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grieved Thee; may I love ners from the death of sin Thee for suffering and dying Who wilt raise the bodies of for sinners, who caused all | Thy saints and give them Thy griefs: O may I always glory. love Thee! O may I never 12. 0 Thou great Author grieve Thee more!

and Finisher of our faith: 5. All praise and glory be increase in me all Christian to Thee, LORD JESUS, Who graces, and make me to be didst taste of death, and take numbered with Thy saints in away the sting of death; Who glory everlasting. didst rise again, and give us the victory.

4.-HOPE. 6. Glory bo to Thee, LORD JESUS, Who didst ascend to After faith the next virtue heaven, and there pleadest that a Christian needs is hope. for us sinners. Let my affec- Hope is a gift of God. It tions rise to Thee, and return is built on the promises of to the earth no more.

CHRIST, on His merits, and on 7. Glory be to Thee, LORD the mercy of God, Who will JESUS, Who from Thy throne give us the help we need. at God's right hand wilt come We are not to hope or trust to judge the living and the in ourselves, or in our own dead: may I ever be mindful good works. We cannot do of the strict account I have anything good, except by the to give.

grace of CHRIST working with 8. All love, all glory be to us. Do not sin by presumption, Thee, O Blessed Spirit, the or think that GOD will pardon Giver of life: may I never you, whether you do good or grieve Thee, and may Thy evil. Do not sin by despair, Presence never depart from or think that God has given

you up, and will not save you. 9. O my God, keep me al- If you have hope in God, it ways in the fold of the Catho- will lead you to lic Church, that so I may never be taken away from

5.–PRAYER. Thee, but with Thy saints All real Christians pray. may praise and love Thee.

It is a very sad thing for any10. All love and glory be one who calls himself a Christo Thee, O GOD, Who dost tian to live without prayer. pardon sinners that repent. When you pray, think well God be merciful to me a sinner. of what you are going to do.

11. Glory be to Thee, 0 Think of your own weakness GOD, Who dost now raise sin-1 and sin. Think of God's


power and goodness. Kneel | JESUS CHRIST. In the first down humbly, and keep in three prayers we ask for grace mind that you are in the pre- that God's Name may be hosence of God. Take care how noured, that all may know you speak to God. Do not and serve Him as their King, let your thoughts wander, or and that all may give up their your eyes see what may dis- own wills, and do His will. turb you. Speak slowly and Then we say four prayers for with reverence; and ask God's ourselves. First, we ask for help, that you may prayaright. the food that keeps soal and The best of all prayers is body in life. Sin kills the 6.—THE LORD'S PRAYER. soul, but we go on to pray

that God would in mercy forThe Address.

give us, help us in temptation, Our Father, Which art in and keep us from evil. Lastly, Heaven.

we give glory to God, Who Seven Petitions.

lets us pray to Him; and say 1. Hallowed be Thy Name.

“Amen,” which here, and at

the end of all other prayers, 2. Thy Kingdom come. 3. Thy will be done in God grant what we ask!”


“So be it !” or, “ May Earth, as it is in Heaven.

4. Give us this day our daily bread.

7.-DEVOTIONS ON THE 5. And forgive us our tres- LORD'S PRAYER. passes, as we forgive them Our Father Which in Heaven that trespass against us : 6. And lead us not into

art; LORD, Hallowed be temptation;

Thy Name. 7. But deliver us from evil: Thy Kingdom come: Thy

will be done in Earth and The End.

Heaven the same. For Thine is the Kingdom, Give us our daily bread for the Power, and the Glory, soul and body day by day ; For ever and ever.

As we forgive our debtors, Amen.

so forgive ourdebts we pray. This prayer was given to Into temptation lead us not; us by our Saviour JESUS from evil keep us free; CHRIST. We must use it when For Thine the Kingdom, we pray; and all our prayers Power, and Glory are eterought to be like it. We speak nally. to God as our heavenly Father, because He is the Father [See Note before the 12 Prayers of our LORD and Saviour in Chapter 3.]


13. O Father Almighty, let | Thee, O LORD, Who, to teach my soul rise up to Thee, when us charity, hast made our forI pray, in heavenly thoughts giveness of others the condiand desires and love. Draw tion of obtaining Thine. my heart away from earth, 19. LORD, Thou knowest when I speak to Thee in hea- | how weak I am, and how ready

my deceitful heart is to yield 14. O LORD God, may Thy to the tempter; O be merciful Name be confessed, Thy great- to me, save and help and deness and goodness be adored liver me; keep me ever on for ever in our hearts, our my guard; and give me the mouths, and our lives. Let victory at last. every thing that hath breath 20. O Father of mercy, savo praise the LORD.

me from the evil that tempts 15. O my God, let it be me, from the evil of sin, the Thy good pleasure to put an evil of punishment, the evil end to sin and sorrow, pain one, the evil world, my own and death; that all who wait evil heart, and all things that for Thy salvation may for may lead me to do what disever love and praise Thee in pleases Thee. Thy kingdom of glory.

