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tive, is warranted by the originał drawn. In order to arrive at a construction of the language, just view of the subject at the but has long been discountenanc- present time, it may be useful to ed by authors.

trace the changes, which, within It will be observed, that the the course of a few years, the first person of the pronoun in the general taste has experienced. Welch is mi or vi ; m and v be- One important alteration has ing cognate and convertible let- taken place, by exploding that ters. This word mi, pronounced false, but highly flattering docme, in the nominative, seems to trine, that all men were speedihave given rise to the French ly to become learned. This was moi, in the dominative, but cor- sedulously taught, greedily emresponds with the accusative case braced, and warmly extolled, of the word in Greek, Latin, and about the beginning of the English. Mi is the nominative French revolution, when such a case also in the Cornish and flood of ungodliness burst upon Armoric dialects of the Celtic. the world, laying waste the laIn the Teutonic dialects the bours and the hopes of man, and affinity is very obvious ; the threatening to overwhelm every harsh guttural sounds of Ego and thing desirable in complete deIk, being softened only in the struction. It was inculcated and southern pronunciation of 1, je, believed, that information alone yo and eu.


was necessary to reform mankind ; and what was still more captivating, that all men could

almost instinctively, and by the For the Panoplist. native energy of their minds,

acquire this information ; that learning had, till that happy era,

been confined to a few men, who This subject may lead to some were possessed of some talents, profitable reflections the indeed, but were neither warmcauses, which tend to enlightened with philanthropy, nor enor obscure, elevate or debase the dowed with minds sufficiently human mind. I am well aware comprehensive to fit them to bethat this is a subject sometimes come the instructors of manhandled, and frequently glanced kind; that the human powers at ; but the field here entered had been unaccountably held in cannot be presented to the eye chains, and that the time was arat a single view.

rived, when the latent energies The first inquiry, which nat- of man were to display themurally offers itself, is; What selves, and liberate their unconis the present condition of lite- scious possessors from the rature, in this part of our coun- thraldom of ignorance and prejutry? In reply, it might seem dice; when every barrier of su. presumptuous and dogmatical to perstition was to be broken attempt an exact representation down, and every strong hold of of every minute feature in the injustice demolished ; when general character. Some traits, truth was to become omnipohowever, may be faithfully tent, and the blaze of science to




dispel all the darkness in which to do, (if, indeed, any Creator the world was involved. The were acknowledged,) was resolvcauses of this wonderful change, ed with as little hesitation, and and more especially the manner as little reverence, as are exhibin which the philanthropists ited in the ordinary transactions were to produce it, were forgot- of life. The result of this selften to be explained. However, confidence was, that all became the enchantment took effect. teachers, and the relation of

How unfounded soever these learner scarcely existed but in pretensions were, they had at name. And although these inleast the influence to make mul- structors clashed with each othtitudes of the common people er, or with themselves, each one think themselves surprisingly regarded himself as an oracle, enlightened. The most difficult uttering truths under the direcand abstruse opinions, those tion of infallible reason. The which had undergone the most empire of science was overrun thorough examination of the with a swarm of poets and phiablest men, and the decision of losophers, naturalists, historians, which was yet sub judice, were and dramatists, numerous as the determined by all descriptions of locusts of Egypt. Innovation persons. To mention a com- succeeded innovation, and sysmon instance ; it was thought a tem was demolished after sysmatter almost too easy to re

