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7264, Appointment of receiver by 7287. Parties in equity.

Comptroller of the Currency 7288. When the action should be at

under Revised Statutes of the

law and when in equity.

United States.

7289. Pleading in such actions.

7265. Circumstances under which

7290. Accruing of interest against

Comptroller may appoint re-


ceiver under Act of 1876.

7291. Mode of enforcing contribution

7266. Action of Comptroller in ap-

and securing equality among

pointing receiver conclusive

the stockholders.

upon debtors.

7292. Creditor's bill to enforce individ-

7267. Evidence of his appointment.

ual liability of stockholders.

7263. Effect of appointment on rights

7293. Receiver takes assets cum onere.

of action by and against bank.

T209. Effect of judgments against

7294. Must respect valid liens and


national banks in the hands

of receivers.

7295. Must restore trust funds.

7270. Right of action of receiver in

7296. Must restore money subscribed

Federal courts.

on scheme to increase capital

7271. Statute forbidding transfers

which has failed.

after insolvency.

7297. Must restore money deposited

7272. Fraudulent preferences under

to be loaned to the president

this statute.

of the bank.

7273. Further of this statute.

7298. What rights of set-off exist

7274. Statute prohibits attachments

against receiver.

after insolvency.

7299. The question how viewed on

7275. Further of attachments against


national banks.

7300. The question how viewed by

7276. Continued: attempted distinc-

other courts.

tion in cases where bank not 7301. The same subject continued.


7302. Continued.

7277. This distinction repudiated.

7303. Waiver of right of set-off.

7278. Further of such attachments. 7304. Voluntary liquidation of na-

7279. Actions by receiver to collect

tional banks.


7305. When stockholders may elect

7280. In whose name action brought

agent to wind up.

by receiver.

7306. Receiver authorized to purchase

7281. Power of receiver to compromise

property in which bank has



7282. Whether receiver succeeds to 7307. Notice to present claims to re-

larger rights of action than


the corporation possesses. 7308. Proof of claims by creditors.

7283. His right of action against the 7309. Dividends by Comptroller in



7284. His right of action against 7310. What claims entitled to distri-



7285. Necessity of assessment. 7311, Priorities among creditors in

7286. Determination of Comptroller

such distribution.

in assessing the shareholders 7312. When United States not a pre-


ferred creditor.

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