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First Session, Twenty-Fourth Congress. (Senators marked with a Star were not members of the Twenty-Third Congress.)

Martin Van Buren, of New York, Vice President of the

United States, and President of the Senate.



From Maine.

North Carolina. Ether Shepley, Saco........

........ 1839 W. P. Mangum, Hillsborough..1837 John Ruggles, Thomaston......1841 Bedford Brown, Milton.. ...... 1841 New Hampshire.

South Carolina. Isaac Hill, Concord ............1837 William C. Preston, Columbia. 1837 *Henry Hubbard, Charlestown.1941 John C. Calboun, Pendleton .... 1841 Massachusells.

Georgia. Daniel Webster, Bostoll.......1839 Alfred Cuthbert, Eatonton.....1937 *John Davis, Worcester.......1841 John P. King, Augusta. ..1841 Rhode Island.

Kentucky. Asher Robbins, Newport...... 1839 Henry Clay, Lexington........ 1837 Nehemiah R. Kuight, Prov'nce.1841 *John J. Crittenden, Frankfort, 1841 Connecticut.

Tennessee. Gideon Tomlinson, Fairfield., 1837 Felix Grundy, Nashville .......1839 *John M. Niles, Hartford, (1) 1839 Hugh L. White, Knoxville.....1841 Vermont.

Ohio. Samuel Prentiss, Montpelier...1837 Thomas Ewing, Lancaster.....1837) Benjamin Swift, St. Albans....1839Thomas Morris, Bethel........1839 New York.

Louisiana. Silas Wright, jan. Canton..... 1837 Alexander Porter, N. Orleans.. 1837 N. P. Tallmadge, Poughkeep'e 1839 Vacant (3)............... 1841 New Jersey.

Indiana. Samuel L. Southard, Trenton.. 1839 William Hendricks, Madison.. 1837 *Garret D. Wall, Burlington..1841 John Tipton, Logansport.......1839 Pennsylrania.

Mississippi. James Buchanan, Lancaster...1837 John Black, Mouroe.... 1839 Samuel McKean, Burlington)...1839 Vacant (4).....

1841 Delaware.

Illinois. Arnold Naudain, Wilmington..1839 Vacant (5)......... John M. Clayton, Dover......1841 Johu M. Robinson, Carmi......1841 Maryland.

Alabama. R.H.Goldsborough, Easton,(2)1837 Gabriel Moore, Huntsville..... 1837 Joseph Kent, Bladensburg.....1839 William R. King, Selma....... 1841 Virginia.

Missouri. John Tyler, Glocester c. h..... 1839 Lewis F. Linn, St. Louis......1837 Benj, W. Leigh, Richmond....1841 Thomas H. Benton, St. Louis., 1839

.. 1837

In place of Nathan Smith, deceased. (2) To fill vacancy occasioned by resignation of Ezekiel F. Chambers. (3) Occasioned by the resignation of Charles Gayarre. (4) Successor to Mr. Poindexter has not been appointed. (6) Occasioned by the death of Elias K. Kane.



Members of the House of Representatives, for the First Session of the Twenty-Fourth

Congress; showing the Congressional Districts in each State ; the Counties repre-
senied by each Member', where the State is divided into Districts; and the Standing
Committee of which each is a member.
Representatives marked with a star were not members of the twenty-third Congress.

Note.-The Post Office of each Representative, follows immediately after his name,
the county in which he resides is in Italic.
JAMES K. Polk, of Tennessee, Speaker.

1 * John Fairfield, Saco, York.

District of Columbia. 2 Francis 0. J. Smith, Portland, Cumberland, Ways and Meads.

except three towns.
3 * Jereiniah Bailey, Wiscasset, Lincoln, ex- $ agriculture.
cept four towns.

Expend. P. Olice. 4 G. Evans, Gardiner, Kennebec, west of Ken- Invalid Pensions.

Debec river, except four towns, Somerset, west

of Kennebec river, and one town in Lincoln. 5 Moses Mason, Jr. Oxford, part of Cumberland, Public Expeoditures.

Lincoln, Kennebec.
6 Joseph Hall, Camden, Waldo, and Kennebec, Exp. Nany Dept.
east of Kennebec river.

7 L. Jarvis, Ellsworth, Hancock, and Washington. Nuval Affairs.
8 Gorham Parks, Bangor, Penobscol, Somerset, Foreign Affairs,

east of Kennebec river.
NEW HAMPSHIRE.-Elected by General Ticket.
1 Benning M. Bean, Moultonborough, Straford. Agriculture.

2 Robert Burns, Hebron, Graflon.

Exp. Post Office.
3 Franklin Pierce, Hillsborough, Hillsborough. Judiciary.
4 * Samuel Cushman, Portsmouth, Rockingham. Commerce. .
5 * Joseph Weeks, Richmond, Cheshire. Public Expenditures.

1 *Abbott Lawrence, Boston, Suffolk.

