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Friday, February 2, 1866.

Saturday, February 3, 1866.

Several other Members took and subThe House being met, and Mr. SPEAKER scribed the Oath ; and several Members ELECT having taken the Chair, a Message professing the Roman Catholic Religion was delivered by the Yeoman Usher of the took and subscribed the Roman Catholic Black Rod :

Oath ; and several Members, being of the

People called Quakers, made and sub"MR. SPEAKER,

scribed the Affirmation required by Law. “ The Lords authorized by virtue of

House adjourned at Four o'clock, Her Majesty's Commission, desire the immediate attendance of this Honourable House in the House of Peers.

HOUSE OF LORDS, Accordingly, Mr. Speaker Elect, with the House, went up to the House of Peers,

Monday, February 5, 1866. where he was presented to the said Lords Several Lords-Took the Oath. Commissioners for Her Majesty's approba- Several Lords-Took the Oath prescribed tion.

by the Act 10th Geo. IV. to be taken by

. Then the LORD CHANCELLOR, one of the Peers professing the Roman Catholic Resaid Lords Commissioners, signified Her ligion. Majesty's approbation of Mr. Speaker liament after the Death of his Father.

The Earl of Bradford-Sat first in ParElect.

His Royal Highness The Duke of CamThe House being returned ;

bridge-Singly took the Oath. MR. SPEAKER said: I have to report Parliament after the Death of his Father.

The Marquess of Bristol-Sat first in to the House that, in the House of Peers, Her Majesty, by Her Commissioners, was Knight, Master or Keeper of Her Majesty's

The Right Honourable Sir John Romilly, pleased to approve the choice made of my- Rolls, having been created Baron Romilly self for your Speaker; and that I have, in

-was (in the usual manner) introduced. your name and on your behalf, made claim

The Right Honourable Sir Francis and humble petition to Her Majesty for all your ancient and undoubted rights and Baring, Baronet, having been created your ancient and undoubted rights and Baron® Northbrook-was in the usual privileges, particularly freedom from arrest of your persons and servants, freedom of manner) introduced.

The Duke of Newcastle-Sat first in speech in debate, free access to Her Ma- Parliament after the Death of his Father. jesty whenever occasion should require, and that the most favourable construction

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales should be placed on all your proceedings.

-Singly took the Oath. All these Her Majesty, by her Commis

The Lord Walsingham-Sat first in

Parliament after the Death of his Father. sioners, has been pleased to grant and accede in as ample a manner as they have

House adjourned at Five o'clock, been granted and acceded to your prede

till To-morrow, half past

One o'clock. cessors on every former occasion. I have now to remind the House that it is their duty to take the oaths required by HOUSE OF COMMONS, law.

Monday, February 5, 1866, MR. SPEAKER then took and subscribed the Oath, first alone; and after him several

Several other Members took and subother Members took and subscribed the scribed the Oath ; and several Members Oath; and several Members professing the professing the Roman Catholic Religion Roman Catholic Religion took and sub- took and subscribed the Roman Catholic scribed the Roman Catholic Oath; and Oath; and several Members, being of the several Members professing the Jewish People called Quakers, made and subReligion took and subscribed the Jewish scribed the Affirmation required by Law; Oath.

and one Member professing the Jewish

Religion took and subscribed the Jewish
Ilouse adjourned at half after Oath.
Four o'clock.

House adjourned at Four o'clock,

HOUSE OF LORDS, cement the Amity of the Two Na-
Tuesday, February 6, 1866.

tions, and to prove to the World their

friendly Concert in the Promotion of Several Lords-Took the Oath.

Peace. The Session was opened by THE QUEEN “I HAVE observed with Satisfaction in Person.

that the United States, after termiTHE QUEEN'S SPEECH. nating successfully the severe Struggle HER MAJESTY, being seated on the in which they were so long engaged, Throne, adorned with Her Crown and are wisely repairing the Ravages of Regal Adornments, and attended by Her Civil War. The Abolition of Slavery Officers of State :—The PRINCE OF WALES (in his Robes) sitting in his chair on Her is an Event calling forth the cordial Majesty's right hand-(the Lords being in Sympathies and Congratulations of their Robes)—commanded the Gentleman this Country, which has always been · Usher of the Black Rod, through the Deputy Lord Great Chamberlain, to let foremost in showing its Abhorrence the Commons know “ It is Her Majesty's of an Institution repugnant to every Pleasure they attend Her immediately in Feeling of Justice and Humanity. this House." Who being come, with their Speaker;

I HAVE at the same Time the The LORD CHANCELLOR, taking direction Satisfaction to inform you that the from HER MAJESTY, said ;

Exertions and Perseverance of My

Naval Squadron have reduced the My Lords, and Gentlemen,

Slave Trade on the West Coast of "It is with great Satisfaction that I have recourse to your Assistance and Africa within very narrow Limits. Advice.

