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January 20, 1903. The Senate convened pursuant to adjournment; Lieutenant governor Hanna in the chair.

The roll was called.

Present: Senators Allen, Branine, Buschow, Caldwell, Carpenter, Chaney, Codding, Conrad, Crum, Cubbison, Findlay, Fitzpatrick, Fulton, Gabriel, Henley, Householder, Hurrel, Kennedy, King, Leidy, McKnight, McMillan, Miller, Morehouse, Morrow, Noftzger, Pestana, Peterson, Porter, Simons, Smith, Sponable, Stewart, Tapp, Vincent, Ward, White, Wright, and Wulfekuhler.

Absent: Senator Fullington.
Prayer by the chaplain.

Senator Morrow introduced Senate resolution No. 27, as follows:

Resolved, That rule 21 of the rules of the Senate be amended by the insertion, in line 4 of rule 21, after the word “apportionment," “Judicial Apportionment and Legislative Apportionment.”

Also, the Committee on Banks and Banking be increased to nine members. The resolution was adopted.

MESSAGES FROM THE HOUSE., The sergeant-at-arms announced a message from the House, by its chief clerk, as follows:

MR. PRESIDENT: I am directed by the House to inform the Senate that the House has adopted House concurrent resolution No. 3, Relating to the naming of a United States battle-ship. The resolution is herewith transmitted. W. P. Mason,

Chief Clerk. Mr. PRESIDENT: I am directed by the House to inform the Senate that the House has passed House bill No. 2, An act in relation to the Kansas State Penitentiary. The bill is transmitted herewith.

W. P. Mason,

Chief Clerk.

House bill No. 2 was read first time:

House bill No. 2, An act in relation to the Kansas State Penitentiary.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF COMMITTEES. The chair desires at this time to announce the following Senate standing committees :

JUDICIARY.-Senators Smith, Fitzpatrick, Branine, Allen, Wulfekuhler, Morehouse, Hurrel, Cubbison, Householder.

WAYS AND MEANS.-Senators Chaney, Henley, Cubbison, Kennedy, Noftzger, Vincent, Morrow, Buschow, Wright.

ELECTIONS.-Senators Pestana, Fitzpatrick, Morehouse, Simons, Wright.

RAILROADS.--Senators Carpenter, Henley, Vincent, Miller, McKnight, Sponable, Hurrel, Buschow, Gabriel.

FEDERAL RELATIONS.-Senators Buschow, Cubbison, Hurrel, White, Caldwell.

ASSESSMENT AND TAXATION.-Senators Peterson, Cubbison, Morrow, Simons, Noftzger, White, Tapp, Conrad, King.

FEES, SALARIES, AND MILEAGE.-Senators, White, Fullington, Ward, Cubbison, King.

CORPORATIONS.-Senators Henley, Fullington, Smith, Leidy, Codding, Crum, McMillan.

MUNICIPAL INDEBTEDNESS.–Senators Wulfekuhler, Crum, Fulton, Conrad, Simons, Tapp, Caldwell.

AGRICULTURE.— Senators Conrad, Findlay, Morrow, Miller, Allen, Smith, Noftzger, Gabriel, Caldwell.

MANUFACTURES AND INDUSTRIAL PURSUITS.-Senators Morrow, Cubbison, Allen, Crum, Caldwell.

INSURANCE.— Senators McKnight, Branine, Chaney, Stewart, Simons, Findlay, Cubbison, Allen, Gabriel.

CHARITABLE INSTITUTIONS.-Senators Ward, Simons, White, Vincent, Porter, Householder, King.

PENAL INSTITUTIONS.--Senators Vincent, Ward, Porter, Wulfekuhler, Tapp.

MINES AND MIning.Senators Porter, Miller, Stewart, Tapp, Wright.

State Affairs.--Senators Codding, Sponable, Tapp, Leidy, Findlay.

PUBLIC HEALTH.-Senators Noftzger, Morehouse, Findlay, Smith, Gabriel.

ROADS AND BRIDGES. - Senators Stewart, McKnight, Miller, Tapp, McMillan.

MILITARY AFFAIRS AND CLAIMS.-Senators Branine, Conrad, Stewart, Leidy, Householder.

TEMPERANCE.-Senators Hurrel, Henley, Codding, White, King. Printing.--Senators Simons, Vincent, Allen, Morehouse, Wright

Public BUILDINGS.-Senators Crum, Ward, Porter, Fullington, McMillan.

CITIES OF THE FIRST CLAss.-Senators Cubbison, Wulfekuhler, Chaney, Hurrel, Porter, Tapp, Caldwell.

CITIES OF THE SECOND AND THIRD CLAss.-- Senators Kennedy, Fullington, Morehouse, Branine, Leidy, Pestana, Householder.

EDUCATION.- Senators Leidy, Findlay, Allen, Noftzger, Morehouse, Conrad, Fitzpatrick, Tapp, Gabriel.

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS.--Senators Miller, Porter, Stewart, Morehouse, Henley, Codding, Leidy, Wright, King.

LEGISLATIVE APPORTIONMENT.-Senators Fitzpatrick, Pestana, Conrad, Kennedy, Stewart, Fulton, Simons, White, King.

