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GY 'IVE ear, we beseech behalf: and grant that it

Thee, O Lord, to the may obtain all those blessprayers of Thy servant, ings which he asks for us. who is here appointed to Amen. make this Oblation in our During the pause which usually occurs before the Act of Consecra

tion, you can pray as follows: DIRECTION OF THE INTENTION.

by my Merciful Father, I, an —all in suffering or under unworthy sinner, now join temptation. Grant also, O Thy minister in offering Merciful God, rest and reThee this Oblation of the freshment to all who have Body and Blood of Thy departed this life in Thy only Son, to the honour true faith and fear; and and praise of Thy glorious grant that we, together with Majesty; in thankful re-them, mayreign with Christ membrance of the Passion in Thy everlasting kingand Death of my Saviour dom. Amen. Jesus Christ; in thanksgiving for all Thy gifts and Immediately before Consecration. graces , spiritual and tem- BLES

BLESSED is He that poral; in propitiation for cometh in the Name my numberless sins and of the Lord, Hosanna in infirmities; and for the ob- the highest. O Blessed taining of all graces neces- Jesu! in the Bread now sary to enable me to live a about to be broken, give godly life, and die in a state me faith to discern Thy allof salvation; and for the holy Body, and in the Wine salvation of all bound to which is now to be blessed, me by kindred or affection; Thy precious, cleansing all whom I have injured 'Blood. Amen.





The Canon or Sacrificial Part.

This is the principal act of the whole Service. Be very attentive

and very reverent. The bread which God's Priest breaks, becomes the Body of Christ; and the cup which he blesses, the Blood of Christ. This wonderful effect is brought to pass by the operation of the Holy Ghost, and Christ's own words, repeated by the Priest.

LMIGHTY God, our heavenly Father, Who of
Thy tender mercy didst give Thine only Son
Jesus Christ to suffer death upon the Cross for

our redemption; Who made there (by His one oblation of Himself once offered) a full, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice, oblation, and satisfaction, for the sins of the whole world; and did institute, and in His Holy Gospel command us to continue, a perpetual memory of that His precious death, until His coming again; Hear us, O merciful Father, we most humbly beseech Thee; and grant that we receiving these Thy creatures of bread and wine, according to Thy Son our

* Here the Priest is

his :

Saviour Jesus Christ's holy institution, in remembrance of His Death and Passion, may be partakers of His most blessed Body and Blood: Who, in the same night that He was betrayed,* took Bread, and, when He had given thanks, + He to take the Paten into brake it, and gave it to His disciples, +And here to break saying, TAKE, EAT, THIS IS MY BODY the Bread: WHICH IS GIVEN FOR YOU: Do this in And here to lay

his hand upon all the remembrance of me. Likewise after Bread. supper He *took the Cup; and, when * Here he is to take He had given thanks, He gave it to the Cup into his hand:

# And here to lay them, saying, Drink ye all of this: for his hand upon every THIS TIS MY BLOOD OF THE NEW TES- vessel (be it Chalice

or Flagon) in which TAMENT, WHICH IS SHED FOR YOU there is any Wine to AND FOR MANY FOR THE REMISSION

be consecrated. OF SINS: Do this, as oft as ye shall drink it, in remembrance of me. Amen.

The Minister then receives the Communion in both hands.

At the words, This is my body, make me now and for ever say,

wholly Thine. H

AIL, Incarnate Word, At the words, This is my Blood, sacrificed for me and

say, all mankind. Hail, Holy HAIL, precious Blood

once for us upon the Altar of the for me on the Cross, and Cross, and still daily offer- now pleading for my pared upon our altars to the don in this Sacrament. O end of time. I bless Thee, cleanse my soul and body I adore Thee, I love Thee. from all sin, and grant that Oh, let not this sacrifice be nothing may ever separate offered for me in vain, but me from Thy love.

In the solemn silence immediately unworthy to be so near after the Act of Consecration, Thee, yea, in Thy very you may pray as follows:

presence. My sins cry EHOLD the Lamb aloud for justice; but I of God, which taketh

am near the Friend of sinaway the sins of the world. ners, the Hope of the con

Lambof God, who takest trite, the Healer of the away the sins of the world, broken hearted, the Conhave mercy upon us. soler of the afflicted. I

Lamb of God, who takest cannot turn away from away the sins of the world, Thee, Holy Saviour; for grant us Thy peace. without Thee I must perish.

Jesu, spotless Victim, I Oh, deepen my sorrow for adore Thee, really though sin; cleanse and purify my invisibly present under heart from the stains of these Sacramental veils of sin ; fill my heart with Bread and Wine.

burning love to Thee, and I humble myself before grant me grace to continue Thee, Holy Saviour, for I Thine for ever. Amen. am sinful. I am unfit and

THANKSGIVING TO GOD THE FATHER. Whilst the Priest is communi-God, for providing a way in cating, you may pray thus:

this most Holy Sacrament E

, God, Merciful Father, fore Thee the Death and for having sent Thy only Passion of Thy dear Son, begotten Son into the world until His coming again. to suffer death upon the O give us such love to Cross for us men, and for Thee for Thy great love to our salvation.

us, as shall enable us to We thank Thee, gracious die daily to the world, and

crucify the flesh, with the grant, I beseech Thee, that affections and lusts; that, this adorable sacrifice of living to Thee alone, dur- the blessed Bodyand Blood ing our whole life, we may of Thy Son, our Lord Jesus attain to Thine everlasting Christ, which here and kingdom, where, with Thy everywhere throughout Thy Eternal Son and the Holy Holy Church is offered as a Ghost, Thou livest and continual thanksgiving for, reignest one God for ever and a daily remembrance and ever. Amen.

of, His blessed death, may

obtain for us, at Thy hands, O

MOST gracious God, mercy, and the remission
Father of all mercies, lof all our sins. Amen.



LORD Jesus Christ, of our sins, escape and

Icommend unto Thee, deliverance from present in the presence of Thy very temptation, and watchfulBody and Blood, my soul, ness as to the future. Grant my body, my mind, and us a steadfast faith, a ready my thoughts, my words, will, an ardent love and and my deeds, and all my perseverance unto the end. prayers, beseeching Thee Give us food and raiment, to sanctify me, and all that and all things needful for I have, to Thy service. I the body; but, above these, commend unto Thee, also, O

needmy [here name any relations ful for our souls. May it or friends for whom you please Thee also, O Lord desire to pray.] Grant unto Jesus, to bless our enemies; us sinners, O Lord, pardon and grant that they and we


us all

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