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circumstances, apart from what He directly teaches?

Have I watched too much the looks of another and allowed doubts as to their kind feelings towards me? Have I interpreted the words of another beyond what their plain meaning requires?

Have I made inference from their looks, forgetting that the same expression may come from very different feelings?

Have I combined different words or deeds, in order to make one whole, indicating unlove in another?

Have I taken satisfaction in my quickness in combining things, or even a painful satisfaction in thinking myself right, even when it involved evil in another?

Have I allowed myself to imagine things of another, filling up what I knew or thought I knew, by anything which I did not know?

Have I accounted anything which pained me, as certain, because it

flashed vividly and painfully across me?

Have I watched either acts and words, in order to ascertain what would pain me, or so as to judge another?

Have I prayed GOD to take away suspicion from me, and tried actively to throw it off from me at the first moment?

Have I prayed our LORD by His Agony to strengthen me?

Have I gone over in my mind willingly things which in the past have pained me, without turning them into prayer when I remembered it? Have I allowed myself in any painful imaginings?

VI. Resolutions.

I will not myself judge as to the inward motives or feelings of others, whatever outward appearances may be. If judgments occur to me, I will


O Good LORD, Thou Alone knowest the hearts of men, Let me not judge Thy servant, But make all our hearts what Thou willest.

I will not supply any meaning as to words or letters, or acts of but if I do not understand any, or think that he means something severe which he does not say, I will ask him gently.

I will not mistake emotions for voluntary sin; but pray God to soothe and still me with the dew of His Grace.

I must not, and by God's Grace, will not this day, let my soul dwell on any painful thought as to another, save to pray Thee, O Blessed JESU, to bless me and make me Thine. If Thou permit this day that I should. be so harassed against my will— Make me hold fast to Thee,

That I may not in the least depart

from Thee, may not in the least displease Thee.

I will aim by God's Grace—

1. To receive every the least accidents of life, whether coming directly or indirectly through a human agent, as discipline from God, to be sanctified through the Cross of our LORD.

2. To sympathize with the moral infirmities of another, even when they affect myself; regarding him as one in suffering and struggle with infirmity.

3. Not to speak abruptly, but rather to say more than is needful lest one should think that I so spoke.

4. To be patient whenever I fail, praying our LORD JESUS to forgive me; never brooding, but resuming as soon as I can my even line of duty.

5. To turn away from imaginings. 6. If any thought comes to me which troubles me, or any word be said which pains me, to turn at

once to our LORD, hold myself still for a moment before Him, pray Him to steep my heart in His sacred Heart, that I may think and speak what His Love would have me speak and think.

I will practise this in little things in order to gain the grace and habit and readiness to practise it in what is greater.

I will aim

To take lovingly whatever crosses my own will.

I will take all mention of faults as from GOD through whomsoever or howsoever spoken. GOD gives me an occasion to look into myself.

It may be that although most which is said is untrue, there is a shade of truth. It is of moment to find out the least spark of evil in myself; it is of none (except in some cases, for charity) to shew others that they wrong me.

If I seem to be slighted, I will

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