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A | Platform of Church Discipline. || Cambridge: | Printed by Marmaduke Johnson 1671.

A Serious | Exhortation to the Present and Succeeding | Gene ration | in New-England. | By Eleazar Mather. || Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green and Marmaduke Johnson, 1671.

1672. An | EPHEMERIS | Of The Cælestiall Motions for the Year of the Christian Epocha | 1672. | By Jeremiah Shepard. Printed by Samuel Green. 1672. 16mo. pp. (16).

The Book of General | Laws of the Inhabitants of the Jurisdiction of | New-Plymouth. i Cambridge: | Samuel Green 1670.

The General | Laws | and | Liberties | of the Massachusetts | Colony: | Revised and Re-printed. || Cambridge: | Samuel Green 1672.

Peace | The End of the Perfect and Uprigh, [sic] | Demonstrated and usefully Improved in a | Sermon, Preached upon the Occasion of the Death and Decease of that | Piously Affected, and truly Religious Matron, | Mrs. Anne Mason: | By Mr. James Fitch, Pastor of the Church of Christ at Norwich. || Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green. 1672. Sm. 4to. pp. (2), 13.

The | Spouse of Christ | Coming out of affliction, leaning upon Her | Beloved: | Or, A | Sermon | Preached by | Mr. John Allin The late Reverend Pastor to the Church of Christ at Dedham. Cam. bridge: | Printed by Samuel Green: and are to be sold | by John Tappin of Boston. 1672. Sm. 4to. pp. (4), 11.

1673. 1673 | An | Almanack Of Cælestial Motions of the Year of the | Christian Æra. | 1673. | Being second after Leap-year and from the Creation, | 5622. By N. H. || Cambridge: | Printed by Samuel Green. 1673. 16mo. pp. (16).

New-England Freemen | Warned and Warmed to be Free indeed, I etc. By J. 0. (John Oxenbridge.) || Cambridge: | Samuel Green 1673. 16 mo. pp. (6) 48.

New-England | Pleaded with, | and pressed to consider the things which | concern her | Peace. 1 By Urian Oakes. || Cambridge: 1 Samuel Green. 1673. 12 mo. pp. (6) 64.

Wo to Drunkards. | Two Sermons. By Increase Mather. | Cambridge: | Printed by Marmaduke Johnson. 1673. 12 mo. pp. (4) 34.

1674. The Cry of Sodom | Enqvired Into: | Upon Occasion of | The Arraignment and Condemnation Of | BENJAMIN GOAD, For his Prodigious Villany, | Together with | A Solemn Exhortation to Tremble at Gods Judgements, 7 and to Abandon Youthful Lusts. By S. Danforth] || Cambridge: Printed by Marmaduke Johnson, 1674. 4to. pp. (4), 26.

An | Exhortation unto | Reformation, | Amplified. By Samuel Torrey, || Cambridge: | Marmaduke Johnson, 1674. 12 mo. pp. (8) 44.

Souldiery Spiritualized, | Or | the Christian Souldier | Orderly, and Strenuously Engaged in the Spiritual Warre, | And So fighting the good Fight: | Represented in a Sermon Preached at Boston in 1 New England on the Day of the Artil- | lery Election there, June 1, 1674. | By Joshua Moodey Pastor of the Church at | Portsmouth in New-England. || Cambridge: | Printed by Samuel Green, 1674. 4to. pp. (2), (2), 47."

The Unconquerable | all-conquering & more then conquering | Souldier. By Urian Oakes. || Cambridge: | Samuel Green, 1674. 12 mo. pp. (6) 40.

1675. 1675 | An | Almanack | Of | Celestial motions for the Year of the | Christian Æra, | 1675. | Being in our Account) Leap-Year, and from the Creation 5624. | By J. Foster. | Printed by Samuel Green 1675. - 16mo. pp. (16).

A Discourse | Concerning the Subject of Baptisme, | By Increase Mather. || Cambridge: | Samuel Green, 1675. 12 mo. pp. (4) 76.

The First Principles of New-England, | Concerning the Subject of Baptisme | Communion of Churches. 'By Increase Mather, || Cambridge: | Samuel Green, 1675. 12 mo. pp. (8) 40, 7.

