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Also, the memorial of William Gates, praying go on without making some remarks in answer to THURSDAY, February 26, 1852.

that certain moneys' received by him as presents those of the Senator from South Carolina, which,

while civil Governor of Tampico, and which he as we all know, were of a very striking character. Prayer by the Chaplain, Rev. C. M. Butler.

was required to pay over to the United States, inay I think I followed him within a day or two from LOUISVILLE AND PORTLAND CANAL. be refunded; which was referred to the Commit- the time he left here. I am not sure that I knew The PRESIDENT pro tempore laid before the tee of Claims.

the honorable Senator had left. It was not for me Senate a communication from the Treasury De


to postpone the discussion, or to stop any remarks partment, transmitting, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate, information concerning the Relations, to which was referred the petition of

Mr. MASON, from the Committee on Foreign thought proper to make in consequence of his

absence. Louisville and Portland Canal; from which it ap; | Lieutenant William D. Porter, of the United

The PRESIDENT. This whole proceeding is pears that six hundred shares of the stock owned States Navy, praying compensation for the enter

out of order. by individuals have been purchased since the list tainment of illustrious personages on board of the

Mr. RHETT. I will say no more. I only was made out which was transmitted on the 16th | vessel he commanded, submitted a report, accom.

mentioned that all this occurred while I was not instant. It was referred to the Committee on panied by a bill for his relief; which was read and in my seat, in order to show the Senate that I had . passed to a second reading. The report was or

not an opportunity at the time of vindicating myPETITIONS. dered to be printed.

self; and, therefore, I asked the indulgence of the Mr. SEWARD presented the petition of James Mr. DOWNS, from the Committee on Private Senate. I have waited several days, in hopes that McGregor, Jr., administrator of Wally and Don- Land Claims, to which was referred the memorial

the original matter would come up; but I see that aldson, praying the establishment of a tribunal to of Richard King, submitted a report, accompanied

no opportunity is likely to occur, and therefore I review the decisions of the late Board of Commis- | by a bill for his relief; which was read and passed

have no alternative but to ask for such an indulsioners for the settlement of claims of American to a second reading. The report was ordered to

gence to-morrow. citizens against Mexico; which was ordered to be be printed.

RECONSIDERATION OF A VOTE. laid on the table.

STATE OF THE PUBLIC PRINTING.. Mr. GWIN. I ask the unanimous consent of Also, several memorials from citizens of Dunkirk, on Lake Erie, New York, expressing their | lution for consideration; which was agreed

to: Mr. BORLAND submitted the following reso

the Senate to have the vote in the case of H. P.

Dorsey and others reconsidered—I mean the vote confidence in the plan of a “floating breakwater,"

Resolved, That the Committee on Printing be instructed concurring in an adverse report which was made invented by John H. Sherburne, for the safety of life and property in severe storms on the lakes; ing, embracing the quantity and quality of the work already to report to the Senate the present state of the public print- | against the claim. I was absent at the time when

this matter was up before, and it was disposed of also, from ship-masters navigating the western | done, and the prospect of the reinainder, as to time, quan

before I was aware of it. It involves a question lakes, accompanied by a communication from the tity, and quality, and as to the propriety of naking any Mayor of Buffalo to the same effect; which were other than the present arrangement for its execution.

of great interest in my State, and I wish to have

it put in such a shape that I may have an opporreferred to the Committee on Commerce.


tunity of discussing the subject. I have consulted Mr. WADE presented a memorial of assistant Mr. RHETT. When I was absent from the

with the gentlemen who made the report, and they marshals of Ohio, for taking the Seventh Census, city of Washington, the Senator from Alabama,

are willing that the vote concurring in the report praying additional compensation; which was re- (Mr. CLEMENS,] not now in his seat, and the

should be reconsidered. ferred to the Committee of Claims. Senator from Michigan, (Mr. Cass, the Senator

The motion to reconsider was agreed to. Mr. BADGER presented four memorials of as- | from Alabama more particularly, thought proper sistant marshals of North Carolina for taking the to deliver speeches in this Senate, in which they

NOTICE OF A BILL. Seventh Census, praying additional compensation; very strongly reflected apon me personally; and

Mr. BRIGHT gave notice of his intention to which were referred to the Committee of Claims. so personal were the remarks, and of such a kind

ask leave to introduce a bill explanatory of an Mr. SUMNER presented a petition of citizens | as to leave me no alternative but to reply. The of Massachusetts, praying the construction of a Senator from Alabama is not now in his seat, but act entitled "An act in addition to an act therein

mentioned," approved May 9, 1848. ship canal around the Sault Ste. Marie; which I beg leave to say, that to-morrow, after the usual was ordered to be laid on the table.

business of the morning hour is finished, I shall SELECT COMMITTEE ON MEXICAN CLAIMS. Mr. HAMLIN presented a petition of citizens throw myself upon the indulgence of the Senate, The PRESIDENT. Pursuant to a motion of Vinal Haven, Maine, praying the construction in order to make a vindication of my position, and adopted yesterday, Senators will have the goodof a light-house on Harne Neck, at the southern reply to the personalities to which I have referred. ness to prepare their votes for the election of five extremity of Greene's Island; which was referred | I shall be happy if the Senator from Michigan Senators to constitute the select committee to into the Committee on Commerce.

shall be present, and I shall take care that the vestigate the disposition of claims by the late Board Mr. BRIGHT presented four memorials of as- Senator from Alabama shall be duly notified of of Commissioners under the treaty with Mexico, sistant marshals of Indiana for taking the Seventh my purpose to take up this matter.

Mr. BADGER Is it not necessary that the Census, praying additional compensation; which Mr. PRATT. I suggest to the Senator from chairman of the committee should be first balloted were referred to the Committee of Claims.

South Carolina to fix some other day, as to-mor- for? Also, the petition of citizens of Philadelphia | row is private bill day. Friday was set apart The PRESIDENT. Not at all. Senators will county, Pennsylvania, remonstrating against an some time ago for the consideration of private simply vote for five Senators to constitute the comextension of the patent granted to W.W. Wood- || bills, and though several efforts have been made mittee. worth for a planing machine; which was referred to set this rule aside, the Senate has not seen fit Mr. BRIGHT. I think it would be entirely to the Committee on Patents and the Patent Office. to do so; I hope, therefore, the Senator from South proper to designate who shall be the chairman of Also, the proceedings of the Common Council Carolina will fix on some other day.

that committee. of the city of Madison, Indiana, requesting Con- Mr. RHETT. Very well, I will say Monday The PRESIDENT. Senators may do as they gress to take the necessary steps to improve navi- || morning then.

choose in that respect, but it is not usual. The gation at the Falls of the Ohio; which were referred Mr. JONES, of Iowa. I hope not. Monday rule is explicit upon the point. Senators vote for to the Committee on Roads and Canals.

morning is the time when I hope we shall come to the whole number to constitute the committee, and Mr. PRATT presented a memorial of Malcom || a vote on the Iowa land bill. 'I will suggest Sat- the Senator having the greatest number of votes W. Mearis, an assistant marshal for taking the urday morning:

is usually considered as chairman, unless the comSeventh Census in Maryland, praying additional The PRESIDENT. This whole discussion is | mittee choose to make some other arrangement. compensation; which was referred to the Commit- | out of order.

Senators having deposited their ballots, and the tee of Claims.

Mr. RHETT. I did not know that there

votes being counted, the following is the result: Also, the petition of Charles P. Colston, pray- would be any objection on the part of Senators;

Mr. Brodhead ....30 Mr. Badger........3 ing the location of certain bounty land warrants; | f I had, I would have endeavored to modify my

Mr. Soulé.... .30 Mr. Wade. ..3 which was referred to the Committee on Public design to suit their wishes. But I see it is impos

Mr. Bayard..r.. .29 Mr. Sumner.. Lands. sible to suit the Senate, and therefore I can only

Mr. Pratt... .26 Mr. Geyer ... Also, a petition of soldiers and others, of Anne say that I shall ask leave of the Senate to-morrow

Mr. Clarke.... .23 Mr. Underwood ...1 Arundel county, Maryland, praying a modifica- | after the usual business of the morning is over, to

Mr. Downs.......8 Mr. Walker...... tion of the bounty land law; which was referred | say what I have to say in vindication of myself.

