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The Union of the Crowns of England and Scotland, saved the two kingdoms

A Huge Sum. At the Gun-powder Plot, Guy Fawkes covered his powder with fagots of Witch-hazel. Baronets were first created by James I., that his subjects might not be Cheated Hindostan was first settled by the English, who went there to Teach the Heathen. Cape Horn was discovered by Le Maire and Schouten of Holland, under the patronage of A Dutch Doge. When the Thirty Years' War commenced, Gustavus Adolphus conquered many A Dutch Thief. The Long Parliament assembled, the members seating themselves in the national



The Assembly of Divines that met at Westminster, invested their proceedings with a kind of At the Peace of Westphalia, and end of the thirty years' war, the military officer was succeeded by the Sheriff. Charles I. King of England, was beheaded, by an axe that was very


The Quaker Sect had its rise, and was looked upon with a great deal of

Jealousy. Charles II. hid himself in an oak tree at Bascobel, the tree serving as A Shield.

The Long Parliament was dissolved by Cromwell, who turned every member out of his Jolly Home. When Drury Lane Theatre was built, it afforded better amusement than A Show in China. When the Royal Society was instituted, it had some members that were as learned as Sage Genii.

The Great plague in London, was more to be dreaded, than a confinement in A Huge Jail.

The Great fire in London, caused more confusion than would the blunders of A Dutch Judge. The Cabal ministry of England, was perhaps a company of


The Habeas Corpus Act was passed, perhaps for the purpose of releasing from prison, some Jockey Boy. The Whig and Tory Parties took their rise, and were led by different


The Rye-house plot gave the conspirators

A Showy Fame. The Palace of Versailles, finished by Louis XIV., was a job worthy of his


The Revolution in England, was by William III. of Holland, who inspired his armies with A Dutch Fife. The Massacre at Glencoe, was by an army of men each one carrying A Huge Weapon. When the Bachelor's tax was first levied, the old maids had a grand


The Peace of Ryswick, was perhaps made on board



Captain Kid commenced his piracies, in

A Ship on the Wave. Charles XII. of Sweden commenced his reign, and reigned with great


When Prussia was erected into a kingdom, the people


The War of the Spanish Succession commenced, by ringing a loud



Gibraltar was captured by the English, during

A Gay Sea-war. St. Petersburgh was founded by Peter the Great, Czar of Russia, who is styled the

Gay Czar.


St. Paul's Church in London was built, and surrounded


The Treaty of Utrecht, was negotiated, in a political


The South Sea bubble bursting, ruined thousands, and swallowed up their hard earned


The Methodist Sect was founded by Wesley, who had meetings in the form of A Camp.

Lord Anson was sent with a fleet to the South Seas, where he had an extensive


The Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, followed a war that took many a soldier to his


The Kingdom of Affghanistan was founded, perhaps by some

Gay Arab.

The Ruins of Herculaneum were discovered, in a country where they raise the

When Blackstone's Commentaries were yers received for their services


The British Museum was established, in a building that is supported by many A Column. The Great Earthquake at Lisbon, pitched the whole city into A Gullyhole.

Minorca was captured by the French, from the


The 146 Englishmen were confined in the Black Hole at Calcutta, and there compelled to Go and Lodge. The Jesuits were expelled from Portugal, for being suspected of a design to

Take Life. The Voyages of Admiral Byron were in the Pacific, where he landed on many A Gay Shore. In the War in India, the British defeated Hyder Ali, A Gay Jockey. published, law

A Cash Fee.

When Captain Cook sailed on his first voyage of discovery, he saw in countries many savage A Gay Chief. Poland was divided by Russia, Prussia, etc., and a small tract left that was shaped like A Decagon. The Jesuits' Order was suppressed by Pope Clement

XIV., who had more power than any King at Home. The Wesleyan Missionary Society being founded, the

Missionaries to visit the heathen had to Go a Voyage. When La Perouse made his last discoveries, he concluded to Take a Voyage. The French Revolution began, led by many

A Gay Fop.

La Fayette was confined in the prison of Olmutz, in a room not much larger than A Cabin.

Louis XVI. King of France, and his Queen were beheaded, after they had tried to Escape from Home. When Kosciusko the Polish patriot was overthrown, he fell from the height of A Gay Power. Mungo Park departed for Africa, concluding he would travel in Egypt, and Take the Pashaw.

Bonaparte was appointed to the command of the army in
Italy, and furnished with a splendid Equipage.
La Fayette was released from the prison of Olmutz, to
save him the trouble of


The Treaty of Campo Formio, was after several armies

had been



In Bonaparte's Expedition to Egypt, he fed his armies Thick Beef. After the Irish Rebellion broke out, the rebels were requested to Go and Behave. Seringapatam was taken by storm by Lord Cornwallis, to whom their ramparts were as weak as A Cob-web. Bonaparte was installed First Consul, without the assistance of A Duke or a Pope. Bonaparte crossed the Alps, and found the mountains colder than A Heavy Ice-house. The Peace of Amiens, was after a war that may be A Heavy Sin. Austria was erected into an Empire, and, for a while was governed by A Viceroy. When Napoleon was crowned Emperor of France, he was a distinguished



The Confederation of the Rhine was formed, in a manner that would Edify a Sage.

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The Abolition of the Slave trade in England, put a stop among slaves to much Heavy Usage.

The Decree of Milan issued by Napoleon, made some Foes Go Away.

of his

At the Convention of Cintra in Spain, each diplomatist had to

Face a Foe. Napoleon divorced Josephine, and married Maria Louisa, after he had been in many When Napoleon entered Moscow, he did not have to


Fight Any.

At Napoleon's passage of the Beresina, he

Fought with Ney. When St. Sebastian was stormed and taken by Lord Wellington, the Spaniards had A Fight at Home. The Jesuits' Order was restored by Pope Pius VII., who was a very pious


The Legion of Honor was instituted by Napoleon, who was of that order, the


Napoleon retired to Elba, after he had been in many
A Fight and War.
The Holy Alliance of European Sovereigns at St. Pe-
tersburgh, was conducted very


Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, and banished to
St. Helena, after he had
Fought Well.
Marshal Ney was shot, after being tried by the Cham-
ber of Peers, whose decision was
When Young Napoleon was created Duke of Reitch-
stadt, he was a little
Fat Boy.
When Napoleon died at St. Helena, it was looked upon
A Sad Event.
At the Massacre of Greeks in the Island of Scio, by
the Turks, they declared they would Save No One.
Lotteries were abolished in England, or brought to


A Finish.


When Captain Parry sailed on his first Polar Expedition, he had many An Icy Evening.

The Roman Catholic Relief bill was passed by the
British Parliament, to
Save the Unhappy.

Since Belgium was declared Independent, that Republic has become quite


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