“A CORRESPONDENCE has taken "I HAVE recently declared My place between My Government and Consent to a Marriage between My that of the United States with respect Daughter Princess Helena and Prince to Injuries inflicted on American ComChristian of Schleswig-Holstein Son- merce by Cruisers under the Confedederbourg-Augustenburg. I trust this rate Flag Copies of this CorresponUnion may be prosperous and happy. dence will be laid before you.

. The Death of My Beloved Uncle The Renewal of Diplomatic ReThe King of the Belgians has affected lations with Brazil has given Me much Me with profound Grief. I feel great Satisfaction; and I acknowledge with Confidence, however, that the Wis- Pleasure that the good Offices of My dom which He evinced during His Ally The King of Portugal have conReign will animate His Successor, and tributed essentially to this happy preserve for Belgium her Independence Result. and Prosperity.

“I HAVE to regret the Interruption “My Relations with Foreign Powers of Peace between Spain and Chili. are friendly and satisfactory, and I see The good Offices of My Government, no Cause to fear any Disturbance of in conjunction with those of the Gothe general Peace.

vernment of The Emperor of the “The Meeting of the Fleets of French, have been accepted by Spain, France and England in the Ports of and it is My earnest Hope that the the respective Countries has tended to Causes of Disagreement may be re

moved in a Manner honourable and “PAPERS on the present state of

In satisfactory to both Countries. New Zealand will be laid before you. “The Negotiations which have

"I HAVE given Directions for the been long pending in Japan, and Return to this Country of the greater which have been conducted with great portion of My Regular Forces emAbility by My Minister in that Coun-ployed in that Colony. try, in conjunction with the Representatives of My Allies in Japan, have

“I watch with Interest the Probeen brought to a Conclusion which ceedings which are still in progress in merits My entire Approbation. The British North America with a view to existing Treaties have been ratified by a closer Union among the Provinces, the Mikado; it has been stipulated and I continue to attach great importthat the Tariff shall be revised in a ance to that Object. Manner favourable to Commerce, and

I HAVE observed with great Conthat the Indemnity due under the cern the extensive Prevalence, during Terms of the Convention of October the last few Months, of a virulent 1864 shall be punctually discharged. Distemper among Cattle in Great

“I have concluded a Treaty of Britain, and it is with deep Regret, Commerce with The Emperor of Aus- and with sincere Sympathy for the tria, which I trust will open to that Sufferers, that I have learnt the severe Empire the Blessings of extended Losses which it has caused in many Commerce, and be productive of im. Counties and Districts. It is satisfac. portant Benefits to both Countries. tory to know that Ireland and a con

“The deplorable Events which have siderable Part of Scotland are as yet occurred in the Island of Jamaica have free from this Calamity, and I trust induced Me to provide at once for an that by the Precautions suggested by impartial Inquiry, and for the due Experience, and by the Divine Blessing Maintenance of Authority during that on the Means which are now being Inquiry, by appointing a distinguished employed, its further Extension may

be arrested. Military Officer as Governor and Commander of the Forces. I have given “THE Orders which have been made him the Assistance of Two able and by the Lords of My Privy Council by learned Commissioners, who will aid virtue of the Powers vested in them him in examining into the Origin, by Law, with a view to prevent the Nature, and Circumstances of the spreading of this Disease, will be laid recent Outbreak, and the Measures before you; and your Attention will adopted in the course of its Suppres- be called to the Expediency of an sion. The Legislature of Jamaica has Amendment of the Law relating to a proposed that the present Political Subject so deeply affecting the InteConstitution of the Island should be rests of My People. replaced by a new Form of Government. A Bill upon this subject will Gentlemen of the House of be submitted for your Consideration.

Commons, “PAPERS on these Occurrences will I HAVE directed that the Estimates be laid before you.

of the ensuing Year shall be laid before you. They have been prepared “I HAVE directed that Information with a due Regard to Economy, and should be procured in reference to are at the same Time consistent with the Rights of Voting in the Election the Maintenance of Efficiency in the of Members to serve in Parliament for Public Service.

Counties, Cities, and Boroughs. « THE Condition of Trade is satis.

“When that Information is comfactory.

plete, the Attention of Parliament will

be called to the Result thus obtained, My Lords, and Gentlemen,

with a view to such Improvements in "A CONSPIRACY, adverse alike to the Laws which regulate the Rights Authority, Property, and Religion, of Voting in the Election of Members and disapproved and condemned alike of the House of Commons as may tend by all who are interested in their to strengthen our free Institutions, Maintenance, without Distinction of and conduce to the Public Welfare. Creed or Class, has unhappily ap

"In these and in all other Delibepeared in Ireland. The Constitutional Power of the ordinary Tribunals has

rations I fervently pray that the Blessbeen exerted for its Repression, and ing of Almighty God may guide your

Counsels to the Promotion of the the Authority of the Law has been firmly and impartially vindicated.

Happiness of My People.” “A Bill will be submitted to you, Then Her MAJESTY was pleased to founded on the Report of the Royal retire: Commission, on the Subject of Capital

And the Commons withdrew. Punishment, which I have directed to be laid before you.

