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ployed by Harmony in the prosecution of the suit Mr. VENABLE. I have no inclination to take that he has been informed by a justice of the Suagainst Colonel Mitchell. Colonel Mitchell em- up the time of the House.

preme Court of the United States that a writ of ployed a man by the name of Alonzo B. Achan Mr. FOWLER, (interrupting.) I wish to ask error in the case of Harmony vs. Mitchell is now I believe. Mr. Sheppard was the district attor- a single question.

pending in the Supreme Court that it came up ney for that district at that time, and was directed Mr. VÈN ABLE. I cannot yield to the gentle- from the Southern district of New York, and is by the Government of the United States to defend man from Massachusetts, (Mr. Fowler,) and I designed to test the validity of the judgment renthe suit.

protest against this mode of farming out the floor dered against Colonel Mitchell in favor of Manuel (Cries of “Question!” “Question!”]

by one member to another. I cannot yield, and X. Harmony. I am aware that suit was instituted Mr. JONES, of Tennessee. Can the gentleman must make the remarks I have set out to make. by this man Harmony againsi Mitchell, and that from Missouri (Mr. Phelps) state whether there is The history of the case is this: it appears to me such proceedings were had as resulted in a judg. not a suit pending in the Supreme Court, in the singular that difficulties should arise in the minds ment at law in ihe district court of New York for lower story of this building, in regard to this mat- of anybody, when it must be preceived that there upwards of $95,000. I understand that Harmony ter; and if so, whether that decision may not be never was a case before this House in which the took the record to Missouri, and sued upon the reversed, and Colonel Mitchell released from the iron arm of the law was bearing down upon a de- New York judgment-I presume in a Siate courtjudgment now pending against him? | under-fenceless individual with more crushing and mer- and that he procured a judgment upon said record, stand that the case is pending in the Supreme ciless force than in the case now before us. and that execution has issued thereupon against Court, brought there by a writ of error from the Mr. PHELPS, (interposing.). I have yielded the property of Colonel Mitchell for about $102,court at St. Louis.

so much and so often to the inquiries of my friends, || 000. In the meantime, the case from New York Mr. PHELPS. I understand that during the that I am obliged to move the previous question has been brought up to the Supreme Court by a progress of that trial in the court in New York, upon the passage of the bill.

writ of error, without a supersedeas, and that such exceptions were taken to the ruling of that court. Mr. FOWLER. Will the gentleman allow me a proceeding neither stops the execution on the The case was then presented to Mr. Crittenden, to ask a single question ?

New York judgment, nor suspends proceedings Attorney General, and his advice taken in relation Mr. PHELPS. I will.

upon the Missouri judgment. But it is also certhereto.' He advised against the prosecution of Mr. FOWLER. If I understand the gentle- tain, that while matters seem to have reached this the appeal to the Supreme Court of the United man from Missouri, he states that the property crisis with Colonel Mitchell, the chancery power States. Such, I understand, are the facts in refer- || tuken amounts to $60,000. Now, I wish to in- of the courts in Missouri may be successfully apence to that matter, and consequently no appeal quire what became of that property? Was it | pealed to in order to suspend the collection of this is pending in the Supreme Court of the United given back to Harmony, or what was done with debt until the decision of the Supreme Court of States.

the United States shall be pronounced upon the (Cries of "Question !” “ Question !" from all Mr. HALL. The Mexican authorities confis. writ of error which has been sued out to the New parts of the Hall.] cated it.

York district court. I acknowledge the obligation Mr. JOHNSON, of Georgia. I desire to be Mr. PHELPS. The property was confiscated of Congress to protect Colonel Mitchell from loss; informed what amount of property was taken by by the authorities of the city of Chihuahua, in but there is a right way of going about this matter. the Government of the United States from Har- the district of Chihuahua.

If we pass this bill, the money will pass into the mony?

Mr. FOWLER. Was it finally returned to hands of Manuel X. Harmony, who may not be Mr. PHELPS. The judgment of the court will this claimant?

responsible and who is an alien, as I understand, be a sufficient answer to that. I hold here in my Mr. PHELPS. It was subsequently tendered and should the judgment be reversed by the hands the report made by the Committee of Claims, to Mr. Harmony at Chihuahua, as the documents Supreme Court, the United States will have sufat the first session of the Thirtieth Congress, and show. He refused to receive it, and entered his fered a complete loss of the whole amount. My from this document it appears that Mr. Harmony protest there against the unlawful seizure, and it || only object in moving to reconsider the vote in proved before that committee that property to the was confiscated, as I am informed, by the Mexi- this bill is to suggest to the House the propriety amount of more than $60,000 was seized by Colo- can authorities at Chihuahua.

of putting the act in such shape, before its pasnel Mitchell, and taken into his possession.

(Cries of “ Question!” “Question !” from all

sage, that no payment can be made by the SecreMr. JONES, of Tennessee. I would ask my parts of the Hall.)

tary of the Treasury until the legal remedy shall friend from Missouri (Mr. Phelps] if he did Mr. PHELPS. I now demand the previous | have been quite exhausted by a final affirmance of not in the Thirtieth Congress, with that report question.

the judgment in the court below by the Supreme before him, in concert with his colleague from Mr. STUART. If the gentleman will allow Court. In the meantime, it must be remembered Missouri, (Mr. Bowlin,) oppose the bill for the me, I wish to suggest

that the judgment in Missouri is operative, and the relief of Harmony?

Mr. PHELPS. I have yielded the floor so sacrifice of Mitchell's property can be made under Mr. PHELPS.' I will inform the gentleman of often, that I am compelled to insist upon my de- the execution upon that judgment, and that the sale the course I pursued on that occasion. I did op- || mand for the previous question.

will not be affected by whatever decision shall be pose the bill for the relief of Harmony. I enter- Mr. STUART. I understand that this ques- rendered here upon the New York record. As I iained the opinion that he was not entitled to the tion is pending in the Supreme Court. It is not remarked before, should there be a probability of amount of relief which he demanded. I was sat- denied.

reversing the New York judgment, the chancellor isfied that he was entitled to something, but the The SPEAKER. Debate is not in order. in Missouri can be appealed to for an injunction exact amount I could not tell. That question was Mr. MARSHALL, of Kentucky. I rise to a to stay proceedings in the Missouri judgment until one for the accounting officer to determine; and privileged question. I move to reconsider the vote this cause can be decided. And there will be no furthermore, that has nothing to do with the case. by which this bill was ordered to its third read- | difficulty in procuring such an injunction. Let the Will you see an officer, who has executed the ing, and upon that motion 1 desire to be heard United States procure the surety for an injunction commands of his superior officer, receive injury The SPEAKER. The question is not debata. || bond, and the chancery proceedings can be insti. from that obedience, and see his property sacri- ble. The previous question has been demanded tuted in Mitchell's name.

