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The aspect of the world at the souls ;"_not to plunder their present day, is calculated great property ; but to impart to them ly to awaken the attention of the the “ true riches ;"_not to tear friends of Zion. See, on the them from all they hold dear one hand, the activity of the ad- and doom them to slavery, but versary of souls. Having over- to convey to them and theirs the spread Asia, Africa and the “ freedom of the children of greatest part of Europe and A-God.” merica, he has threatned and Fathers and brethren, and all purposed to overwhelm the “re- present who profess to fear sidue,” and involve the whole God : earth in misery. For hundreds To us who are now alive is of years he “has made war with the cause of the blessed Rethe saints;" but now, in 6

great deemer committed. This is the wrath," appears to be bringing cause which has employed the on the hottest of the battle :- counsels of eternity, and in which The trumpet does not give an the great Jehovah makes all his , uncertain sound.”

glory to pass before his intelliSee, on the other hand, the gent creatures. This is the King of Zion “awaked as one cause, for which the “ Father out of sleep.” Psalm lxxviii. 65. gave his only begotten Son,” for “ The spirit of the Lord hath which the dear Immanuel shed lifted up a standard against the his most precious blood upon enemy,” according to his pro- the cross, and for which the mise. The Lord, before our Holy Ghost still condescends to eyes, and before the eyes of visit these abodes of sorrow and many people, is giving demon- spiritual death. This is the stration of his power to “ bruise cause which has engaged the Satan, to set at liberty the cap- eager desires, the ardent prayers tive," and to bow the most stub- and the laborious exertions of born hearted. His 66

“ the excellent of the earth” in made sharp in the hearts of his all ages ;-to which God has enemies; whereby the people made, and will make all events fall under him.”

in the history of man subserviCannot the voice be heard ent ;--which takes from the from one place and another, grave its victory, bringing in a “Come over and help us. Come glorious resurrection from the ye to the help of the Lord a- dead; and is to make millions gainst the mighty ?”

and millions happy" in the See examples of those who presence of God and of the have heard and obeyed, in the Lamb” forever and ever. Apostolic Vanderkemp, and

To the professed friends of other men “like minded”-men Christ, now upon earth, is this who have hazarded their lives cause committed. “ The fathers for the name of our Lord Jesus.” and prophets” are gone. “Hav,

The oceans begin to be trav- ing served their generation by ersed, and the most distant re- the will of God, they have fallen gions to be visited; not to de- asleep:” not however, till they stroy the lives of the wretched had bequeathed this cause to us inhabitants, but to “ save their l with their dying breath. Shall

arrows are


we be indifferent whether it fail Here is a true son of Abrain our hands or not? Will any ham, whom the Lord delighted one hesitate to do with his might to honor. Where are all those, what yet remains to be done, who at this day enroll their “ redeeming the time?” “ This I names in the catalogue of the say, brethren, the time is short.' faithful ?” Let them “ go and Soon we bid adieu to this earth, do likewise.” and our state is decided for eternity.

If through fear, or shame, or On the Light of God's couuteindifference, or dislike to the service of Christ, we utterly hold

[Contin. from page 19.] our peace ; " burying our talent in the earth ;" we may depend

No. 3. on being disowned before his tribunal at the last day.

What is implied in walking in the How great, on the other hand,

light of God's countenauce ? is the encouragement of duty ?

IN * Them that honor me, I will

N answer to this inquiry, it

was remarked in the former honor," saith the Lord.

number, that they who walk in When the church was redu- the light of God's countenance, ced to a low_state, and in the embrace the gospel plan of sale view of her enemies to inevita vation and build their hopes ble destruction, in the days of upon the righteousness of Christ Mordecai, we observe in him a alone. And, secondly, as a nanoble example of faith and zeal.tural fruit of this temper of He, no doubt, well understood mind, and a precious benefit of the promises relating to the day a justified state, they enjoy of Christ; and in particular, that

sweet peace, calmness and sehe must descend from the Jews. renity of mind. We now proHe believed the promises. The ceed in the enumeration and say, honor and faithfulness of Jeho

