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8. Idleness and deceit.

8. Contentedness and liber

ality. 9. Lying and slandering. 9. Truth and uprightness. 10. Every evil notion, im- 10. Good thoughts and perpure thought, and base desire.

severance to the end. Make me to go in the path of Thy Commandments; for therein is my desire. I have gone astray like a sheep that is lost: O seek Thy servant, for I do not forget Thy Commandments.

[See Note before the 12 Prayers 27. O my God, teach me in Chapter 3.]

to seek the health, safety, and 22. O my God, let nothing happiness of my neighbour; take away my heart from that he may be the better Thee. May I have no other able to serve and love Thee. God, no other love, but only

28. O my God, let Thy love Thee.

make me hate all uncleanness, 23. O my God, make me

that I may purify myself as 80 zealous for Thy honour, Thou, LORD, art pure. that I may try to worship

29. O my God, teach me to Thee as I ought, and may be just in giving to all men show a due regard to all the

what is due to them. Help parts of Thy worship.

me to be thankful to Theo 24. O my God, let it be the for Thy gifts, temperate in great business of my life to my use of them, and liberal in love and glorify Thy Name giving to those that are in with my lips and in my life, need. and by leading all I can to 30. O my God, give me honour Thee.

grace always to speak the 25. O my God, give me

truth, and to hate all things grace to worship Thee at all that hurt my neighbour's good times, in private and in Thy name. holy temple ; and to serve 31. O my God, give me a Thee truly all the days of my

heart that may, for the love life.

of Thee, stop all the risings 26. O my God, help me

of sinful desire, before they for Thy sake to give due ho- lead to consent or to any evil nour to all those set over me,

words and deeds. those placed under my charge, and all with me at home and

The LORD JESUS said at work, in the Church and 1. Thou shalt love the LORD in the world.

thy God with all thy heart,


and with all thy soul, and

Golden Rule. with all thy mind, and with The LORD JESUS said all thy strength.

All things whatsover ye 2. Thou shalt love thy would that men should do to neighbour as thyself.

you, do ye even so to them; On these two command for this is the law and the proments hang all the law and phets.-S. Matt. vii. 12. the prophets.-S. Mark. xii. 30, 31. S. Matt. xxii. 40. Be you to others kind and true, Compare Deut. vi. 5, x. 12.

As you'd have others be to you; 1. With all thy soul love and neither do nor say to men God above.

Whate'er you would not take 2. And, as thyself, thy

again. neighbour love. First Table-Commandments


We cannot believe or do as O GOD, Who alone art wor- we ought without God's help. thy of my love: Grant me So God has given us His Holy grace, that I may never forget Sacraments as means of grace. Thee nor Thy glorious perfec- | JESUS CHRIST was made man, tions; but serve Thee accord- and thus became the Saviour ing to Thy Word, and accord- of all that come to Him: He ing to my vows, in sincerity now applies that salvation to and godly fear: that I may each through Sacraments. not spend Thy holy days in I. By HOLY BAPTISM We idleness or in formal acts of are washed from the sin of worship, but may honour and our birth, and born again of serve Thee with my body and water and of the spirit ; through JESUS Chapters 12–16. CHRIST my Saviour. Amen. II. HOLY COMMUNION feeds Second Table-Commandments us with the Most Precious

Body and Blood of our Saviour Open mine eyes, O LORD; JESUS CHRIST.—Part III. that I may see Thy law to be Holy Baptism and Holy holy and just and good ; and Communion are the two great that I may keep it with my Sacraments of the Gospel, whole heart. Teach me to appointed by CHRIST Himself, love and honour all whom necessary for all Christian Thou hast placed over me; to people. They stand above do violence to no man; to hate all other ordinances in the all uncleanness, deceit, lying, Church of GOD. and evil desires; for JESUS CHRIST's sake. Amen.

3. Confirmation gives us the

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Holy Ghost to strengthen us. are reserved for the Bishop -Chapters 17-18.

only. The clergy of the 4. Absolution cleanses us Church of England trace their from sins committed after descent from the Apostles Baptism.—Chapter 32. whom the LORD JESUS or

5. By the ministry of God's dained. The Bishop of Rome, Priests in the Visitation of a few years ago, sent some the Sick our souls are helped Bishops to England; but, of in their affliction.

course, it would be a sin for 6. By Holy Orders we are us to give up the clergy whom provided with Divinely-ap- God has set over us, and folpointed Ministers.

low the Roman clergy or any 7. Holy Matrimony blesses other teachers of religion who and sanctifies the state of the try to make converts. married.

