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Washington, D.C., January 2, 1908. The following regulations are established for the information and guidance of officers of the customs:

This volume is to be cited as the “ Customs Regulations of 1908,” and references thereto in official correspondence should be made to articles by their numbers and not by chapter and page.

The chief customs officers are instructed to set apart at each customs office one copy of this work, which is to be corrected by the addition thereto of all amendatory matter, and such copy is to be regarded as the standard authority for reference.

For the convenience of customs officers, the regulations of bureaus of the Department of Commerce and Labor closely related to the customs service are published in this volume. All communications concerning those matters should be addressed to the proper officer of that Department.

The footnotes after the word " See” indicate cognate subjects; the cross references in the text refer to the same or to similar subjectmatter. The Treasury Decisions cited in the margins, not the bases for the articles opposite to which they are placed, are decisions in construction of the law or regulations inserted for ready reference.

Regulations which in prior editions appeared as a part of the Customs Regulations and which are published separately, such as those for the Revenue-Cutter Service, the Public Health and MarineHospital Service, and the Internal Revenue Service, are omitted from this edition of the Customs Regulations. Such regulations may be obtained in separate form by customs officers requiring them for official use.

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Secretary of the Treasury.



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