Ways and Means.
2 Stephen C. Philips, Salem, Essex, and Suffolk. Commerce.
3 * Caleb Cushing, Newburyport, Essex, and Foreign Affairs.

4 * Samuel Hoar, Concord, Middlesex.

Invalid Pensions.
5 Levi Lincoln, Worcester, Worcester.

Public Lands,
6 George Greunell, Jr., Greenfield, Franklin. Claims.
7 George N. Briggs, Lavesboro, Berkshire. Post Office.
8 * William B. Calhoun, Springfield, Hamden, Milicia.
Hampshire, and Worcester.

Expend. State Dept. 9 William Jackson, New ton, Middlesex, Norfolk, Roads and Canals.

and Worcester.
10 • Nathaniel B. Borden, Fall River, Bristol, and Territories.

11 Johu Reed, Yarmouth, Barnstable, Nantucket, Naval Affairs.

Dukes, and Bristol.
12 J. Q. Adains, Quincy, „Vorfolk, and Plymouth. Manufactures.


RHODE ISLAND.-Elected by General Tickel.
1 * William Sprague, Jr., Natick, Kenl. Territories.
2 Dutee J, Pearce, Newport, Newport.


Exp. Pub. Build’gs. 1 • Elisha Haley, Mystic, New London. Publie Expenditures. 2 * Samuel Ingham, Saybrook, Middlesex. Commerce. 3 * Andrew T. Judson, Canterbury, Windham. Manufactures. 4 • Lancelot Phelps, Hitchcockville, Litchfield. Agriculture. 5 * Isaac Toucey, Hartford, Hartford,

Judiciary. 6 Vacant (1)

VERMONT. 1 Hiland Hall, Beunington, Bennington, Wind- Post Office.

ham, and seven towns of Windsor. 2 William Slade, Middlebury, Addison, Rutland. Public Lands. 3 Horace Everett, Windsor, residue of Windsor, Indian Affairs.

and Orange. 4 Heman Allen, Burlington, Chillenden, Frank. Expenditures Trealin, Grand Isle, and part of Orleaus.

sury Deparlment. 5 Henry F. Janes, Waterbury, Washington, Cal- Rev. Pensions. edonia, Essex, and residue of Orleans,

NEW YORK. 1 Abel Huntington, Easthampton, Suffolk, and Unfinished Business.

Queens. 2 * Samuel Bartow, Richmond, Richmond, Rock-Expenditures Trealand and Kivgs.

sury Department. C. C. Cambrelong, New York. * Gideon Lee, (2) New York.

City and

Ways and Means.

Manufactures. * John M.Keon, New York.

County of


New York. Eli Moore, New York. 4 Aaron Ward, Mount Pleasant, Westchester, and Military Affairs.,

Putnam. 5 Abraham Bockee, Federal Store, Dutchess. Agriculture. 6 John W. Brown, Newburg, Orange.

7 * Nicholas Sickles, Kingston, Ulsler, Sullivan. Expend. State Dep.
Aaron Vanderpoel, Kinderhouk, ) Columbia, District of Columbia.

Valentine Effner, Jefferson, Scho- and Scho- Agriculture.

harie. 9 * Hiram P. Hunt, Troy, Rensselaer.

Expend. State Dept. 10 Gerrit Y. Lansing, Albany, Albany.

Naval Affairs. 11 Johu Cramer, Waterford, Saraloga, and Sche. Foreign Affairs.

nectady. 12 David Russell, Salem, Washinglon.

Exp. Treasury Dep. 13 Dudley Farlin, Warrensburg, Warren, Essex, Unánished Business.

and Clinton. 14 Ransom H. Gillet, Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence, Commerce.

and Franklin. 15 * Matthias J. Bovee, Amsterdam, Montgomery, Expenditures War and Hamilton.

Department. (1) Occasioned by the death of Zalmon Wildman. (2) In place of Campbell P. White, resigned.



16 Abijah Mann, Jr, Fairfield, Herkimer, and Post Office,


Samuel Beardsley, Utica, Oneidabo Oswego. Revolution'y Claims. 17

Oneida & Judiciary. 18 Daniel Wardwell, Mansville, Jefferson. Rev. Pensions. 19 Sherman Page, Unadilla, Olsego.

Public Expenditures. 20 * William Seymour, Bioghampton, Broome, Expenditures Navy and Delaware.

Department. 121 * William Mason, Preston, Chenango. Expend. Navy Dep. * Stephen B. Leonard, Oswego, ) Courtlandt,

Public Expenditures. Tioga. 122

Tompkins, * Joseph Reynolds, Virgil, Court.

and Tioga.

Expenditures Post landi.

Wm. Taylor, Manlius, Onon-

Io valid Pensions.

Onondaga, daga.

and MadiWilliam K. Fuller, Chenango,


son. Madison. 24 * Ulysses F. Doubleday, Auburn, Cayuga. Invalid Pensions. 25 * Graham H. Chapin, Lyons, Wayne, and Revolution'y Claims.

