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No. 78. Industrial accidents, by Frederick L. Hoffman.'

Mexican labor in the United States, by Victor S. Clark, Ph. D.'
Cost of living of the working classes in the principal industrial towns of

No. 79. Mortality from consumption in dusty trades, by Frederick L. Hoffman.'

Charity relief and wage earnings, by S. E. Forman.' No. 80. Women and child wage-earners in Great Britain, by Victor S. Clark, Ph. D. No. 81. Wholesale prices, 1890 to 1908. No. 82. Mortality from consumption in occupations exposing to municipal and gen

eral organic dust, by Frederick L. Hoffman. No. 83. The woman's trade union movement in Great Britain, by Katherine Graves

Busbey, A. B.

Cost of living of the working classes in the principal industrial towns of France. No. 84. Accidents to railroad employees in New Jersey, 1888 to 1907, by F. S. Crum.

The Minnesota iron ranges, by G. O. Virtue, Ph. D. No. 85. Review of labor legislation of 1908 and 1909, by Lindley D. Clark, A. M.,

LL, M.

Laws of various States relating to labor, enacted since January 1, 1908.
No. 86. Canadian Industrial Disputes Investigation Act of 1907, by Victor S. Clark,

Ph. D.
Phosphorus poisoning in the match industry in the United States, by John B.

Andrews, Ph. D.
List of industrial poisons.

Publications of International Association for Labor Legislation.
No. 87. Wholesale prices, 1890 to March, 1910.
No. 88. Cost of living of families of moderate income in Germany in 1907-8.
No. 89. Child-labor legislation in Europe, by C. W. A. Veditz, Ph. D.
No. 90. Fatal accidents

in coal mining, by Frederick L. Hoffman.'
Recent action concerning accident compensation, by Lindley D. Clark,

A. M., LL. M.
Foreign workmen's compensation acts.'

Cost of industrial accident insurance, by Miles M. Dawson.'
No. 91. Working hours of wage-earning women in selected industries in Chicago, by

Marie L. Obenauer.
Labor laws declared unconstitutional, by Lindley D. Clark, A. M., LL.M.
Review of labor legislation of 1910, by Lindley D. Clark, A, M., LL. M.
Laws of various States relating to labor, enacted since January 1, 1910.

1 Bulletin out of print.

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Wholesale prices, 1890 to 1910:




Prices of commodities, 1910 compared with 1909


Prices of commodities, 1910, and December, 1910, compared with previous

years back to 1890...


Prices of commodities, by months, January, 1900, to December, 1910... 327-332

Influences affecting prices...


Explanation of tables...


Table I.-Wholesale prices of commodities from January to December,



Table II.-Average yearly actual and relative prices of commodities,

1890 to 1910, monthly actual and relative prices, January to Decem-

ber, 1910, and base prices (average for 1890–1899)....


Table III.-Yearly relative prices of commodities, 1890 to 1910, and

monthly relative prices, January to December, 1910.....

... 465-499

Report of British Board of Trade on cost of living in the principal industrial

cities of the United States:


500, 501

Scope of the investigation.....

501, 502

Rates of wages.


United States..


United States and England and Wales compared..


Hours of labor.....


United States......

512, 513

United States and England and Wales compared.

513, 514

Housing and rents...


United States..

515, 516

United States and England and Wales compared....

516, 517

Retail prices....


United States.


United States and England and Wales compared....


Rents and retail prices combined...


Family income and cost of living..


United States.....


United States and England and Wales compared.


Summary of conclusions......

555, 556

Reports of British Board of Trade on cost of living in England and Wales,

Germany, France, Belgium, and the United States:



Rates of wages


Hours of labor..


Rents .....

565, 566

Retail prices of commodities


Cost of food consumed weekly in the British workman's family.. 569, 570

Page. Hours of labor of men, women, and children employed in factories in Austria. 571-606 Digest of recent foreign statistical publications:

Chile-Report on the condition of labor in the salt peter industry....... 607-611 Finland-Report on conditions of employment of clerks and assistants in business offices and mercantile establishments..

611-616 GermanyReport of relief work done by the city of Düsseldorf.....

616--621 Report on women's organizations...

622-626 Italy-Report on housing condition among public administration employees in the city of Rome and among railway employees...

626-631 Sweden--Report on employment of alien laborers...

632 Decisions of courts affecting labor: Decisions under statute law.

633-654 Combinations in restraint of trade--antitrust law-penalties-juris

diction-constitutionality (Grenada Lumber Co. et al v. State)...... 633, 634 Employers' advances-contracts with intent to defraud-peonage constitutionality of statute (Bailey v. Alabama)....

634-639 Employers' liability-mine regulations--disobedience by employ

ers-assumption of risk-negligence of licensed employees (Poli v.
Numa Block Coal Co.)......

639-641 Employers' liability-railroad companies-fellow - servant act

death-survival of action (Sumner v. Missouri Pacific Ry. Co.)... 641 Employers' liability--railroad companies-fellow-servant law

constitutionality of statute ( Mobile, Jackson & Kansas City R. R.
Co. v. Turnipseed)......

641-644 Employers' liability-railroad companies--relief benefits-receipt

not a bar in suits for damages construction of statute (Chicago,
Burlington & Quincy R. R. Co. v. MGuire).....

Employment of women-hours of labor-constitutionality of stat-
ute-police power (Withey v. Bloem).....

649, 650 Garnishment of wages-class legislation-constitutionality of statute (White v. Missouri, Kansas & Texas Ry. Co.).....

650-652 Payment of wages--wages as preferred claims--assignment of rights (Richeson v. National Bank of Mena).....

653 Public work-protection of laborers and material men-contractors' bonds (Title Guaranty & Trust Co. v. Crane Co.)......

653, 654 Decisions under common law....

654-672 Employer and employee-contract of employment-breach

accord and satisfaction-necessary elements (Fuller v. Smith)..... 654–657 Employers' liability-injuries by fellow-servants—"initiation " of new employees (Medlin Milling Co. v. Boutwell).......

657, 658 Employers' liability-injury to employee being transported to place of employment (Headline v. Great Northern Ry.)....

658, 659 Employers' liability--railway relief fund-malpractice-charities (Texas Central R. R. Co. v. Zumwalt).....

659-661 Employers' liability-relation of employer and employee-inde

pendent contractors--assumption of risk-contributory negli-
gence-questions for jury---fear of discharge-safe place to work
(Jewell v. Arkansas City Bolt & Nut Co. et al.).....

Labor organizations-right to withhold service-boycott-action for
damages ( Meier v. Speer)......

667-670 Labor organizations-rules-expulsion of members-regulation by

courts (Crutcher v. Easter Division, No. 321, of the Order of Railway
Conductors of America)..


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