But, unless there is ficed, and that, too, for obeying the orders of his upon the passage of the bill.

some probability of a reversal, the injunction will superior officer in an enemy's country where, if Mr. MARSHALL, of Kentucky: Demanded be a dangerous expedient, for the dissolution of he had disobeyed them, he would have been court- but not seconded. I understand the privileged ques- the injunction will cost $10,200, more than will martialed ?

tion I make to take precedence of the motion for now discharge the debt. The question addrestes Mr. JONES. If the gentleman will permit, I will the previous question, and that it is debatable. itself to the sound discretion of Congress, who state that I am informed by a Representative upon

Do I understand the Chair to decide otherwise? will, I suppose, be guided in the case by the opinion this floor from the State of New York, that Judge

Mr. JONES, of Tennessee. The privileged of the Attorney General of the United States. Nelson has informed him that this case is pend- question does take precedence, and certainly is Mr. WELCH. I would inquire of the honoring in the Supreme Court on an appeal. debatable.

able member from Kentucky, if the bill is not al. Mr. VENABLE That cannot possibly be so, be- The SPEAKER. The Chair, upon reflection, ready in the shape in which he desires to have it? cause if you will look at the report and the evidence is of opinion that the gentleman from Kentucky is | It simply authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury in this case, it will be found that they prove this entitled to debate the question.

to pay the Missouri judgment. state of facts. Every lawyer knows that if there Mr. PHELPS. I rise to a question of order. Mr. MARSHALL. It is true that the act was a writ of error, the court would suspend judg. The vote by which this bill was ordered to a third authorizes the Secretary to pay the money, but ment. Every lawyer knows that an appeal, when reading was under the operation of the previous that is the usual verbiage of the laws which dimade, brings a case from the court below to- question, and the gentleman from Kentucky can- rect the payment of money. Under this law, the Mr. JONES, of Tennessee, made a remark not debate the motion.

Secretary will be at liberty to settle the Missouri wholly inaudible to the Reporter.

The SPEAKER. The Chair is of the opinion judgment by payment before this night. I am not Mr. VENABLE. A transcript of the judg. that the previous question was exhausted by the I willing to pay ii, if there is a reasonable chance to ment was sent to Missouri, and a suit instituted order to read the bill a third time, and, therefore, reverse the case. I will not vote $102,000 to pay upon it in that State, and a judgment obtained overrules the point of order made by the member a debt, which I understand could have been settled thereon. Upon the judgment thus obtained, an

from Missouri. The gentleman from Kentucky | three years since for $30,000, while there is a writ execution was issued in the State of Missouri (Mr. MARSHALL) is entitled to the floor.

of error in the case pending and undetermined in against the property of Colonel Mitchell.

Mr. MARSHALL, of Kentucky. I should the Supreme Court, unless I understand rery distinctMr. PHELPS. That is certainly so.

have voted for the passage of this bill without hes- ly from the proper legal adviser of the Görernment Mr. VENABLE. The history of this case is itation, had the previous question been ordered that there is no chance to reverse the judgment of the this

without debate, for I should not have heard the court below. I will then vote it to‘shield Colonel Mr. BARTLETT. I rise to a privileged ques- suggestions of difficulties which now appear to be Mitchell from loss, and not because I think it tion. I move that when this House adjourns, it in the way. I desire to say that no gentleman proper or fair, as against the Government, upon adjourn to meet again on Wednesday next. upon this floor would more readily extend relief | the merits.

The SPEAKER. The gentleman cannot take to Colonel Mitchell than I would, under a proper Mr. TAYLOR (interrupting) asked a question the floor from another who is upon it, although

state of the case. But it is asserted by a gentle | entirely inaudible to the Reporter. his question is a privileged one.

man from New York, a member of this House, Mr. MARSHALL. I understand that Mr.


FarlkNER, of Virginia, has been down to the Su-charge demand that before we act finally, an op- sits near me, and in order to enable the House to preme Court room, and has ascertained the fact that portunity should be afforded to confer with the possess themselves fully of the facts of the case a writ of error in this cause is pending in that Attorney General of the United States, who has and the precise points involved in it, I move the Court.

no doubt looked critically into the record of this, consideration of this subject be postponed for one Mr. TAYLOR. I understand that the cause is cause, and is prepared to give his opinion. We week. not pending in the Supreme court.

should take time, and before we vote to pay this (Cries of “That is right!” “That is right!”] Mr. MARSHALL. I am informed that the debt we should learn from the Attorney General Mr. STUART. I concur entirely in the mogentleman from Virginia (Mr. FAULKNER) has been his opinion of the proposition to enjoin the judg. 1 tion of the gentleman. There is no disposition down to the Supreme Court rooms, and knows ment in Missouri until the rendition of an opinion here to do injustice to Colonel Mitchell or anythe facts to be as I have stated them.

by the Supreme Court in the case from New York. body else, and we should not go pell mell into Mr. HAVEN. With the permission of the I am not willing to pass the authority we hold paying a judgment, when it is pending in the Sugentleman from Kentucky, inasmuch as consid- over the public money to any one. When this preme Court of the United States upon a writ of erable has been said about it, I will state briefly debt must be liquidated we can vote the money, what I know upon this subject. I found a very and direct its appropriation to the object we intend; Mr. JONES, of Tennessee. I wish to inquire general desire on the part of the House to pass but now, it is our duty to see whether the actual of the Speaker if the House adjourn in the presthis bill when it was up before; and, on Friday necessity for the appropriation exists, and wheth- ent position of this matter, it will not go over until or Saturday of last week, I met Mr. Justice Neler it cannot, by any device, be avoided. The ex- nexi Monday? son in the street, and had a conversation with himecution has not been levied upon Colonel Mitch

The SPEAKER. It would, in the opinion of for the purpose of gathering the facts of the case. ell's property as yet, and we all know that there the Chair. The two things I told him I desired to be in. will intervene some days from the levy to the sale. Mr. STANTON, of Tennessee. I rise to a formed about, were: First, whether there was a There is no necessity for this absolute action privileged question. I move that when the House writ of error pending in the Supreme Court of the to-day, so far as we can see. It is our duty to go adjourns to-day it be to Wednesday next. United States; and the next was, what was the back upon our steps if we can contest this demand The SPEAKER. Does the gentleman from eharacter of the proof before the court (for he was further, and not, under apprehension of injury to Tennessee (Mr. Jones) yield ? the justice, I understood, who presided at the Mitchell, throw away $102,000 upon Emanuel X. Mr. JONES. I do; but shall oppose the motrial) in reference to the measure of damages. Harmony.

tion. Mr. LOCKHART. Will the gentleman allow I understand that no one disputes our obligation Mr. STANTON. I presume every gentleman me for a moment. I will not take half a minute. to shield Colonel Mitchell from loss. The point is aware of the object of this motion.

