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or wool

Stick an' stow, totally, al- Sweaten, sweating

Syne, since ago, then
Sucker, sugar
Sugh, the continued rush-
ing noise of wind or wa.

T ter Suthron, southern, an old AE, a toe; three tae'd,

name for the English na having three prongs tion

Tauted, or tautie, matted Sud, should

together, spoken of hair Swap, an exchange; to barter

Tak, to take; takin, taking Swirl, a curve, an eddying Tangle, a sea weed

blast or pool, a knot in Tauld, or tald, told wood

Tarrow, to murmer at one's Swirlie, knaggy, full of allowance knots

Tarrow't, murmured Swither, to hefitate in Talkin, talking

choice ; an irresolute wa Tawie, that allows itself vering in choice

peaceably to be handled, Swank, stately, jolly

Spoken of a borse, cow, &c. Swankie or swanker, a tight Tap, the top

strapping young fellow or Taupie, a foolish, thoughtgirl

less young person Swatch, a sample

Tapetless, heedless, foolish Swith! get away

Tarry-breeks, a failor Swinge, to beat, to whip Tent, a field pulpit, head, Swingein, beaten, whipping caution ; to take heed Swaird, sward

Tentie, heedful, cautious Swat, did sweat

Tentless, heedless Swervin, swerving

Teugh, tough; teughly Swoor, swore, did swear

toughly Swall'a, fwelled

Teat, a small quantity, Sweer, lazý, averse ; dead Tearfu', tearful fweer, extremely averse


Ten hours bite, a slight feed Thankfu' thankful

to the horses while in the Thirl, to thrill

yoke in the forenoon Thirl'd, thrilled, vibrated Thack, thatch ; tback an' Thowless, slack, lazy

rape, clothing, necessaries Threap, to maintain by dint Thrang, throng, a crowd of affertion Thegither, together

Thir, these Thick, intimate, familiar Tither, the other Thole, to suffer, to endure Timmer, timber ; timberThae, thefe

propt, propped with timThristle, thistle

ber Throuther, pell-mell, con- Till't, to it fusedly

Tinkler, a tinker Thinkin, thinking

Tine, to lose ; tint, loft Thumpit, thumped

Tippence, two pence Thumpin, thumping Tittle, to whisper Thieveless, cold, dry, spited, Tittlin, whispering Spoken of a person's de Tirl, to make a flight noise,

to uncover Thowe, a thaw, to thaw Tirlin, uncovering, . Thankit, thanked

Tip, a ram Through, to go on with, to Towzie, rough, shaggy make out

Toom, empty Threshin, thrashing

Tout, the blaft of a horn or Thairms, small guts, fiddle

trumpet; to blow a horn, strings

&c. Themfel, themselves Thysel, thyself

Toddle, to totter like the Thud, to make a loud, in walk of a child termittent, noise

Toddlin, tottering Thraw, to sprain, to twist, Tod, a fox to contradict

Toop, a ram Thrawn, sprained, twisted, Toun, a hamlet, a farmicontradicted

house Thrawin, twisting, &c. Tocher, marriage-portion Threteen, thirteen

Toyte, to totter like old age



Tow, a rop


Vera, very

Towmond, a twelvemonth Undoin, undoing Toy, a very old falhion of Unskaith’d, undamaged, unfemale head dress

hurt Trashtrie, trash

Uncaring, disregarding
Trowth, truth, a petty oath Unkenn'd, unknown
Tryin, trying

Upo', upon
Trow, to believe
Tranfmugrify'd, tranfmi.
grated, metamorphosed

Trig, spruce, neat
Trimly, excellently

APÄRIN, vapouring
Trottin, trotting
Trickie, full of tricks Virl, a ring round a column,
Try't, tryed

