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to extend beyond the time permitted by law the imprisonment before indictment found of a person accused of a crime or of: fense, or the time during which a person so accused may be held under recognizance before indictment found.

24 Sept., 1789, c. 20, s. 29, v. 1, p. 88; 20 May, 1826, c. 136, v. 4, p. 188; 8 Aug., 1846, c. 98, s. 3, v. 9, p. 72; 16 Aug., 1856, c. 124, s. 7, v. 11, p. 50.

Sec. 811. Discharge of grand juries.—The circuit and district conrts, the district courts of the Territories, and the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, may discharge their grand juries whenever they deem a continuance of the session of such juries unnecessary.

16 Aug., 1856, c. 124, s. 7, v. 11, p. 50.

Sec. 812. Jurors not to be summoned oftener than once in two years.—No person shall be summoned as a juror in any circuit or district court more than once in two years, and it shall be sufficient cause of challenge to any juror called to be sworn in any cause that he has been summoned and has attended said court as a juror at any term of said court held within two years prior to the time of such challenge. 15 July, 1870, c. 298, s. 2, v. 16, p. 363.

SEC. 813. Grand juries of district courts may act in cases cognizable in circuit court.-The grand jury impaneled and sworn in any district court may take cognizance of all crimes and offienses within the jurisdiction of the circuit court for said district as well as of said district court. 8 Aug., 1846, c. 98, s. 3, v. 9, p. 72. SEC. 814. Arkansas western district, at Helena; jurors. - In the western district of Arkansas such number of jurors shall be summoned at every term of the district court thereof, to be held at Helena, as may have been ordered at a previous term, or by the district judge in vacation. And a grand jury may be summoned to attend any such term when ordered by the court or by the judge in vacation. In case of a deficiency of jurors, talesmen may be summoned by order of the court.

3 Mar., 1871, c. 106, s. 2, v. 16, p. 472.

Sec. 815. Juries in Kentucky and Indiana.- In the several districts of Kentucky and Indiana, such number of jurors shall be summoned by the marshal at every term of the circuit and district courts, respectively, as may have been ordered of record at the previous term; and in case there is not a sufficient number of jurors in attendance at any time, the court may order such number to be summoned as, in its judgment, may be necessary to transact the business of the court. And a grand jury may be summoned to attend every term of the circuit or district court by order of the court. The marshal may summon juries and talesmen in case of a deficiency, pursuant to an order of the court made during the term, and they shall serve for such time as the court may direct.

15 May, 1862, c. 71, s. 3, v. 12, p. 386; 30 June, 1870, c. 180, s. 3, v. 16,

p. 175.

Sec. 816. North Carolina juries at special terms.- The circuit and district courts for either of the districts of North Carolina may order a grand or petit jury, or both to attend any special term thereof, by an order to be entered of record thirty days before the day on which such special term is ap- · pointed to convene. 4 June, 1872, c. 282, s. 4, v. 17, p. 215.

Sec. 817. Juries for western district of South Carolina. -The grand and petit jurors for the district court sitting in the western district of South Carolina shall be drawn from the inhabitants of said district who are liable, according to the laws of said State, to do jury duty in the courts thereof; and all jurors shall be drawn during the sitting of the court for the next succeeding term.

16 Aug., 1856, c. 119, s. 2, v. 11, p. 43; 21 Feb., 1823, c. 11, s. 1, v. 3, p. 726; 25 May, 1824, c. 145, s. 3, v. 4, p. 35.

Sec. 818. Vermont, charge to grand jury by the circuit court.-In the district of Vermont, it shall be the duty of the circuit court, at its regular sessions, to give in charge to the grand juries all crimes, offenses and misdemeanors which

are cognizable as well in the district court thereof as in the said circuit court. 29 April, 1802, c. 31, s. 29, v. 2, p. 167.

SEC. 819. Challenges.-When the offense charged is treason or a capital offense, the defendant shall be entitled to twenty and the United States to five peremptory challenges. On the trial of any other felony, the defendant shall be entitled to ten and the United States to three peremptory challenges; and in all other cases, civil and criminal, each party shall be entitled to three peremptory challenges; and in all cases where there are several defendants or several plaintiffs, the parties on each side shall be deemed a single party for the purpose of all challenges under this section. All challenges, whether to the array or panel, or to individual jurors for cause or favor, shall be tried by the court without the aid of triers. (See $ $ 1031, 4308.] 8 June, 1872, c. 333, s. 2, v. 17, p. 282.

