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Means for preventing Sleep in the house of God.


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cluct. There were, indeed, ma- FROM THE LONDON MAGAZINE. ny people among us who seem

Means for preventing Sleep in the ed to pray to God ; but we had

house of God. reason to doubt the sincerity of some of them, as there was no CUCH has been already said suitable alteration in their lives, on the impropriety of but much pharisaical ostentation, sleeping in time of divine wor-mechanical profession, and, we ship. Ministers have often refeared, interested views, for proved from the pulpit, and wrisome of them seemed to pray, ters have repeatedly declaimed with no other design than to against it in print. The pracobtain a piece of Tobacco from tice, however, is still indulged ;

and it is lamentable to see how In the month of October, we

many convert the house of God found our stock of provisions al. into a place of repose ; and thus almost exhausted, and had re- grieve the Holy Spirit, and rencourse to our gracious Lord in der the ordinances of divine apprayer, who was pleased to an- pointment ineffectual. Bodily swer us, by inclining the heart disease, and excessive labor on of Francis Moritz, a Farmer, to the week days, have been alledg:send us a handsome present, ed as causes ; and there is no consisting of a large Bullock, doubt but these may naturally thirty Sheep, a quantity of Flour, tend to indispose for public worSalt, Sc. The Hottentot serv- ship. But what shall we say to ants, who brought these valua- them who cannot plead either of ble articles, cheerfully added these, and yet are often found in to them several sheep of their this habit? It appears to me, own, as an expression of their that there is another cause, which

joy in the blessing of the Gospel has not been sufficiently attend• being brought to their country-ed to by professors in general ; men.

and that is a too great indulAbout the same time we re- gence of the appetite,--a species | ceived repeated warnings of our of intemperance which unfits danger from the Great-Kraal, both the body and the mind for the most numerous horde of devotion. I know not how it Boschemen, and who were all may be in other countries ; but robbers. These people, who had it seems that, in England, Sunnot been included in the peace day is considered as a day in before mentioned, ap- which many think themselves at proaching us, as we were inform- liberty to eat and drink more ed, with a design to surprise and than on any other day in the destroy us ; but we committed week ; and among those who ourselves to the Lord, who en consider this day as a day cnly abled us to confide in his pro- of leisure and amusement we do tecting care, feeling little anxie- not wonder at it ; but how proty as to the event, and resolving fessors of religion should adopt to pursue our great object, which this practice, and why it is that was to preach Jesus.

they cannot deny themselves a

little, is strange' indeed ! Yet (70 be continued.) what is more common than to

hear of such dressing large and

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expensive dinners, and asking a that no more should be taken
number of their friends on that than will be found necessary for
day, as if it were a season ap- strengthening and refreshing,
pointed for feasting and conviy- and so preparing the animal
iality, rather than for the wor- frame for a decent and becom-
ship of God! Is it any matter ing behavior in the house of
of surprise, therefore, to see peo-God.Now should this paper
ple, who have been taking more fall into the hands of any pers
than their usual quantity of ani- sons who have hitherto been in
mal food, and perhaps drinking the habit of sleeping during wor-
more than their usual quantity ship, let me intreat them to try
of stupifying liquids, overcome the experiment; let them guard
with sleep when they come to against preceding indulgence,
sit down in the house of God ? and I have no doubt but they will
Surely, eating and drinking a find a difference. Should a sleepy
few ounces less on the Lord's fit come on them, let them stand
Day, in order that they might up, or change their posture in
be more wakeful, worship God any other way, so as not to in-
in a better frame, and hear their commode others, and disturb
minister with greater pleasure, their devotion. I cannot but
cannot be thought either an un- think, if these means.were tried,
reasonable or an impracticable many might subdue a habit
thing. We often hear them say, which is disgraceful to their
indeed, that they are sorry they characters, an insult to God, and
were overcome ; and that they a great trial to ministers.
wished to keep awake, and be To what is above stated, many
attentive; but that really it was arguments might be subjoined,
not in their power. To this, per- as to the impropriety of the
haps we may give credit. But practice, but we shall only select
what is the reason? Does this one ; and that shall be the re-
sleepy habit arise from a natural-flection of a minister of the gos-
ly heavy temperament of body ? pel, on viewing some of his flock

