctual at- teresting to notice the change in opinion tendance and faithful performance of which has occurred with master mechantheir duties the past year.

ics generally. It is only a few years since Bro. L. H. Zane, who has just been the latter were almost universally opelected C. E. of Division 257, finds the posed to the use of driver brakes upon duties of his new position requires more their engines, but to-day the man who time than he can conveniently devote to 1 is so is the exception.




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We suppose their prejudice came from to know that he does not benefit his Society by

ordering a strike which will cost it two dollars the rigid and unyielding form of brakes for every dollar that it costs the railway. On which were at first applied, but as great the subject of strikes Mr. Arthur says:

“I believe that in these labor troubles the improvements have been made in afford- only

true remedy is that suggested by St. Paul: ing more elasticity, as particularly shown capital has rights that labor is bound to rewith the steam driver brakes of modern spect. When we find men who will not reason

and resort to violence, we find a cause that is construction, that objection has been weak and unworthy of the support of honest

men. I am opposed, decidedly opposed, to the

means of ooercion and violence to which some Every engine, it seems to us, ought to labor organizations resort. I hold that we have

no right to detain a man from working for his be provided with a brake upon its driv. family, we have a right to persuade, we have ers, and also upon the wheels of the we have no right to go. I believe that neglect tender, which shall furnish a breaking of these principles by some labor organizations

has brought a stigma upon honest labor that it force sufficient to overcome the momen- will take years of honest labor to efface." tum of the macbine itself, and pot, as is good rule to foilow by workingmen and em

Come, let us reason together” is a very generally the case, be dependent upon the ployers. If it were observed there would rare

ly arise a dispute that would not be amicably hand brakes on the train to stop it. The adjusted to the advantage of both parties. hand brakes have certainly all they can but it is not often unreasonable towards itself

Capital may at times be cruel and oppressive, be expected to do in controlling the mod- it is not often so stubborn and selfish that it ern heavy freight car and its contents, workingmen. On the other hand it is not rare without having imposed upon them the for labor organizations, under the leadership of :additional duty of stopping the modern their hands, to be more stubborn than wise and heavy freight engine at the head of the others. The Brotherhood of Locomotive Entrain,

gineers sets an example that could be profit

ably followed by most, if not all of the labor The risks of limb and life which con. organizations and trades unions. When the stantly surround the members of our pro- strike becomes necessary, people will know

engineers and employers cannot agree and a fession, even with all the safety applian- that wise men are no longer in control of the

Brotherhood, or else railroad managers are ces in use that modern invention can pro. clearly in the wrong. duce, are great enough, and hence we cannot refrain from commending the ac

SPECIAL NOTICES. tion of railroad managers in the adoption

Brothers H. Cavins, wm, Dugan, M. Kean,

B. Moore, W. B. Simpson, and P. Carter, are of such devices as have proven them

requested to correspond at once with Division selves worthy of employment, in saving 35.

C. H. SCHREIBER, F. A. E. of life, as well as of their property.

Brother Charles A. Bennett, F. A. E. of Divi

sion 25, notifies this office that one O'Connell is [From the Utah Daily Herald.]

traveling on an old card, changing dates as the THE ENGINEERS' BROTHERHOOD.

time expires. If the card is presented to any

Brother for favors it should be taken up. On several occasions the Herald has had cause to say a good word for the Brotherhood Any Brother knowing the address of David of Locomotive Engineers, and to commend its Young, who, when last heard from, was runtions. The Brotherhood is one of the most pros- ning an engine out of Atchison, Kansas, will perous and successful orders of wage-work confer a favor by sending his address to the G. ers; it enjoys the respect and confidence of em- 1. D. ployers, and rarely has trouble and more rarely disputes pecessitatiog a strike or a resort to Any Brother knowing the address of an enviolence. One reason for its smooth sailing: gineer named Isaac H. Britton, who was a and it is the chief one, is found in the fact that the majority of the members are more or less member of the Brotherhood in 1877, will confer educated and are capable of reasoni g; they a favor by sending his address to A. BRITTON, do not put over them the agitators and blather

1905 North 2d st., Philadelphia, Pa. skites, but the wise men who will devote themselves to the good of the Order. Chief Arthur, Any Brother who may be able to give informwho for some time has been the head of the ation of James Corrigan, an ex-member of Organization, is an intelligent, educated, able man who has a higher ambition than to make Division 34, will confer a great favor on his war on employers, and who has sense enough family by addressing C. G. KNIGHT, C. E. O

Division 34, Columbus, O. He is supposed to the insurance in full on the life of Jonas B. have suicided in the south or west the latter | Wiggins, deceased. part of June. He could be easily identified,

A. BRUNER, having lost his right leg below the knee and

Executor of will of Jonas B. Wiggius. the thumb and index finger of left hand.

