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from Thee, may not in the least displease Thee.

I will aim by God's Grace1. To receive every the least accidents of life, whether coming directly or indirectly through a human agent, as discipline from God, to be sanctified through the Cross of our LORD.

2. To sympathize with the moral infirmities of another, even when they affect myself; regarding him as one in suffering and struggle with infirmity.

3. Not to speak abruptly, but rather to say more than is needful lest one should think that I so spoke.

4. To be patient whenever I fail, praying our LORD JESUS to forgive me; never brooding, but resuming as soon as I can my even line of duty.

5. To turn away from imaginings.

6. If any thought comes to me which troubles me, or any word be said which pains me, to turn at once to our LORD, hold myself still for a moment before Him, pray Him to steep my heart in His sacred Heart, that I may think and speak what His Love would have me speak and think.

I will practise this in little things in order to gain the grace and habit and readiness to practise it in what is greater.

I will aim-
To take lovingly whatever crosses

my own will.

I will take all mention of faults as from GOD through whomsoever or howsoever spoken. God gives me an occasion to look into myself.

It may be that although most which is said is untrue, there is a shade of truth. It is of moment to find out the least spark of evil in myself; it is of none (except in some cases, for charity) to shew others that they wrong me.

If I seem to be slighted, I will recollect that humiliation is the road to humility. Humiliations put on us are safer than any we ever put upon ourselves. We are safer from self in them. God puts them on us through whomsoever they come.

I will aim to say nothing but good of any one, and to see what good there may be in any.

If the application of any text of Holy Scripture, or of any saying of God's servants, tend to make me more humble, I will act upon it so far as to humble myself and to pray for deeper humility.

If it tend to make me hopeless, encourage despondency, inexertion, despair of God's mercy, “it is no use," etc., I may be sure the application comes from the devil, and will dismiss it.

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