3. It implies a weanedness vah were pledged for their fulfil- from the world, and a supreme ment. Therefore, tho' in the delight and joy in God. I join midst of danger, he did not hes- these together, because they are itate to appear decidedly and in their nature inseparable, and boldly in behalf of the people of

are both implied in the same exGod, and to take every prudent ercise. The light of God's glomeasure for their defence. To ry shining into the heart-athis hesitating and

timorous tracting the affections--transdaughter, who then held an im- forming the soul, and imparting portant station, and whose co the divine pleasure of communoperation was necessary, he de- ion with God, casts a shade clares, “in the full assurance

over the whole material world, of faith, enlargement and de- and creates an holy indifferency liverance shall arise to the Jews; towards all the fading, perishing if thou altogether holdest thy enjoyments of time and sense. peace at this time, it shall arise This is the very spirit and gefrom another place; but thou nius of Christianity in the souland thy father's house shall be the fruit of that blessed religion destroyed."

Christ hath taught us; who says,

« He that loveth father or moth-| the earth whom I desire beside er more than me is not worth of thee." me; and he that loveth son or 4. To walk in the light of daughter more than me is not God's countenance implies an worthy of me. If any man holy nearness to God-sweet accome to me, and hate not his cess to him, and a sense of his father and mother, and wife and gracious presence. This is a children, and brethren and sis- spiritual nearness.

God is esters, yea and his own life also, sentially present with all his he cannot be my disciple ; and creatures, and they are ever in whosoever doth not bear his his immediate view; but he is cross, and come after me, can- present in a different manner not be my disciple.”

Here we with his children, and they have are given to see that, that tem- a very different sense of his preper of mind which essentially sence, from what any

other men characterizes a true child of God have or can have. It is the and disciple of Jesus, is a su- joyful sensation of a dutiful, afpreme love to, and delight in fectionate child, in the presence the Saviour, and the despising of of his father, whom he loves and every other object of enjoy- fears-enjoying his parental cament, when set in comparison resses, the smiles of his counteor competition with him. This nance and the tokens of his fais the general instruction of therly favor and affection. Such scripture, and the genuine dis- are the feelings and enjoyments position of the Godly. “ The of the child of God, but ineffafriendship of the world is enmi- bly more sweet and endearing. ty against God. Love not the The pious soul enjoys an holy world, neither the things that intimacy with his heavenly faare in the world. If any man ther, and with a childlike freelove the world, the love of the dom and confidence, utters all father is not in him.”—(1 John his complaints and his wants, his ii. 15.) The Apostle Paul, in sorrows and his joys, his hopes regard to his own views and feeland his fears and desires, into his ings, expresses himself in very gracious and attentive ear ever bold and striking terms. “ Yea open to his cries. He pours out doubtless, and I count all things his whole soul into his bosom, but loss for the excellency of the and rolls all his burdens on the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord. And God manifests himLord, for whom I have suffer- self unto his people otherwise ed the loss of all things, and do than he doth to the world. He count them but dung that I may comforts them with his prewin Christ.”—And the Psalm- sence, and manifestations of his ist : “ There be many that say special love and favor. He feeds who will shew us any good : them with hidden manna. He Lord lift thou up the light of is near to them in all they call thy countenance upon us; thou upon him for. He hears their hast put gladness in my heart cries. He answers their praymore than in the time, that their ers, and is a very present helper corn and their wine increased. in all times of trouble. Such & Whom have I in heaven but blessed nearness to, and commu. thee, and there is none upon i nion with God, do holy souls en.

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joy. The light of his counte- , their Christian conversation may nance gives them this nearness, have an easy opportunity of read. and causes them to see him ing the laws of Christ, every who is invisible, and to rejoice day; and will discover in them a in his presence. Therefore the conscientious regard to God's Psalmist prays, with such fer- authority and a filial fear of ofvency, “Cast me not away from fending him. This is the way thy presence,” and in pleasing in which they are directed to expectation of this blessed en- adorn their profession, and rejoyment, exclaims, “ In thy pre- prove and reform the unbelieva sence there is fullness of joy." ing world. “Let your light so

5. To walk in the light of shine before men that they may God's countenance, implies a see your good works, and glorifaithful and conscientious dis- fy your father who is in heaven." charge of all the outward duties It is true, they are very imperof Christianity. It has been ob- fect, and may often fall into sin served that this light has a trans- and dishonor their Christian forming effect, and assimilates character and profession ; but the soul to God. The natural this is not walking in the light tendency of it, therefore, will be of God's countenance, but deto cause the soul to exemplify parting from God and walking the divine image in outward life, for a season by the light of their by acts of cheerful, holy obedi

own fire.