21. To Thee, O LORD GOD, 16. LORD, Thy will and do I pray, for Thine is the Thy laws are holy, just, and kingdom over all; on Thee good. Give me grace, like do I rest, for Thine is the the blessed spirits above, to power to help and bless me; will what Thou willest, to will to Thee I offer up my praises, because Thou willest, to will for Thine is the glory for ever as Thou willest, and to will and ever. Amen. when Thou willest.

17. Give me, 0 heavenly 8.-CHARITY. Father, my daily bread, and There are three great Chriswith it give me Thy blessing. tian virtues — Faith, Hope, Above all, give me the Bread and Charity; but, S. Paul of Life, the Bread that came tells us that “the greatest of down from heaven, the Body these is Charity.” When we and Blood of Thy most Blessed believe all that God has taught Son, to feed me unto life eter- us, our faith leads us to hope nal.

in His mercy. When we have 18. For Thine own mercies' faith and hope we love GOD, sake, and for the merits of the Who is so great and good. Son of Thy love, forgive me, And JESUS CHRIST has said, O my Father, and forgive all “ If ye love Me, keep My penitent sinners. Glory be to commandments."

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O that I, with Faith and Hope, , stranger that is within thy

And with Love surrounded, gates. For in six days the In the dreadful Judgment LORD made heaven and earth, Day

the sea, and all that in them May not be confounded ! is, and rested the seventh

day; wherefore the LORD 9.-THE TEN COMMAND- blessed the seventh day, and MENTS.

hallowed it. The First Table.

The Second Table. I. Thou shalt have none other gods but Me.

V. Honour thy father and II. Thou shalt not make to thy mother; that thy days thyself any graven image, nor

may be long in the land, the likeness of any thing that

which the LORD thy GOD is in heaven above, or in the

giveth thee.

VI. Thou shalt do no murearth beneath, or in the water

der. under the earth. Thou shalt

VII. Thou shalt not comnot bow down to them, nor

mit adultery. worship them: for I the LORD

VIII. Thou shalt not steal. thy God am a jealous God,

IX. Thou shalt not bear and visit the sins of the fathers

false witness against thy upon the children, unto the third and fourth generation of


X. Thou shalt not covet them that hate Me, and shew thy neighbour's house, thou mercy unto thousands in them shalt not covet thy neighthat love Me, and keep My bour's wife, nor his servant, commandments. III. Thou shalt not take

nor his maid, nor his ox, nor

his the Name of the LORD thy

ass, nor anything that is

his. God in vain: for the LORD will not hold him guiltless These Ten Commandments that taketh His name in vain. of God teach us two things—

IV. Remember that thou our duty towards God, and keep holy the Sabbath day. our duty towards our neighSix days shalt thou labour, bour. The first four teach us and do all that thou hast to to love God above all for His do; but the seventh day is the own sake. The last six teach Sabbath of the LORD thy us to love all men as ourselves God. In it thou shalt do no for God's sake, and to do unto manner of work, thou, and all men as we would they thy son, and thy daughter, thy should do unto us. man-servant, and thy maid- Our duty towards God is servant, thy cattle, and the 'to believe in Him as the only

true God, to worship Him 2. Before no idol bow thy aright, to honour His Holy knee. Name and His Word, and to 3. Take not the Name of serve Him truly all the days God in vain; of our life. Our duty towards 4. Nor dare God's Holy our neighbour is to give due Day profane. honour to all men, to hurt 5. Give both thy parents nobody by evil thoughtor word honour due. or deed, to keep our bodies 6. Take heed that thou no pure, to be honest in all our murder do. dealings, to speak kindly and 7. Be pure in thought, and truly of all, and to desire word, and deed; nothing wrong

8. Nor steal, whatever be By keeping these Command- thy need. ments we do our duty, not 9. Make not a wilful lie, only to God and man, but also nor love it. to ourselves. When we sin 10. What is Thy neighbour's against any of these Com- | do not covet. mandments we must humbly ask God to have mercy upon LORD, make me understand us, and to lead our hearts to Thy Law, keep His laws.

Show what my faults have

been; 10.—DEVOTIONS ON THE And from Thy Gospel let me TEN COMMANDMENTS.

draw 1. Thou shalt have no more

Pardon for all my sin. Gods but Me.


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