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of the district, to make an enumeration of all the youths resident in said district, who shall be over six and under twenty-one years of age on the first day of July following, in the manner prescribed by the general school law of the state; which enumeration shall be verified in the manner and returned to the secretary of the board, within the time prescribed by said general school laws; the board shall examine said report of enumeration at its next regular meeting after its return, and shall take such steps as it may deem necessary to verify the same, and the secretary shall certify said enumeration to the county superintendent of schools within the time and in the manner prescribed by law.

Sec. 12. The state superintendent of schools, in his report to the auditor, shall specify separately the enumeration of youth in said district, and in the apportionment of the school funds, the amount to be due said district shall be apportioned and certified to the secretary of said board separately, and requisition therefor shall be drawn in favor of the treasurer of said district accordingly.

Sec. 13 The board of education shall provide by purchase, condemnation, lease, construction, or otherwise, school houses and grounds, furniture, fixtures and appliances, as may be necessary for school purposes, and keep and maintain the same in good order and repair; shall supply said school buildings with fuel and other things necessary for comfort and convenience; and shall pay all charges incurred by virtue of any of the provisions of this act which are not chargeable to the “teachers' fund.” In order to provide the funds necessary for the purposes of this section, the board of education shall annually at its first regular meeting in July, or as soon as practicable thereafter, levy a tax on the property taxable in said district, in the manner, within the limits and not to exceed the amount prescribed by the general laws of the state relating to levies by boards of education for like purposes; provided, however, that in case such levies, in the judgment of the board, are not sufficient to provide the funds necessary for the purposes mentioned in this section for said year, it may submit the question of increased or additional levy to the voters of the district, and such additional or increased levy shall not be laid unless three-fifths of all the votes cast thereon shall be in favor thereof.

All contracts made by the board, in the extent that they shall involve the levy of any future year, are void, and no debt shall be contracted or incurred by the board in any one year which shall exceed the funds available for that purpose, unless the object, nature and extent thereof shall have been first submitted to the voters of the district, at a special election to be called by the board for that purpose, and shall have received three-fifths of all the votes cast for and against the same; the president of said board shall issue a proclamation of said special election, in which he shall recite the object, nature and extent of the indebtedness proposed to be incurred, and for what purpose, which proclamation shall be published once in each week for four weeks previous to the day of election in at least two newspapers published in said district. Every special election held pursuant to the provisions of this section, except as herein.otherwise specially provided, shall be held and conducted and the result certified in the manner prescribed by the general election laws of the state relating to county or magistrial district elections. The proceeds of taxes so levied, or property sold, of all donations and devises applicable to any of the purposes mentioned in this section, shall constitute a fund to be called the building fund," to be appropriated exclusively to the purposes mentioned in this section.

Sec. 14. In addition to the levy named in the preceding section the board of education shall for the support of the schools in the district, annually levy such tax on the taxable property in the district, as will, with the money received from the state for the support of free schools, be sufficient to keep said schools in operation for not less than nine months in the year; provided, that said tax shall not, in any year, exceed the rate of twenty-five cents on every hundred dollars' valuation, according to the latest available assessments made for the state and county taxation; the proceeds of this levy, together with the money received from the state aforesaid, shall constitute a special fund, to be called the “teachers' fund,” and no part thereof shall be used for any other purpose than the payment of teachers' salaries and the salary of the city superintendent and the establishment and maintenance of the public school library provided for in this section; the board of education shall have power to establish and maintain a public school library, and the library so established and maintained shall be known as the "Parkersburg public school library.”' and shall be for the use of the public schools of Parkersburg district and the inhab


itants thereof, and shall be governed by such rules and regulations as the board of education may prescribe.

Upon failure of the board of education to lay the levies required by this act, or any of them, they shall be compelled to do so by the circuit court by writ of mandamus.

Sec. 15. The board of education shall prescribe all necessary rules and regulations for the government of the schools of the district; for the admission of pupils therein and for the exclusion of pupils dangerous to the health or detrimental to the morals or discipline of the schools; it shall hire all teachers, establish and maintain such high schools and evening schools as may be necessary, and with the approval of the district superintendent, designate such branches of learning as shall be taught therein; upon the recommendation of said district superintendent it shall prescribe the text books to be used in the schools of the district, and shall establish a system of grades, by which admission to the high school shall be regulated.