It is because, as is ence, thro' all the various paths sometimes the case with them, of duty to God and his fellow-. they are walking in darkness

“ Ye are my disciples,” without light. But the habitual saith Christ, if ye do what- tenor of their lives savours of soever things I command you.” obedience, of spiritual mindedGrace is not a lifeless, inopera- ness and devotedness to God. tive principle in the heart, but it | And the earnest desire of their is vigorous and powerfully ac- hearts, the subject of their daily tive. It will discover itself by prayer to God, is, “ Oh, that my its proper genuine exercises and ways were directed to keep thy fruits. This is the end and de- statutes guide me by thy counsign of the Saints' spiritual crea selteach me thy way, O tion. They are created in Lord, and lead me in a plain Christ Jesus unto good works." path, because of mine enemies." And this is the end of their eter 6. To walk in the light of nal election, as appears by what God's countenance implies, the immediately follows, which absolute dependence of the saints God hath before ordained that upon the constant special and we should walk in them.” This supernatural influences of God's is the nature, and these the pro- spirit, for the preservation of per exercises of the new crea spiritual life in their souls, and ture. When the law of God is the holy exercises of grace. He written upon the heart, every that gave them spiritual life, precept is inscribed, and the soul must also preserve it, and quicke will have respect to all God's en their graces.

The same precepts ; they will be exem power which created them in plified, copied and drawn out in Christ Jesus unto good works, daily life-so that all beholding | must also work in them both ta



will and to do, of his own good, tence the right hand of God's pleasure. This is the instruc- righteousness, and the light of tion and uniform language of his countenance, because he has God's word. To walk in the a favor unto them. Grace is light of God's countenance, is to not the effect of nature, but it walk by the direction, quicken- counteracts every established ing and strength which that principle of nature. It light imparts to them. And tirely supernatural. they walk no longer than they 7. They who walk in the have that light. When the light of God's countenance shall light of God's countenance is grow in grace, make advances' withdrawn, and his face is hid- in the divine life and progress in den from them, their strength sanctification. « Blessed is the immediately fails, they fall into people who know the joyful darkness and lose their way.. sound, they shall walk, O Lord, “Thou didst hide thy face and I in the light of thy countenance." was troubled.” It is God who (Psalm lxxxix, 15.). Walkconquers, and drives out their ing is opposed to rest, and sigspiritual enemies for them.. nifies motion from one object or This the Psalmist acknowledges place towards another; and every in the type of God's driving out step the man takes brings him the Canaanitish nations, and nearer to the place or point tobringing the childrenof Israel in- wards which he is advancing. If to the promised land-(Ps. xliv. then, to walk in the light of God's 3.) “For they got not the land in countenance, implies, as we have possession by their own sword, seen, the moral likeness of God neither did their own arm save the , them-but thy right hand and exercises of grace supported by thine arm, and the light of thy divine power, and perfect conconntenance, because thou hadst a fornity to God, be the object favor unto them.” This is very and tendency of his desires ; then pointed and express.

« The it will follow that every step the light of thy countenance,” sig- Christian takes, while walking nifies the exercise of that pow in the light of God's counteer by which God brought the nance, is a step towards the goal children of Israel on their way of perfection-an advancement to Canaan ; and “thy right hand towards perfect holiness, and and thine arm," import the sig- spreads the divine image wider nal and miraculous displays of and deeper in his heart. At this divine power in their behalf.-- point he constantly aims, to These the Psalmist acknowledges cleanse himself from all filthiand celebrates in a devout song ness of the flesh and spirit, and of praise. But all these things perfect holiness in the fear of point with special and ultimate God.” This is the object of all reference to the spiritual jour- his spiritual warfare, and his unneyings and deliverances of wearied struggles with the reChristians. They have no maining corruptions of his heart; strength of their own. It is not and nothing short of this can by their own sword-neither bound, or completely satisfy his does their own arm save them ; desires. The Psalmist exults but it is the power of omnipo- the prospect of this.


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