To the Officers and Members of the Locomotive En. Any Brother knowing the address of an en

gineers' Mutual Life Insurance Association: gineer by the name of Frank Maybee, will con

GENTLEMEN: I have this day received from fer a favor by addressing C. A. STUART,

Mr. Z. F. Sharp, a draft for the sum of three. 232 East st., East Albany, N. Y. thousand dollars ($3,000), due me on the policy. Brother R. J. Bailey, of Division 210, is re- held by my late husband in the Association. quested to correspond with his Division,

Accept my most heartfelt thanks, and may B. T. COLE, F. A. E. the Brotherhood prosper is my most ardent Geo. Oaks, an expelled member of Division wish, and may God's choicest blessings be with 15, is traveling around the country representing the officers and members of the Association, as himself as a member of said Division. He has this has been the means of alleviating the burseveral notices presented to him by the Divi- den and lightening the hearts of those thate sion. He is a slick talker, and we would warn have lost their dearest treasure. the Brothers not to grant him favors. Look out

May the God of the widow and orphan be for him.

ever with you in your hour of peril, and when

your missions on earth are filled, may you find. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS.

a home in heaven and peace with God.

I also wish to extend my warmest thanks to To the Officers and Membersof the Locomotive En- the members of Divisions Nos. 11 and 143 for gineers' Mutual Life insurance Association: WHITEHALL, N Y., Sept. 6, 1886.

their many kindnesses in my hour of affliction, GENTLEMEN: I have this day received from and may God bless and prosper you wherever E. F. Marquette, Secretary of Insurance of you may be. May the Brotherhood prosper and Division 217, a draft for the sum of three thou- continue to be a blessing to its members and sand dollars ($3,000), the full amount due me

their families, is the sincere prayer of on the insurance policy held by my late hus

MRS. JULIA A. TRENARY. band, Frederick Bradshaw.

To the Officers and Members of the LocomotivePlease accept my thanks for the same. The Engineers' Mutual Life Insurance Association: officers and members of Divisions 217 and 68

SAN LEANDRO, Aug. 14, 1886. I shall always hold in grateful remembrance GENTLEMEN: I have this day received from for their many acts of kindness.

J. R. Forrest, Secretary of Truckee Division. Respectfully yours, EMILY BRADSHAW. No. 158, the sum of three thousand dollars To the Officers and Members of the Locomotive En. (3,000), the full amount due on policy of insurgineers' Alutual Life Insurance Association:

ance held by my late husband, Jas. Stirling. LOWELL, MASS., Aug. 14, 1886.

I wish to tender you my warmest thanks, and GENTLEMEN: I acknowledge the receipt of particularly to the members of Division 158 forthree thousand dollars ($3,000), the full amount

their many acts of kindness to myself and childue me on the insurance policy held by my

dren in our late bereavement. late step-father, J. C. Bean.

Hoping your noble Order may ever prosper I wish to express my thanks to Mr. J. L.

and continue to be a blessing to the widow and

Respectfully yours,

orphans, I am Cooper and the members of the Brotherhood,

MRS. E. M. STIRLING, Worcester Division especially, for their kindness and attention at his burial. I cannot ex

To the Officers and Members of the Locomotive Enpress my gratitude to your noble order for your

gineer's' Mutual Life Insurance Association: respect and thoughtfulness at that time, and

NEWARK, O., Sept. 6, 1886. may each one of you receive His blessing and

GENTLEMEN: I have this day received from ours, is my sincere wish.

Yours truly,

Mr. Allison Powell, Secretary and Treasurer of MRS. MATTIE W. NOYES.

Newark Division No. 36, a check for the sum of To the Officers and Members of the Locomotive En-three thousand dollars ($3,000), due me on the gineers' Mutual Life Insurance Association: life insurance policy held by my late husband.

COLUMBIA, Aug. 9, 1886. I desire to extend my sincere thanks to the GENTLEMEN: This is to certify that I have Brotherhood, and especially to Division 36, for this day received from Mr. B. F. Kennedy, Sec- the many acts of kindness shown us during our retary and Treasurer of Division No. 45, the late bereavement. With kind words and heartsum of three thousand dollars ($3,000), it being I felt sympathy they did all they could to lighten


the burden of sorrow so suddenly sent upon

ASSESSMENT No. 755. us. We truly believe that a loving husband, Bloomington Division No. 19. Admitted No

September 4, 1886. Brother JOHN RYAN, of kind father, and true friend has gone home.

vember 22, 1877. Died of apoplexy. Insurance May the blessings of God rest upon you and payable to MRS. ELIZABETH RYAN. yours, is the prayer of the widow and father

ASSERSMENT NO. 756. less. Respectfully,

September 13, 1886, Brother GEORGE E. MRS. FRANCES CRIBWELL.

