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Senator King introduced Senate resolution No. 19, and moved its adoption.

The resolution was read, and is as follows:

Resolved, That the sergeant-at-arms be instructed to rent three typewriting machines for the use of the Senate.

The resolution was adopted.

On motion, the Senate adjourned till 10 o'clock A. M., January 13, 1897.




Topeka, Kas., January 13, 1897-10 o'clock A. M.

The Senate met pursuant to adjournment; the president in the chair.

The roll was called: 38 Senators present.

Absent: Senators Battey and Fulton.

Prayer by Chaplain Loofbourrow.

The president announced the following standing committees:


Crossan, Farrelly, Campbell, Ryan, Forney, Hart,

Hessin, Coleman, and Lamb.

Ways and Means. Lewelling, Harris, King, Jumper, Sheldon, Stocks, and Sterne.

Elections.-Young, Benson, Cooke, Coleman, and Fulton.

Federal Relations.- Shaffer, Pritchard, Caldwell, Morrow, and Wallack.

Railroads.-Harris, Lewelling, Householder, Helmick, Forney, Hanna, Johnson, Fulton, and Morrow.

Assessment and Taxation.-Benson, Braddock, Caldwell, Matthews, and Stocks.

Fees, Salaries, and Mileage. Jumper, Mosher, Hart, Hessin, and Sterne.

Municipal Indebtedness. Shaffer, Sterne, and Johnson. Corporations.

Mosher, Forney, Farrelly, Ryan,

Campbell, Farrelly, Mosher, Stocks, and Fulton. State Affairs. Helm, Lewelling, Campbell, Battey, and Fulton. Roads and Bridges.--- Caldwell, Helmick, Field, Matthews, and Battey.

County Seats and County Lines. Hart, Hanna, Braddock, Hessin, and Morrow.

Military Affairs and Claims. Helmick, Pritchard, Reser, Wallack, and Battey.

Public Health.-Reser, Lewelling, Sheldon, Sterne, and Hessin. Temperance.-Pritchard, Harris, Helmick, Battey, and Fulton.

Agriculture and Irrigation.-King, Helmick, Hanna, Titus, Crossan, Pritchard, Morrow, Matthews, and Fulton.

Penal Institutions.- Armstrong, Crossan, Field, Battey, and Wallack.

Charitable Institutions.-Householder, Mosher, King, Sterne, and Johnson.

Manufactures and Industrial Pursuits.-Braddock, Young, Shaffer, Hessin, and Johnson.

Mines and Mining.-Ryan, Jumper, Householder, Wallack, and Morrow.

Banks and Insurance.-Farrelly, Campbell, Lupfer, Johnson, and Matthews.

Printing. Cooke, Young. Householder, Stocks, and Morrow. Education and Educational Institutions.—Titus, Lupfer, Hart, Coleman, and Lamb.

Public Buildings.-Hanna, Armstrong, Harris, Sterne, and Johnson.

Cities of the First Class.-Zimmer, King, Hanna, Field, Matthews, Sterne, and Hessin.

Cities of the Second and Third Class.--- Sheldon, Farrelly, Shaffer, Johnson, and Stocks.

District Apportionment.-Lupfer, Helm, Sheldon, Ryan, Zimmer, Benson, Stocks, Coleman, and Wallack.

Engrossed Bills. Forney, Helm, Reser, Zimmer, and Wallack. Enrolled Bills.--Field, Titus, Benson, Lamb, and Coleman.


The following bills were introduced, and read the first. time:

By Senator Cooke: Senate bill No. 1, An act to vacate certain portions of Fairmount Park addition to the city of. Beloit, Kas.

Also, Senate bill No. 2, An act authorizing and empowering the county commissioners of Mitchell county to invest. the county railroad sinking funds, or any county sinking funds, in school, township, bridge or city bonds, of Mitchell county.

Also, Senate bill No. 3, An act providing for the loaning of the principal of the state permanent school fund, the agricultural college, the state normal school, and the state university funds, to the citizens of the state, and for the preservation thereof, appropriating moneys made available, and prescribing penalties for the violation thereof.

By Senator Forney: Senate bill No. 4, An act providing for the vacation of streets, alleys, public reservations, and the changing of corporate boundaries of cities, and repealing chapter 115a, general statutes 1889.

Also, Senate bill No. 5. An act amending paragraphs 6934, 6940, 6941, 6948, 6954 and 6955 of the general statutes of 1889 and repealing the same.

Also, Senate bill No. 6, An act to create the office of county assessor, and to provide for his election, and to prescribe his duties, compensation, and liabilities, and repealing paragraphs 1729, 1730, 1731, 1732, of chapter 25, general statutes of 1889, and designating time and place for county assessors to meet.

Also, Senate bill No. 7, An act to prevent corporations or agents of any institutions or individuals from bringing or sending homeless children or waifs into this state, and providing punishment therefor.

Also, Senate bill No. 8, An act to secure uniformity in the listing and taxation of bonds, mortgages, notes, and other securities, and evidences of indebtedness, and to provide a penalty for the violation thereof.

Also, Senate bill No. 9, An act to amend paragraph 6850, being chapter 107, article 3, and repealing the same, and relating to taxation.

Also, Senate bill No. 10, An act to regulate the letting of public contracts in the state of Kansas by public officials.

Also, Senate bill No. 11, An act to provide a lien upon crops for the work and labor and machinery used in cutting, thrashing and preserving the same.

Also, Senate bill No. 12, An act to amend section 7 of fees and salaries of the county treasurer, county clerk, county attorney, register of deeds, clerk of the district court, sheriff, probate judge and county surveyor of Sumner county, and said section 7 being chapter 149 of session laws 1895.

Also, Senate bill No. 13, An act providing for the letting of contracts for the maintenance and repair of public highways, and creating a board of highway road commissioners and prescribing their duties.

Also, Senate bill No. 14, An act to prevent keepers of hotels and boarding-houses from sustaining loss by certain acts of designing persons, and prescribing punishment for the violation of the provisions of this act.

By Senator Lewelling: Senate bill No. 15, An act for the establishment of a state normal school at the city of Wichita.

By Senator Farrelly: Senate bill No. 16, An act for the protection of domestic animals, and to repeal section 6823 of the general statutes of 1889.

Also, Senate bill No. 17, An act relating to townships and township officers.

Also, Senate bill No. 18, An act amending section 6 of the act entitled "An act to incorporate cities of the second class," being chapter 100 of the laws of 1872.

Also, Senate bill No. 19, An act to amend section 286 of chapter 80 of the general statutes of 1889, the same being an act entitled "An act to establish a code of civil proced ure."

Also, Senate bill No. 20, An act requiring hedge fences, brush and weeds along public highways to be cut and trimmed.

Also, Senate bill No. 21, An act to remove political disabilities.

Also, Senate bill No. 22, An act providing for the levy upon and sale of corporate stock by judicial process.

By Senator Crossan: Senate bill No. 23, An act to create and control building and loan association.

Also, Senate bill No. 24, An act making appropriation to pay the officers and men of William H. Hines' company of New Lancaster rifles and Capt. George H. Humes' company of independent cavalry for services and use of horse.

Also, Senate bill No. 25, An act entitled "An act to amend chapter 80 of the laws of the state of Kansas, and repeal section 256."

By Senator Matthews: Senate bill No. 26, An act to provide the punishment of mortgagors of personal property for selling, transferring, incumbering, destroying, cancelin or otherwise disposing of the same, and repealing

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