ENROLLED Bills.— Senators Sponable, Branine, Pestana, Kennedy, Householder.

ENGROSSED BILLS.-Senators Fullington, Simons, Allen, Porter, McMillan.

Banks AND BANKING.–Senators Fulton, McKnight, Sponable, Peterson, Gabriel.

LABOR.-Senators Tapp, Porter, Morrow, Wulfekuhler, Gabriel. IRRIGATION.–Senators Findlay, Pestana, Buschow, White, King.

APPOINTMENTS. Senator Cubbison moved that all appointments be handed to the secretary.

Motion prevailed.

I hereby appoint August Soller clerk of Committee on Manufacture and Manufacturing Pursuits.

J. C. MORROW. I hereby appoint Mary A. Gabriel my clerk. G. W. GABRIEL. I hereby appoint Mrs. Evelyne Caldwell as my clerk.

J. L. CALDWELL. I hereby appoint H. W. King my clerk.

L. P. King, I hereby appoint August Bondi as my clerk.

H. M. MCMILLAN. I hereby appoint Wm. A. Lawler to be my clerk.

L. R. WRIGHT. I hereby appoint George W. McCoy, of Ellsworth county, clerk of the Committee on Elections. H. L. PESTANA, Chairman.

I hereby appoint Chas. Ma pes clerk of Committee on Penal Institutions.

FRANK VINCENT, Chairman. I appoint Thomas Ashford clerk, and R. L. Ashcraft as stenogra pher, of the Committee on Railroads.

John C. CARPENTER, Chairman.

I hereby appoint L. G. Beal clerk, and P. K. Kelley stenographer, of the Ways and Means Committee.

John T. CHANEY, Chairman. I hereby appoint Sabatius Mauneskesy clerk of Committee on Mines and Mining.

E. F. Porter. I hereby appoint George Zeitz, of Leavenworth, as clerk of the Committee on Municipal Indebtedness. L. H. WULFEK UHLER.

I hereby appoint Miss Grace Sale as clerk of the Committee on Banks and Banking.

E. R. Fulton, Chairman. I hereby appoint C. L. Ridgeway, of Miami county, clerk, and Carrye E. Shean, of Johnson county, stenographer, of Enrolled Bills Committee.

F. W. SPONABLE, Chairman. I hereby appoint Emma M. Hurrel clerk of Temperance Committee.

C. F. HURREL, Chairman. I hereby appoint George P. Griffith as clerk of the Committee on Federal Relations.

CHARLES BUSCHow, Chairman. I hereby appoint Hattie M. Youmans as clerk of Committee on Cities of the Second Class.

I hereby appoint Faye Crum clerk of the Committee on Public

S. CRUM, Chairman.
I hereby appoint H. C. Simons clerk of the Printing Committee.

R. T. Simons, Chairman.
I hereby appoint H. F. Mayer my clerk and the clerk of the
Committee on Military Affairs and Claims.

C. E. BRANINE, Chairman. I hereby appoint Clayton B. Fullington clerk of Engrossed Bills Committee.

F. W. SPONABLE, Chairman. I hereby appoint Miss Jessie Lloyd clerk of the Committee of Judicial Apportionment.

Jas. L. ALLEN, Chairman. I hereby appoint F. J. Hays clerk, and Cora Emery stenographer, of the Committee on Cities of First Class.

J. K. CUBBISON, Chairman.

Senator Wulfekuhler introduced Senate resolution No. 26, as follows:

Resolved, That the rules be amended, and the Ways and Means Committee be increased from nine members to eleven members.

The resolution was adopted.

Senator Noftzger, by request, introduced Senate resolution No. 28, as follows:

Resolved, That the sergeant-at-arms be authorized to procure uniform caps for the pages.

The resolution was lost.

Senator Allen introduced Senate resolution No. 29, as follows:

I move that the rules be suspended, and an emergency be declared, and that House bill No. 2 be considered engrossed, and now placed on second reading.

The rules were suspended, an emergency was declared, and House bill No. 2 was read the second time.

Further emergency was declared, and House bill No. 2 placed on third reading, and made a special order for tomorrow at eleven o'clock.

On motion of Senator Noftzger, House bill No. 2 was referred to Judiciary Committee, with instructions to report by ten o'clock to-morrow morning.

House bill No. 2, An act in relation to the Kansas State Penitentiary.

Senator Kennedy introduced Senate resolution No. 30, as follows:

WHEREAS, It appears that there is only one stenographer on the Journal force, and it being necessary for two, be it

Resolved, That the secretary of the Senate be authorized to employ one additional Journal clerk, who shall be a stenographer.

The resolution was laid over, under the rules.

Senator Codding introduced Senate resolution No. 31, as follows:

WHEREAS, Considerable doubt exists as to the validity of the law providing for a uniformity of text-books and a State Text-book Commission, chapter 179, Laws of 1897, as amended by chapter 31, Laws of 1898: be it

Resolved, That the Judiciary Committee of the Senate is hereby directed to inquire into the validity of those enactments and the present condition of the law, with a view to their amendment or reenactment, as may be deemed necessary to carry out and protect the object thereof.

The resolution was adopted.

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