Seneca. 26 * Francis Granger, Canandaigua, Ontario. Manufactures. 27 * Joshua Lee, Pennyan, Yates, and Steuben. Militia. 28 * Timothy Childs, Rochester, Monroe. Expend. Post Office. 29 George W. Lay, Batavia, Genesee.

Rev. Pensions, 30 Philo C. Fuller, Geneseo, Livingston, and Al-Claims.

leghany. 31 Abner Hazletine, Jamestown, Chautauque, and Expendituies on PubCataraugus.

lic Buildings. 32 * Thomas C. Love, Buffalo, Erie.

Expend. War Dep. 33 Gideon Hard, Albion, Orleans, and Niagara. Elections.

NEW JERSEY.-Elected by General Ticket. 1 Philemon Dickerson, Patierson, Essex. Manufactures. 2 Samuel Fowler, Hamburg, Sussex.

Territories, 3 Thomas Lee, Port Elizabeth, Cumberland. Accounts. 4 James Parker, Perih Amboy, Middlesex. Naral Affairs. 5 Ferdinand S. Schenck, Six Mile Run, Somerset. Invalid Pensions. 6 Willian. N. Shinn, Mount Holly, Burlinglon. Agriculture.

1. Joel B. Sutherland, Philadelphia, East and Commerce.

West Southwark, Moyamensing, Passyuuk,
Kingsessing, Blockley, Penn. Township, Ger-
mantown, Roxborough and Bristol, in the
County of Philadelphia.

*Joseph R. Ingersoll, Philadelphia, City of Ways and Means. 2

Phila. Exp. Treasury Deplo 8 *Michael W. Ash, Philadelphia, Northern Liber- Naval Affairs.

ties, Spring Garden, East and West Kensing-
ton, unincorporaled Northern Liberties, Lower
Dublin, Byberry, and Moreland townships, in
the County of Philadelphia.

{ James Harper, Philadelphia,


Wm. Heister, New Holland,

District of Columbia.

David Potts, Jr. Pottstown,

Territories. 4

Chester and

Edward Darlington, Chester,

$ Exp. Public' Buil. Delarcare.

Accounts. 5 * Jacob Fry, Jun. Trap, Montgomery. Rev. Pensions. 6 * Mathias Morris, Doylestown, Bucks. Exp. State Dept. 7 David D. Wagener, Easton, Northamplon, Militia.

Pike, and Wayne. 8*Edw. B. Hubley, Owigsburg, Schuylkill, Lehigh Exp. War Dept. 9 Henry A. Muhlenberg, Reading, Berks. Rev. Pensions. 10 Wm. Clark, Dauphin, Dauphin, and Lebanon. Public Expenditures. 11 *Henry Logan, Dillsburg, York.

Agriculture. 12 George Chambers, Chambersburg, Franklin, Private Land Claims.

and Adams. 13 Jesse Miller, Landisburgh, Perry, Cumberland, Invalid Pensions.

and Juniata. 14 Joseph Henderson, Brown's Mills, Mifflin, Militia.

Huntingdon and Centre. 15 Andrew Beaumont, Wilkesbarre, Luzer ne, and Revolution’s Claims.

Columbia. 16 Joseph B. Anthony, Williamsport, Lycoming, Military Affairs.

Union, and Northumberland, 17 John Laporte, Asylum, Bradford, Susquehanna, Post Office.

Tioga, Potter, and M‘Kean. 18 * Job Mann, Bedford, Bedford, Somerset, and Unfinished Business.

Cambria. 19 * Jolin Klingensmith, Jun. Stuartsville, West- Revolutionary Penmoreland, and Indiana.

sious. 20 * Andrew Buchanan, Waynesburg, Greene, Elections.

and Fayette. 21 T. M. T. M'Kennon, Washington, Washinglon. 22 Harmar Denny, Pittsburg, Alleghany. Manufactures. 23 Samuel S. Harrison, Kittaning, Armstrong, Invalid Pensions.

Clearfield, Jefferson, and Butler. 24 John Banks, Mercer, Mercer, and Beaver. Claims. 25 John Galbraith, Franklin, Venango, Craw- $ Pri. Land Claims. ford, Erie, and Warren.

Exp. on Pub. Buil.
I Jobu J. Milligan, Wilmington, New Castle. Naval Affairs.

John N. Steele, Vienna, Dorchester, Priocess Roads and Canals.

Anne, Worcester, and Somerset.
2 * James A. Pearce, Chestertown, Kent, Queen Territories.

Anne, Caroline, Talbot, and Cecil. 3 James Turner, Wiseburg, Baltimore, (except Accounts. City of Baltimore,) and Harford.

Benjamin C. Howard, Bal.) City of Balti- Foreign Affairs. 4 timore,

more, & Ann Isaac McKim, Baltimore,


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