House adjourned during pleasure.

House resumed. “BILLS will be laid before you for amending and consolidating the Laws

Several Lords-Took the Oath. relating to Bankruptcy, and for other

SELECT VESTRIES. Improvements in the Law.

Bill, pro formá, read 1". “MEASURES will also be submitted to you for extending the System of

ABYSSINIA-IMPRISONMENT OF Public Audit to Branches of Receipt

BRITISH SUBJECTS. and Expenditure which it has not hitherto reached, and for amending LORD CHELMSFORD said, that during the Provisions of the Law with respect called the attention of their Lordships to

the last Session of Parliament he had often to certain Classes of Legal Pensions. the condition of the British Consul and “ Your Attention will be called to sinia, in the hope that he might obtain

the British subjects imprisoned in Abysthe Subject of the Oaths taken by some definitę information upon the subMembers of Parliament, with a view ject. He had not, however, fully suc

ceeded in his object, and he now asked toavoid unnecessary Declarations, and

the noble Earl the Secretary of State for to remove invidious Distinctions be- Foreign Affairs, Whether he had any intween Members of different Religious telligence to communicate respecting the Communities in Matters of Legisla- formed as to the last account that had

matter? He particularly desired to be intion.

been received of the condition in which


the prisoners were; whether Mr. Rassam of the approaching marriage of the Prinhad advanced at all in the mission which cess Helena. Such an event, calculated was intrusted to him, and which had been as it is to secure the happiness of the so long in hand; and whether any further Princess will, I am sure, find a ready efforts had been made during the long in- response at the hands of your Lordships. terval which had elapsed since Mr. Rassam Nor, I am sure, is that pleasure likely to set out to secure the liberation of those be diminished by the fact that we are not, prisoners. As he had not given notice of in all probability, to be deprived by that his intention to ask the Question, but marriage of the example and presence of merely mentioned the matter to the noble Her Royal Highness in this country. It Earl a few minutes before, he should not is a fortunate circumstance in the present press for a definite answer at present. day that dynastic or political considera

THE EARL OF CLARENDON said, he tions are no longer the ruling motives would prefer postponing his answer. in the selection of Royal alliances. We

view rather with pleasure the prospects THE QUEEN'S SPEECH having been of domestic happiness which they may

hold out; and, in this instance, I trust the reported by The LORD CHANCELLOR ;- choice of Her Majesty has fallen upon one

who is well calculated to promote the ADDRESS TO HER MAJESTY ON HER

happiness of the Princess Helena. I feel

certain, too, that your Lordships' satisfacMOST GRACIOUS SPEECH.

tion will be increased by the knowledge THE MARQUESS OF NORMANBY: My that Her Majesty, while thus consulting Lords, I rise for the purpose of moving the happiness of her daughter, is not the presentation of a humble Address to likely to be deprived of the society of one Her Majesty in reply to the gracious whose presence must ever brighten her Speech with which it has pleased Her home and mitigate that solitude which we Majesty to open the present Parliament. all so much deplore. I do so, I can assure your Lordships, with My Lords, I am sure that your Lordships the utmost diffidence in my own power, will also sympathize with the grief expressand, if I had simply consulted my inclina- ed by Her Majesty at the death of her iltion, I would have readily conceded the lustrious relative the King of the Belgians, task to some other Member of your Lord- whose decease, bound as he was to this ships' House, who from greater experience country by no common ties, cannot fail to and talent would have been better able be a source of universal regret. He was a to do justice to the numerous and impor. wise and constitutional Prince, called upon tant topics contained in Her Majesty's under circumstances of an extraordinary Speech. I must, therefore, beg your Lord- kind to reign over a new kingdom, where ships to extend to me as fully as possible he gained for himself the affection and that forbearance and consideration which esteem of his people during a reign proI know your Lordships always accord to longed beyond the ordinary term. In this those who address your Lordships for the new and difficult position the late King of first time.

the Belgians commanded the respect of My Lords, before entering upon the every European kingdom, and died betopics which are alluded to in Her Ma- loved and revered at home. jesty's Speech, I must congratulate your with so bright an example before him, Lordships upon the happy circumstance will, we may confidently hope, seek to that it has pleased Her Majesty once again emulate it, and may well look forward to to open Parliament in person. I feel as. a brilliant future. sured that this event will be viewed by My Lords, I should be consulting your Lordships with the utmost satisfac- neither my own feelings nor those of your tion, and I am confident that it will be Lordships, did I not here pay a tribute to hailed with joy by the people of this the memory of one whose death has decountry, who are at all times anxious to prived this country of an eminent statesavail themselves of every opportunity to man and of a faithful servant, and the display their loyalty and affection towards House of Commons of one of its oldest and Her Majesty

most valued Members. My Lords, there Your Lordships have, I feel convinced, were few in this country who heard of heard with pleasure the announcement the death of Lord Palmerston without which Her Majesty has graciously made feeling that no ordinary man had passed

Lord Chelmsford

His son,

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