Mr. Jones. to the Committee on Public Lands. Mr. BADGER. Let me make a suggestion. I

6 Mr. Bright..

Mr. Hunter ...... 5 Mr. Cass Mr. MASON presented the memorial of Catha- || think that if the Senator from South Carolina

Mr. Foot...... 4 Mr. Butler rine Crosby, for herself and the other heirs of would fall back upon his second proposition of

Mr. Dawson...... 4 Mr. Atchison. Thomas D. Anderson, deceased, late consul of the asking leave to introduce this subject on Monday,

Mr. Stockton. 4 Mr. Smith United States at Tripoli, praying to be allowed a it will not interfere with the progress of the bill in

Mr. Chase

3 Mr. Felch ..... .1 redit in his accounts for certain contingent ex- | regard to which the Senator from lowa is so justly

Mr. Bradbury 3 Mr. Davis enses of his consulate, the vouchers for which sensitive, if the Senator fiom South Carolina, in

Mr. Fish... 3 Mr. Jones, of Tenn.1 annot be found; which was referred to the Com- stead of waiting till the mornmg hour is over,

Mr. Norris. ...... 3 Mr. Shields.......I nittee on Foreign Relations. will take up the subject in the morning hour. I

Mr. Spruance..... 3 Also, the memorial of John Powell, assignee of think that will obviate every objection. Thomas Powell, praying the establishment of a Mr. CASS. The Senator from South Caro- The PRESIDENT. The committee consists ribunal to review the decisions of the late Board | lina, to whom I shall listen with a great deal of of Messrs. BRODHEAD, Soule, Pratt, BAYARD, f Commissioners for the settlement of claims of attention to-morrow, or whenever he chooses to and CLARKE American citizens against Mexico; which was or- make his vindication, has used an expression Mr. BRODHEAD. Did I understand the Chair ered to be laid on the table.

which seems as if the Senator from Alabama and to say that the Senator having the highest number Mr. DAVIS presented a memorial of citizens myself had taken advantage of his absence, for of votes would be chairman of the committee? f Massachusetts, praying a repeal of the duty on he says " thought proper. " The discussion went The PRESIDENT. The custom has been that aw silk; which was referred to the Committee on on; it was participated in by various Senators, when two Senators, as in this case, have an equal Finance,

and it was impossible that such a discussion should and the highest number of votes, the list is taken

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alphabetically, and the Senator whose name comes ator from lowa will withdraw his objection. It is the special order reported from the Committee first of the two having an equal and the highest is announced that the honorable Senator from New

of the Whole on the state of the Union on yesternumber will be the chairman of the committee. || Jersey desires to go home. We can certainly take day. The Senator from Pennsylvania, (Mr. BRODHEAD,) ll up the Iowa bill after the Senator has concluded Mr. MARSHALL, of Kentucky. I insist on therefore, being first on the alphabetical list, will his remarks, and take the vote this evening. There proceeding with the regular order of business. be considered as chairman in preference to the is to be no further speaking, as I understand; no Mr. JOHNSON, of Arkansas. I ask for inSenator from Louisiana, (Mr. Soule,) although other gentleman avows the purpose of speaking. formation as to how it is that the regular order of the votes for each of these Senators are equal. At all events, we can take a vote this evening on business becomes changed ? For every morning

Mr. BRODHEAD. I did not desire, Mr. Pres- the amendments proposed. I think it very reason- lately discussion upon the railroad bills has been ident, to be upon this committee at all, and it is able that the Senator from New Jersey should the regular order of business. That now seems very certain that I cannot perform the duties of have the floor under the circumstances.

to be superseded. chairman. I am already chairman of the Com- The PRESIDENT. The question is on post- The SPEAKER. That would be the regular mittee of Claińs, and the duties imposed upon me poning the prior special orders.

order of business for the morning hour, but for in that capacity are onerous. I think, too, that Mr. JONES, of lowa. I withdraw my objec- the fact that the special order reported from the the chairman of this committee ought to speak tion.

Committee of the Whole on the state of the both the French and the Spanish languages. I do Mr. GWIN. I hope the suggestion of the Union upon yesterday, becomes the regular businot speak either; and I hope, therefore, that my honorable Senator from Missouri (Mr. ArchiSON) ness, from day to day, until disposed of. Being friend from Louisiana, [Mr. Soule,) having the will be adopted, and that we shall have a vote on a special order, i: overrides all other business. same number of votes with myself, will take that the land bill this evening, after the Senator from Mr. JOHNSON. That is under a rule of the post.

New Jersey shall have concluded his remarks. House. Mr. BADGER, (in his seat.) Agreed, agreed. Mr. ATCHISON. Take the vote now.

The SPEAKER. Under the regular rules, and The PRESIDENT. That is a matter which Mr. GWIN. I am quite willing, for I want it the order of the House, making this a special order can be settled by the committee. out of the way.

from day to day until disposed of, it takes preceMr. BRODHEAD. I hope it will be done by The question was then taken on postponing the dence in the House as it did in committee. the Senate.

prior orders, with a view to take up the joint reso- Upon the motion to lay the joint resolution, as The PRESIDENT. If such is the understand- lutions, and it was agreed to.

reported from the committee, on the table, the ing, the Senator from Louisiana (Mr. SOULE) will The PRESIDENT stated the pending question yeas and nays had been ordered. be placed first on the committee, and be consid- to be upon the amendment of the Senator from Mr. FULLER, of Maine. Let the amendments ered as chairman. New York, (Mr. SEWARD.]

adopted by the committee be read. Mr. BRODHEAD. I hope that, by unanimous Mr. MILLER addressed the Senate in support The SPEAKER. The Clerk informs the Chair consent, that will be done.

of the resolutions. He urged a firm adherence to that the reading of the bill, as amended and reThe PRESIDENT. That will be the under- | the policy of non-intervention as laid down by the ported, will present the amendments in their order standing, then.

wisdom of Washington. He contrasted the state as adopted by the committee.

of affairs in Europe since the treaty of Utrecht, of Mr. STUÁRT. That is so, Mr. Speaker; but NON-INTERVENTION.

the universal intervention by powers of Europe the House cannot understand these amendments, Mr. CLARKE. I now move that the Senate in all matters, religious, political, and social, with unless they are read in the order they were propostpone all the prior special orders, and proceed our own peaceful and prosperous progress under posed. to the consideration of the resolutions on the sub

a different policy. He maintained that the policy Mr. ROBBINS. 1 ask that the bill be read as ject of "non-intervention,” in order that my friend which Washington taught was not adopted by him | amended. from New Jersey (Mr. MILLER) may have an op- for a day; but was a great principle to continue for Mr. GORMAN. I will suggest to the House portunity of discussing the subject, as I believe all time. He strongly recommended a firm and that all of these amendments are contained in their he is now ready to make his remarks.

determined adherence to the present wise policy of H order in the “Globe,” which is placed before Mr. JONES, of Iowa. I am sorry that I am com- non-intervention, so well declared in the joint reso- every gentleman. I cannot see the necessity of pelled, on account of my position in relation to an- lutions before the Senate.

reading them all over. Every member can see the other bill, to interpose any objection to this motion. (Mr. M.'s speech will be found in the Appen- || precise order in which they were adopted, if he I am assured that if my bill is made to give way to dix.]

sees proper to take up the Globe. this question, an effort will be made to lay that Mr. M. having concluded