In Holy Matrimony a Christian man

and woman

“ joined together by GOD;" The Visitation of the Sick and Jesus said, “What, thereis described in S. James v. fore, God hath joined together 14. 15. Sick people ought to let not man put asunder.” send for a clergyman before S. Mark x. 9. Some irrelithey are too weak to receive gious people like to be “withthe full benefit of his help. out GOD” in their marriage ; The visit of a clergyman does and the Registrar gives them not condemn a sick man to a license to live together as death: “the prayer of faith? man and wife. They think may even “raise him up." in this way to escape public Sickness is “God's visitation:" disgrace; but theirs is not the priest comes on God's Holy Matrimony. Church behalf to help the afflicted to people should not marry in make his peace with God, or Advent or Lent, or during to minister to him according Great Festivals. to the special needs of his The services used in the soul. [Prayers for the Sick, celebration of the Sacraments Part VII.]

and other Ordinances are The Prayer Book contains found in the Book of Common services for making, ordain- Prayer. In the title-page of ing, and consecrating Bishops, that book you will see that Priests, and Deacons. The we have the services “of the Deacon assists the Priest, the Church,” that is, of the one Priest celebrates all the Offices Church of CHRIST; we have of the Church except Ordina- them o according to the tion and Confirmation, which I use of the branch of that

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Church which is planted in persons are Christians, though this land. A great part of they may be trying to do the Prayer Book is very an- what is good. All baptized cient. Its forms of worship persons are children of GOD, have been handed down from though they are not all obethe early Church. “The use dient children. But no unof the Church of England baptized persons are children was arranged very much in of God, though they may its present form in the year do some things that God's 1549. Since that time the children do. This Prayer Book has been revised: quite plain. We cannot save it was put forth, just as we ourselves, or make ourselves have it now, by the authority God's people. It must be of the Church of England, in GOD's act, and He has taught the year 1662. Some people, us that He does it in Holy who do not believe Church | Baptism. We must be born doctrine, want the Prayer again. We can't be saved by Book altered again ; and they our own good thoughts, or blame the clergymen who feelings, or faith. JESUS obey the Prayer Book as it is. Christ is our only Saviour, Alterations of that kind would and we must come to Him to be very sinful. For “ the use

be saved. Therefore “repent of the Church of England and be baptized, every one of must agree with the doctrine you." Acts ii. 38. You must of the Church” of which it come to your Saviour in this is a part. 1 Cor. xi. 16. way. and not in any other

way of your own. Hear His

words, “Verily, verily, I say 12.-HOLY BAPTISM.

unto thee, Except a man be The first Sacrament is that born of water and of the by which we first come to Spirit, he cannot enter into JESUS. This is what the the kingdom of God.” S. John

to you—“As many iii. 5. of you as have been baptized into CHRIST have put on CHRIST.” Gal. iii. 27. There

13.-INFANT BAPTISM. fore, of course, as many as

Infants must be baptized have not been baptized have as soon as possible after their not put on CHRIST, and are birth.

It is very wrong to none of His.

All baptized put off this duty, as some persons are Christians, though people do, for months or even they are not all good Chris- years. JESUS said, “Suffer tians. But no unbaptized | the little children to come

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unto Me, and forbid them Christian people ought to not.” S. Mark x. 14. " Re- be glad to act as sponsors for gistration” is not Baptism. their friends' children, when Registration means only that asked to do so. Some perthe infant has been born into sons are afraid to do this; for this world—“born in sin :" they think they shall have to Baptism means that in it the answer for the children's infant has been born again of sins. This is a great miswater and of the Spirit. Bap- take. All that God-fathers tism is more than “naming." and God-mothers have to do The Christian name is only a is to help parents in the care sign of the new birth into of their children's souls, by God's family, just as the sur- seeing that the children are name is a sign of the infant's taught their duty to God and birth into its parents' family. man. You will find all this Names that are really “Chris- explained in the end of the tian” can be chosen from the Baptismal Service. It is the Church Kalendar. Infants duty of parents and Godought to be baptized publicly, parents to train up children that is, in Church during the " in the nurture and admoniservice; that the people may tion of the LORD.” It is a be reminded of their own great sin for Church people Baptism, and may pray for to neglect the teaching of the children. The office for their children, or to send the "

· Public Baptism of In- them to any but Church fants” ought not to be used Schools, where they will be in Church as a private ser- trained up in the religion into vice, when there is not a which they have been bappublic service going on. It tized. is the duty of every Christian The Rules of the Prayer to do all he can to bring in- Book allow dipping” or fants to Holy Baptism, and to pouring.” They do not say take care that no infants die anything about "sprinkling” without this blessing It is infants or adults. not necessary for either father or mother to be present at the Baptism of their child. The 14.-PRIVATE BAPTISM. mother should be Churched When an infant is in danger as soon as she can go out. of death, but not otherwise, No fee should be given to any the priest should be asked to one for baptizing a child, or baptize it privately. If there writing its name in the re- is not time to get a priest, gisters.

any man or woman may bap

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