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Abstracts 1085 - 1088

MEDICAL PROFESSION (Cont'd) at the Medical college. Nearly all the prominent allopathic physicians of the state will be present. Among them are Drs. Mussey, Judkins, Thomas 0. Edwards and Baker of Cincinnati, Dr. Awl, the two Drs. Thompson and Prof. Smith of Columbus, and Dr. Hunt of Warren county,


1085 - DTD June 3; adv:2/3 - Charles R. Pierce, Physician and Surgeon. Office in the Dunham block, Cleveland.


1086 - DTD June 4; ed: 2/2 - "This editor of the TRUE DEMOCRAT exceedingly regretted, that he was obliged to absent himself from the Supper at the American last evening; for he was especially desirous of the opportunity of paying his respects to a profession, which, like that of the Law, and that of the Gospel likewise, is none less entitled to the consideration and gratitude of the community, because originating in the sins of mankind,"


1087 - DTD June 4; ed: 2/2 · Besides the presence of Mrs. E. Oakes Smith, the principle attraction here in Cleveland for the present week has been the annual meeting of the Ohio Medical Society.

"Of this Society, however, we know less than we mean to do. But, suppose we should say: "Of one thing we are quite certain, and that is, that there are no Doctors' down East, 'big enough to sneer at a Medical Society which has among its members such a man as' Jared P. Kirtland? Some folks, we dare say, would not believe us; and it is very possible, that our opinion might not be well founded. But is there any member of the Faculty of the Cleveland Medical College who would throw up our paper, on finding such a sentiment in it? That is what we want to know; for a very prominent genleman of that Faculty did fling up his subscription to the TRUE DEMOCRAT, because we ventured to express our notion, that 'no Doctors, hereabouts, were big enough to SNEER at a Medical College having in its Faculty such a man as Prof. Gatchell; whom at the time of making that observation, we had, incidently, just heard address a class of Medical students, in a speech that thrilled us with delight, although we had never seen the Professor, and do not remember, that we had even heard of him, before....

"One more word. We have no prejudices either for, or against, any of the clashing schools in 'The Art of Healing.' On the contrary, if we possessed any knowledge of that art, we would gladly devote all to healing the sore differences which divide its professors....'


1088 DTD June 4; ed:2/4 · Among those appointed to standing committ-
ees of the State Medical Society are two Cleveland doctors Dr. Star-
ling heads the new surgery committee, and Dr. Newberry, the committee
on medical literature. This is "a deserved compliment to two most
talented and ambitious young men, who are destined to stand at the
very head of their profession."



Abstracts 1089 · 1092

MEDICAL PROFESSION (Cont'd) 1089 - DTD June 4:3/1,4 - The sixth annual meeting of the State Medical Society was held in the Medical college of Cleveland on June 1. Professor Kirtland, the president, conducted the assembly, while Dr. Hill of Delaware acted as temporary secretary.

Professor H. A. Ackley and Dr. Rickey, both Clevelanders, were elected president and secretary, respectively, for the ensuing year. Following this, some 35 applicants were admitted to membership in the society.

Later in this session, Dr. Buckner of Cincinnati read a report, advocating the appointment of a board of examiners for determining the qualifications of prospective medical students in order that quackery might be prevented, and the ethical standards of the profession advanced in Ohio. At the afternoon session of June 2, the report was adopted with only two dissenting votes.

At the morning session of June 3, Dr. Newberry of Cleveland read a paper on "Typhoid or Typhus Fever," which was, on motion referred to the publications committee on and then made the text for a lively discussion.

Professor Kirtland spoke of his observations of the various aspects of the subject of Dr. Newberry's thesis, from 1805 up to the present time, both in the east and in the west. There are not many doctors hereabouts old enough to have done that.

An unnamed Cleveland doctor introduced a resolution authorizing the society to offer three $50 prizes for professional essays.