Mr. STANTON, of Tennessee. The gentlebill upon the table. The Senator from California Mr. SEWARD. Mr. President, I desire to man must perceive that each member would have is anxious in regard to a bill which he brought in, submit some remarks on this subject, in vindica- to read the whole debate. and which was laid aside for the purpose of tion of the proposition which I have presented to The amendments were then severally read. taking up this bill. My opinion is, that if we the Senate; but as I presume the Senate will not The question was then taken upon the motion proceed with the bill which was under discussion desire to continue this subject at this late hour of to lay upon the table, and it was disagreed toyesterday, we shall be able to take a vote upon it the day, as to-morrow is private bill day, as the yeas 80, nays 92—as follows: by three o'clock to-day; and I trust that the Sen- honorable Senator from lowa (Mr. Jones) feels a YEAS-Messrs. Wm. Appleton, Ashe, Bartlett, Beale, ate will proceed to the consideration of that bill. || deep solicitude to have his bill considered and dis

Bowne, Bragg, Brenton, Briggs, Brooks, Burrows, Lewis I was present yesterday when the Senator from | posed of, and as the honorable Senator from Cali

D. Campbell, Cartier, Caskie, Chandler, Chapman, Clark,

Cleveland, Curtis, Daniel, George T. Davis, Doty, Durkee, Rhode Island made his suggestion to the Senate || fornia (Mr. Gwin) claims an early consideration Eastman, Fitch, Fowler, Thomas J. D. Fuller, Giddings, in regard to taking up this question to-day; but, of the business of that State, I have thought it Gilmore, Goodenow, Grow, Hall, Hart, Haws, Haven, although I was sitting so close to my friend, I did might be well to postpone this matter, and make it

Henn, Hibbard, Horsford, Howard, Thomas V. How, not hear a word of his proposition, for I was

Ingersoll, Jenkins, George W. Jones, J. Glancy Jones, the special order for some day of the week after Preston King, Kuhns, Kurtz, Letcher, McCorkie, MeNair, busily engaged in writing, and supposed he was next. If it is agreeable to the Senate, I will say Meade, H. D. Moore, Morehead, Newton, Andrew Parker, moving that the Senate proceed to the considera- Tuesday week next, and I move to postpone the Peaslee, Perkins, Rantoul, Robie, Sackett, Schermerhorn, tion of Executive business. I again express the further consideration of the joint resolutions, and

Schoolcraft, Schoonmaker, Scurry, David L. Seymour, hope that this bill may be proceeded with and dis- | make them the special order for that day.

Origen S. Seymour, Skelton, Benjamin Stanton, Thaddeus

Stevens, Stratton, Stuart, Sutherland. Benjamin Thompposed of by the Senate.

The motion was agreed to.

son, Thurston, Toombs, Townshend, Walbridge, Wallace, Mr. CLARKE. I regret that the honorable

Wells, Wildrick, and Woodward--80. Senator from Iowa has felt it his duty to object to


NAÝS-Messrs. Abercrombie, Willis Allen, Allisca, this motion. It will be recollected that the hon- On the motion of Mr. SOULE, the Senate pro

Averett, Barrere, Bell, Bennett, John H. Boyd, Breckenorable Senator from New Jersey, on the last occa- ceeded to the consideration of Executive business;

ridge, Albert G. Brown, Busby, E. Carrington Cabell, J.

Cable, Caldwell, Thompson Campbell, Churchwell, Clingsion when these resolutions were under consider- and after some time spent therein, the doors were man, Cobby Coutman, John G. Davis, Disney, Duncan, ation, when the Senator from Alabama (Mr. reopened,

Dunham, Edgerton, Edmundson, Evans, Ewing, Ficklin, CLEMENS) had delivered his speech, took the floor And the Senate adjourned.

Florence, Freeman, Henry M. Fuller, Gamble, Gaylord,

Gentry, Gorman, Grey, Hamilton, Harumond, Harper, 1.G. and was desirous of addressing the Senate at an

Harris, Sampson W. Harris, Hebard, Hendricks, Hunter, early day-on the Tuesday then following. But

Jackson, Andrew Johnson, James Jolinson, John Johnson, at the suggestion of gentlemen he gave way, and

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Robert W. Johnson, Daniel T. Jones, Landry, Lockart, Monday last was specially assigned for the con

Thursday, February 26, 1852.

Mace, Humphrey Marshall, McMullin, Meacham, Miller,

Molony, John Moore, Morrison, Murphy, Nabers, Olds, sideration of these resolutions, with a view to ac- The House met at twelve o'clock, m. Prayer

Outlaw, Samuel W. Parker, Penniman, Polk, Porter, Price, commodate the honorable Senator from New Jer- || by the Rev. C. M. Butler.

Richardson, Robbins, Robinson, Savage, Smart, Snow, sey. On Monday, it is well known little business

Stanly, Frederick P. Stanton, Richard H. Stanton, Abra

The Journal of yesterday was read and approved. ham P. Stevens, Stone, Strother, Taylor, Walsh, Ward, was done, and on Tuesday and Wednesday no atLempt was made to get up this subject, in order that


Washburn, Watkins, Welch, Addison White, Alexander

White, Wilcox, Williams, and Yates--92. the discussion upon the towa land bill might be pro- The SPEAKER stated that the first business in So the bill was not laid upon the table. eeeded with. The Senator from New Jersey will | order, was the motion to lay on the table joint res- The question now recurred on ordering the main


; so . will not oecupy the attention of the Senate for granting bounty land to certain officers and soldiers recommit this bill to the Committee on Public more than an hour, and then the further consider- who have been engaged in the military service of Lands at this time? ation can be postponed to accommodate the Sen- the United States, as amended by the Commit- The SPEAKER. That motion is not in order. ators from lowa and California. I am assured tee of the Whole on the state of the Union. The question now is, upon concurring with the that the honorable Senator will not consume more Mr. STANTON, of Kentucky. I would ask Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union than an hour, and I hope the Senate will consent permission of the gentleman from New York, in their amendments. that he may have an opportunity to be heard to- Mr. BENNETT,) who is entitled to the floor, tó The first amendment, striking out the first secday, allow me a single minute.

tion of the joint resolution, was concurred in with. Mr. ATCHISON. I trust the honorable Sen- The SPEAKER. The first business in order

out a division,

and he therefore desires to be heard to-day." He act approved September 28, 1850, entitled An act "Mr. ROBBINS. Is it not in order to move to

The question now being on concurring in the

Mr. MEADE demanded the yeas and nays on

John G. Davis, Dawson, Duncan, Dunham, Edmundson, second amendment of the committee, striking out the amendments; which were ordered.

Evans, Ewing, Fitch, Florence, Henry M. Fuller, Gamble,

Gentry, Gilmore, Grey, !Tall, Hamilton, Hammond, Harper, the second section of the joint resolution, as fol- The question was then taken on the third

Hart, Haws, Hebard, Hendricks, Hibbard, Howard, Thog. lows, viz:

amendment, and resulted-yeas 133, nays 41-as Y. How, Andrew Johnson, John Johnson, J. Glancy Jones, Sec. 2. And be it further resolved, That the registers follows:

George G. King, Kuhns, Kurtz, Landry, Lockhart, Mason, and receivers of the United States land offices shall here. YEAS-Messrs. Abercrombie, Willis Allen, Allison,

McLanahan, McMullin, McNair, Meacham, Miller, Molo. after be severally authorized to charge and receive for their David J. Bailey, Thomas H. Bayly, Barrere, Bartlett, Bell,

ny, Henry D. Moore, John Moore, Morrison, Nabers, Olds, services, in locating bounty land warrants, the same rate of

Andrew Parker, Samuel W. Parker, Peaslee, Pbelps, Polk, Bibighaus, Bowie, John H. Boyd, Breckenridge, Brooks, compensation or percentage to which they are entitled by Busby, E. Carrington Cabell, Joseph Cable, Caldwell,

Porter, Powell, Richardson, Robbins, Robinson, Sackett, law for sales of the public lands for cash, at the rate of Thompson Campbell Cartier, Chandler, Chapinan, Church

Savage, Schermerhorn, Scurry, Smith, Snow, Stanly, SI 25 per acre, the said campensation to be hereafter paid well, Cleveland, Clingman, Cobb, Couger, Cottman, Curus,

Benjamin Sianton, Richard H. Stanton, Abraham Stevens, by the assignees or holders of such warrants, in all cases

Thaddeus Stevens, St. Martin, Stratton, Taylor, Benjamin Daniel, J. G. Davis, Dawson, Disney, Duncan, Edgerton, where the same have been transferred by the soldier, or his Edmundson, Ewing, Ficklin, Fitch, Florence, Fowler, H.