Mr. HAVEN. I cannot. I have the floor by is, that in protecting him we may owe it to the The SPEAKER. It is not debatable. the favor of the gentleman from Kentucky to country to take the reins of this case into our own Mr. JONES demanded the yeas and nays; make a statement. I was informed by Mr. Jus- hands, and see whether the United States cannot which were ordered. tice Nelson, that there was a writ of error now reverse this judgment, stay proceedings upon the The question was then taken upon the motion pending upon the calendar of the Supreme Court, execution at St. Louis, and renew the contest upon to adjourn till Wednesday, and it was decided in brought up upon the judgment rendered before the original merits before the inferior tribunal, by ; the affirmative-yeas 87, nays 74—as follows: him in the circuit court of New York. I then in- li which this enormous judgment may be reduced to

YEAS–Messrs. Abercrombie, Aiken, Willis Allen, W. quired of him in reference to the measure of dam- those limits which once would have contented the Appleton, Babcock, Barrere, Bartlett, Beale, Bell, Bennett, ages, the rule by which the damages had been al- claimant. It is suggested to ine by gentlemen to Bissell, John H. Boyd, Breckenridge, Briggs, Brooks, Albert lowed upon the trial before him. He told me move to postpone this question to a day certain, G. Brown, Burrows, E. Carrington Cabell, Lewis D. Camp

bell, Cartter, Chandler, Chapman, Clingman, Daniel, Geo. that he could not state with accuracy by what rule I do not feel disposed to raise the question, and

T. Davis, Dean, Disney, Dockery, Edgerton, Edmundson, that had been governed, but he said that the evi- | then to ask its postponement, but I do think the Evans, Faulkner, Florence, Henry M. Fuller, Thomas J. dence upon the subject of damages would be found House should regard this transaction with the D. Fuller, Gaylord, Gentry, Gilinore, Goodenow, Gorinan, in the record. I went to the Supreme Court closest scrutiny--not that I suppose anything Sampson w.. Harris, Hari, Haws, Hascall, Haven, Henn

Horstord, Jenkins, James Johnson, John Johnson, Robert room for the purpose of seeing the record, but wrong on Mitchell's part—but to see if we cannot

W. Johnson, Daniel T. Jones, Preston King, Kuhús, Lanfound it locked up. I said to the Judge that I avoid the wrong which we are about to be forced dry, Letcher, Lockhart, McDonald, McMullin, Meade, had understood Mr. Harmony had offered to take to submit to, in order to protect him from unde

Milier, Morehead, Murray, Andrew Parker, Samuel W.

Parker, Price, Robie, Russell, Schermerhorn, Schoolcraft, $30,000 to discharge his claim upon the Govern- | served loss.

Schoonmaker, David L. Seyinour, Stanly, Frederick P. ment, and that this bill which we have before us, Mr. KING, of New York. The whole matter | Stanton, Richard H. Stanton, Strother, Stuart, Sutherland, provides for over $100,000. He told me that the should be referred to a committee.

Taylor, Thurston, Ward, Washburn, Wells, Addison cause was put off, according to his recollection, Mr. MARSHALL. I prefer to have the vote

White, Alexander White, Wildrick, and Yates—87. for over a year, to allow the parties to execute a upon the motion to reconsider. Should that mo

NAYS–Messrs. Allison, Ashe, Averett, David J. Bailey,

Bowne, Brenton, Joseph Cable, Thompson Campbell, Cascommission at Santa Fé, or in New Mexico, for tion prevail, the bill can be taken up at our next kie, Chastain, Churchwell, Clark, Cobb, Conger, John G. the purpose of getting evidence upon the subject sitting, and in the meantime those interested can Davis, Dawson, Doty, Durkee, Eastman, Ewing, Ficklin, of damages, and that, after the commission had learn the views of the Attorney General, and the Fitch, Fowler, Gamblc, Giddings, Grow, Hammond, Har

per, Hebard, Hendricks, Hibbard, Howard, John W. Howe, been returned, the subject of damages was passed bill can be amended properly, if necessary, and

Thomas Y. How, Jackson, Andrew Johnson, George W. upon sub silentio, the proof seeming to be satisfac- | then passed.

Jones, J. Glancy Jones, Kurtz, Humphrey Marshall, Mctory. That is all the information I have in my Mr. DISNEY. I propose to say a solitary Lanahan, McNair, McQueen, Molony, Henry D. Moore, possession. I understand this writ of error is word in regard to this matter, and it is simply

John Moore, Nabers, Orr, Outlaw, Peaslee, Penniman,

Perkins, Pheips, Polk, Rantoul, Robbins, Sackelt, Scurry, from the judgment rendered in the circuit court this: that notwithstanding the appeal which has

Skelton, Smart, Smith, Snow, Benjamin Stanton, Stratton, for the southern district of the State of New been presented by the gentleman from Kentucky, George W. Thompson, Townshend, Venable, Walbridge, York. I also understand that judgment has been (Mr. Marshall,) and the purpose for which he Wallace, Watkins, Welch, Wilcox, Williams, and Wood

ward-74. sued out, upon a transcript of the record of the urges it, there is another aspect in which this case court in New York, in a court of Missouri; that must be viewed, which divests them of all force Mr. JOHNSON, of Arkansas. I believe there execution had been issued upon that judgment, || whatever. Permit me here to remark that I have is nothing now before the House. and that the consequences are likely to follow upon | taken no sort of interest in this matter until the

The SPEAKER. There is the question upon that execution which have been described by the present time. The nature of the case now pend- reconsidering the vote by which the bill upon the gentleman from Missouri, (Mr. Phelps.] Í re- ing in the Supreme Court of the United States, at table for the relief of Colonel Mitchell was ordered turn my thanks to the gentleman from Kentucky | least from the testimony which has been adduced to be read a third time, and there is a question for his kindness in allowing me to make this before us, and from this discussion and the one submitted by the gentleman from Ohio (Mr. Disstatement,

had heretofore in relation to this matter-has been NEY) to postpone until Monday next. Mr. MARSHALL, of Kentucky. I now hold with reference to the liability of Colonel Mitchell, The question was then taken upon Mr. Disin my hand a memorandum furnished by the clerk | and not the injury to this man Harmony; for that NEY's motion, and it was agreed to. of the Supreme Court of the United States a mo- seems to be conceded upon all sides. Then what

INDIAN AGENT FOR CALIFORNIA. ment since, which will remove all doubt as to the ever the decision of the Supreme Court of the

Mr. JOHNSON, of Arkansas. I will now send pendency of a writ of error in this case.

United States may be, it will not touch the point the transcript of the record has been sent up, a to which I now allude, to wit: the injuries indicted

this bill, which is an act to provide for the apwrit of error has been sued out, and the case stands upon Emanuel X. Harmony. If the Supreme pointment of superintendent of Indian affairs in No. 178 on the trial docket of the court. Now, Court of the United States shall decide Colonel

California, to the Clerk's desk, and I ask the House under these circumstances, the proposition to di- Mitchell was not justly and legally liable to indem

seriously and in sober earnest, to allow me an oprect the Secretary to go forward and pay off the debt nify Harmony for the damage inflicted upon him

portunity of reporting it back from the Committee

on Indian Affairs, with an amendment. may be very injurious to the interests of the United by these proceedings, still behind that remains the States, for the decision in the Supreme Court may paramount question of indemnity to Harmony.

Mr. KING, of New York. I object. There reopen the cause on the original merits, and indeed Then it appears from the testimony which we

are a great many bills and resolutions which would may indicate that Mitchell is not responsible for an have beard related to the House by the gentleman

be presented if the House would give an opportu

nity for that purpose. arrest made under orders from his military com- from New York, [Mr. Haven,) that the question mander in time of war in an enemy's country; for of the amount of indemnity has been settled by

Mr. JOHNSON. I will move to suspend the

rules. It is a matter of public importance, and I do not learn from anything that has yet been the common agreement of the parties—sub silentio. said that Harmony lost possession of his merchan- In reference to that question there was no dispute.

ought to be acted upon.

