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by whom, to whom, and in whom thou livest. And “ be not deceived, God is not mocked,” * that thou shouldest deal deceitfully by thysel or before Him.

2. I have an occasion now of renewing, in a most solemn manner, the engagements which I have so frequently made mentally, or in express words; for I have promised, and, though I have so often failed, I would yet promise again through Thy strength O Lord my Saviour,

To renounce the Devil and all his works ;
To resist the Tempter and all his suggestions;
To watch unto prayer, and be ever on my guard ;

To renounce the world and all its vanities;
To refuse whatsoever is incompatible with true

religion ; To look not for things temporal, but for things

eternal ;

To renounce the flesh, and its sinful lusts ;
To fortify myself against its frailties;
To mend as far as I can its natural defects ;

• Gal. vi. 7.

To adore my Saviour, and have no Saviour

beside Him; To love Him so as to keep His commandments,

all of them; To believe His sayings, and to remember all

He has done for me;

To honour God, and glorify His name ;
To let my light shine on the path of others for

God's sake, and to His praise ;
To strive to be perfect even as our Father in

heaven is perfect;

To be in charity with all men and at peace ;
To seek another's rather than my own;
To love my neighbour as I could love myself;

To forgive injuries, and pardon faults against

myself; To return good for evil, and blessing for the

curse ;

To be in wisdom harmless, holy, and undefiled ;

To rejoice in the Lord always, and to give

thanks for all things; To be constant in prayer and devout in my

religious service;

To be abundant in praises to the God of all

mercies ; To provide things honest in the sight of all

men ; To act as one who in the least matters must

give account ; To avoid all appearance of evil ;

To encourage hearty repentance and true sorrow

for past sins; To humble myself by the frequent remembrance

of my unworthiness; To acknowledge my poverty, sickness, and

moral deformity;

To grieve for every lapse in duty;
To make, as far as I may, compensation for

To tear from me my bosom sins ;
To receive willingly the Word of God revealed;
To acknowledge the articles of the Christian

faith; To think of those four last things, death, judg

ment, heaven, and hell ;

To avoid the occasions of sin in myself and To enlarge my heart in wide and generous


sympathy; To be unwearied and consistent in well doing.


3. I entreat Thee, O Lord my God, to accept this renewal of my promises, and to bless it to my better obedience. Give unto me the honest purpose of amendment, and strength to fulfil the purpose. Grant that I may daily learn to love more and to value more the Gospel of Thy Son, and that I may be continually conforming myself to its precepts in all my thoughts, and words, and deeds. I would love Him, O Lord God. I would love Thy adorable Son, O heavenly. Father, and would keep His commandments. But without Thee I can do nothing; for if Thou draw * me not, I cannot come to Christ; and if I come not to Christ, before Thee I am nothing: all my powers are vanity, all my virtues faulty, all my strength is weakness, all my wisdom folly. Only in Him before Thee am I anything. Wherefore in Him I would be, that before Thee I may be what Thou willest to have me, what I can be, and what I ought to be!

All that Thou hast said, O gracious Lord my Saviour, I would believe. Help Thou me to believe it more, and to understand it better. What Thou hast said is spirit, and is life. Grant that I may apply it to myself by faith, and through the application of it appropriate to my soul all the Benefits of that precious Life and precious Bloodshedding which Thou didst upon earth once for all accomplish. Amen.

* John vi. 44.




I am come by Thy mercy, O merciful God, to present myself before Thee, and by this commemoration of Thy Son's most precious death, to signify my entire assent to, and acceptance of Thy covenant of grace in Jesus Christ. I come before Thee. And Thou art even now searching the hidden corners of my heart, and trying my inmost reins !

I cannot fully know myself, but Thou, O God, knowest me altogether. Yet as far as I can understand myself and if I be mistaken, oh


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