Thompson, George W. Thompson, Townshend, Walbridge, legal or personal representative, under the provisions of the M. Fuiler, Thomas J. D. Fuller, Gainble, Gaylord, Gentry,

Walsh, Welch, Addison White, and Yates-98. acts of Congress, and the regulations of the General Land

NAYS--Messrs. Abercrombie, Allison, John Appleton, Gilmore, Gorman, Grey, Grow, Hamilton, Hammond, HarOtřce on that subject, and to be paid out of the Treasury of

Asbe, Avereli, Beale, Bell, Albert G. Brown, Burrows, per, Sampson W. Harris, Hart, Haws, Hascall, Hebard, the United States, upon the adjustment of the accounts of Hendricks, Hibbard, Horsford, John W. Howe, Thomas

Chandler, Chapman, Chastain, Clark, Cleveland, Clingsuch officers, where it shall be shown, to the satisfaction of Y. How, Hunter, Jackson, Jenkins, Andrew Johnson,

man, Cobh, Conger, Curtis, Daniel, Dockery, Doty, Durkee, the General Land Office, that the same was located by the James Jolinson, John Johnson, Robert W. Johnson, Daniel

Eastinan, Edgerton, Fowler, Freeman, Thomas J. D. Ful soldier or warrantee, or, in case of his death, by his next T. Jones, J. Glancy Jones, Kuhns, Kurtz, Landry, Letcher,

ler, Gaylord, Giddings, Goodenow, Grow, Sampson W. of kin, as provided by the acts of Congress atoresaid. Lockhart, Humphrey Marshall, Mason, McLanahan, Mc

Harris, Hascall, Haverr, Henn, Horsford, Houston, John Mullin, McNair, Meacham, Miller, Molony, John Moore,

W. Howe, Hunter, Ingersoll, Ives, Jackson, Jenkins, And inserting in lieu thereof the following, viz:

James Johnson, Daniel T. Jones, George W. Jones, Morrison, Nabers, Olds, Orr, Outlaw, Andrew Parker, Sec. 1. Be it enacted, &c., That from and after the pasSamuel W, Parker, Peaslee, Penn, Perkins, Phelps, Polk,

Letcher, Humphrey Marshall, Mende, Morehead, Murphy, sage of this act, the registers and receivers of the United Porter, Price, Rantoul, Richardson, Robbins, Robie, Robin.

Newton, Orr, Outlaw, Penniman, Perkins, Riddle, School

craft, Schoonmaker, David L. Seymour, Origen 8. SeyStates land offices shall each be entitled to receive filty son, Sackert, Savage, Schermerhorn, Schoolcraft, Schooncents for his services in locating each bounty land warrant maker, Smart, Smith, Snow, Stanly, Benjamin Stanton,

mour, Skelton, Smart, Strother, Stuart, Thurston, Toonbs, by him located, to be paid by the person or persons locating Richard H. Stanton, Abraham P. Stevens, St. Martin,

Wallace, Ward, Watkins, Wells, Wilcox, Wildrick, and

Williams-74. the same; but this act shall not be so construed as to allow Strother, Taylor, Benjamin Thompson, George W. Thompany register or receiver to receive any greater maximum of son, Thurston, Townshend, Walsh, Ward, Watkins,

So the amendment was agreed to. salary and fees than by law he is now entitled.

Welch, Wells, Addison White, Alexander White, Wilcox, The following sections were then read, as the Mr. STUART demanded the yeas and nays;

Williams, and Yates--133.
NAY8-Messrs. John Appleton, William Appleton,

next amendment in order, viz:
which were ordered.
Ashe, Averett, Beale, Bragg, Burrows, Lewis D. Campbell,

Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the warrants of Mr. STANTON, of Ohio. I ask for a division Caskie, Clark, Dockery, Doty, Durkee, Eastinan, Evans, one hundred and sixty acres, so as above to be issued, shall upon striking out and inserting. Giddings, Goodenow, Hall, Haven, Henn, Ingersoll, George

be assignable. W. Jones, George G. King, McQueen, Meade, Henry D.

Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the act of SepThe SPEAKER. It is reported as one entire Moore, Morehead, Newton, Penniman, Riddle, Scurry,

tember 28, 1850, is hereby extended 10 all naval officers, amendment, and cannot be dívided, under an ex- David L. Seymour, Origen S. Seymour, Skelton, Stratton, sailors, floulla inen, and marines serving with land troops press rule of the House. Stuart, Toombs, Walbridge, Wallace, Wildrick, and Wood

in cases where they could not be entitled to prize money. ward-41, Mr. MARSHALL, of Kentucky. I rise to

'Mr. MARSHALL, of Kentucky. I understand make an inquiry, I wish to know if the House

So the amendment was agreed to.

that the sections read have been just voted upon. fails to agree to the amendment, whether it does

The fourth amendment, inserting the following They constituted a part of the sixth amendment not restore the section stricken out as it stood as an additional section, was then read, viz:

of the committee. originally?

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That in the event of The SPEAKER. Through inadvertency upon The SPEAKER. Certainly it does.

the death of a cominissioned or non-commissioned officer, the part of the Clerk, one section only was read of

musician, or private, who shall have made application for The question was then taken upon concurring bounty land under the provisions of said act, during the

the entire amendment embracing three sections. in the above amendment, and it was agreed topendency of such application, any warrant issued in the

Mr. MARSHALL. The yeas and nays were yeas 121, nays 48-as follows:

name of any such deceased applicant, such warrant so is- called upon it. Gentlemen who voted are placed

sued shall not become void, but sball inure to and for the YEAS-Messrs. Abercroinbie, Allison, Andrews, John

in a false position, as they thought they were benefit of those entitled thereto, the same as if such officer Appleton, Ashe, Averett, Babcock, Thomas H. Bayly, or soldier had been deceased at the passage of said act.

voting upon the whole of the amendment as offered Barrere, Bartlett, Bell, John H. Boyd, Bragg, Breckenridge, Albert G. Brown, Burrows, Busby, E. Carrington

Mr. MEADE. I ask the unanimous consent

by the gentleman from Maryland, (Mr. Evans.]

The SPEAKER. The question was put upon Cabell, Joseph Cable, Caldwell, Cartter, Caskie, Chand

of the House to make a verbal correction in that ler, Chapman, Churchwell, Cleveland, Clingman, Cobb, section.

the single section. Cottman, Curtis, Daniel, George T. Davis, John G.

Mr. EVANS. Gentlemen can have the yeas Davis, Disney, Dockery, Duncan, Dunham, Edgerton,

Mr. JONES, of Tennessee. Is the previous Edmundson, Evans, Faulkner, Florence, Fowler, Free

and nays upon the other sections, and will not be question operating? nan, Henry M. Fuller, 'Thomas J. D. Fuller, Gamble, Gay

The SPEAKER. The gentleman asks the placed in a false position at all. lord, Gentry, Grey, Grow, Hamilton, Hammond, Harper, unanimous consent of the House

The SPEAKER. By the consent of the House Sampson W. Harris, Hart, Haven, Hebard, Hendricks, Mr. JONES. I object.

the vote will be taken separately upon the two reHibbard, Horsford, John W. Howe, Thomas Y. How, Hunter, Ingersoll, Jackson, Jenkins, Andrew Johnson, The question was then taken, and the amend | maining sections of the amendment. James Johuson, Daniel T. Jones, George W. Jones, J. ment was agreed to.