The question was then taken, and it was decided dise, though he was detained with Doniphan's This question as to whether Colonel Mjichell

in the affirmative. command, in order to prevent him from joining is justly and legally liable does not touch the the enemy-as a trader. main question, that is, the proper indemnification

So the rules were suspended. I submit to the consideration of the House that of an individual who has been wronged by the The bill entitled “ An act to provide for the apwe are not prepared, under the circumstances, to acts of officers of this Government. I will not pointment of a superintendent of Indian affairs in pass the bill at present, and due caution and a occupy the attention of the House any longer. In California," was then read. proper regard for the duties we are here to dis- 1 conformity with the suggestion of a friend who The bill provides for the appointment of a su

He says,

[ocr errors]

perintendent at a salary of $5,000 per annum, tion to reconsider upon the table; which latter

PETITIONS, &c. and a secretary at a salary of $2,500." motion was agreed to.

The following petitions, memorials, &c., were prezented under the rule,

and referred to the appropriate committees: The amendment of the Committee on Indian Mr. STANTON, of Kentucky. I ask the

By Mr. FLORENCE : Memorial of J. D. Bayne, Jolug Affairs proposes to reduce the salary of the super- unanimous consent of the House io offer the fol

Simpson, Alexander K. Young, W. W. Pidgeon, and other intendent to $4,000. lowing resolution:

: citizens of Philadelphia, late assistant marshals of the l'aja Mr. JOHNSON. For the information of the Resolved, That the joint resolution of the Senate au- ted States for taking the Seventh Census, praying addin House, I will ask that the sections of law which thorizing a continuation of the work on the two wings of tional compensation. are put in force by the bill, be read. I have no

the Capitol, and the bill from the Senate making an appro- Also, memorial of William Brookfield, Edgar T. Steever, priation for the repair of the Congressional Library room, be

Thomas M. Richards, and others, citizens of Philadelphia, speech to make about the case. The Government

made the special order, and in the order namel, for Wed rensonstrating against the extension of the Woodworth is losing thousands and thousands of dollars every nesday, the 10th instant, to continue so from day to day Patent" for planing boards, &e. month for the want of the passage of this bill. until disposed of.

Also, memorial of Richard Hackett, Edward D. Pricket,

John Eckert, and others, citizens of Philadelphia, prayag The SPEAKER. It is a Senate bill reported Mr. SCURRY objected.

for the extension of the * Woodworth Patent" for planung back with an amendment. The question, then, ! Mr. CARTTER. I wish to inquire if the prop- boards, &c. will be first upon the amendment. osition of the honorable gentleman from Kentucky

Also, resolutions of the General Assembly of Pennsył The bill and amendment having been read

vania relative to the bridge over the Ohio river opposite does not interfere with a pending special order? Mr. JOHNSON. I will ask the Clerk to read Mr. STANTON. That is set for to-morrow,


Also, memorial of Charles Lloyd, jr., Alexander L. those portions of the acts which are put in force. and mine is set for Wednesday week.

Smith, James Serrill, and others, citizens of Delaware and The sixth section of the act of May 6, 1822, The SPEAKER. The operation of the special '. Philadelphria counties, praying that the soldiers of the wa was read, as follows:

order would be this: if the former special order' Also, memorial of Samuel J. Burdick, Hugh McCormick, " And be it further enacted, That the President of the conflicted with it, this would have to pass over William White, and others, citizens of Philadelphia, praya United States, by and with the advice and consent of the

until the other is decided, and then it would come ing for the extension of the * Woodworth Patenta la Senate, may appoint a superintendent of Indian affairs to

up. reside at St. Louis, whose power shall extend to all Indi.

planing boards, &c.

Also, resolutions of the General Assembly of Peuneyle ans tregnenting that place, whose salary shall be $1500 per Mr. CHANDLER. The objection is with- vania, relative to the improvement of harbors in the Delar annum; and one agent for tribes within the limits of East drawn to it, from this side of the House.

ware bay and river. and West Florida, with a salary of $1,500.

The SPEAKER. The Chair hears no objection. Applegate, and others, citizens of Philadelphia county

Also, memorial of Amos Smith, E. J. Young, David Mr. JOHNSON. I will state to the House Mr. STANLY. I would suggest to the gen. I praying for the extension of the Woodworth patent for the bill puts so much of that law in force as relates tleman from Kentucky, (Mr. STANTON,) as there planing boards, &c. to the superintendent, placing him upon the same is no objection to making the bill for the extension Also, resolutions of the General Assembly of Pennsylka footing as every other superintendent is placed. I of the Capitol the special order, that we pass the mia, relative to the construction of a ship-canal around the ask that the fifth section of the act of May 25, bill for the Library now. There can be no objec- : Falls of Sault Ste. Marie by the Government of the United 1824, be read:

tion to it, and it is a case in which the members of By Mr. FOWLER: The petition of Charles W. Morgan "Sec. 5. And be it enacted, That the superintendent of the House are more concerned.

and others, praying that their claim on the United States Indian affairs of St. Louis, and his successors in oflice, Mr.STANTON, of Kentucky. If there is time may be referred to an auditor, for an adjustment and set sball possess all the powers and be subject to all the duties to do it, I have no sort of objection.

tlement. of Governors of Territories when exercising the office of

Also, the petition of citizens of Plymouth county, Mass superintendents of Indiau affairs, and shall exercise a gen

Mr. STANTON, of Ohio. I will object to the ! sachusetts, praying for an appropriation for the improve. eral supervision of the official conduct and accounts of Inintroduction of any bill.

ment of the navigation of the North river in that county. dian agents within his superintendency."

The question was then taken, and the resolution

By Mr. ASH: The memorial of M. Loudon, P. M.

Waiker, and 240 others, citizens of Wilmington, North I will state, also, for the information of the was agreed to.

Carolina, against the extension of the Woodworth patent House, that those two sections for the most part

Mr. RANTOUL. The gentleman from Con- for planing boards, &c. attain the object sought for. 1 ask that the Ex. necticut (Mr. CLEVELAND) asks that the Journal By Mr. CAMPBELL, of Illinois: The petition of B.C. ecutive recommendation referred to us at the be- may be corrected, his vote being erroneously stated. Wright and others, praying for the establishing of a post

route from Warsaw io Augusta, in the State of Illinois. ginning of the session in regard to this subject,

Upon the motion to lay the bounty land bill upon Also, the memorial of John A. Davis and 2 others, citishall be read:

the table, he is represented as voting nay, when zens of Stephenson county, Illinois. praying for the freedom he voted yea.

of the public lands to the actual settlers. “The means beretofore placed at the disposal of the Department applicable to Indian purposes in California have

The SPEAKER. There being no objection, the

Also, the remonstrance of D. W. Gould and 8 others

citizens of Winnebago county, Illinois, against the renewal been manifestly inadequate. It is quite evident that, withJournal will be so corrected.