Several | Law & Orders | Made at the Sessions of the General | Court | Held at Boston the 13th of October 1675. As also at the Sessions of Court held at Boston the 34 of November 1675. | And Printed by their Order, | Edward Rawson Secr. pp. 25-28.

1676. 1676 | An | Almanack | Of Cælestial Motions of the Sun and Planets, | with some of their principal Aspects. For the Year of the Christian Æra, | 1676. | Being in our Account the first after Bis- | sextile or Leap-year and from the Creation, 5625. By J. S[herman.] || Cambridge: | Printed by S. Green 1676. 16mo. pp. (16).

1677. 1677. | An | Almanack Of | Cælestial Motions of the Sun and Planets, with some of their principal Aspects | For the Year of the Christian Æra | 1677. | Being in our Account the second after | Leapyear and from the Creation, 5626. By J. S [herman.) || Cambridge: | Printed by S. Green 1677. 16mo. pp. (16).

1678. Pray for the Rising Generation, | Or A | Sermon | Wherein Godly Parents are Encou- | raged, to Pray and Believe ) for their Children. | Preached the third day of the fifth Month, 1678. Cambridge: | Printed by Samuel Green, and sold by | Edmund Ranger in Boston, 1678. 16mo. pp. (4), 23.

1680. The New Testament. Translated into the Indian Language. WUSKU. | Wuttestamentum | Nul-lordumun | Jesus Christ. Nuppoquohwussuaenenmun. || Cambridge, | Printed for the Right Honourable Corporation in London, for the propagation of the Gospel among the In- | dians in New-England. 1680. || Cambridge: | Samuel Green, 1680.

1682. An | Ephemeris of Coelestial Motions, Aspects, &c. For the year of the Christian Aéra 1682. | By W. Brattle Philomath. || Cambridge: | Printed by Samuel Green 1682. 16 mo. pp. (14) 9.

A | Seasonable Discourse | Wherein | Sincerity & Delight in the Service of God | is earnestly pressed upon | Professors of Religion. Delivered on a Public Fast, at Cambridge in | New-England, T By the Reverend, and Learned Urian Oakes, | Late Pastor of the Church there and Praesident of | Harvard Colledge. Cambridge: | Printed by Samuel Green 1682. Sm. 4to. pp. (6), 23.

1685. The New-England | Almanack | For | The Year of our Lord 1685. | And of the World 5635. | Since the planting of Massachusetts | Colony in New-England 58 | Since the found. of Harv. Coll. 44. By S. D. Philomath. | Printed by Samuel Green, sen. Printer to Harvard | Colledge in New-England. A. D. 1685. 16mo. pp. (17).

Mamusse | Wunneetupanatamwe | Up-Biblum God | Naneeswe Nukkone Testament | Kah Wonk | WUSKU Testament.' | Ne quoshkinnumuk nashpe Wuttinneumoh Christ | noh asoowesit | John Eliot, | Nahohtou ontchetæ Printeuoomuk, '| Cambridge: | Printeuoop nashpe Samuel Green. MDCLXXXV. Second Edition of the entire Bible.

1689. Sampwutteahae | Quinnuppekompauaenin. | Wahuwômookoggussemesuog Sampwutteaháe Wunnamptamwaenuog, | Mache wussukhúmun ut English-Mâne Unnontoowaonk nasphpe Né muttae-wunnegenúe Wuttinneumoh Christ | Noh asoowesit | Thomas Shepard Quinnuppenumun en Indiane Unnontoowaonganit nashpe| Ne Quttianatamwe wuttinneumoh Christ | Noh assowesit | John Eliot. ) Kah nawhutche ut aiyeuongash oggussemese ontcheteanun | Nash pe Grindal Rawson. || Cambridge: | Printed by Samuel Green, in the Year 1689. Sm. 8vo. pp. (2), (2), 161. This is Mr. Shepard's "Sincere Convert."

1691. Tulley. 1691. | An | Almanack | For the Year of our Lord, I MDCXČI. | Being Third' after Leap-year; and | From the Creation | 5640. By John Tulley. || Cambridge: | Printed by Samuel Green. and B. Green. And are to be sold, by Nicholas Buttolph, at Gutteridg's Coffee-House in Boston. 1691. 16mo. pp. (16).