The question was then taken upon the sixth Glancy Jones, George G. King, Kurtz, Letcher, Humphrey The fifth amendment of the committee, striking section, and it was agreed to without a division. Marstall, McCorkle, McLanahan, McMullin, Meacham, Meade, Morehead, Morrison, Murphy, Nabers, Olds, Orr, out the third section of the joint original resolution

The question being upon agreeing to the seventh

section, Outlaw, Andrew Parker, Peaslee, Penn, Polk, Riddle,

and inserting the following, was agreed to without Robbins, Robie, Robinson, Savage, Schoolcraft, Schoon- a division, viz:

Mr. MARSHALL, of Kentucky, demanded maker, Scurry, David L. Seymour, Origen S. Seymour,

the yeas and nays; which were refused.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That in all cases Skelton, Smith, Richard H. Stanton, Stratton, George W. where the militia or volunteers or State troops of any State

The question was taken, and the amendment Tbompson, Thurston, Toombs, Townshend, Walbridge, Wallace, Walsh, Ward, Watkins, Wells, Addison White,

or Territory were called into military service, and whose was agreed to, on a division-ayes 87, noes 37.

services have been paid by the United States, the officers Alexander White, Wilcox, Wildrick, and Williams,121.

The seventh amendment of the committee, strikNAYS-Messrs. Willis Allen, David J. Bailey, Beale,

and soldiers of such militia, volunteers, or troops, shall be
entitled to all the benefits of the act entitled “ An act grant-

ing out the fourth section of the joint resolution, Bennett, Bowne, Brenton, Briggs, Brooks, Lewis D. Camp- ing bounty land to certain officers and soldiers who have and inserting the following, was agreed to, viz: bell, Thompson Campbell, Clark, Doty, Durkee, Eastinan, Ficklin, Fitch, Giddings, Goodenow, Gorman, Hall, Haws,

been engaged in the military service of the United States," Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That in computing

approved September 28, 1850, and shall receive lands for the terin of service of the officers and soldiers of militia, volHoward, John Johnson, Robert W. Johnson, Lockhart, their services according to the provisions of said act, upon unteers, andrangers, for the purpose of èhis act, or of the act MeNair, Miller, Molony, Henry D. Moore, John Moore, proof of length of service as therein required; and that the Newton, Saluuel W. Parker, Penniman, Price, Rantoul,

of which this act is explanatory, such term shall be coinlast proviso of the ninth section of the act of 11th of Feb

puted from the time they were mustered into the service of Richardson, Sackett, Schermerhorn, Stanly, Benjamin ruary, 1847, bc and the same is hereby repealed : Proviled, Stanton, Thaddeus Stevens, Stuart, Sutherland, Taylor,

and paid by the United States to the time they were disThat nothing herein contained shall authorize bounty land charged therefrom: Provided, That this section shall not Wasioburn, Welch, Woodward, and Yates-48.

to those who have heretofore received or become entitled to extend to the cases provided for in the second section, and The third amendment, proposing the following the same.

in the provisoes to the first section of the act of which this as an additional section, was ihen read, viz:

The sixth amendment, inserting the following

act is explanatory. $&c. 2. And be it further enacted, That if any officer or as an additional section, was then read:

The House then concurred in the eighth amendsoldier who would, if living, have been entitled to the ben- Sec.5. And be it further enacted, That one hundred and

ment of the committee, striking out the fifth secefit of the act of Congress, passed Septeinber 28, 1830, shall sixty acres of land be, and the same are hereby granted to tion of the joint resolution. have died leaving no widow surviving him, the child or every officer and soldier, whether of regulars, militia, or children of such officer or soldier shall be entitled to the volunteers, who may have been actually engaged in any

The question now being, “Shall the bill be enbenefit of said act; and if there are no children living, then action or encounter with the enemy, in any oi the wars

grossed and read a third time?" the father and mother of such officer or soldier shall be en- speciñed in the act approved September 28, 1830, without

Mr. JONES, of Tennessee, moved to lay the titled, or in default of father or mother, the righit shall de regard to his length of service; or in case of the death of bill upon the table, scend to the brothers and sisters of such officer

or soldier in any such soldier or officer, the warrant to be issued may be Mr. JOHNSON, of Arkansas, demanded the as full a manner as though said soldier or officer had him. granted to such person or persons as would be entitled 'unSelf received the bounty, any act to the contrary notwith- der the act of 1850, above mentioned, or any other act, as if yeas and nays; which were ordered. standing.

this enacunent had constituted a part thereof: Provided, The question was then taken, and decided in Mr. MEADE. I ask the unanimous consent

That nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to the negative-yeas 85, nays 89—as follows:

grant more than one hundred and sixty acres of land to any of the House to make a simple amendment to that person who may already be entitled to it under the acı YEAS-Messts. William Appleton, Ashe, Averett, BartSection, which is absolutely necessary to avoid above mentioned for his services in any one war.

lett, Beale, Bragg, Briggs, Brooks, Burrows, Lewis D.

Campbell, Cartter, Caskie, Chandler, Chapınan, Clark, gross injustice. The amendment, as it stands, Mr. HENN demanded the yeas and nays; Cleveland, Conger, Curtis, Daniel, Dockery, Dety, Durkec, gives to the brothers and sisters of the soldier, if he which were ordered.

Eastman, Evans, Fiteh, Fowler, T.J. D. Fuller, Goodenow as dead the land to which he may be entitled in The question was then taken, and resulted- Grow, Hall, Harper, Hart, Ilaws, Hascall, Haven, llenn,

Hibbard, Horsford, Howaril, Jno. W. Howe, Hunter, Ingercase he leaves no children living, and thus ex- yeas 98, nays 74—as follows:

soll, Jackson, Jenkins, George W. Jones, J. Glancy Jones, cludes his grandchildren, if there be any living. YEAS-Messrs. William Appleton, Babeock, David J. Kulins, Meade, Henry D. Moore, Morehead, Nexion, Orr, I wish to remedy this.

Bailey, Thomas H. Bayly, Barrere, Bartlett, Bennett, Outlaw, Peaslee, Penniman, Perkins, Phelps, Price, Robie, Mr. JONES, of Tennessee. I object. It can

Bowie, John H. Boyd, Breckenridge, Brenton, Briggs, Sackett, Schermerhorn, Schoolcraft, Schoonmaker, Seurry,

Brooks, Busby, Joseph Cable, Caldwell, Lewis D. Camp- David L. Seymour, Origen S. Seymour, Skelton, Smith, not be made right any how.

bell, Thompson Campbell, Cartier, Caskie, Churchwell, Snow, Benjamin Stanton, Abrahamn P. Sievens, Thaddeus


Stevens, Stratton, Stuart, Sutherland, Benjamin Thomp- dles and buoys may be erected upon ledges at the mouth of county of Rowan; Jonathan Horten, of the county of W. son, George W. Thompson, Thurston, Toombs, Towns- Camden harbor in said State.

tanga; Jesse Gant, of the county of Catawba ; Thomas L. hend, Walbridge, Wallace, Wells, Wildrick, and Wood- By Mr. DAVIS, of Massachusetts: The petition of Sam. Tucker, of the county of Iredell; and J. C. Smith, of the ward-85.

uel L. Hinkley and others, of Massachusetts, for a repeal county of Alexander. NAYS-Messrs. Abercrombie, W. Allen, Allison, J. Ap- of the duty on raw silk.

By Mr. MORRISON: The petition of Nathaniel J. Parker pleton, D. J. Bailey, T. H. Bayly, Barrere, Bell, Bennett, By Mr. FOWLER: The petition of Frank F. Knowles asking to be placed on the list of invalid pensioners on ae. Bowie, J. II. Boyd, Breckenridge, Brenton, A. G. Brown, and 30 other master mariners of the

port of Boston, praying count of disability incurred in the Mexican war. Busby, E, Carrington Cabell, Caldwell, Thompson Camp- for * an appropriation from the Treasury of the United By Mr. PRICE: The memorial of J. C. Garthwaite, W, bell, Chastain, Churchwell, Clinginan, Cobb, John G. States” for the improvement of the harbor of Scituate, in A. Myer, J. W. Painier, Wm. Wright, Wm. Jackson, Joel Davis, Dawson, Duncan, Dunham, Edgerton, Edmundson, the State of Massachusetts.