of the expired patent for MeCormick's reaper. out the expenditures of large sums of money, our Indian Mr. DAVIS, of Indiana, by unanimous consent, By Mr GAMBLE: The petition of the citizens of Clinton affairs in California and Oregon cannot be properly con

introduced a bill of which previous notice had been and Union counties, Pennsylvania, asking for the estabpolicy of passing a law establishing

the office of Assistant given, granting the right of way and making a county, to White Deer Mills, in Union County. Coininissioner of Indian Affairs for that State and Terri- grant of land to the States of Indiana and Illinois, Also, the remonstrance of the citizens of Pennsylvania, tory. A general and controlling power, more direct than it for the construction of a railroad from Terra Haute against the renewal or extension of the Woodworth patent is possible for this office to bring to bear, is of the highest i to Springfield and branch thereof;" which was read

Also, the petition of the citizens of the State of Pennsyl

vania, asking for an increased duty upon iron, ceal, and merous tribes of Indians in those remote portions of our the first and second time by its title, and referred

glass, for reasons therein set forth. wide-spread domain." to the Committee on Public Lands.

Also, the petition of the citizens of Union and Perry I will state, also, for the information of the

Mr. THOMPSON, of Virginia. During my counties, in the State of Pennsylvania, asking for the estabHouse, that instead of complying with this recom- ! sickness, certain memorials of the Legislature of mendation which proposed to create an assistant | Pennsylvania were presented to this House in : county, through Richfield, Juniata county, by way of Mount

Pleasant Mills, Middleburg, Centerville, New Berlin, $ commissioner of Indian Affairs, the Senate pre- relation to a bridge

across the Ohio river, at Wheel- Midlinburg, in Union


By Mr. FULLER, of Pennsylvania: The memorial of O. preserve the policy heretofore adopted in regard portion of the members of ihe Legislature of Penn Collins, A. J. McClintock, G. B. Nicholson, Charles Den to these matters, rather than strike out any new

son, and others, citizens of Pennsylvania, remonstrating sylvania.

against the renewal of the Parker patent. course of policy. Therefore this bill comes in the

A MEMBER. Present it under the rule.

By Mr. GREEN: The petition of citizens of Ouaka shape of a superintendency. The Government

Mr. THOMPSON. I wish to do it now. The county, Ohio, asking an appropriation of $10,000 for the

erection of a breakwater at Ottawa city, Ohio. needs it, but I will make no speech about it. i memorial says, that the bridge across the Ohio

Also, the petition of Daniel Redfield, praying remunera shall call for the previous question, believing the river at Wheeling is not such an obstruction to

tion for the loss of a vessel, destroyed by the enemy while House will prefer to vote, rather than to hear any

the navigation of that river as to require its eleva- in the service of the United States in the revolutionary war. speech upon the subject.

tion to a greater height, or its abatement as a nui- Also, the petition of Lewis Seitz and 80 others, citizens Mr. JONES, of Tennessee. I do not wish to sance. I also present a paper containing the off

of Seneca county, Ohio, praying Congress to abolish the throw any obstacle in the way. I would suggest cial consent of the Wheeling and Belmont Bridge wherever it may exist under the authority of the l'bited to the gentleman a slight amendment.

Company, asking that Congress may declare their States. Mr. JOHNSON. I should like to accommobridges military roads, and pray for such protec- Also, the petition of Benjamin Huddle and 62 other eitt

zens of the same county, for the same purpose. date the gentleman, but will not assent to any tion as Congress may give. I also hold in my

Also, the petition of citizens of Wyandott county, Obute, other proposition than that which the committee hand a petition of nine hundred citizens of the

asking the passage of a law authorizing the coinmissioners have offered. After a full consideration they

county of Ohio, praying Congress to take that of said county to enter, at the minimum price of $2 50 per have reduced one salary, and they have offered public work under its protection, as Congress is

aere, a certain lot ofland mentioned therein, aontaining tity one amendment. I will not consent to any other. bound to do by the act of April 30th, 1802. An infirmary, for the support of the indigent

insane and other

three acres, for the purpose of ereeting thereon a county The previous question was seconded, and the that the papers may be referred to the "Committee

of which I desire to present to the House, in order purposes. main question ordered.

Also, the memorial of Robert Crum, deputy marshal of The question was then taken on the amendon the Post Office and Post Roads.

Seneca county, Ohio, asking additional conipensation for ment, and it was agreed to.

Mr. STANTON, of Ohio, asked the unanimous taking the census.

Also, the memorials of S. W. Smith, deputy marshal of The bill was then, according to order, read the il consent of the House to introduce a bill, of which

Ottawa county, Ohio, Azuriah Root, deputy marshal or third time.

Wyandott county, Ohio, and Gilbert Ashley, deputy marMr. JOHNSON. Is the previous question ex

Mr. SMART moved that the House adjourn. shal of Seneca county, Ohio, asking additional compensahausted?

Mr. WILLIAMS demanded the yeas and nays;

tion for taking the census.

By Mr. COBB: A petition praying that the several acts The SPEAKER. It is. which were not ordered.

of Congress which relate to invalid pensions, be sa Mr. JOHNSON. Then I ask for the previous adjourned till Wednesday next, at 12 o'clock, m. The question was then taken, and the House amended as to embrace the widows and heirs of the ofi

cers and soldiers, &c., of the war of 1812 with Great Britain, question upon the passage of the bill.

and the several Indian wars since that date. The previous question was seconded, and the

By Mr. KUHNS: The resolution of the State of Pentmain question ordered.


sylvania relative to the construction of a ship canal around Mr. BARTLETT gave notice that on to morrow, or some the Falls of the Sault Ste. Marie by the United States. The question was then taken, and the bill was

subsequent day, he should ask leave to introduce a bill, en- Also, the memorial of George W. Clark, deputy marstial passed. titled, “ An nct making an appropriation of public land to

of Western Pennsylvania, for additional compensation for Mr. JOHNSON moved to reconsider the vote the State of Vermont, for internal improvements, the sup

taking the census. by which the bill was passed, and to lay the moI dumb, blind, and insane." port of schools, and the support of the indigent' deaf and By Mr. KING, of New York: Two memorials of citi

zens of St. Lawrence county, New York, asking Congress


to provide for ship-canals around Niagara Falls, and the Also, a petition of citizens of Clark county, others, of Detroit, Michigan, praying a modificaand so other citizens of the county of Philadelphia, asking patent granted to W. W. Woodworth for a plan- expenses of proceedings in admiralty; which were

By Mr. ROBBINS: A petition signed by A. C. Gibson, Ohio, remonstrating against an extension of the tion of the act for the reduction of the costs and Congre-to grant the application now before that body for ing machine; which was referred to the Commit- referred to the Committee on the Judiciary: the extension of the patent for Woodworth's planing ma- tee on Patents and the Patent Office.

Mr. JONES, of lowa, presented a petition of ehine. Also, one the same subject, a petition signed by Wm. P.

