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I appreciate this opportunity to respond further to your question, and respectfully request my comments be submitted for the record. Sincerely,

J. CHARLES PARTEE. The CHAIRMAN. I think you have given us the best answer of all for a banking commission; we are totally at sea, we need a raft.

Thank you very much. The committee will stand adjourned. [Thereupon, at 12:05 p.m. the hearing was concluded.]

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FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION, 550 Seventeenth St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20429



This report summarizes some of the results of the special survey

of loans secured primarily by the stock of other banks and bank holding

companies; loans to executive officers, directors and major stockholders of

other banks; loans to executive officers, directors and major stockholders of

the reporting bank, their business interests and their immediate families; and

overdrafts to insiders of the reporting bank, insiders of other banks, and to pub

lic officials. In response to the express request of this Committee, the Federal

Deposit Insurance Corporation, in cooperation with the Comptroller of the

Currency and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, surveyed

all insured commercial banks. The initial Committee request was transmitted

by Chairman Proxmire in his August 1, 1977 letter (Appendix A) and later

amplified and modified during the September 26, 27, and 28, 1977 oversight hear

ings and in discussions among the staffs of the three agencies and the Committee.

By late September, a preliminary survey form was developed. However,

as a result of further Committee requests made during the September oversight

hearings, it was necessary to do considerable additional work. The final draft of

the survey form was submitted to the Committee on October 17, 1977. A few

minor changes were made in response to Chairman Proxmire's October 19, 1977

letter and the final forms were sent to the printer. Distribution of the forms to the

banks commenced on October 28, 1977 and was completed within one week (Appendix

B). To assist bankers in completing the forms, toll-free telephones were

established at the FDIC.


Because of the Committee's desire to have information as soon as

possible, every effort was made to expedite design and distribution of the

survey forms. Despite the careful scrutiny many persons gave to the survey

forms, severe problems developed; this was due to the pressure to distribute

the forms quickly leaving no time for customary field testing of the forms.

Many banks misinterpreted questions on Schedules II, III and IV of the

survey. The FDIC sent follow-up letters to all insured commercial banks

on November 29, 1977 alerting them to the difficulties (Appendix C).

Subsequently, it was determined that the only way to assure good

quality data was to telephone each bank where errors were suspected. After

keypunching and editing of the data were substantially completed, the

telephoning commenced. Approximately 10,000 banks were contacted by a

team of 30 examiners and financial analysts supplied by the three agencies.

As a result of these efforts, several sets of tables summarizing the

survey results have been transmitted to the Committee over the last two weeks.

Although the data contained in these tables reflect efforts to obtain the highest

possible degree of accuracy, the editing process was difficult because reported data could not be verified easily or quickly in terms of individual bank records.

Because of time constraints, the editing process concentrated on major problem

areas and did not address systematically a variety of possible problems.

Data reported in the accompanying tables (Appendix D) cover 14, 137 of the

14,436 banks in operation on September 30, 1977. The current data file includes

99.5 percent of the banks with more than $300 million in assets, 97.4 percent

. 3.

with $100 to $300 million in assets, and 97.9 percent with less than $100 million

in assets.

the 299 banks not included in the current data file, 70 have

failed to respond to the survey, and the remaining 229 banks are still undergoing


Results of each of the survey parts are summarized in the four following

sections of this report: (1) bank and bank holding company stock loans; (2)

loans to insiders of other banks; (3) loans to insiders of reporting bank; and (4)

overdrafts. This summary and analysis of results is limited to the highlights.

Copies of the survey forms and instructions are included in Appendix B

and can be examined for specific details concerning the scope and nature of

the survey. The reported data are also being used by the agencies to assist

them in discharging their supervisory responsibilities.

As of March 15, 1978, the three agencies' total estimated expense

connected with the survey exceeded $850,000. More than half of this amount was

out-of-pocket expenditures for data processing, telephones, printing and postage.

The remaining expenses were primarily for personnel. Furthermore, based

on a sample of banks called by the FDIC, it is estimated that banks spent more

than $3,000,000 on the survey.


A. Introduction

le I of the survey form, each

ank was required to provide

detailed information on loans secured primarily by stock of other banks or

bank holding companies. In addition, the reporting bank was required to

submit information for every loan secured by stock that had a balance of

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