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This is the fifth year in which this survey of the pioneer and historical societies within the State has appeared in the January number of the Washington Historical Quarterly. During the year several of the organizations have omitted their meetings on account of war conditions. In those cases the officers remain in the lists unchanged. In 1918 the societies have lost by death four important officers, all of them colorful men. In October, General Hazard Stevens of Olympia died. He had been president for two terms of the Pioneer and Historical Society of Thurston County and at the time of his death was president of the Washington State Historical Society and vice-president of the Pioneer Association of the State of Washington. In October also, the death occurred of Major William Vance Rinehart, of Seattle, secretary of the Pioneer Association of the State of Washington. He had held the office for a number of years and his loss is keenly felt. During the summer, death claimed Captain W. B. Seymore, president of the Kitsap County Pioneer Association. He was one of the most active men in that organization. Charles McKay, at the advanced age of 90 years, died at his home at Friday Harbor on December 1, 1918. He had been president and was still historian at the time of his death of the San Juan County Pioneer Association. He was the last survivor of the fourteen Americans who settled on San Juan Island in 1857 and started the controversy which ended in the famous San Juan arbitration case.

The Pioneer Association of the State of Washington is the general organization for the whole State. Many of the local organizations send delegates to its annual meetings. These delegates are not always listed among the local officers. It is hoped that this may be done in the future and that the affiliation and cooperation may be made more and more complete.

State at Large


PIONEER ASSOCIATION OF THE STATE Of Washington. Hall, Seattle. Founded October 23, 1883, at Olympia; incorporated December 5, 1895. Membership requirement: Residence on the Pacific Coast forty years prior to date of application. There are about 800

Victor J. Farrar, who has heretofore prepared this annual article, is now in France, sergeant first class with Base Hospital No. 50. During his absence the material is revised in

his behalf and signed by his name.

members. Annual meeting at headquarters, first week in June, when, among other transactions, reports are received from county and other local pioneer organizations. Officers: Henry C. Comegys, Snohomish, president; W. M. Calhoun, Seattle, treasurer; F. H. Winslow, M. R. Maddocks, James McCombs, W. H. Pumphrey and Leander Miller, trustees. The offices of vice-president and secretary are vacant owing to the recent death of General Hazard Stevens of Olympia and Major W. V. Rinehart of Seattle.

WOMEN'S PIONEER AUXILIARY OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON. Pioneer Hall, Seattle. Founded in August, 1911. Membership requirements: Women who have had a residence in the State (Territory) prior to 1889. There are four meetings each year. Officers: Mrs. Jessie Smith Parker, president; Mrs. Leila Shorey Kilbourne, vicepresident; Mrs. J. T. Handsaker, secretary; Mrs. Mattie Wade Kyes, treasurer.

WASHINGTON STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Tacoma: 401 North Cliff Avenue. Founded October 8, 1891. Membership requirements: Any citizen of the State. Officers: W. B. Blackwell, Tacoma, president; W. P. Bonney, Tacoma, secretary; William H. Dickson, Tacoma, treasurer. Curators: Edward Meath, P. G. Hubbell, C. S. Barlow, Walter S. Davis, Thomas Huggins, of Tacoma; John Arthur, Harry M. Painter, of Seattle; J. M. Canse, Bellingham; Walter N. Granger, Zillah; L. F. Jackson, Pullman; W. D. Lyman, Walla Walla; Mrs. Henry W. Patton, Hoquiam; Charles H. Ross, Puyallup; W. D. Vincent, Spokane; J. A. Perkins, Colfax. The Governor, Secretary of State and State Treasurer are also ex-officio members of the Board of Curators.

WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. University Station, Seattle. Founded January 1, 1903. Membership requirements; Any person may become a member. Officers: Clarence B. Bagley, Seattle, president; John P. Hoyt, East Seattle, vice-president; Roger S. Greene, Seattle, treasurer; Edmond S. Meany, Seattle, secretary. The above, with Thomas Burke, Cornelius H. Hanford and Samuel Hill, constitute the board of trustees.

NATIVE DAUGHTERS OF WASHINGTON. Seattle. Membership requirements: Any native daughter over sixteen years of age. The society seems not to have been active during the last few years.