Also, a memorial of William McFarlane, as- citizens of Iowa, praying the establishment of a Pritchett and 51 other citizens of the county of Philadel- sistant marshal for taking the Seventh Census in mail route from Monona to Decorah, in that State; phia,

Mahoning county, Ohio, praying additional com- which was referred to the Committee on the Post Also, on the same subject, a petition signed by G. S. pensation; which was referred to the Committee office and Post Roads. Williams and 93 other citizens of the county of Philadelof Claims.

Also, the petition of John D. Jennings and othplia.

Also, on the same subject, a petition vigned by James K. Mr. SEWARD presented the memorial of Gid-1: ers, praying that a contract may be made with Martin and 80 other citizens of the county of Philadelphia, eon Hotchkiss, praying an extension of a patent Ambrose W. Thompson for transporting the mails

By Mr. EDGERTON: The memorial of the Board of granted to him for certain improvements in water from the United States to the western coast of IreMaumee Bay, and for removing obstructions to the naviga- 'Patents and the Patent Office.

wheels; which was referred to the Committee on land; which was referred to the Committee on Nation thereot:

val Affairs. Also, of citizens of Leipsie, Putnam county, Ohio, pray- Mr. HAMLIN presented a petition of citizens Also, the memorial of Hosea B. Horn and John ing for the passage of a law for the better observance of the

of Maine, remonstrating against an extension of J. Selman, praying a grant of land at the junction Cliristian Sabbath, and to prohibit the carrying of the mails the patent granted to Austin and Zebulon Parker of the California and Oregon roads, for the pur

By Mr. FULLER, of Maine: The remonstrance of J. S. for improvements in water-wheels; which was re- !pose of making a settlement in order to afford reLord and !09 others, citizens of Hancock county, Maine, ferred to the Committee on Patents and the Patent lief to emigrants overland; which was referred to against the renewal or further extension of the Woodworth Office.

the Committee on Public Lands. patent planing machine, so called. Also, the petition of Joseph Allows, and also assistant

Also, a petition of masters and owners of ves- Also, the proceedings of a meeting of citizens marshals of the county of Washington, Maine, praying Con- sels at North Haven, Maine, praying the erection of Johnson county, lowa, held at Iowa City, and gress for additional compensation as assistant marshals of of a light-house on Heron Neck; which was referred of a Railroad convention held at Fairfield, Iowa,

in favor of donations of land to the Dubuque and Lubec, Maine, against repealing the act of March 3, 1848, A. Lamb, assistant

marshal for taking the Census railroads; which were ordered to be laid on the Also, the remonstrance of Andrew Reig and others, of to the Committee on Commerce.

Mr. CHASE presented the memorial of Charles | Keokuck, and the Davenport and Council Bluffs Also, the memorial of William P. Brown and 120 others, in Lucas county, Ohio, praying additional com- table. praying Congress to place certain piers and buoys in the pensation; which was referred to the Committee Also, the memorial of the Legislature of Iowa, entrance to Narraguagus harbor. By Mr. FITCH: The petition or George Pomeroy, assist- of Claims

for a grant of land from Burlington to Fort Des ant inarshal of Marshall county, Indiana, asking additional Mr. MASON presented the petition of George | Moines, with a branch to Keosauqua, in Van Bucompensation for taking the census. Also, the remonstrance of J. L. Jarnegan, and other citi service

in the Navy as officers'cook; which was Scott, praying a pension for twenty-eight years' ren county; which was referred to the Committee

on Public Lands. zens of Indiana, against a renewal of a patent to Austin and Zebulon Parker, for alleged improvement in reaction water

referred to the Committee on Naval Affairs. Mr. WALKER presented a petition of citizens

Mr. ATCHISON presented the petition of of Carrollton, Ohio, praying that the public lands By Mr. BELL: The petition of William McIntosh and S. McCay, deputy marshals of Greene county, Ohio, praying granted to Conrad Wheat, junior, or his legal rep- quantities; which was referred to the Committee

Matthew Rippey, praying that a patent may be may be sold only to actual settlers, and in limited By Mr. WELCH: The remonstrance of 39 citizens of resentative, for six hundred and forty acres of land on Public Lands. Gallia county, Ohio, against the renewal or extension of the ', according to the plot of survey under the New Also, a petition of citizens of Henderson county, Woodworth patent.

Madrid location certificate of said Wheat; which Illinois, praying a grant of a section of land to Also, the petition of J. W. Bayard and Leonard Brown, of Athens county, Ohio, for additional compensation as

was referred to the Committee on Public Lands. every citizen of the United States upon becoming assistant inarshals for taking the Seventh Census.

Mr. SHIELDS presented eleven petitions of an actual settler; which was referred to the ComBy Mr. DEAN: The petition of Henry W. Bashford, citizens of Indiana and Illinois, praying the estab- mittee on Public Lands. w. P. Reviere, C. L. Nathens, A. P. Speedling, and others lishment of a mail route from Maysville, Illinois, l. Also, a petition of citizens of Kirkland, Ohio; residents of Westchester county, New York, in favor of the extension of the Woodworth patent.

to New Harmony, Indiana; which were referred a petition of citizens of Worcester, New York; Also, the petition of James Allen, Thomas Road, and to the Committee on the Post Office and Post, and two petitions of citizens of Westford, New others, citizens of the State of New York, in favor of the Roads.

York, praying that the public lands may be grantextension of the Woodworth patent.

Also, a petition of citizens of Illinois, remon- ed, in limited quantities, to actual settlers only; By Mr. HASCALL : The petition of Mary Stanton, for a pension for wounds received by her late husband, General strating against an extension of the patent granted which were referred to the Committee on Public Phineas Stanton, deceased, in the late war with Great to Cyrus H. McCormick for a reaping machine; Lands. Britain.

which was referred to the Committee on Patents Mr. FELCH presented a petition of citizens of By Mr. PARKER, of Indiana : The petition of Andrew

and the Patent Office. Fleron, Richard Nash, and 75 others, citizens of Rush and

Wisconsin, praying a grant of land to the State Fayette counties, Indiana, praying that mail and post office

Also, the petition of the heirs of the late Cap-:' of Michigan for the construction of the Oakland be usiness be suspended on the Sabbath day.

tain William G. Williams, of the Corps of Topo- :, and Ottawa railroad; which was referred to the By Mr. RICHARDSON: The petition ofGeorge C. Best-graphical Engineers, for å settlement of his ac-i Committee on Public Lands. id in the construction of a railroad from Burlington, Iowa, 1 principles; which was referred to the Committee lature of Louisiana, in favor of the establishment

counts at the Treasury upon equitable and just ! Mr. SOULE presented a resolution of the Legisto Also, the petition or John King and 187 other citizens of of Claims.

of a post office at the village of New Road, in the Illinois, for a grant of land to aid in the construction of a Also, the memorial of E. Backus and others, parish of Point Coupée; which was referred to the railroad from Burlington, Iowa, via Peoria, in Illinois, to Lafayette, in Indiana.