Dr. Buckner called the attention of the society to the "Gum Elastic Stethoscope," invented by Dr. M. B. Marsh of Cincinnati. Professor Kirtland, though personally disposed to favor it, doubted whether the society should sanction this invention.

In the report of the committee on preliminary education, the names of George Hoadley, Esq., William Slade, jr., and William De. Beatie, Esq., were placed in nomination as candidates for the board of examiners.

The society adjourned to meet at the American House for a fraternal supper,


1090 - DTD June 5; ed:2/1 - Errata. "These abound in our report of the proceedings of the late meeting of the Ohio Medical Society. shall TRY to get them corrected in our weekly edition of the TRUE DEMOCRAT.


1091 · DTD June 5; adv: 2/4 - Dr. M. C. Davis, Botanic physician, offers his services to the people of Cleveland and vicinity. Particular attention paid to Chronic diseases. Office in Delamater's block, over Wm. S. Brown's grocery store.


1092 · DTD June 25:3/1

The OHIO STAR writes that Dr. P. C. Bennett,


[blocks in formation]

one of the prominent and sucessful physicians of this county, long a
resident of Shalersville, has removed to Ohio City,


1093 - DTD July 1; adv:1/1 - Dr. J. S. Newberry respectfully offers his Professional Services to citizens of Cleveland, Ohio. Office in Kelley's block, opposite the Weddell House, Superior St. Residence 92 Prospect St.


1094 - DTD July 1; adv:1/2 - Dr. Barker - Office Miller's Block, 71 Superior St., Res. 33 Rockwell St. Homoeopathist.


1095 - DTD July 1; adv: 1/2 Res. 187 Superior St.

W. W. Rickey, M. D., 100 Superior St.


1096 - DTD July 1; adv:1/2 - Drs. Williams & Hodge, Homeopathists, 111 Williams Block, Superior St. - C. D. Williams, M. D., Res., 248 Superior St. L. Dodge, M. D., Res., 28 Park Row, Bond St.


1097 - July 21; adv:2/4 Doctor E. Sterling, Surgeon, Office Kelley's Block opposite Weddell House.


1098 - July 21:3/1 - The card of Dr. Sterling appears in another column. He has spared neither money nor time to fit himself for serving the public in the capacity of surgeon. He has a reputation for science and skill which but few men acquire, even in a lifetime.


1099 - DTD Aug. 5; adv: 2/4 - Dr. L. I. Czapkay Late Hungarian Military Chief Physician, Under Forest City House, opposite Court House.


1100 - DTD Aug. 18:3/1 - Dr. L. J. Czapkay may be found at his office,
under the Forest City House. He comes to us highly commended.
one of Hungary's bravest officers, and stands high as a physician.

He was


1101 · DTD Oct. 4; ed: 2/2 - Dr. Smith, the aurist, has the best of testi monials. "Truly, there is no sense more valuable than that of hearing, and he who alleviates or cures deafness should be looked upon as one of the greatest benefactors of mankind."


1102 - DTD NOV. 3; ed:2/1 Dr. Pulte, in his address on homeopathy, spoke of the striking similarity in the process of development in the different sciences. He passed in rapid review the several theories of "the healing art." He spoke kindly of hydropathy, declaring that it had affected some cures.

"As was to be expected, Dr. Pulte devoted more space to remarks on the theory of his own school, than on that of any other. But even in


Abstracts 1103 - 1106

Homeopathy, we believe he did not profess to find the excellence of
scientific perfection....

"We understood him to go for uniting the 'Water' and what he designated as the 'Movement Cure,' to Homeopathy, 'in one phalanx,' Homeopathy, at the head, and the Water and Movement Cure to support its beneficient actions."


DTD Nov. 13:3/2 - See Women

1103 - DTD Nov. 22:3/1 - At a meeting on Nov. 15 in Dr. Aiken's church,
it was agreed to organize a permanent society for the encouragement of
medical education among women. The society is to be called the Ohio
Female Education society. The officers are as follows: President, Mrs.
James S. Brown; vice president, Mrs. Daniel R. Tilden; secretary, Mrs.
T. C. Severance; treasurer, Mrs. George Bradburn. The board consists
of 13 members.