NATIVE SONS OF WASHINGTON. A state organization having at one time considerable activity. Local units called camps are still found in some of the larger cities, though not very active.

NATIVE DAUGHTERS OF WASHINGTON PIONEERS. After several years of activity, this organization was incorporated on April 20, 1918. Headquarters are at Seattle. Membership requirements: Daughters of white parents who were resident on the Pacific Coast prior to 1870. Officers: Mrs. Leroy Stetson, president; Mrs. Richard Abrams, first vice-president; Mrs. Clara Shoudy McTeigh, second vice-president; Mrs. Pearl McCombs Clark, recording secretary; Mrs. Jessie Bryan Crow, treasurer; Miss Nellie Russell, corresponding secretary. The above with Miss Alice Calhoun, Mrs. Janet Wilson and Mrs. Rena Bagley Griffith, constitute the board of trustees.


Spokane. Cres

cent Department Store Building. Officers: E. A. Lindsley, president; J. W. Duncan, first vice-president; N. W. Durham, second vice-president; B. L. Gordon, treasurer; George W. Fuller, recording secretary; William S. Lewis, corresponding secretary; the above with Messrs. A. L. White, J. L. Paine, J. C. Argall, W. H. McVay, T. C. Elliott (of Walla Walla), Harl J. Cook, W. D. Vincent, Rev. Jonathan Edwards and Mrs. G. Elmer Brown and Mrs. Josie A. Foss constitute the board of trustees; Prof. Thomas B. Bonser, curator of museum. The Society (formerly the Spokane Historical Society) has permanently established a public museum, and receives financial support from the Chamber of Commerce, the city, and the county, and the local school board, and many local civic organizations are interested in the growth of its museum. The society is now enlarging the scope of its endeavors to include the entire Eastern part of the State, and intends to make its work of educational value to that section.

Local Societies

ABERDEEN PIONEER ASSOCIATION. Aberdeen. There are four meetings each year, the annual meeting occurring in January and the memorial meeting in memory of those who have died occurring on the first Sunday in March. Officers: Mrs. Janette M. Walker, president; Mrs. James A. Hood, vice-president; Mrs. William Irvine, secretary; Mrs. Charles Pinckney, treasurer; Rev. Charles McDermoth, chaplain; Mrs. Jean B. Stewart, historian.

ADAMS COUNTY. See Lincoln and Adams County Pioneer and Historical Association.

BENTON COUNTY. Old Settlers' Union. Prosser. Membership requirements: Twenty years' residence in the County. There is an annual meeting. Officers: G. W. Wilgus, president; A. G. McNeill, vice-president; M. Henry, secretary.

401 North Cliff Avenue.

FERRY MUSEUM OF TACOMA.. Tacoma. Meetings are held in Hewitt Hall of the Ferry Museum Building. Officers: W. L. McCormick, Tacoma, president; Mrs. Eliza Ferry Leary, Seattle, vice-president; W. P. Bonney, Tacoma, secretary; Frank B. Cole, Tacoma, treasurer.

GARFIELD COUNTY PIONEER ASSOCIATION. Postoffice address: G. B. Kuykendall, Pomeroy, secretary. Founded July 19, 1909. Membership requirements: A residence of twenty-five years in Garfield or an adjoining county. Officers: J. Otto Long, president; G. B. Kuykendall, secretary; L. F. Koenig, treasurer and financial secretary. GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY.. Pioneer Association of Grays Harbor County. Montesano. Montesano. Membership requirements: Residence in the county prior to January 1, 1885. Officers: Mrs. Andrew Smith, Montesano, president; Charles Gaddis, Elma, first vice-president; John Carney, Aberdeen, second vice-president; Mrs. A. H. Kuhn, Hoquiam, third vice-president; Mrs. Warren Wood, Montesano, secretary; Mrs. H. B. Marcy, Montesano, treasurer; Rev. Charles McDermoth, Aberdeen, chaplain; A. C. Girard, Hoquiam, historian; J. E. Calder, Montesano, trustees for three years; J. A. Hood, Aberdeen, trustee for two years; William Campbell, Hoquiam, trustee for one year; J. E. Calder, Montesano, delegate to the State Association.