Sections 820 and 821 repealed by section 2, act of June 30, 1879; see, ante, p. 295.

Seo. 822. Grand and petit jurors, in cases under act 20 April, 1871, c. 22.-No person shall be a grand or petit juror in any court of the United States, upon any inquiry, hearing, or trial of any suit, proceeding, or prosecution based upon or arising under the provisions of Title “CIVIL RIGHTS” and of Title “CRIMES” for enforcing the provisions of the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution, who is, in the judgment of the court, in complicity with any combination or conspiracy in said titles set forth; and every grand and petit juror shall, before entering upon any such inquiry, hearing, or trial, take and subscribe an oath, in open court, that he has never, directly or indirectly, counseled, advised, or voluntarily aided any such combination or conspiracy.

20 April, 1871, c. 22, s. 5, v. 17, p. 15.




Sec. 823. Fees to be taxed.

Compensation retained by a 824. Attorneys, solicitors, and proc clerk. tors.

840. Clerks in California, Oregon, and 825. Fees in revenue cases and in Nevada. suits on official bonds.

Compensation of marshal. 826. Fees on bonds, when not allowed. 842. Additional compensation in 827. Fees of district attorney for de

prize causes. fense of revenue officers, 843. Allowances for each year made 828. Clerks' fees. Clerks' books to be from the fees thereof. open to inspection.

| 844. Payment of surplus fees into the 829. Marshals' fees.

Treasury. 830. What fees to be paid to mar. 845. Auditing of accounts of district shals.

attorney, etc., in department 831. Attendants on rule-days and of justice.

when circuit and district courts 846. Accounts of district attorneys, sit at same time.

etc., to be certified to by dis832. Marshal of the Supreme Court I trict judge. of the United States.

847. Commissioners' fees. 833. Semi annual returns of fees by 848. Witnesses' fees.

district attorneys, marshals, 849. No officer of court to have wit and clerks.

ness fees. 834. What to be included in the semi 850. Expenses of clerks, etc., of

annual returns of district at United States sent away as torneys and marshals.

witnesses paid. 835. Compensation of district at- 851. Seamen sent home as witnesses. torney. .

852. Fees of grand and petit jurors. 836. Sum to be paid to district at 853. Printers' fees.

torney of southern district of 854. Meaning of folio.

New York for office-expenses. 1855. Jurors and witnesses, when paid 837. District attorney and marshal in by marshal. Oregon and Nevada.

856. Fees of district attorneys, mar838. Prosecution of frauds on the shals, etc., how paid. revenue.

857. Fees, how recovered.

Sec. 823. Fees to be taxed. The following and no other compensation shall be taxed and allowed to attorneys, solicitors and proctors in the courts of the United States, to district attorneys, clerks of the circuit and district courts, marshals, com

missioners, witnesses, jurors, and printers in the several States and Territories, except in cases otherwise expressly provided by law. But nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit attorneys, solicitors and proctors from charging to and receiving from their clients, other than the government, snch reasonable compensation for their services, in addition to the taxable costs, as may be in accordance with general usage in their respective States, or may be agreed upon between the parties.

26 Feb., 1853, c. 80, s. 1, v. 10, p. 161; 3 Mar., 1855, c. 155, s. 12, v. 10, pp. 670, 671.

· FEES OF ATTORNEYS, SOLICITORS, AND PROCTORS. Sec. 824. Attorneys, solicitors, and proctors.-On a trial before a jury, in civil or criminal causes or before referees, or on a final hearing in equity or admiralty, a docket fee of twenty dollars: Provided, That in cases of admiralty and mari. time jurisdiction, where the libelant recovers less than fifty dollars, the docket fee of his proctor shall be but ten dollars.

In cases at law, when judgment is rendered without a jury, ten dollars.

In cases at law, when the cause is discontinued, five dollars.

For scire facias, and other proceedings on recognizances, five dollars.

For each deposition taken and admitted in evidence in a cause, two dollars and fifty cents.

For services rendered in cases removed from a district to a circuit court by writ of error or appeal, five dollars.

For examination by a district attorney, before a judge or commissioner, of persons charged with crime, five dollars a day for the time necessarily employed.

For each day of his necessary attendance in a court of the United States on the business of the United States, when the court is held at the place of his abode, five dollars; and for his attendance when the court is held elsewhere, five dollars for each day of the term.

For traveling from the place of his abode to the place of

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