W. Condit and others, merchants, ship owners, and unEwing, Ficklin, Florence, Freeman, Ilenry M. Fuller,Gam- By Mr. BURROWS: The remonstrance of G. Conger derwriters of Newark, New Jersey, remonstrating against ble, Gaylord, Gilmore, Grey, Hamiltin, Hammond, Samp- and others, citizens of Niagara county, New York, against the repeal of the act of March 3, 1847, entitled " An act for son W. Harris, Hebard, Hendricks, Houston, Thomas Y. the extension of the patent for Woodworth's plan

the reduction of the costs and expenses of proceeding in How, Andrew Johnson, James Johnson, John Johnson, chine.

admiralty against ships and vessels," and praying for a modRobert W. Johnson, Daniel T. Jones, George G, King, By Mr. McLANAHAN: The petition of Ezra C. Sea- ification of said law. Kurtz, Landry, Lockhart, Humphrey Marshall, Mason, man and others, clerks in the First Comptroller's Office, By Mr, EDGERTON: The memorial of Benjamin H. MeLanahan, McNair, Meacham, Miller, Molony, John praying for increase

of salary.

Movers, asking to be relieved from the payment of a judga Moore, Morrison, Murphy, Nabers, Olds, Andrew Parker, By Mr. FULLER, of Pennsylvania: The memorial of ment against him in favor of the United States, and for the Samuel W. Parker, Penn, Polk, Powell, Richardson, Rob- George M. Hollenback, S. D. Lewis, Zeba Bennett, payment of moneys due him. bins, Robinson, Savage, Stanly, Richard H. Stanton, Stone, Thomas Oldersbaw, Isaac S. Ostuburt, Edward Care, and By Mr. BABCOCK: The remonstrance of citizens of Os. Strother, Taylor, Walsh, Ward, Washburn, Watkins, other citizens of Pennsylvania, remonstrating against the wego, New York, against the renewal of the Woodward Welch, Addison White, Alexander White, Wilcox, Wil- extension of the Woodworth patent.

patent. liams, and Yates-89.

By Mr. WHITE, of Alabama : The memorial of William So the House refused to lay the bill upon the

L. Terry and others, praying for a grant of lands to the Alatable.

bama and Georgia railroad.
By Mr. CHANDLER: The memorial of Enos B. Ring

The question then recurred on ordering the bill and 150 other citizens of Pennsylvania, asking for further

FRIDAY, February 27, 1852, to be engrossed and read a third time. protection to American industry.

Prayer by the Chaplain, Rev. C. M. Btflix. Mr. JONES, of Tennessee, demanded the yeas

By Mr. SCHERMERHORN: The remonstrance of 550 citizens of the county of Monroe, New York, against the

THE COMPROMISE MEASURES. and nays; which were ordered.

extension of the Woodworth patent. The question was then taken, and there were Mr. BARRERE: A petition numerously signed, praying

The PRESIDENT. The Private Calendar wil yeas 96, nays 83-as follows: for the establishment of a mail route froin Williansburg, || be taken

up under the rule of the Senate, which YEAS--Messrs. Abercrombie, Willis Allen, Allison, in Clermont county, via Mount Horeb.

devotes Friday of each week to that business, John Appleton, Babcock, David J. Bailey, Thomas H.

Also, a petition numerously signed, praying for the es- Mr. GWIN. I hope the execution of that order Bayly, Barrere, Bell, Bennett, Bowie, Breckenridge, Bren

tablishment of a mail route from Williamsburg, in Cler ton, Albert G. Brown, Buzby, E. Carrington Cabell, Caldmont county, via Mount Horeb, Branneus, Sardinia, and

will be dispensed with for an hour, as the Senator well, Thompson Campbell, Chandler, Chastain, Church

Fincastle, to Winchester, in Adains county, Obio, and for from South Carolina desires to make some er. well, Clingman, Cobb, Cottman, John G. Davis, Dawson, supplying the mail tri-weekly on said route.

planation. Duucan, Dunham, Edgerton, Edmundson, Ewing, Ficklin,

By Mr. DURKEE: The remonstrance of George Lip- Mr. DOUGLAS. I should like to present some Fitch, Florence, Freeman, Henry M. Fuller, Gamble, Gay.

pard and 17 others, of the county of New York, against the
renewal of Woodworth's patent.

petitions, if it is in order to do so.
lord, Gentry, Gilmore, Hamilton, Hammond, Sampson W.
Harris, Hebard, Alendricks, Houston, Thomas V. How,

Also, the memorial of John Gilmore and 249 others, of The PRESIDENT. It will not be in order, the Andrew Johnson, James Johnson, John Johnson, Robert

the county of Waukesha, Wisconsin, asking Congress to less the order of the Senate in relation to private W. Johnson, Daniel T. Jones, Kurtz, Landry, Lockhart, change the law permiting the United States mail to be car

bills shall be dispensed with. ried on the Sabbath day. Humphrey Marshall, Mason, McLanahan, McMullin, McBy Mr. HAMILTON: The petition of Nicholas Leister

Mr. GWIN.' I move to dispense with the ex.. Nair, Mencham, Miller, Molony, John Moore, Morrison, Murphy, Nabers, Olds, Andrew Parker, Samuel W. Par

and other citizens of Washington county, Maryland, re- ecution of that order for one hour. ker, Penn, Polk, Powell, Richardson, Robbins, Robinson,

monstrating against the extension of the patent of Austin Mr. BADGER. I hope not. It is a very se Savage, Smart, Snow, Richard H. Stanton, Abrom P. Ste

and Zebulon Parker for alleged improvements upon reaction rious business to private claimants; for if we past vens, Stone, St. Martin, Stratton, Strother, Taylor, Walsh,

water-wheels. Ward, Washburn, Watkins, Welch, Addison White, Alex

Also, the petition of 133 citizens of Alleghany county, || pone the execution of this order now, the private ander White, Wilcox, Williams, and Yates-96.

Maryland, remonstrating against the extension of the Wood- || bills will go over for a week.
NAYS-Messrs. William Appleton, Ashe, Averett, Bart-
worth patent by Congress.

Mr. GWIN. Oh, no.
By Mr. CAMPBELL, of Illinois: The memorial of Wil-
leu, Beale, John 11. Boyd, Bragg, Briggs, Brooks, Burrows,
Lewis D. Campbell, Cartter, Caskie, Chapman, Clark,
Jiam Bennett, Michael Byrne, and others, praying for re-

Mr. BADGER. Certainly they will, of course. lief, &c.

I was in hopes that the course pursued would be Cleveland, Conger, Curtis, Daniel, George T. Davis, Dock ery, Doty, Durkee, Eastman, Evans, Fowler, Thomas J.

By Mr. MILLER: The petition of the

heirs of John | that which I suggested yesterday-that the Sena

Chalmers, deceased, praying compensation for property de- || tor from South Carolina should postpone his re. D. Fuller, Goodenow, Grow, Hall, Harper, Hart, Haws, Hascall, Haven, Henn, llibbard, Iforsford, Howard, John

stroyed by the enemy during the last war. W. Howe, Hunter, Ingersoll, Jackson, Jenkins, George W.

By Mr. HIBBARD: 'The memorial of W.O.C. Wood | marks until Monday, and make them during the Jones, J. Glancy Jones, Preston King, Kuhus, Letcher,

bury and others, citizens of Sullivan county, New Hamp- || morning hour of that day. Meade, Henry D. Moore, Morehead, Newton, Orr, Out

shire, remonstrating against the extension of Woodworth's There was a generally expressed wish that the law, Peaslee, Penniman, Perkins, Phelps, Robie, Sackett,

patent. Schermerhorn, Sehoolcraft, Schoonmaker, Scurry, David

By Mr. INGERSOLL: Five different memorials of ship | Senator from South Carolina should be permitted

owners and ship masters, masters of vessels, and other cit- to go on to-day, and therefore the motion to postL. Seymour, Origen 8. Seymour, Skelton, Smith, Benjamin Stanton, Thaddeus Stevens, Stuart, Sutherland, Ben

izens of the State of Counrcticut, asking for an appropria-pone the execution of the order of the Senate for jamin Thompson, Geo. W. Thompson, Thurston, Toombs,

tion by Congress for the improvement of the harbor of West- one hour was agreed to. Townshend, Walbridge, Wallace, Wells, Wildrick, and

brook, in said State. Woodword -83.