for on other occasions they in this unhappy situation." I are as lively as any one. Does have been thinking," says he, it arise from their disrespect to during the week, what subject their minister? No; they own I shall choose, that will be most they feel aan attachment to him ;| profitable for my people ; and and believe him, in many res- after having fixed upon one that pects, to be superior to others. I thought would be suitable, I Does it arise from the subject to have been endeavoring to considbe discussed, which they sup- er the best manner I should treat pose to be of no importance or it, in order to impress it on their utility to themselves ? No; I am minds. The Sabbath arrived ; persuaded, that though these I ascended the pulpit ; and now, . may be sometimes the causes, thought I, God is waiting to be yet in general, it will be found, gracious, -Jesus has promised that attention has not been paid to be in the midst-angels are to the predisposition of the body looking on with eager expectafor public worship. It is not re- tion, the Holy Ghost is waiting quired that the Sabbath-clay be to communicate his influence, a fast-day ; but it is required, / -and all Heaven seems to be in


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readiness' to shout praises to that the Missionary Society there God, if but good is done in his has receiveci letters from Dr. name ! But alas! these reflect- Vanderkemp, at Algoa Bay ; in ions have been no sooner indulg- which he mentions, that he had ed, the text named, and the been ill for a long time; but was subject announced, than I have mercifully restored : and the beheld some nodding, others Lord had so blessed his labors, putting themselves into a com- that he had baptized more than modious posture for sleep, and two hundred Heathen. others actually slumbering! A death-blow, thought I, is given

By letters which our Baptist to all my designs, and to all the Brethren have received from Inpleasing thoughts that occupied dia, we learn, that Mrs. Thommy mind. Why have I been

as, the widow of Mr. J. Thomstudying ? For what have I



is dead. Felix Carey has ed? Can God be in this place ? been ill, in some danger of a conCan I take any comfort to my sumption ; but hopes are enterself? It is as if my instructions tained of his recovery. Mr. Ca. were of no weight, my sermons rey's second son, William, has of no consequence, and all my also been received into the attempts to do good in vain.

church. The work of God goes Thus the preacher has retired on among the natives. They to his closet with sorrow, under have seldom had an ordinancethe idea of the little utility of his day without some additions. As ministrations ; and been almost they cannot find employment for ready, with Jeremiah, to say, all the converts at Serampore, That he would “speak no more and as many of them come from in the name of the Lord.”

a considerable distance, it is their O ye that profess to worship practice now, after baptizing and and love God, and who have nev- receiving them into the church, er once tried to use the means to send them home to their against this evil practice, let me country and kindred, to tell what intreat you, by the sacred com- the Lord hath done for them.mands of God, by the respect Among the converted natives, you

should pay to your minis- there are two or three whom our ters, by all that is decent and in- friends encourage to preach the teresting, by all the promises of gospel to their countrymen the Divine Presence, as well as They have been cruelly beaten by all that consistent

rea- by them, and their lives threatsonable-to reform a practice ened ; but have borne' it with which is such a cancer to your much Christian patience and profit, a stumbling block to the fortitude; declaring, in the face weak, a plea for the wicked, and of their persecutors, that they an offence to God! C.B.

were more concerned for them than for themselves. One of

them is a young Brahman, and Religious Intelligence. who has lately been married to

young Christian female.. BY a letter received by Mrs. Palm from Rotterdam, we learn