BALDWIN, of New Haven Division No. 77.

Admitted January 25, 1886. Killed by a collision. To the Officers and Members of the Locomotive Insurance payable to MRS. JENNIE L. BALDWIN. Engineers' Mutual Life Insurance Association:

ASSESSMENT NO. 757. MONTREAL, P, Q., Sept. 5, 1886. September 13, 1886. Bro. JOHN MCCARTHY, GENTLEMEN: I have received from F. B. of Keokuk Division No. 50. Admitted May 1,

1870. Killed by derailed engine. Insurance Lytle, Secretary of Division 89, a draft for the payable to MRS. MABY MCCARTHY. sum of three thousand dollars ($3,000), being

NOTE-Assessments Nos. 749, 750 and 751 will the full amount due me on the policy of insur- be paid from the surplus. Secretaries will colanoe held by my late husband, John Stott.

lect for six. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the

Assessable members, 4,420.
Very respectfully yours,

Total membership to date, 4,445.

An 288essment of one dollar per member for the payment of each of the above claims is

hereby ordered to be collected and forwarded LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERS' MUTUAL LIFE to the General Secretary within thirty days INSURANCE ASSOCIATION.

from date of notice.

Members of the Insurance will remit to their CLEVELAND, O., Sept. 30, 1886.

Secretary within thirty days from date of this ASSESSMENT NOTICES Nos. 749, 750, 751, 752, 753, notice, and the Secretaries to the General Secre754, 755, 756, AND 757.

tary within ten days thereafter, on penalty of To the Secretaryand Treasurer of Division No.- forfeiting their membership, failing to do so.

Yours, etc., You are hereby notified of the death of the

T. S. INGRAHAM, Gen'l Sec. following members of this Association, and

P. M. ARTHUR, President. ordered to collect an assessment of one dollar for the payment of each of the following claims

OBITUARIES, from all who were members of this Association at the time these deaths occurred.

In Rocklin, Cal., May 1st, Miss Jennie R.

Gale, daughter of Brother H. and Mrs. M. Gale, ASSESSMENT No. 749.

of Truckee, Cal., aged 16 years, 3 months and August 11, 1886. Bro. JOHN HIGGINS, of

20 days. Huntington Division No. 190. Admitted October 30, 1881. Died from injuries received in a

There is silence in the household, collision. Insurance payable to ELLA C. HIG

Mans hearts are filled with woe;

A message came unbidden;

A darling one must go.
August 17, 1886. Bro. JOHN FITZGERALD,
of Rochester Division No. 18. Admitted Feb-

We are waiting, only waiting,

For the call from way afar, ruary 4, 1882. Died of heart disease. Insurance

When we'll see you, darling Jennie, payable to MRS. MARY A. FITZGERALD.

For you're left the gates ajar.

At Bellaire, 0., Aug. 19, of congestion of the August 19, 1886. Brother JOSEPH BEATTY, brain, after a short illness, Brother Jos. Beatty. of Newark Division No. 36. Admitted June 13, 1886. Died of congestion of the brain. Insur Resolutions of sympathy passed by Div. 36, of ance payable to MRS. J. M. BEATTY.

which he was at the time of his death an honASSESSMENT NO. 752,

ored member. August 20, 1886. Bro. H. W. STINE, of St. Jo

At Newark, O.. July 31, of heart disease, Bro. seph Division No. 107. Admitted June 20, 1875. George IT, Campbell. Resolutions of sympathy Died of inflammation of the bowels. Insurance passed by Dir. 36, of which he was an honored payable to MARTUA E. STINE.

member at the time of his death, ASSESSMENT No. 753.

At Sarannah, Ga., Aug. 16, Mrs. S. H. Crorat, August 30, 1886. Brother A. L. VAN CLETE, of Cincinnati Division No. 95. Admitted July wife of Brother H. H. Crorat, of gastric ferer, 5, 1881. Killed by derailed engine. Insurance after a short illness. Division 256 passed resopayable to ELIZABETU M. VAN CLETE.

lutions of sympathy. ASSESSMENT NO. 754.

At Bridgewater, Conn., July 22, after a short September 4, 1886. Brother THOMAS HAZ: illness of typhoid pneumonia, Brother L. F. LEIT, of Chicago Division No. 10. Admitted October 17, 1882. Died of consumption. Insur- Livingston. Division om, of which he was a ance payable to MRS. LIZZIE HAZLETT.

member, passed resolutions of sympathy.


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