Also, the memorial of certain importers, merchants, and

The PRESIDENT. That motion having been citizens of New llaven, Connecticut, asking for an appro

agreed to, the next order of business is the preSo the bill was ordered to be engrossed and read priation for a new custom house at New Haven. sentation of petitions, afterwards reports from a third time.

By Mr. ROBBINS: The petition of 8. Meyargee, John standing committees, and then motions and resoMr. MARSHALL, of Kentucky, moved to

Birely, S. H. Gillingham, Jacob Teese, and 40 other citreconsider the vote by which the bill was ordered

izens of the county of Philadelphia, remonstrating against lutions; but if it is the pleasure of the Senate to any renewal or extension of the Woodworth patent for

hear the Senator from South Carolina on the exto be engrossed and read the third time, and to lay | planing boards, &c., for reasons therein stated.

planation which he wishes to make, the Chair the motion to reconsider upon the table; which

Also, the petition of Charles

A. Spring, against the ex- will adopt that course. latter motion was agreed to.

tension of the Woodworth patent, who states that they have
embraced in their specifications improvements which the

The Senate assented.
Mr. SCHERMERHORN. I move that the said C. A. Spring and P. Boon claim in their patent of reis- Mr. RHETT. I would also think it fair to
House do now adjourn.

sue, No. 209. Mr. MARSHALL, of Kentucky, upon that

By Mr. BROWN, of Mississippi : The petition of certain complished within the hour allowed.

state to the Senate that my object may not be aomotion, demanded the yeas and nays; but they

masters and owners of vessels, praying that Biloxi may be
made a port of entry.

Mr. BADGER. If this course is pursued, ! were refused.

By Mr. KING, of New York: The petition of citizens hope it will be understood that, as a matter of Mr. JONES, of Tennessee, demanded tellers; of St. Lawrence county, New York, asking Congress to course, the Senator from South Carolina will take which were ordered.

provide for the speedy construction of ship canals around
the Falls of Niagara and Sault Ste. Marie.

as much time as he requires.
The question was then taken, Messrs. Fuller,
of Maine, and Fowler acting as tellers, and re-

Also, two memorials remonstrating against the further The PRESIDENT then stated that the resolu

extension of the term of the Woodworth patent. sulted-ayes 94, noes 53.

By Mr. BRENTON : Petitions of H. H. Neff, Thomas | definitive setilement of the questions growing on

tion declaring the measures of adjustment to be a So the motion was agreed to.

W. Reece, and J. R. Randall, assistant marshals in the
The House then adjourned till to-morrow at
State of Indiana, asking additional compensation for taking

of the subject of slavery would be taken up, and the census under the act of 1830.

on them would be the pending question. twelve o'clock, m.

By Mr. WELLS: The remonstrance of 60 citizens of the Mr. RHETT. Mr. President, I probably owe

county of Montgomery, New York, against the renewal of
the Woodworth patent.

an apology to the Senate—at least I think it due The following petitions, memoriais, &c., were presented

By Mr. FAULKNER: The petition of John B. A. Nad- to myself to state, that the reason why I have not under the rule, and referred to the appropriate committees :

enboush, late an assistant marshal, praying additional com- responded sooner to the animadversions of the Sen

pensation for his services in taking the censis. By Mr. FLORENCE: The memorial of Henry R. Wil

ator from Alabama (Mr. Clemens and those in a

Also, the petition of John Keeler, a disabled soldier of son, W. B. Schnider, A. C. Michener and others, citizens the war of 1812, asking to be placed on the pension roll.

milder strain) of the Senator from Michigan (Mr. of the city and county of Philadelphia, petitioning Congress By Mr. MeNÁIR: The memorial of Levi Streeper and Cass) was, that I was not in the city of Washto pass à law extending the “Woodworth patent" for other citizens of Montgomery county, Pennsylvania,

pray- | ington at the time they were uttered in the Senate; planing boards, &c.

ing Congress to modify the tariff of 1846 in regard to iron. Also, the memorial of W. Watt, Richard Bellshaw, Wil

nor did I know of the personalities which the

Also, the memorial of s. D. Conover and others, repreliam Steele, William Fulton and others, citizens of the senting that the forcible intervention of one State in the in

Senator from Alabama had used towards me until State of Pennsylvania, representing that the national interests of iron, of coal, of glass, and of cotton, are not in a pros

ternal affairs of another State, is in open violation of the just on the eve of my departure from home to re

public law of the world, and praying Congress at once to perous condition, and submitting to the consideration of

turn to Washington. After had been here for declare their recognition of that law, and by prompt and Congress some of the general features of the policy which

several days I read them, and I have since been active measures to prevent its infraction. Great Britain is unwearied in her efforts to pursue for the By Mr. CALDWELL: The meinorials from the follow- watching the current of business under the hope, protection of her manufactures, and inquiring whether the ing assistant marshals in the State of North Carolina, ask- that the resolution upon which these animadvergeneral weliare shall be promoted by the adoption of a rev- ing additional compensation for taking the seventh Census, || sions were made, would come up for consideration; enue tariff, based upon tull protection to the diversified in- viz: A. M. Bryan, of the county of Ashe, E. Hough, of terests of our beloved country. the county of Yudkin; Wm. R. 'Lovill, of the county of

and that I could then address myself with proBy Mr. SMART: The petition of Captain John Gluer

Sorry: R. C. Miller, of the county of Caldwell; Abner Car- priety to the Senate, upon the animadversions of and others, citizens of Camden, Maine, asking that spin- Il michael, of the county of Wilken; E. D. Austin, of the the Senator from Alabama; but after waiting some


320 CONGRESS, 1st Session.


New SERIES.....No. 41.

no one.

But now,


ten days or fortnight, I find that I might wait Mr. RHETT. Will the Senator from Ohio

His credibility as a witness, his authormuch longer in vain; and, therefore, the only please state to the Senate whether he applauded or ity for evil, can affect neither me nor any other course left to me is to throw myself, as I now do, cheered me?

man on or off of this floor. I propose to show, to make my response, upon the indulgence of the Mr. CHASE. It so happens, Mr. President, what kind of a man he is, from his own speeches Senate.

that I occupy the seat next but one that of the and his own acts. In order that the Senate may appreciate my Senator from South Carolina. When he was There is a practice of the English bar, which I position, I will read an extract from the speech speaking the other day, I did not leave my seat, have seen used in our own courts with very good delivered by the Senator from Alåbama. I had but paid him the respect of listening attentively to etiect. Before the proofs are brought forward, it hoped that when the altercation between the late the remarks which he addressed to the Senate. I is usual for the lawyer to state what he intends to Senator from Mississippi (Mr. Foote) and my: am, not aware, that I so far forgnt the decencies prove, in order that the minds of the court and self had closed, that it would be an end, so far as I proper to this Chamber, as to applaud or give any jury may be brought to those important points was concerned, of any contention on this floor. special sign of approval or disapproval of any seri- which he deems material to the issue. Now I I deprecate all such contention from the bottom timent which the Senator uttered. I will say, how- will state to the Senate what I propose to prove, of my heart. I have been for twenty years in ever, now, that so far as the honorable Senator ad- by the words of the Senator from Alabama. I do legislative bodies, and I have so denieaned myself, vances the doctrines of State-rights which Jeffer- not mean to convict him; I mean that he shall both in my personal and private intercourse with son and Madison inculcated, I agree with him; so convict himself. I do not mean to arraign him--other gentlemen, as well as in my official inter- far as he advocates the doctrines of disunion, I he shall arraign himself; and whatever evil consecourse in my representative capacity, as to bring dissent from him wholly, utterly, here and every- quences occur to him in the estimation of others, myself in serious conflict with none.