Nashauanittue Meninnunk | Wutch | Mukkiesog, | Wussesèmumun wutch Sogkodtunganash | Naneeswe Testamentsash; | Wutch Ukkesitchippooonganoo. Ukketeahogkounooh: / Negonáe wussukhumún ut Englishmânne Unnon- | toowaonganit, nashpene ánue, wunnegenüe Nohtompeantog. Noh asoowèsit | John Cotton. Kah yeuyeu qushkinnumunen Indiane | Winnaunchemookie Nohtompeantog ut kenugke | Indianog. | Mukkiesog, | Nashpel Grindal Rawson, | Cambridge: | Printeuoop nashpe Samuel Green kah | Bartholomew Green. 1691. 8vo. pp. 13.

This is John Cotton's Spiritual Milk for Babes drawn from the Breasts of both Testaments, for the Nourishment of their Souls.

1692. Tulley, | 1692. | An' | Almanack | For the Year of our Lord, I MDCXCII. | Being Bissextile or Leap-Year, ] And from the Creation, | 5641. By' John Tulley. || Cambridge: | Printed by Samuel Green, & Bartholomew Green, for Samuel Phillips, and are to be sold at his Shop at the West end of the Exchange in Boston. 1672. '16 Mo. pp. (24).

Dr. Samuel A. Green' in his List of Early American Imprints, in the library of the Massachusetts Historical Society, gives the titles of sixty-five that are in Roden's list and also three not given there. These are:

1657. The Life and Death of that deservedly Famous Mr. John Cotton, the late Reverend Teacher of the Church of Christ at Boston in New England. Collected out of the Writings and Information of the Rev. Mr. John Davenport of New-haven, the Rev. Mr. Samuel Whiting, at Lynne, the pious widow of the Deceased, and others: and compiled by his unworthy Successor, John Norton. Cambridge: Printed by S. Green, 1657.

1662. "Anti-Synodalia Scripta Americana. / Or, | a Proposal of the Judgment of the Dissenting Mes | sengers of the Churches of New-England Assembled, by the Appointment of the General Court, | March 10, 1662, whereof there were several | Sessions afterwards. | This Script or Treatise, by Gods Providence, falling into | the hands of a Friend to the Truth, and the Contents thereof, etc., was published for the Churches good, although without any Com- | mission from the Dissenting Brethren; which they are desired not to be offended with. | Wherein there is an Answer to the Arguments alleadged by the Synode."

1670. Viris Authoritate Praecipuis Prudentia Celeberrimis 1 [Imprint at foot of page]

Cantabrigial Nov-Angliae die nono Sextilis Anno M. DC. LXX. Broadside, Folis.

The Historical Society list contains about thirty not in the Antiquarian Society Library.

The Lenox Library of New York has fifty-nine of the imprints of the first Cambridge Press including one not mentioned by Roden; of those in the Lenox Library, twenty-six are not in the Library of the Antiquarian Society.

1 Dr. Green's original list printed in 1895 contained the titles of over three hundred early American imprints, printed in the United States before 1701. Four sup plementary lists increased this list to about four hundred.

Mr. Paine's list with later additions contained over one hundred and fifty titles printed previously to 1701 that were not in that of Dr. Green,


The unexpected death of the President is a great grief to the Antiquarian Society. Honourable Stephen Salisbury was born in Worcester, March 31, 1835. He was the only son of our first President Salisbury and bore his name. This name, indeed, perpetuated the name and honour in the life of Massachusetts for several generations known.

The grandfather of our late President established himself in Worcester in 1767, forming a partnership known as the firm of Samuel and Stephen Salisbury. They were closely connected with the firm of Sewall and Salisbury in Boston, who for the last years of the eighteenth century and the first part of the nineteenth century were prominent in the foreign commerce and domestic trade of Massachusetts. It was this first Stephen Salisbury who built the house now occupied by the Hancock Club, at the north end of the Main Street in Worcester, the house which becomes the property of the Antiquarian Society under the will of its late President.

The late Stephen Salisbury was educated at our own public schools. He went to Harvard College in the year 1852, where he graduated in the year 1856.

He studied law at the Cambridge Law School and was admitted to the Bar, but in his active life he gave most of his time and energy to the public duties which in his sense of duty belonged to a man of large property in a city like Worcester. And in interpreting those duties he was always proud and glad to take the largest view.

I think it is not improper in this connection to repeat an anecdote of his father which I heard in the year 1846

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