officers of the army in New Mexico, praying that Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads, and By Mr. MOREHEAD: The memorial of R. H. Brown, the officers and enlisted nen stationed in that Ter: ordered to be printed. Francis Watkins, Robert Burns, Archibald Wilson, Warly ritory may be placed on the same footing, as to Also, resolutions of the Legislature of Louisiana, Brawn, Samuel M. Hughes, Jesse Wheeler, Miles D. King, pay, with those stationed in California and Oregon; in favor of the establishment of a mail route from shals for the district of North Carolina, praying an increase

which was referred to the Committee on Military Harrisonburg to Winnsborough, in that State; of compensation for taking the late census. Affairs.

which were referred to the Committee on the Post Also, the memorial of Thomas D. Rosebraugh and others, Mr. HUNTER presented a petition of news. : Office and Post Roads, and ordered to be printed. citizens of the State of North Carolina, praying the estab lishment of a mail route from Salem, North Carolina, to

paper agents in New York

and Boston, praying in Mr. BRODHEAD presented a petition of shipDanville, Virginia, and for transporting the mail in coaches.

that the duty on foreign newspapers may be abol- owners, merchants, and other citizens of PhilaBy Mr. MOORE, or Pennsylvania: Two memorials from ished; which was referred to the Committee on delphia, praying that further aid may be extended citizens of Philadelphia, asking for an extension of the Finance.

to Collins's line of steamships; which was referred Woodworth patent.

Mr. GWIN presented the petition of Thomas | to the Committee on Naval Affairs,
By Mr. DOTY: The petition of Daniel M. Whitney, G.
A. Latton, Marshal Ten Eyck, and other inhabitants of

W. Lane, for payment of certain drafts drawn Also, the memorial of citizens of Pennsylvania, Green Bay, for an appropriaton for placing buoys to mark and accepted by Government agents, for transport- ' praying a modification of the bounty land act; the channel at the inouth of the Neenah river, at the head ation and subsistence furnished the Indian Com-' which was referred to the Committee on Public of Green Bay.

mission in California; which was referred to the · Lands. Also, the memorial of the Legislature of Wisconsin, for a grant of land to aid in the construction of a railroad from Committee on Indian Affairs.

Also, a petition of citizens of Pennsylvania, | Chicago, via Jonesville, to Lake Superior.

Mr. BADGER presented the memorial of J. A. i praying that the introduction of convicts, felons, Also, the memorial of the Legislature of Wisconsin, for Vann, an assistant marshal for taking the Seventh and paupers into the United States may be proa nail route and tri-weekly service from Sheboygan to Green Bay.

Census in North Carolina, praying additional com- hibited by law; which was referred to the Com13y Mr. BRENTON: 'The petition of Egbert B. Mott, as

pensation; which was referred to the Committee mittee on the Judiciary. sis ant marshal in the State of Indiana, asking additional of Claims.

Mr. DAWSON presented a petition of citizens mpensation for taking the census.

Mr. JAMES presented a petition of citizens of, of Bibb county, Georgia, reinonstrating against an - tlo, the memorial of Zebina Rawson, of Noble county, the United States, remonstrating against the fur extension of the patent granted to W. W. Wood, In-diana, asking for a pension.

ther extension of W. W. Woodworth's patent for worth for a planing machine; which was referred

a planing machine; which was referred to the Com- ' to the Committee on Patents and the Patent Office. IN SENATE. mittee on Patents and the Patent Office.


Also, a petition of citizens of Perry county, Indiana, praying the organization of the Territory

On motion by Mr. SHIELDS, it was Prayer by the Chaplain, Rev. C. M. Butler. of Nebraska, and the settlement of the public

Ordered, That the petition and papers of Colonel James Mr. WADE presented the memorial of A. W.: lands therein to which the Indian title has been

R. Creeey, on the files of the Senate, be referred to the

Committee on Military Affairs. Paul and others, proposing to construct a road | extinguished; which was referred to the Commitfrom the Missouri river to the Pacific ocean;' tee on Territories.

On motion by Mr. CHASE, it was which was referred to the Committee on Public Mr. CASS presented two memorials of mer

Ordered, That the petition and papers of Gideon Walker,

on the files of the Senate, be referred to the Committee of ii chants, shippers, ship-owners, underwriters, and Claims.

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vessels may arrive; but that such vesse may be opposed to this bill altogether.

On motion hy Mr. BELL, it was
eign vessel leaves the port of this country, the

Resolved, That the Committee on Naval Affairs be inOrilered, That the petition of Henry R. Schoolcraft, on lien becomes of no utility whatever. The bill

structed to inquire into the expediebey of refunding to

Charles G. Hunter the amount of losses sustained by him the files of the Senate, be referred to the Committee on In- which I now propose to the consideration of the

while commanding the steamer " Securge" and the dian Attairs.

Senate, provides that the lien shall attach immedi- schooner “ Taney," for supplies, for which the proper On motion by Mr. HAMLIN, it was ately to the vessel, and that the party may relieve

vouchers were not taken. Ordered, That the petition of merchants, ship-masters,

himself from that lien by giving a bond to secure and others, of Kennebunk, Maine, praying an appropriation

ASSIGNABILITY OF LAND WARRANTS. to complete the stone pier at the entrance of Kennebunk the execution and the judgment, if one be ren- Mr. BADGER and Mr. HUNTER expressed river, be referred to the Committee on Commerce.

dered against him. On motion by Mr. BORLAND, it was

The provisions of this bill are all quite necessa

the hope that the Senate would take up the bill

making land warrants assignable, in order that ry and important, and are placed on as favorable Ordered, That the petition of Thomas J. B. Johnson, on

the amendment from the House of Representatives the files of the Senate, be referred to the Committee on a foundation for the parties as they can well be.

might be disposed of. Private Land Claims.

There is now considerable complaint in New York REPORTS FROM STANDING COMMITTEES. that foreign vessels violate these laws, and escape

Mr. JONES, of lowa. I hope that bill will not Mr. BRODHEAD, from the Committee of their penalties because the lien does not attach to

now be taken up. There are serious objections the vessels, thus giving them an opportunity to go | place, the Senator from Maryland (Mr. Pratt)

in my mind to iis being taken up. In the first Claims, to which was referred the petition of the sureties of Daniel Winslow, submitted a report, away and escape the penalty.

desires to speak upon the bill, as it has been

The bill was then read a second time. It conaccompanied by a bill for their relief; which was read and passed to the second reading. The sists of two sections, the first of which provides amended by the House of Representatives

, and that the first section of the act to regulate the car

he is not here. In the second place, I have obreport was ordered to be printed. He also, from the same committee, to which approved February 22d, and the eighth section of riage of passengers on board of merchant vessels, land given to us to make a railroad in lowa, we

jections to it, because if we are to have a grant of was referred the bill from the House of Repre

do not want the land located by land-warrant sentatives for the relief of William Greer, reported provide that when any master of a vessel shall the act of March 17, 1848, be so amended as to

speculators. We desire that these lands shall be

held back for that purpose; otherwise the grant Mr. BUTLER, from the Committee on the violate the provisions of these sections by taking will avail but little; but if these warrants are asJudiciary, to which was referred the bill to regu

on board their vessels a greater number of passen- | signed, the assignees will immediately locatethem late the terms of the district court of the United gers than the proportion specified in said section

on the intended route. I trust that, for that rea. States for the district of lowa, reported it without admit, the master of such vessel shall pay the sum

son, also, this bill will not now be taken up. amendment. of $50 for each passenger so taken; the penalty to

Sir, there is still another reason which I would Mr. BORLAND, from the Committee on Pub- be recovered and distributed in like manner as is

urge. My colleague (Mr. Dodge) is prepared to lic Lands, to which was referred the bill granting provided by the act to regulate the duties on ton

proceed with his remarks on the Iowa land bill, to the State of Wisconsin the right of way and a nage; and that every such master violating the sec

on which he has the floor. The consideration of donation of the public land, for the purpose of demeanor; and, upon conviction, may be impristions as aforesaid, shall be deemed guilty of a mis

that bill is the unfinished business, and I trust it locating and constructing a railroad from Fond du

will not be laid aside for this or any other meas. Lac to Janesville, reported it with an amend

oned for any period not exceeding one year.