where. And I will add further, that so far as the it shall be the work of his own hands. If he shail in consequence of having announced upon the Senator from Alabama inculcates reverence for the commit political or moral suicide, his own hand floor of the Senate, opinions which I sincerely and Constitution, and attachment to the Union, I con- | shall do the deed. I will now state to the Senate, conscientiously entertain, in the discharge of my cur with him, as I do with every man who pro- in a brief way, what I intend to prove and subpublic duty, I find myself the subject of vitupera- fesses these sentiments; but when the Senator from stantiate by his own speeches. tion, assault, and calumny. There is but one Alabama ingrafts upon that doctrine of attachment The Senator from Alabama, during the last course left for me. I must defend myself and my to the Union, the doctrine of consolidation which Congress, delivered various speeches on the subposition.

the patriarchs of the Democratic school have ever ject of Southern slavery: The Senator from Alabama, in the speech to rejected, I dissent from him, and repel the doc- 1. On his resolution of the 27th of December, which I refer, used the following words:

calling for information as to California, he takes • The scene we witnessed the other day during the de

Mr. RHETT. Mr. President, I will go no fur- the position that for Congress to admit California livery by the Senator from South Carolina (Mr. RHETT) of ther on this point. Every Senator knows what is as a State, with the clause in her constitution prohis harangue, surprised no one here; but it would have

the truth in regard to this matter. There was not hibiting slavery, was the passage by Congress of been a matter of profound astonishment to the country if they could have been spectators of what occurred. There

one single sign of applause or cheering in this body, the Wilmot proviso in a different form, and that, was the Senator from Massachusetts, (Mr. SUMNER,) the yet the Senator asserts that these four Senators in doing so, Congress would violate all precedent. Senator from Ohio, (Mr. Chase,) and the Senator from applauded, cheered, and encouraged me; and he Mr. CLEMENS. What is the volume from New Hampshire, (Mr. HALE,) gathered about him in a sort of fraternal ring, while the countenance of the Senator

says it was no extraordinary thing at all-nothing which you read? from New York (Mr. SEWARD) was radiant with gladness.

new-that in the Senate of the United States con- Mr. RHETT. It is all taken from the ConThus was exhibited the spectacle of an extreme Southern sisting of representatives of the States, grave gov- gressional Globe. I shall read the extracts themSenator denouncing, in no measured terms, the Government ernors and judges of the land, that such men who selves directly. If he will turn to the dates, he of his country, and declaring bimself a disunionist, on ac

have gone through a probation of public service in will find them; or I will send him my extracts, as count of alleged wrongs heaped upon him, with four as rabid Abolitionists as this land contains drinking in his words all the States, when they are here gathered together, || I have them all written down. with eager approbation-applauding, cheering, and en- should applaud and cheer each other on this floor 2. On the 10th of January, in his speech on the couraging him. All this was nothing new to us, how

in the course of their observations. Such a thing Vermont resolutions advocating resistance by the ever strange it may appear to the plain and honest yeomanry of the country. Nor was it, when calmly considered, at all

has never disgraced the Senate. Therefore, I South to the admission of California as the first unnatural

leave the Senate to determine, and I leave the coun- aggression, he contends that we cannot yield one • A fellow feeling makes us wondrous kind.' try to determine, in the very commencement of my inch; shows that this would not only be impolitic, “ There is a sympathy in treason as well as in knavery ;

reply to that Senator, how far he is fit to stand up bringing desolation and death to the South, but and those who are earnestly striving to accomplish the here and arraign others for a want of integrity, infamous; eschews prudence; treats charges of same end need not quarrel about the separate means em- truthfulness, or consistency:

disunion with contempt; and finally depicts two ployed."

There not only was no foundation, no fact to classes of traitors existing, the Abolitionists and This extract, and others that I shall read to the support this charge, but the reason he assigns is the Submissionists in the South. Senate, are taken from the speech printed by the equally without foundation. His reason was, that 3. On the 11th of February, in his speech on Senator himself, and circulated under his frank, I there was a sympathy between these gentlemen and the petition presented by Mr. Hale to dissolve presume, to the people of Alabama. Here is a myself on the subjeci of disunion. That is his as- the Union, he asserts that, between disunion and charge on myself of knavery and treason. He sertion; that is what he has spread abroad and sent submission of the South to the admission of Calsays there is a sympathy in treason as well as in into Alabama and the Southern States. Sir, you ifornia, the South would take the former; and arknavery; and that that sympathy exists between have leard what these Senators have said. The gues, that in this event, it will be the North, not the myself and those four Senators on this floor. The Senator from Alabama himself has heard them South, which will dissolve the Union by destroycourse which I propose to pursue on this occasion express on this floor their opinions concerning the ing the Constitution. before the Senate, is that which is very common Union. I myself have heard the Senator from Ohio 4. On the 20th of February, in his speech dein our courts of justice: to discredit the witness and the Senator from New York, (who, it is said, livered on the President's message transmitting to I mean to show, that the Senator from Alabama was also one of those who applauded and cheered the Senate the constitution of California, he destands in no such high, moral position, as to give me,) as every other Senator has heard them on nounces Mr. Clay's resolutions; argues at length any force to his arraignment of' meor of any other this floor, speak in the most devoted terms of their against the constitutionality of admitting Califorman, for the want of integrity or fidelity.

adherence and attachment to the Union, and de- nia into the Union; denounces her admission as Such are his words, and I will now show the precate its dissolution as the greatest of calamities; the consummation of a drama of fraud and trickcharacter of the witness. The assertion that the and the Senator from Alabama sises up, and ery; contends that the North gets everything by Senators he has mentioned were around me “ap- not only asserts the fact that they applauded and Mr. Clar's proposed compromise, and the South plauding and cheering ”me, is entirely destitute of cheered me on this floor for deciarntions of hos- loses all; prefers the Wilmot proviso direct; detruth. Every Senator on this floor can testify, that tility to the Union, but that the reason for their nounces all compromises upon the subject, and no such transaction took place in the Senate. Did | applause and cheers was a sympathetic accordance replies to the pictures of war and blood drawn by any Senator on this floor-did the Senator from of opinion between us on this subject. Sir, the Messrs. Clay and Cass, denying that they have Ohio, the Senator from Massachusetts, or the charge of any sympathy between us on the point any foundation in the probable course of things; Senator from New York, applaud or cheer me? of disunion, is as baseless as the facts by which but if realized, the South is not responsible, and Will the Senator from Massachusetts rise up and he attempts to prove it. On the contrary, these should not yield on that account; distinctly indianswer before the Senate whether he applauded Senators agree with him in his unionism. Their cates disunion as "the sharp and severe remedy;" or cheered me during the time I was speaking? 1 sympathies, if any exist, are with him in his descants on Washington's Farewell Address, and yield him the floor to hear his reply.

new-born zeal for the preservation of the Union. contends that he would, if alive, sanction his Mr. SUMNER. Mr. President, when the Sen- | They are his allies, noi mine; and by his course, course, and go with the South in resistance. ator from South Carolina addressed the Senate on is helping on the consummation of their policy. I 5. On the 8th of May he attacks the report of the the occasion to which he now refers, I occupied suppose I might stop here, so far as I am per. Committee of Thirteen, and asasils Mr. MANGUN; the seat belonging to me on this floor, and near sonally concerned; but the cause of the South contends that there is no room for liberality in the bis own. I listened to him throughout with atten- | requires, I think, that I should go on, and show construction of the Constitution, and that it cannot tion. I was interested by his manner and his abil- | the inconsistencies of the Senator from Alabama. be compromised away: ity; but, since he now appeals to me, I am con. I will show that he occupied exactly the ground I 7. On the 16th of May he arraigns Mr. Foote strained to add that, as a lovor of the Union, I now occupy, and which many I represent support. for inconsistency in supporting the report of the heard him not only without approbation, ex- If he has abandoned it, and now takes directly op- Committee of Thirteen, which the Senator said was pressed or felt, but with entire dissent.

posite ground, his censure or aspersions can harm only an imbodiment of Mr. Clay's resolutions;

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