1104 - DTD Nov. 23; ed:2/3 · Probably no patient was ever attended by a
more learned crowd than surrounded the bed of Webster in his last ill.
ness. None ever gave out more learned opinions of the cause or causes
of a patient's disease. A post mortem examination proved all these opin-
ions false.

"O for the day in which the art of healing shall be based on science, and therefore be the thing it is now named."


Medical Colleges

1105 · DTD Feb. 19; ed:2/1 · Yesterday afternoon we had the pleasure
to be present at the commencement exercises of the Homeopathic Medical
College. Our pleasure was derived chiefly from Professor Gatchell's
address to the graduates. That address, though unwritten, was yet full
of sterling Anglo-Saxon sense, expressed in words of the same sort.
Indeed, we have seldom listened to a professor whose words were so pre-
eminently "fitly spoken." And, unless there are among those twenty-two
graduates some very "homeopathic" specimens of a genus homo, Professor
G's address must live in the memories and hearts of them all until they
have passed into the sphere in which, it is devoutly to be hoped, there
will be no call for doctors of any school.

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1106 - DTD Mar. 4; ed:2/1 • The commencement exercises of Western Reserve Medical college took place in the lower lecture room of the college at ten a.m. yesterday.

The lecture was delivered by Professor Shepard of Hudson, 0. He spoke on the subject of "Superstition and its hindrances to the success


Abstracts 1107 - 1110

MEDICAL PROFESSION Medical Colleges (Cont'd) of medicine."

The graduating class consisted of 52 men and one woman.

Mrs. Nancie Elizabeth Clark of Sharon, Mass. was a member of the class. For several years past she has resided in Cleveland. She has a good reputation as a lady of talent and character among our citizens, and is known by her classmates and professors as an industrious student. She has demonstrated the fact that a woman may get a medical education in any of our colleges without compromising in any particular on those delicate feelings which constitute the beauty of the sex.

We are sorry that the professors of this college have deemed it advisable to exclude ladies from their classes in the future.


1107 - /

DTD Mar. 24:3/1,2 - Dean Lewis Dodge, M. D., and Registrar Hamilton L. Smith of the Western Homeopathic college of Cleveland, issued an appeal to the homeopathists of the United States for financial assistance.

"We entreat you to organize societies for extending to us material aid towards the upbuilding of Homeopathy in the West. Appoint a treasurer, collect funds and forward them to the Dean of the faculty, Lewis Dodge, M. D., at Cleveland. Let every physician consider himself a special agent in this great work....

"Let intelligent laymen who appreciate the philosophy of Homeopathy, and who have experienced its benefits, exert themselves in the behalf of the science....'



1108 - DTD Apr. 28:2/3 - Yesterday the Homeopathic college purchased the premises now occupied by President Mahan.

They will be fitted next fall for college lectures,


1109 - DTD May 5:2/1 - In a letter to the editor, "X" says: "It would be doing a service to many young men to inform them that the free school system has been introduced at Cincinnati, and that the largest medical school in that city has adopted the free system by dispensing with all charges for professor's tickets....

"The title of the school is the Eclectic Medical Institute.... The institution is liberal in every respect, and had admitted females as well as males to its courses.


1110 - DTD Aug. 16; adv:2/4 - The annual course of lectures in Cleveland Medical College will commence on November 3, 1852, and continue 16 weeks. The speakers will be: John Delamater, M. D., Professor of General Pathology, Midwifery, and Diseases of Women and Children; J. P. Kirtand, M. D., Professor of Physical Diagnosis, and Theory and Practice of medicine; H. A. Ackley. M. D., Professor of Surgery; J. L. Cassels, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica, Pharmacy and Botany; Samuel St. John, M. D., Professor of Chemistry and Medical Jurisprudence; J. J. Delamater, M. D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. The fee for entire course of lec

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