for my ignorance and infidelity,

branded me as a Precisian !
acquaintance was asked in

Danger of public amusements. company, What led him first to embrace the truths of the gospel, ALYPIUS, a friend of St. Au. which formerly he was known to gustine, was accustomed to hold have neglected and despised ? | in the utmost horror and detestHe said, “My call and conver- ation the gladiatorial combats, sion to God our Saviour was pro- which were exhibited in the age duced by very singular means: in which he lived. Being invi, A person put into my hand ted one day, by his companions, Paine's Age of Reason: I read to be a spectator of those inhuit with attention ; and was very man sports, he refused to go. much struck with the strong and They, however, insisted on his ridiculous representations he accompanying them ; and drew made of so many passages of him along against his will.the Bible. I confess, to my When they had all taken their shame, I never had read the Bi- seats, the games commenced. ble through ; but from what I Alypius shut his eyes, that obremembered to have heard at jects so abominable might not church, or accidentally on other pollute his mind. 6 Would to occasions, I could not persuade God," said Augustine, “ he had myself that Paine's report was also stopped his ears !" For hav. quite exact, and the Bible quite ing heard a great cry, he sufferý $0 absurd a book as he represented himself to be conquered by ed it. I resolved, therefore, that his curiosity, and opened his I would read the Bible regularly eyes to see what it was, imaginthrough, and compare the pas- ing that he still retained the powsages when I had done so, that er of shutting them. One of the I might give the book fair play. combatants was wounded. No I accordingly set myself to the sooner did he behold the purple task ; and as I advanced was so stream issuing from the body of struck with the majesty which the unhappy wretch, than inspoke, the awfulness of the truths stead of turning away his eyes, contained, and the strong evi- they were arrested on the obdence of its divine original,ject, and became intoxicated with which increased with every page, those brutal combats. He was that I finished my enquiry with no longer the same man: he, the fullest satisfaction of the by degrees, imbibed the sentitruth as it is in Jesus ; and with ments of the multitude around my heart penetrated with a sense him, joined in their shouts and of obligation I had never felt be- exclamations, and carried away fore, resolved henceforth to take from the amphitheatre a violent the sacred word for my guide, passion for returning: and not and be a faithful follower of the only did he go the second Son of God. But, judge of my time with those who had ensnarsurprise ! I no sooner began to ed' him, but he himself enticed avow my sentiments, and to others. Yet this man began at change my course of life, than first with an abhorrence of such those who never reproached me criminal amusements, and re

solved to take no part in them : | possessed of so much, and that but sad experience taught him, he wished to employ it so usethat the best resolutions are in- fully : nor was he less surprise sufficient to withstand so great ed, when having the curiosity to temptations; and that the only ask him, How he had been able way to escape danger is to keep to procure this sum ? he ingenat a distance from it.

uously answered, That for forty May our young people learn, years, since he had conceived by this example, to distrust their this design, he had retrenched own courage and resolution, and from his food and clothing all to shun the entertainments of that was not absolutely necessathe stage, and all such diver- ry, that he might have the corsions ; which may prove as in- solation before he died, of leavjurious to them as these did to ing in his village a house erectAlypius!

ed to the honor of the true God!

Admirable zeal for the house of Missionary Zeal.

FRANCIS XAVIER (called the An old Chinese went one day Apostle of the Indies) being ato a Missionary, who was in his bout to undertake a mission village, to represent to him the which appeared extremely hazextreme desire he had of build-ardous, was strongly expostulating a church there. “ Your zeal is ed with by his friends, on the laudable,” said the father to him; great dangers he would have to “ but we have not now the means encounter from the malignity of of defraying so great an ex- the climate, the sterility of the pense.” I aspire to do it myself,' land, and the barbarity of the inreplied the villager. The Mis- habitants : in short, that every sionary, accustomed to see him thing was gloomy and terrific. for many years, lead a very poor This representation, though just, life, believed him not to be in a was so far from deterring him situation to accomplish what he from the attempt, that it seemed promised. He again praised his to inspire him with more zeal good intentions, representing to for the arduous enterprize. him the extent of the village, “ The most tractable and opuconsequently the large size of a lent nations,” said he, “ will not suitable building, and his incom- want preachers; but this is for petency to so great a work.- me, because others will not unExcuse me,' replied the coun- dertake it. If the country abountryman, I believe myself able ded in odoriferous woods and to do what I propose.'

“ But do mines of gold, all dangers would you know,” said the father, “that be braved, in order to procure two thousand crowns at least are them: Should merchants then decessary for such an underta- be more intrepid than Missionking ?” I have them all ready,' aries ?-Shall these unfortunate returned the old man ; “and if I people be excluded from the had not, I should not thus have blessings of redemption? It is importuned you.' The Mission-true, they are very barbarous. ary was much charmed at learn- and brutal; but let them be more ing that this good man, whom so; he who can convert even he had thought very poor, was I stones into children of Abraham,

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