tem. Sir Isaac Newton was apquire a moment's consideration, prehended in danger from the to direct what form of govern- puny efforts of St. Pierre, till sement was the best at all times, rious men stood wondering what and in all places, throughout the would be the issue, and when world. The duty of legislators, the impetuous tide would cease judges, and executive officers, in to rise. Nothing was thought all the boundless variety of cir- easier than to assume the chair cumstances, was perfectly evi- of philosophy, and become an indent, as soon as the subject was structor of mankind. It was alnamed. The decisions of Mi- most forgotten that prudence and nos were not received by the modesty were commendable traits Cretans with more implicit hom- in the human character. The age, than each man thought due time was preeminently arrived, to his own. If any one had the when “the child was to behave audacity to question their cor- himself proudly against the anrectness, submission was de cient, and the base against the manded with the peremptori- honourable.” ness of a papal bull, and the ob- But there is one happy jector was set down for a man circumstance attending all viso of a narrow and bigotted mind, ionary schemes with respect and a selfish heart. The same to the things of common life and was the case with respect to re- daily obscrvation. Though for ligion and morals, and every sub- a time they may dazzle and alject important to man. What it lure, yet experience will detect would be right, and what wrong, their fallacy and expose their abwhat wise, and what foolish for surdily. Thus the doctrine, the Creator of heaven and earth which has been mentioned, has

fallen into complete disrepute, as possible. Such an education and it is much doubted whether is a subject incalculably imporany advocates can be found to de- tant to society, the foundation of fend it. People are now con• all just notions of government, vinced, that from the nature of and a vast assistance to the cause man, and the evident intention of religion. It may here be reof God, there must be few schol- marked, that the disciples of the ars, in comparison of the whole Old School did more, uniformhuman race. And they have ly, to promote real knowledge adrawn this practical inference, mong men, than a thousand genthat it is wise to learn thorough- erations of philosophers would ly those plain things, which are ever do. Those acted in detail, useful in the transactions of ev- and found something for their ery day, and not spend time and hands to execute ; these spent labour in a vain attempt to at all their efforts on paper. The tain those acquisitions, which opinion which I oppose, is that Providence never designed them which makes men learned, when to attain, and which, if attained, they really know nothing; which could neither bring utility, nor makes them conceited smatterers happiness.

in things above their reach, What is here said, is by no while it prompts them to negmeans intended to discounte- lect what might prove of imnance any thing, which tends to portant benefit. C. Y. A. render the education of youth in general, as easy, and thorough (To be continued.)


ON LIBERALITY IN RELIGION. blunderers, would be to banish

knowledge and science from the (Concluded from p. 428.) world. The effect of such a

chaos is the same; whether it be Three questions arise out of produced by individual folly, or this subject :

by a sort of pic-nic collection, in First, How far such liberality which numbers contribute their is consistent with the love of respective shares, and fairly club truth?

a medley of contradictions. Why · Discrimination belongs to the should that which is absurd in essence of useful research. The every thing else, be rational in reman who transposes cause and ligion? It is evident that within effect; who classes phænome. the domain of this idol-liberality, na without regard to their na- there is not a spot on which ture ; or who huddles together truth can rear her temple or a mass of incoherent facts, will plant her foot. Because truth never enlighten the community, of every kind, under every form, nor obtain the suffrages of its apd in every degree, is necessawell informed members. They rily and eternally intolerant of all agree that to encourage such falsehood. And therefore to. Vol. II. No. 10.

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exempt from challenge a host of never determining that point at discordant sentiments, and that all. Here, then, are two divine on the most interesting topics, precepts of which it mocks the is to wave the rights of truth to authority by frustrating the apthe whole extent of the exemp- plication. Who is to seize the tion. It takes for granted, eitherravening wolf,” if it is a settled. that the truth on these topics is rule in theological etiquette to not discoverable ; or that it is look no further than the sheep's not worth the trouble of conten- skin ?" Who shall chase the tion. The first of these assump- “ Antichrist" from his door, if it tions is a libel on the word of be unmannerly and boorish to God; and the second on his ask what “ doctrine” he brings ? wisdom. They who thus aban- There cannot exist a doubt, that don the claims of truth, by put-' if the Lord Jesus himself were ting them virtually on a level to descend with his apostle, in with the claims of error, are not veiled glory, and mingle again. her friends, and the alternative with men, one such sentence a is plain.

piece as are quoted above, would The next question is, How expel them both from the circle this liberality of theirs consists of “liberal” Christians! That with fidelity to our Lord Jesus evangelical hero, Paul, took the Christ?