KING COUNTY. Seattle Historical Society. Seattle. Officers: Mrs. Morgan J. Carkeek, president; Mrs. William P. Trimble, vicepresident; Mrs. Redick H. McKee, secretary; Mrs. William F. Prosser, treasurer; Mrs. Charles L. Denny, historian.

KITSAP COUNTY PIONEERS' ASSOCIATION. Charleston. Founded October 10, 1914. Membership requirements: Those who have resided in the county prior to the year 1893. Annual meeting on the third Saturday in August at Bremerton. Officers: L. A. Bender, vicepresident; Paul Mehner, Bremerton, secretary; Tow Lewis, treasurer. The annual meeting was omitted on account of war conditions. There remains a vacancy in the presidency on account of the death of Captain W. B. Seymore.

LINCOLN AND ADAMS COUNTY PIONEER AND HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Postoffice address: Charles E. Ivy, secretary-treasurer, Davenport. Annual meeting at the Association's grounds in June. Officers: George N. Lowe, Lamona, president; H. W. Thiel, Ritzville, vicepresident; Charles E. Ivy, Davenport, secretary-treasurer; Fred Thiel, Ritzville, historian; M. C. Lavender, Espanola; Lee Long, Harrington; H. Rosenoff, Sr., Ritzville; J. J. Kanzler, Ritzville; William G. Danekas, Ritzville, directors.

OKANOGAN COUNTY PIONEERS' ASSOCIATION. Conconully. Officers: P. H. Pinkston, Conconully, president; George Hurley, Loomis, vicepresident, David Gubster, Conconully, secretary-treasurer; William C. Brown, Okanogan, historian.

PIERCE COUNTY PIONEERS' ASSOCIATION. State Historical Building, 401 North Cliff Avenue. Meetings are held in January, April, July and October. Membership requirements: Residence on the Pacific Coast prior to the year 1870. Officers: Mrs. Thomas Hewitt, Puyallup, president; Mrs. Minnie Burkie, Tacoma, vice-president; Charles H. Ross, Puyallup, chaplain; Mrs. Clara M. Wilt, Tacoma, secretary; Celia P. Grass, Larchmont, treasurer; C. S. Barlow, W. B. Blackwell, W. P. Bonney, of Tacoma, trustees.

SAN JUAN COUNTY PIONEER ASSOCIATION. Richardson. Founded October 31, 1915. Membership requirements: Residence in the State for twenty-five years. Officers: C. M. Tucker, Friday Harbor, president; Charles A. Kent, Lopez, vice-president; A. J. Hummel, Port Stanley, secretary-treasurer; J. Stanley Kepler, Orcas, trustee for one year; Mrs. G. B. Driggs, Friday Harbor, trustee for two years; Mrs. Hannah Bell, trustee for three years. Charles McKay, past president and historian, died at his home in Friday Harbor on December 1, 1918, aged 90 years.

SKAGIT COUNTY PIONEER ASSOCIATION. Sedro-Woolley. Annual meeting place selected for the different years. Founded August 13, 1904. Membership requirements: Those who have resided in the County prior to January 1, 1886, are admitted as "Pioneers"; residents for twenty years as "Old Settlers." Officers: Nick Beesner, Anacortes, president; Mrs. R. O. Wells, Mount Vernon, vice-president; Frank A. Hall, Mount Vernon, secretary; P. Halloran, Edison,


SNOHOMISM COUNTY. Stillaguamish Valley Association of Washington Pioneers of Snohomish County. Arlington. Annual reunion and picnic at Birkenheimer Pioneer Park, the second Thursday in August. Membership requirements: Persons resident in the State for twenty-five years admitted as "Pioneers"; for twenty years, as "Early Settlers"; fifteen years, as "Honorary Members." Officers: W. F. Oliver, Arlington, president; Thomas Moran, vice-president; D. S. Baker, secretary; C. H. Tracy, treasurer.

PIONEERS OF SOUTHWESTERN WASHINGTON. Rochester. Officers: J. W. Lieuallen, Rochester, president; L. L. Hunter, Aberdeen, vicepresident; J. B. Stanley, Rochester, secretary and treasurer; F. G.

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