The second section provides that the penalties ment.

Mr. BADGER. The reasons assigned by the Mr. JAMES, from the Committee on Patents thus imposed shall be liens upon such vessels, and

Senator from Iowa, show the manifest propriety and the Patent Office, to which was referred the they may be libeled in the district courts of the United States held in the several States where such

of taking up this bill. If I understand him, he is petition of Bancroft Woodcock, praying for an extension of patent for improvement in ploughs,

Mr JONES. I did not say so, nor did I mean submitted a report, accompanied by a bill forhis discharged from such lien by security being given

to be so understood. relief; which was read and passed to the second for the payment of any judgment thus obtained.

Mr. BADGER. Then what possible influence reading. The report was ordered to be printed.

There being no amendment, the bill was reported Mr. BRODHEAD, from the Committee of to the Senate, and was ordered to be engrossed for

can it have upon the particular bill of which be

has charge, whether this bill is taken up and disClaims, to which was referred the petition of a third reading.

posed of this week or next? Sir, it is almost upTobias Purrington, submitted an adverse report.


exampled, that a bill, which has come from the Mr. HAMLIN, from the Committee on Com- Mr. GWIN gave notice of his intention to ask House of Representatives with an amendment, merce, to which was referred the memorial of cit- leave to introduce a bill to authorize the payment and been referred to a committee, and been reizens of Alleghany county, Pennsylvania, and the by the Surveyor General of California for the sur

ported back by that committee, should be allowed memorial of the inhabitants of St. Lawrence veys which may be executed of any claims which | by the Senate to lie over so long, without its action county, New York, on the subject of a ship-canal have been or may be presented to the Board of either in concurring in the amendment of the around the Falls of the Sault Sie. Marie, asked to Land Commissioners for adjudication under the House, or in rejecting it. be discharged from the further consideration act of Congress approved 3d March, 1851, “ to thereof; which was agreed to.

ascertain and settle the private land claims in the rupt the Senator from North Carolina; but I hope Mr. ATCHISON, from the Committee on State of California."

my colleague will give way, and permit this bill io Indian Affairs, to which was referred the memo

Mr. MORTON gave notice of his intention to rial of Preston Staritt and others, asked to be dis

ask leave to introduce a bill granting the right of The motion to take up the bill was agreed to. charged from the further consideration thereof; // way to "the Pensacola and Navy-Yard Plank The PRESIDENT. 'This bill has been returned which was agreed to.

Road Company" through the public lands. from the House of Representatives with an amendMr. DAWSON, from the Committee on Patents


This amendment was referred to the Senand the Patent Office, to which was 'referred the Mr. SEWARD, agreeably to previous notice,

ate committee, and that committee have reported petition of Cyrus H. McCormick, praying an asked and obtained leaveso introduce a bill for the it back, recommending that the amendment be not extension of his patent, reported a bill for his relief of James McGregor; which was read a first

concurred in. relief; which was read and passed to the second and second time by its title, and referred to the Mr. BADGER. I have no objection to any reading.

Committee on Patents and the Patent Office. particular form of taking the question; but I am so PASSENGERS IN MERCHANT VESSELS.

He also, agreeably to previous notice, asked

anxious to get rid of the matter that I will nore Mr. DAVIS. I am directed by the Committee

and obtained leave to introduce a bill to provide that the Senate concur in the amendment of the for the safety and the health of emigrant passen

House. on Commerce to report a bill to amend an act

gers in merchant vessels; which was read a first The PRESIDENT. The question is on agreeentitled “An act to regulate the carriage of passengers in merchant vessels," approved February

and second time by its title, and referred to the ing or disagreeing with the amendinent. If the 22, 1847; and also, to amend an act entitled “An Committee on Commerce.

Senate determine not to agree to the amendment, act to provide for the ventilation of passenger ves

Mr. ATCHISON, (on behalf of Mr. Bright,)

'then the bill goes back to the House. sels," approved March 17, 1848. agreeably to previous notice, asked and obtained

Mr. BRODHEAD. I ask for the reading of Mr. D. I will ask the indulgence of the Senate leave to bring in a bill explanatory of an act enti

the House amendment. tled “ An act in addition to an act therein men

The amendment was accordingly read. It proto take up that bill now. The bill was read, and ordered to a second

tioned," passed May 9, 1851; which was read a posed to strike out all after the first section of the first and second time by its title, and referred to

bill, and insert a provision that warrants, which reading.

have been, or may hereafter be, issued in pursuance the Committee on Public Lands. Mr. DAVIS. It is rather important, if this

of the act of 1850, may be located upon any lands bill is passed at all, that it should be passed speed- SUPERINTENDENT OF INDIAN AFFAIRS.

of the United States, subject to private entry at the ily. I will state the object of it, and the Senate The Senate proceeded to consider the amend time of such location, at the minimum price: pro will see the propriety of the motion to take it up. ment of the House of Representatives to the bill to The acts relating to passengers, which are referred to in this bill, and of which this bill is an Indian Affairs in California, and it concurred provide for the appointment of a Superintendent of vided, that when said warrants shall be located

upon lands which are subject to entry at a greater

minimum than $1 25 per acre, the locator of the amendment, provide for certain penalties in case

therein. of the violation of their provisions, and these pen

From explanations made by Senators, it ap

land warrants shall pay to the United States in

cash the difference between the value of such waralties are made a lien upon the vessel. The courts peared that the amendment consisted of the reducin New York have fallen into some doubt and dif- tion of the salary from $5,000 to $4,000. Subse

rants at $1 25 per acre, and the tract of land lo

cated on. ficulty in regard to enforcing the provisions of the quently the bill' was received from the House,

Mr. WALKER. I believe that the Committee last named act by the lien. The object of this act with the signature of the Speaker, and it was

on Public Lands recommend that the Senate disis simply to provide that the lien shall attach to signed by the President of the Senate.

agree with the amendments of the House of Repthe vessels in all cases; and the reason why I wish


resentatives. it acted upon now, is this: the principal usefulness The following resolution, which was submitted of the act is its application to foreign vessels, and by Mr. Clemens on the 24th ultimo, was, on his

The PRESIDENT. That is the recommenda

tion of the committee. if its application is not immediate, and the for- ll motion, taken up and agreed to:

Mr. BADGER. Out of deference to the com

Har babae, . I do not wish to inter

be taken up.


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