elders of Ephesus to record that He was himself the great wit- he was “ pure from the blood of ness to the truth ; and has com- all men.” Why? Because he manded all his followers to imi- had thrown the reins on the tate his example. Not one in- neck of his charity ; had represtance can be pointed out, of his sented the precious truths of the countenancing, in the slightest gospel and their opposites as manner, a catholicism which well qualified to harmonize ; treats with nearly equal regard and had refrained to enforce parall opinions and doctrines that ticular views of doctrine, lest he shelter themselves under his should infringe liberty of judgname. He has charged us to ment, or the maxims of good beware of “ false prophets, who breeding ? No! But because he come in sheep's clothing, but in- “ had not shunned to declare the wardly are ravening wolves.” WHOLE counsel of God.” And And the apostle, who lay on his they who do, must go to their breast and imbibed most of his Judge with “ blood-guiltiness” in tenderness, has written,“ if there their consciences. Let this be come any unto you and bring solemnly pondered by those minnot this doctrine," (the doctrine isters who having had the of Christ) “ receive him not into “form of sound words," havo your house, neither bid him been carried away by the curGod speed, for he that biddeth rent of a spurious liberality ; him God speed, is partaker of have gradually dropped the pehis evil deeds." What the doc- culiar doctrines of Christianity; trine of Christ is, can be deter- and now, through fear of ofmined only from his word. But fence or the ridicule of singularthe liberality which is now on its ity, avoid them altogether. Sa trial, draws its chief praise from that the utmost which can be

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said of them is, that if they do sacrifice of Christ, by which he not preach the gospel, they do is redeemed from the curse of not preach against it-i. e. that the law; and another reputes their discourses, in every thing, the whole doctrine of redemption affecting the salvation of a sin- through the blood of Jesus to be ner, contain--just nothing at all an old wife's fable.

Here are -Horesco referens ! Well may flat contradictions : and contratheir “flesh tremble," when dictions of such a nature, that, if they think, if ever they think, of what is usually termed the orthothe interrogatories, which await dox side, be true, the opposite them at the bar of Jesus Christ, involves nothing less than the concerning his suppressed truth; eternal perdition of those who his abused gospel; his forgotten hold it.' Yet all these men call cross : and all this, for the feath- themselves Christians. Now it er of being thought “liberal,” is clear as the meridian sun, that by men who give themselves no the word of God cannot stand trouble to

escape the wrath to with both sides ; but that the one come.”

or the other “ has made him a The third question is, How liar ;” and it is no less clear that far the liberality 'under review he who makes God a liar, by not consists with real charity to receiving his testimony concernmen ?

ing his Son, is under condemnaThe treating as non-essentials tion. It follows, that they who and matters of accommodation, enlist themselves under the banall differences which may occur ner of the prevailing liberality, within the precincts of that gen- either by teaching that there is eral term “ Christian,” is not to nothing in the doctrines of the be justified but upon the principle, different sects called Christian, that such differences cannot en- which ought to excite controverdanger the “ saving of the soul.” sy; or by professing their chariIs this true? One' man believes ty for those who hold these most and teaches that the Spirit of detestable opinions ; or by mainthe living God must change a taining a studied reserve toward sinner's heart, and unite him to the peculiarities of the mediatothe Lord Jesus, as the Lord his rial plan, are leagued in a conrighteousness and strength, be- spiracy against the “glorious fore he can be a Christian, and gospel" of the “great God our possess a "good hope through Saviour,” and those eternal ingrace”; another man laughs at terests of men, from which the all this as fanaticism, and main- faith of it is inseparable. Deceiv. tains that nothing more is neces. ed by this traffic of complaisansary to constitute' a Christian ces, especially when they see the than a rational assent to the truth ministers of religion among the of divine revelation, and a good most active in promoting it ; moral life. One man worships many rest in the conclusion, that the Lord Jesus Christ as his Sa- it is of no consequence what they viour and his God; another re- believe, if their character in presents him as a mere creature ; society be fair. Searching the it may be “a frail, fallible, pec- Scriptures,” for the “words of cable man.” One rejoices in the eternal life,”! becomes an anti

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