Sec. 16. The board of education is hereby authorized to establish and maintain schools for manual training and domestic science, which shall be conducted under the order and direction of the board, and in accordance with such rules and regulations as it may prescribe; for this purpose the board is authorized to expend each year not to exceed five per cent out of the building fund and five per cent out of the teachers' fund of the district for such year; provided, however, that for the purpose of acquiring the necessary buildings and grounds, furniture, fixtures and appliances, debt may be contracted by the board, provided the same is authorized by the people of the district at special election to be held and conducted according to the provisions of this act. The secretary of the board shall keep separate accounts of the cost of establishing and maintaining each of the schools established pursuant to the provisions of this section, and the annual statement of disbursements shall show by items all disbursements made on account thereof.

Sec. 17. No money shall be disbursed except by order of the board, duly entered of record, and all orders on the treasurer shall be signed by the president and secretary, and shall specify upon its face the particular account to which the same is charge. able.

Sec. 18. Annually, at the first meeting in July, the board shall appoint a district superintendent of schools, and fix his salary, whose term of office shall continue until the first day of July next succeeding his appointment, but may be removed at any time for immorality, misconduct or lack of proficiency; any vacancy in the office shall be filled by the board for the unexpired term; he shall have general supervision of the conduct of the schools, make all necessary reports, and perform such other duties as the board may prescribe; the said district superintendent shall not receive, directly or indirectly, any gift, emolument or reward for his influence or services in securing any contract, book, supplies or apparatus, or the adoption of any text book, supply or apparatus, and in case he should do so he shall be removed from office.

Sec. 19. The board of education shall appoint two competent persons to act with the district superintendent as an examining committee to examine all applicants for teachers of schools in the district; each applicant for examination shall pay a fee of one dollar. Certificates of qualification shall be issued by said committee, according to proficiency, as follows: Number one, very good; number two, good; number three, medium; but the board may by special regulations, provide for issuance of certificates to colored teachers; no certificate shall be issued for longer than one year, but the number one certificate may be renewed from year to year by the examining committee, at its option, under such regulations as the board may prescribe; the committee shall hold meetings for examination at such times and places as the district superintendent shall appoint; the examining committee shall receive such fees for their services as the board may allow, to be paid out of the examination fees, the excess, if any, to be paid into the building fund.

Sec. 20. Teachers shall be subject in all respects to the rules and regulations adopted by the board, and they may be removed by the board for incompeteney, immorality or misconduct, upon complaint of the superintendent or any member of the board.

All teachers shall be appointed and their salaries fixed by the hoard; but no person shall be appointed unless he shall first have obtained a certificate from the examining committee, except that the superintendent and the members of the examining committee shall not be required to have a certificate.

Teachers who have taught in the public schools of Parkersburg district for at least thirty consecutive years shall be placed on a list to be known as “The retored substitute teachers' list” upon request being made in each case by the teacher to be so placed and shall each be paid a salary equal to three-fourths that received during the thirtieth year of such service; said teachers shall perform the duties of substitute teachers and shall devote all their time to the performance of such duties when called upon by the district superintendent so to do: provided, that when such teachers shall devote more than three-fourths their time to such substitute work they shall be paid for each additional day a sum equal to what they received for each day's work during their thirtieth year of service; said substitute teachers shall, so long as residents of said district, continue as such substitutes until removed for immorality, misconduct or lack of proficiency.

Sec. 21. All provisions of the general school law of the state, which are inconsistent or in conflict with any of the provisions of this act shall be void within said district; otherwise, to have full force and effect.

Sec. 22. The president and members of the board of education now in office shall remain in office during their respective terms for which they were elected, and the secretary of said board now in office shall hold his office until the first meeting of the board in January, nineteen hundred and eight, at which time his successor shall be appointed to serve for the mmexpired term as fixed by the provisions of this act.

Sec. 23. All acts and parts of acts inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed.


(Senate Bill No. 10.)

AN ACT authorizing the board of education of the school district

of Wheeling to borrow money and issue bonds for the purchase and construction of property and buildings relating to its work.

[Passed February 27, 1907.

In effect ninety days from passage.
Governor, March 3, 1907.)

Approved by the

SEC. 1.


L'ower of board of education of
school district of

may issue bonds : interest ; lim-
it of

debt to be contracted ; when indebtedness incurred.

Before indebtedness incurred,

board of education to pass reso. lution; what to specify; elec

tion; when held; how. Board of education to provide for

assessment of an annual tax.


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