&c. Tunefu', tuneful Tug, raw hide, of which, in old times, plough traces

W were frequently made , a

A', wall; rel, to fight

walls Twa, two

Wae, woe ; forrowful Twa-three, a few

Wad, would ; to bet; a bet, Twal, twelve ; Twalpennie a pledge

worth, a small quantity, Wadna, would not a penny-worth

Waltrie, prodigality Twin, to part

Warl, or warld, world 'Twad, it would

Warly, worldly, eager on Tyke, a dog

amassing wealth Wark, work

Wark-lume, a tool to work U


Warst, worst
NCOS, news

Wale, choice; to chuse Unco, strange, uncouth, Walid, chofe, chofen very, very great, pro. Wame, the belly; wamefou? digious

a bellyfull



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Warran, a warrant ; to war. Wearie, or weary ; monie a rant

wearie body, many a difWabfter, a weaver,

ferent person Waukin, to awake

Weet, rain, witness Waefucks! or waes me! Wha, who alas! O the pity

Whase, whose Waur, worfe; to worst Whare, where; wbare'er, Waur't worsted

wherever Warlock, a wizzard

Whyles, whiles, sometimes Warstid or warfl'd, wrestled Whissle, a whistle, to whistle Waneresfu', restless Whang, a leathern string, a Wat, wet; I wat, I wot, I piece of cheese, bread,&c. know

to give the strappado Wanchancie, unlucky Wheep, to fly nimbly, to Water-brole, brose made of jerk ; penny wheep, smali

meal and water fimply, beer without the additions of Whun-stane, a whin-stone milk, butter, &c.

Whirlygigums, useless ornaWaukit, thickened, as ful ments, trifling appendages lers do cloth

Whigmeleeries, whims, fanWauble, to swing, to reel cies, crotchets Wattle, a twig, a wand Whisht! silence! to hold Wair to lay out, to expend one's whisht, to be filent Walie, ample, large, jolly; Whaizle, to wheeze

also an interjection of dif- Whisk, to sweep, to lalh tress

Whiskit, lashed Waft; the woof

Whid, the motion of a hare Waifu', wailing

runnigg but not frighted, Wee, little; wee things,

little ones; wee bit, a small Whiddin, running as a hare

matter Weel, well ; weelfare, well- Whitter, a hearty draught

fare Wean or weanie, a child Whatreck, nevertheless Weafon, wealand

Whalpit, whelped We'fe, we shall

Wi', with

a lie

or coney

of liquor

Win', wind; win's, winds Wrack, to tease, to vex
Wimple, to meander Wrang, wrong; to wrong
Wimpl’t, meandered Wreeth, a drifted heap of
Wimplin, waving, mean snow

Wraith, a spirit, a ghoft;
Winna, will not

an apparition exactly like Winnock, a window

a living person, whose ap. Winkin, winking


is said to forbode Wick, to strike a stone in the person's approaching

an oblique direction, a death
term in curling

Wud mad, distracted
Withoutten, without

Wumble, a wimble
Win, to wind, to winnow Wyte, blame ; to blame
Win’t, winded, as a bottom Wyliecoat, a flannel velt

of yurn
Wintle, a staggering mo.

tion ; to stagger, to reel
Winze, an oath

TEAR, is used for both
Viel, a small whirlpool

hing. and plur. years Nifie, a diminutive or en Yell, barren, that gives no

dearing term for wife milk
Wizen’d, hide bound, dry- Yerk, to lash, to jerk
ed, shrunk

Yerkit, jerked, lashed
Wiss, to with

Yestreen, yelternight

gay, hearty, Yealings, born in the same
Waeful, woeful

Ye, this pronoun is frequentWonner, a wonder, a con ly used for Thou

temptuous appellation Yill, ale
Wonderfu', wonderful,won. Yird, earth

Yoursel, yourself
Woo', wool

Yont, beyond
Wover-bab, the garter knot- Youthfu', youthful

ted below the knee with Yokin, yoking, a bout
a couple of loops

Yowe, a ewe
Worset, worted

Yowie. dimin. of yowe
Wordy, worthy

Yule, Christmas


year, coeva's

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